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Author's Chapter Notes:

Every chapter begins by saying which of the 120 days of shrinking the main character is.

This is important because the chapters will alternate between the beginning and the middle of the story.
I hope you enjoy this our journey together. This will to be a long story. (if i have views and reviews enough);)

Gianna, thank you for help with my english version.

Day 6 - Robert


The sound of heels echoed through the mansion. Minutes later Robert was blinded by the light when Stacy removed the cover. From where he was, Robert could only see the delicate but colossal face hovering over him while Stacy loosened hair, which fell like a cascade around her shoulders.


- Hi Robert, how was your day? - Robert tried to speak but the Stacy's drowned him out it easily


- Wait, don't tell me, I don't care. I bet that the description of how it is to spend the day in an Iphone box is very boring. Besides, I'm still angry at the way you spoke to me and the terrible meeting I had. The Vice President of Finance is a chauvinist pig and went all out to show the flaws in my decisions to all the board members. I bet he hates having a younger woman as his CEO. Do you think he wants my position?


- Do you think I care? - Robert said crossing his arms. But soon uncrossed his arms and laid on the floor of box, which thankfully did not roll like the tube, when Stacy got up and began to walk around the spacious room.


- It was a rhetorical question. I did not expect someone like you to dispense useful advice. But you should care, because my state of mind affects you directly. I really don't know if I can teach you the ways to put me in a good mood, because it may take too long, and you might not survive today - Stacy revealed a menacing smile.


Robert sat and feel several huge strands of hair rubbing against his face.


- Hold my hair  tight little man - Stacy stated with the fingers of one hand directing a lock of her hair in front of Robert.


- I will not play your little games - he said, trying to push the hair away without success.


- Do you realy think you won't? As I said I think maybe you won't last long with this behavior - Her voice  was sweet and quiet and did not match with the smile and the threat within the words - you can not see where you are, but I'm standing, which is the equivalent to being on top of a building for you. I will count to three and drop the box. At this size and weight, you may not fall fast and you may survive, but it is almost certain that you will break some bones.


- You're bluffing.


- Let's find out? If you don't want to fall along with the box, hold in my hair like I told you. One. Two. Three.


Robert felt the ground move away quickly, panicked and grabbed the hair strands in front of him. He was shaking and struggling not to fall when he heard the sound of the box hitting the ground.


Stacy had not actually released the box, only moved it pretty quickly, no more than 10 cm, and after seeing that the little man had grabbed her hair, is when she actually dropped the box amid giggles. She lifted the lock of hair having fun with the little man in her hair swinging like a little Tarzan. She walked over to a large aquarium on one side the room, leaned over and let the hair drop. Robert had managed to rise slightly, but the move made he slip back almost to the tip of her hair.


Robert felt his arm becoming tired. Although strong, he had not eaten anything all day. He looked up and instead of the ceiling, saw Stacy's face staring at him. With a move of her eyes, she invited him to look down. He discovered he was halfway between her face and the surface of the water. He saw the figure of a large fish swimming around in the water.


- Comfortable? - She asked casually.


- Not at all – he thought. It felt like he had to keep holding me a very slippery rope, which was an extra effort.


- Watching your muscles, so small and perfect, in action is highly entertaining. Hold on tight, because you will not like to fall into that tank - both looked at the figure of the fish and Stacy continued.


- When I moved here, I authorized my decorator put an aquarium in and fill it with fish. One day my goddaughter came to visit and brought me a present, a new fish, and I just put it there. It was a little larger than the others, but being large aquarium I figured it would be okay. I had to travel for few days and when I returned, it had eaten all the others. The girl, who works for me, put out fish food, but I think it enjoyed it's food alive. He's right there, and he's eaten some fish bigger than you.


- You won't let me fall, you would have to replace me - as he spoke Robert felt his arms getting heavier, but he tried to stay calm.


- You think you're the last cookie in the jar, dont you? - Stacy whispered stroking the little man's abdomen as he swung slightly, clinging to her hair.


- Actually you are just giving me ideas. I'm thinking that you might not be the last cookie, you know why? Because I have the recipe.


Robert feel her stroking his legs and quickly found a way to stand on her finger, looking for support so he could rest his arms.


- No, no, no naughty boy. Not a  footrest - Stacy removed her hand and he returned to swinging from the strand of hair.


- You will be my little pet?


- Never!


- Are you sure ? Because I'll take care of you. I will give you support for your feet and save you from the evil big fish down there. I would not move a muscle to help a criminal, but I could do something to save my pet.


- Fuck you.


- Cheeky - Stacy raised an eyebrow and held her laughter. With the tip of her nail she prodded the little man's balls, but not to hurt.


- No one can say you don't have the balls. But I don't want a desperado who's too stupid to give in. We will stay here talking until your little arms get tired and you fall. And then I'll be watching live a very strange version of the movie Jaws.


- Stacy, no!


- Oh, now it's Stacy, right? You admits you're my pet?


Robert felt the increasing stress on his arms, but frowned and said nothing.


- You know Bob ... Can I call you Bob? - Stacy laughed - What a nonsense, of course I can. So Bob, a killer like you deserves to go to hell. I know it feels like you're already there, but I bet the real thing is worse than here with me. Moreover, with me you have a chance to get out of hell. If you deserve it, you can go from hell to purgatory. Then when you understand all the pain you've caused to others and you repent, you can have a life of relative peace. To heaven you do not go, you have done too much wrong to get to heaven, but you can have a life that will be nice most of the time.


- Get me out of here and we will sit and talk - said Robert amid snorts of effort. As Stacy spoke,  he had managed to climb up a small part of the way between the ends of hair and her face.

- No - Stacy shook her head exaggeratedly and he felt the violent movement and almost slid down, grabbing the hair near tips again. She stared at his chest rising and falling with the effort to hold on for so long to her straight hair. - All right there?


- No.


- If you turn to fish food, I'll have to make another little man. As I said, I have the recipe. Of course, things can go wrong, it can be dangerous. But think, if I only get people who hurt others, criminals like you, I'll be like a super heroine, a vigilante, preventing bad people hurting other people - Stacy seemed more thinking aloud than talk to Robert. - Okay. Super heroine is a bit childish maybe. But I'm loving bring some justice into the world. Many people, like you, do not understand the harm they do. Of course, I won't be hypocritical, I'm loving feeling all the power well. It's something I already like, I manage  an entire company as you know. But this is another level, something much stronger and palpable. Even addictive.


- I-I can not stand it. I will fall - Robert shouted looking at the shape of the fish swimming below it.


- You said something Bob? No matter, I pay more attention to pets than criminals. I just have contempt for criminals. I don't think i would not dare to shrink a person who is good. Probably wouldn't have dared to shrink a stranger either. But a person who deserves it, you know, I think it would have courage. I'm not sure, but I think so.


- Help! - Robert shouted not holding more grip and falling into the water. Desperately looking around and then up. Stacy smiled and waved at him, but otherwise she did not move.


- Tundum ... tundum ... tundum tudum - Stacy began to "sing" the theme song of the shark movie.


- I'm your pet! - Robert began to swim looking around and seeing a shadow swimming below him. He started screaming even louder and faster. - Help me, please. I'll be what you want, I'm your pet. Don't let me die. Help!


- See, was not that hard - Stacy said with a gentle voice. She took a small net that served to take out the fish and began to move it toward the little swimmer. She did it calmly, without haste. Robert saw the fish coming toward him, but then was hoisted by the small net. He lay there, breathing deeply and gulping the air.


- What does an pet who is grateful, and who does not want to swim today, say to someone who has just saved it?


Robert remained silent for a few seconds, his anger made his blood boil, but then he gave up - Thank you Stacy.


- Good boy, maybe there's hope for you after all. - Stacy went to the kitchen and dropped the little man inside a glass jar. She took half a cream cracker and held it up to the pitcher, then began to smash the biscuit with her hands, turning it into a shower of crumbs that fell around Robert.

- Now I'll also get dinner for myself.

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