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Author's Chapter Notes:

Every chapter begins by saying which of the 120 days of shrinking the main character is.

This is important because the chapters will alternate between the beginning and the middle of the story.
I hope you enjoy this our journey together. This will to be a long story. (if i have views and reviews enough);)

Gianna, thank you for help with my english version.

Day 17 - Rafael



Rafael pressed the button recorder and began his report: "day 17 after infection I finally managed to confirm my theory. After my initial shock on the 8th, when my size was reduced from 172 cm (5.64 ft) to 165,9 cm (5.44 ft), I imagined that my rate of reduction was random and was accelerating. The theory I have just prove shows that I was wrong in my initial two assumptions. It took me sometime to identify the pattern, the solution came when I took into account that it was a virus. In the early days the rate was unstable and low because the virus was in the incubation phase. It was on the seventh day that the incubation phase ended and the reduction seemed to stop. The fact is that there was no acceleration, but a constant rate. Although the marks on the tape that is on the door frame, show that the amount of size lost in one day so far is never the same as before, I can finally prove that there is indeed a constant. Every twenty four hours I lose three point fifty-five percent of my overall size. As evidence, on the thirteenth day, my height was 138.5 cm (4.54 ft), I estimated that'd be 119.8 cm (3.93 ft) in the seventeenth day, which proved to be correct by the measurement I did five minutes ago. "



Hunger began to bother him and Rafael went into the kitchen. Dragging the chair to reach the pasta on the shelf, he looked at package for a few seconds and decided it would better to take everything that he used most often and put in lower places. Gill would return in two days, but he preferred to be prepared to fend for himself as for as long as he could. He began to grab everything and in the middle of the noise he was creating, did not hear the door opening.



- Rafael, is it you? - Asked the woman standing at the kitchen door.



- Claire, what are you doing here? - Rafael looked at his recent ex-girlfriend standing just inside the door. She was already tall before when he was one meter and eighty three (6 ft), but from the new point of view of Raphael, she seemed truly statuesque.



- B-but how is this possible - Claire stepped forward and Rafael jumped back, he just could not stop himself. He had not seen anyone after Gill left for her trip and his ex-girlfriend seemed so much bigger than him. - Are you afraid of me? - She asked, stopping as she noticed the reaction of her former boyfriend.



- Sorry Claire. Of course not, just a little surprised I think. I did not expect to see you here. Why are you here?



- I came to return the key to your apartment - said Claire clearly embarrassed - Also I wanted to talk to you. It did not seem right for us to breakup by phone. I could not move to another country without seeing you again. I did not stop liking you.



- I know Claire. You could not refuse the management of a group of art galleries owned by your friend Jules, you always told me that was your dream. I understood your choice.



- And there's nothing wrong about a girl want to make lots of money - Claire said in jest, but then her expression changed and she looked worried. - But what happened to you? You are the size of my seven year old nephew.



- No one must know about this. This has to be a secret. Take a seat in the living room and I'll tell you what happened, then you'll understand why this must remain a secret from everyone.



They sat side by side on the couch and Rafael told her everything that had happened, without leaving anything out. In the middle of the story she held his hand in hers, a gesture of tenderness and comfort, the hands of the Brazilian disappeared inside her hands. She gently stroked her long fingers along his small arms, without interrupting the story, paying full attention.



- My poor little baby - she said with a sweet voice and tugged him into her embrace, hugging him hard against her chest. The movement pulled Rafael who ended up sitting in his ex-girlfriend's lap.



- Claire, isn't a little weird that I sit here, especially after we have broken up? - He asked with a mischievous smile.



- Don't be silly, we still like each other. If I wasn't I was going to live in another country, we'd still be together - she twirled his hair round her fingers and then hugged him again so strongly that he had trouble breathing for a few moments.



- True. You came here with the idea of spending the night, right? - He ran a hand over Claire's face, delighted with her size and beauty. Sitting comfortably in her lap, he could feel her firm thighs.



- Yep - she admitted with giggles.



- Disappointed with my size for your goodbye party?



- Not even a little. I've always had this protective side, kind of maternal. Of course I didn't want you to be shrinking, but asit is happening, I want to make the best out of it. You are so cute - the tone of her voice showed that Claire had no intention to provoke or humiliate, there was only admiration and excitement. And that made Rafael feel good about himself and he relaxed completely.



- I have to admit that you are a lot of woman at this size. Stunning - they kissed again and Rafael jumped as her hand clasped his thighs firmly.



- I'll take care of you today, my soft kitty. - She stuck her hand inside his shirt and her nails scraped gently from his chest to his belly.



- Can I climb down from your lap?



- No way. Unless you say you're hating this and you want me to leave, I'm going to explore the possibilities as much as I can. Accept the situation and have fun, make the most of it.



- You're right. Instead of getting maudlin, it is best to live the experience enjoying it however much you can.



- That's my boy - she said laughing and putting her arm beneath the legs and back of Rafael and lifting him to give several tender bites to his belly.



- Stop! Stop! Crazy girl - he said laughing while being put back sitting on finely sculpted thighs. - You're cutting the romantic mood.



- Don't worry dear, soon I'll bring the mood back and I will shake this little world of yours - Claire smiled confidently and flexed her feet making Rafael go up and down on her lap a few times. - You are so light Rafa. What's your weight?



- Twenty-three kilos and seven hundred grams.



- Wow! Only that? - Rafael shrugged casually and she confirmed it then continued. - And how your clothes are so perfect on you?



- The CEO of Whotech sent clothing versions for all sizes. She also ordered five versions of a home  for when I'm between 20 cm and 3 cm.



- Can I see the houses? - The eyes of ex-girlfriend shone like those of a child in a toy store.



- They are not ready. But I can show you the clothes. Actually all of them are the same as this, only different sizes.



- Please bring me the tiny ones for me to see - Claire put her ex-boyfriend standing on the floor and slapped his ass to encourage him to walk quickly.



- You have a heavy hand - Rafael complained, rubbing his ass in jest, as he get the clothes.



- Sorry sweetheart, I'll be careful not to hurt you ... much.



A few minutes later Rafael came back with two small packages. Claire made various sounds affected showing that was melting at such cuteness. She unfolded the clothes for 12 centimeters (4,7 inches) and placed them on her right thigh. The clothes for 4 centimeters (1,5 inches) she spread on her palm, while with the finger of her other hand she straightened them. The sight of her playing with the clothes left Rafael with a feeling that he could not classify, something that was not entirely bad.



- I'm just seeing the socks, where are the shoes? - She asked holding the socks with the tips of her nails.



- I was told that the shoes are more complex to make, but they will try to make some for my minimum size. At least, the soles of the socks have a reinforcement which will protect my feet a little.



- You know, it doesn't feel right to leave you at this time. Maybe you should come with me. I earn good money and I bet you do not eat much. It's better than staying here with a stranger.



- As tempting as it is, I need to be here because of the lab.



- What if I talk to Jules and ask for a delay of another month or two? Or perhaps organise it to come every weekend? I could take care of you, help with stress, keep you happier - she said thoughtfully, holding her chin and tapping her lips with her forefinger.



Rafael considered the plan for several seconds. It would be really great, but the logic and reality won - It would not work.



- Why not? - She said pouting.



- Firstly I don't want to mess up your project, I always knew you wanted to be rich as Jules. This job will give you money and present a lot of opportunities, for you meet people. While I think you do this for good reasons, if you lose that job because of me, you'd blame me the rest of my life.



- But…



- Moreover, the biggest obstacle is, that Whotech made it quite clear that if someone outside the company knows, they will stop the research for my healing. It was not for you to know, you can not talk about it to anyone and no one can know that you know the whole story. No one can know you saw me like this.



- I understand, you're right - she said after a dismal sigh. - But let's  make a deal, maybe I'm not your girlfriend anymore, but if things get bad, you let me know and I will come here and take you with me.



- If you are not with someone right? - He teased.



- I will not say I will not go out with anyone - she said laughing.


- But I do not want a relationship. If it is to be something to someone, I'll be with you again, no matter your size.


It made Rafael feel good


- We'll still be talking via email and skype. But we can not say anything about my size in these conversations, right? If the person who will be here with me discovers what you know, this could be a big problem for me and Whotech.



- Right. And when is your nanny back? - She said giggling.



- The Scientist - Rafael put emphasis on the word scientist. - Who will monitor my situation, will be back after tomorrow.



- Great. I can stay until tomorrow then - she left the clothes on the coffee table but she held up the little socks to Rafael - And I'll take these socks as a memory.



- But I will need them when I am 12 centimeters tall.



- You could use a pair of a similar size, no one even notices socks - said Claire with a sweet and coy voice.



- Okay, you win, take the pair of socks - he said shaking his head in amusement.



- Yay! - She celebrated clapping hands and putting the socks in her bag. Then she stood up, lifted Rafael and put him over her shoulder as if carrying a sack of potatoes and patted the butt of her ex-boyfriend. - I'll take you to your room now. And since you gave me the socks, I'll let you choose between two stories for us to play.



- Which are? - Said Rafael as she was walking toward the stairs to the second floor of the house. Sometimes Claire liked to spice their sex up with a story and interpreting roles she chose. He thought how much fun it was how when she took roles seriously. And Rafael had to admit that beyond investing the costume, she was a great actress.



- The options are: 1) You are shipwrecked on an island with Amazons, where men are feeble, sex objects and an Amazon has kidnapped you. 2) You will be treated as an innocent little boy and I'll take care of you sweetly, but force you to obey your "mother", which will obviously mean making naughty with you. - Claire entered the room and threw her ex-boyfriend in bed without much ceremony.



- You are crazy - said Rafael laughing after bouncing on the bed.



- Choose one - she said standing at the foot of the bed, with her hands on her hips and legs slightly open, like a posturing superhero.



- Let me see ... - said Rafael working out which scenario would be more fun and knowing that for hours she would not go out of character.



(Actually it is you the reader who is going to choose the story they will enact. Make sure to state, in your review of this chapter, which option you want Rafael to choose, 1 or 2)

Chapter End Notes:

In the next chapter we will see Asami and Steve. This will give time for you to use the review to choose between the options:
A - Rafael chooses the first option given by Claire.
B- Rafael choose option 2 given by Claire.
C - The story continues from the next day, without going into too much detail about how it was to play them overnight.

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