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The 5 men sat silent in the darkness, they'd all been trapped together for some time, though none of them knew how long, only that some had been their longer than others and all them had been their long enough. They listened to the thud of footsteps outside, this wasn't an alarming sound to them, they could often hear their captors outside and listening to them was the only activity they had in their cramped, dark cell.


Suddenly light flooded in through the walls. The men tried to protect their eyes from the sudden brightness, before any of them had time to adjust to the light they could feel their prison moving, as they regained their vision they could see their captors hand pressed against the round glass walls of their cell, its size spanning a full half of the cells circumference. The cell descended rapidly, and the side which wasn't covered by her hand was was held close to the black fabric of her hooded top. Some of them men looked up towards the white ceiling, dotted with small holes, in anticipation of what to come next. All of them tried to avoid looking down through the glass floor at the terrifying drop beneath. As expected, the ceiling began to spin before being lifted away, all of the men greeted the wave of fresh air that followed. The men looking up were presented with their captors face looking back down at them, she was a brown eyed girl in her early 20s, her brown hair was cut relatively short with her fringe brushed across to the side, which combined with her sharp, angular features gave her a distinctly boyish look, something accentuated by her lack of make-up. Two silver rings encircled the lower left of her thin lips which crept into a slight smile as she observed her captives. There was a certain hardness in her face which intimidated the men, two of whom avoided looking at her. Two more sat silently watching her, one was clearly terrified, the other put up a more stoic front. The last man, the newest addition, was shouting at her. All of them had shouted at first, their cries for answered and freedom would go from angry demands to desperate please and back again, but in time they all learned it was pointless, they would never get any acknowledgement from her. Without a word she set the jar down on her worktop and reached inside, the shouts soon fell silent and all of the men tried to get as far away from her fingers as they could, she paid no attention them scrambling around as she pulled out a damp wad of kitchen paper, she reached in again to pull out another piece of tissue, this a time a small square they used for a toilet. The men watched as she tore off a sheet of kitchen roll, from that she tore a small square to replace their toilet and placed it back in the jar, she then tore off a larger piece, waded it up and ran it under a tap, after shaking off any access water she placed that to in the jar, it was from this the men had to drink, sucking the liquid from the damp paper. She then reached into her pocket and gently pulled out another tiny person who she held between finger and thumb. The man thrashed his limb about in vain as the giantess silently examined his naked body before lowing him the rim of the jar and letting go. The man's cries were cut short as he hit the hard glass floor. Leaving him to collect himself as the girl opened a loaf of bread and tore a small piece from the crust and carelessly dropped it into the jar. She let out a slight laugh as it hit her new captive, it wasn't heavy or hard enough to cause any injury, but at their size it was certainly painful. Unceremoniously she replaced the lid, placed the jar back into the kitchen cupboard and swung the door shut, plunging the men back into darkness with what was to them a deafening crash.


Some time passed as the men sat in pitch darkness, the new captive had much to ask but none of them had any answers. Their stories were all much the same, the new guy and 2 others remembered speaking to this girl, 2 more of them had spoken to a second girl, and one couldn't remember ever meeting either girl, but all of them had blacked out and awoken barely a cm tall trapped in one of the giantesses pockets, before being pulled out and dropped into this jar. Neither of the giantesses had ever said a word to them once they were shrunk, never an explanation of how or why. The men told the new prisoner what they knew, how they had listened intently to the giantesses, that while they had learned many details about their lives, that the name of the girl they had just encountered was Jess, that the other girls name was Michelle, that they were lesbian lovers, but never anything about how they had been shrunk or why they were being kept. In fact they'd hardly heard either of them talk about their prisoners, only a casual mention if one of them was informing the other of a new captive. Otherwise they never even acknowledged their presence, aside from when feeding them. The cupboard they were kept in was a regular kitchen cupboard, it was opened regularly if one of the giantesses wanted something, often it would be closed before the men could even get used to the light, some times for longer, sometimes the girls seemed to forget about the cupboard and leave it open, giving theme a view of the whole kitchen and living room apart of the flat and whatever was going on, the 2 girls paid no more attention to them than they did to the jar of jam sitting next to them. None of them were even sure of how often they were given fresh food and water, it seemed to happen at irregular intervals, sometimes it was light, other times dark, sometimes they had only recently finished their food, other times the had to go hungry for what seemed like an age. Then men were divided as to whether this was done out of carelessness or to make it impossible for them to measure the passage of time. Which lead to the only question the 5 men had for the new guy. The date. The man who'd been their longest broke down in tears at the answer, they worked out they had all been in for lengths of time spanning 5months to 2 weeks. The men continued swapping stories and theories with this new prisoner for some time as he struggled to come to terms with his situation. Occasionally they stopped to listen to the giantesses, but as usual they learned nothing from them. After some time had passed they were fed again, this time by the second girl, Michelle. As she removed the jar from the cupboard she held it close to her face for a moment to examine the contents, something she did whenever there was a new arrival. While the men found Michelle slightly less intimidating than Jess, this kind of examination made even the oldest prisoners feel uncomfortable, the newer ones were left cowering against the far side of the jar, trying to will themselves through the glass and out of her gaze. A sight which brought a giggle from the giantess. There was something about her eyes, deep and brown, which seemed to penetrate all of them, her eyes and face in general was much softer than the previous girls and her black hair much shorter, though despite this her fuller lips and subtle make up made her look much more feminine. After getting a good look at the men the feeding routine carried on as normal, like Jess she ignored the men's cries and never spoke, though she did hum to herself as she worked. As she was about to give them their small crust of bread she paused for a moment, before reaching into the cupboard and grabbing a jar of peanut butter. She scooped a small amount out with her finger and smeared it on the bread and shot the men a big smile as she carefully placed it into the jar. Then she screwed the lid back on and placed them back into the darkness of cupboard. The older prisoners were overjoyed at this, they explained to the new prisoner that it was a rare treat to get anything other than dry bread. They weren't sure why they were sometimes given such a treat, they assumed Michelle, and it was only Michelle that did it, was just in a good mood sometimes, they speculated that perhaps she liked the look of her newest captive. The newer captives, the newest one especially, were less enthusiastic about their treat.


Time passed and life carried on as what the men had come to accept as normal. Neither Michelle or Jess paid the new guy any more attention, there were no further treats, and the girls continued to ignore them apart from the occasional feeding. Then on one particular evening Michelle had left the cupboard open as she cooked, this wasn't unusual, she liked to keep things tidy so she was constantly removing things as needed and putting them away again. The men watched her as she worked, she wore knee high boots, a short black skirt, and an army jacket left open to reveal her tank top. Which gave the men a good view of her cleavage from the overhanging cupboard. In the background Jess was sprawled across the sofa in black jeans and a band t-shirt, staring disinterestedly at the TV. The men discussed what they were seeing as if it was itself a TV show, it was a fairly humdrum scene of domestic life, indeed many of the men commented on how strangely normal they seemed for two young women who some how had the power to shrink people and were keeping them trapped in a jar, but as they lived in almost perpetual darkness they were glad of any kind of visual stimulation. The evening went on fairly typically, the young couple ate their tea and snuggled up on the sofa in front of the TV for the evening. After a while they got up to do the dishes together, as they cleaned up Jess looked up at the jar and a large grin spread across her face, in her eyes the men could see a look of hunger which froze them all to the core. Without taking her eyes off the jar she walked up behind Michelle and threw her arms around her before kissing her on the neck. “You know” she said softly in her ear. “Six is enough, how about we do it tonight?” The men were paralysed by fear as they watched Michelle, she was silent for a moment as her smile grew and she bit her lower lip as she looked up at the jar.

“All right.” The answer finely came. “Once we've finished here.” Jess kissed her on the neck once more before getting back to the task in hand. The two girls hurried through their work almost in silence, their anticipation clear in their faces.


The men were terrified, it was sometime before one of them had the courage to speak, he asked the question that was on everybodies mind, knowing that none of them knew the answer. The men discussed their theories and possibilities, some called for them to work on a last minute escape, if something was going to happen they would have to taken out of the jar, but without knowing what was about to happen they couldn't make any plans for it. All of the men joined the discussion except for the one who had been in the jar longest, he sat in silence hugging his knees and looking downwards until he finally mustered up the courage to speak.

“We aren't the first.” He suddenly blurted out. The other men fell silent and glared at him. “When… When I was first captured, I heard… I heard them talking about the last lot.” He added, struggling to get the words out. “

“Why the fuck are we only hearing this now” The newest prisoner shouted angrily.

“Did they say what happened to them.” Another quickly interjected.

“I didn't… I didn't want to worry anyone.” The first prisoner stammered. “I didn't want to think about it.” He quickly added as he broke into tears.

“Don't worry about that now. What did they do with them?” Another man questioned again.

“I don't know.” The first prisoner said quietly. “They said they were fun. I think it was something...” The men were silent as they waited for him, they could see he was struggling to find the words. “I mean... I don't know… But I think they did something sexual with them.”

“Sexual?” one of the mean repeated. “Like what? What did they say?”

“I don't know.” Said the first captive shaking his head. He repeated it several times before burying his head in his hands. “One of them said she felt weak at the knees just thinking about it. That was it. They never mentioned it again.” The men were once again silent. Their minds ran wild with the possible fates that were in store for them. It wasn't long before the dishes were finished and Jess reached up to grab the Jar. The men were shaken from their silence as they saw the giantesses fingers wrap around the jar and they desperately tried to work out a plan as they were carried towards the bedroom.


The men looked around nervously as they entered the bedroom, Michelle began lighting candles as Jess opened the jar, the men waited with baited breath as the lid was removed to reveal the giantess grinning down at them, they all desperately tried to get away as she slowly reached in, pressing themselves against the glass with all their might, all of them praying they might somehow will themselves through it. Jess could sense their fear, she paused for a moment to enjoy the sight as she made them sweat, before she plucked up the two pieces of tissue and tossed them aside, her smile grew as she watched the men breath a collective sigh of relief, before setting the jar down on the bedside cabinet. Soon the lights were turned off and the men watched as the two giantess undressed each other in the flickering candle light, revealing their young, slender bodies. Michelle pulled the bedsheets back lay on her side watching as Jess approached the jar, and lifted it to her petite breasts. She moved slowly with the jar, holding it both hands, her fingers drumming rhythmically on the sides as she observed those inside. She climbed onto the bed and knelt above Michelle, her knees straddling Michelle's, she lifted the jar close to her mouth so the men could feel her warm breath wash over them, before she started she wanted them to know how small and insignificant they were. She slowly ran her tongue around the rim of the jar as she leaned forward and then tipped the jar's contents onto her lovers smooth, flat stomach.


The men had been hoping to all be let out at once and they tried to compose themselves as quickly as they could and all made a break for it in different directions. Michelle shuddered with pleasure at the sensation of tiny hands and feet clambering across her flesh and let out a soft moan. Jess watched the escape attempt with amusement, 4 of the men had been in captivity too long, the lack of excessive and diet of bread and water had allowed their fitness to deteriorate and they couldn't make any real distance, even for their size. The two newer captives fared better but struggled to run on the soft flesh, a struggle which became harder as the ground heaved beneath them from Michelle's breathing. Jess allowed this spectacle to play out for a few moments before she gently placed her hands in front of the two quickest runners, stopping them in their tracks. Michelle moaned again as Jess's hands slowly moved across her stomach, brushing the two fitter captives back to the centre with the others. Trapping them between her hands, slowly Jess brought her face down to the men, getting so close they could almost touch her, Michelle Could feel Jess's breath against her skin, and the tiny men squirming in terror beneath it. The physical sensation sent chills through her.

“Don't worry.” She finally whispered. “We're not mad, we like it when you try to run.” The men looked up at the giant maw above them, the tops of her teeth just visible behind her lips, they felt as if merely a quick inhale could suck them in to oblivion. Even at a whisper they could feel her every word vibrate through them.

“But now.” The giantess continued. “You need to realise that you belong to us. There's no where to run and as bad as anything tonight might be, I can guarantee we can find much, much worse ways to play with you.” With that the giantess moved her head back to take in the view of her captives. “Is that understood?” She asked softly with a smile. “Good.” She cooed softly as they nodded in response.

“Now, the two who can still run, I want you climb my lovers breasts and massage her nipples, one each.” Jess commanded as she slowly traced a path from Michelle’s belly button towards the breasts with her finger, her voice taking on a sterner tone. The men all sat in awe as Jess leaned forwards to reach her lovers breasts, allowing her breasts to dangle over the men. “Now.” she added quietly, shooting the men a quick glare as she straightened up. The men quickly began their track, terrified of incurring the giantesses wrath. Michelle moaned again as she felt the sensation of tiny feet across her body. Slowly she began to brush her hands across her abdomen near the sensation, terrifying the men, but they laboured onward still. Painfully aware of Jess gazing down from above, ready to swat them, or worse, should they displease her.

“Start climbing, take a breast each, then wait there until I tell you” Came Jess's command as they reached the foot of Michelle's mountainous breasts. “Two of you...” She continued turning her attention to the remaining four on the stomach. “Run down onto the clit, again wait their until I tell you.” The men hesitated, unsure which two should go. This time Jess simply, mouthed the word “now”, prompting 3 of them to jump into action. “I said two.” Jess added sternly before letting out a sharp blow, the sudden guest of air sending the last of the 3 runners stumbling backwards before tumbling into Michelle's belly button. “Perfect, don't move.” She whispered with a smile.

“And you...” Jess turned her attention to the last man. “Aren't needed.” The man tried vainly to run as Jess brought her hand down toward him, he barely made it to his feet before her finger came down on him, knocking him onto his front and pinning his legs against the Michelle's skin. He hammered against the soft surface as Jess increased the pressure, his screams couldn't drown out sound of his bones cracking or Michelle’s moans as his lower body was mutilated. Slowly Jess ran her finger along her girlfriends stomach, grinding the helpless man into a red smear across her skin. Soon the remaining men had reached their positions. Michelle’s moans grew louder as she felt the tiny men's presence on her sensitive body parts. Jess smiled and gently nudged one of the men on Michelle's clit down to her vagina. “Perfect.” She whispered. “Now all of you start massaging your area, put your bodies into it. Don't make me ask twice.” Their was no hesitation from the men this time, all of them desperately started rubbing themselves against their assigned body part, even the man in her belly button started wriggling around. Michelle gasped at the sudden burst of sensations. Her breathing became audibly more rapid. Jess smiled at the sound of her lovers pleasure, she lowered her head to the belly button. “You don't need to move.” she whispered before she slowly ran the tip of her tongue across Michelle's stomach, circling the belly button, the little man begged as he sensed what was about to happen but a wall of damp pink muscle slammed into him, cutting off his cries as it forced him against the back of the crevasse and squeezed the life out of him. Slowly she worked her tongue around her lovers navel tearing the man's lifeless corps to pieces. As Michelle’s breathing increased, Jess sensed it was time to move on and brought her attention downwards to the men working her lovers vagina and clit. Without warning she quickly went down on Michelle and drove her tongue deep inside her, forcing the unfortunate man on her vagina in with it, before quickly pulling back out and swallowing up the second man working the clit, as she left one man to his fate inside Michelle’s vaginal walls, she enjoyed the sensation of the other tiny man struggling in her mouth, she could hear his screams resonating inside her, slowly she rolled him around with her tongue, coating him with her saliva and her lovers juices, before letting him rest on her teeth closing her jaws just enough to pin him between the two rows of white boulders. She could hear him pleading and had to resist the urge to grind him up their and then. Slowly she began to ever so gently move her jaw in a chewing motion causing a new round of screams before releasing him and letting him fall to the back of her throat ready to swallow whole. The screams subsided into a pitiful whimper as he begged her to simply kill him quickly rather than swallow him alive. Slowly she brought her head forward and allowed the man to drop out of her mouth back onto her lover's clit. “Back to work.” She whispered before moving forwards to get face to face with her lover. The man was too awestruck to follow through with this command as he watched Jess's petite, but to him titanic, breasts pass over him followed by her smooth abdomen. Michelle, meanwhile, had absent mindedly began to play with one of her own breasts, carelessly crushing one of the man there between her fingers as she manipulated her nipple. Jess smiled as she saw the blood and licked it off Michelle's nipple, before continuing her journey upwards and embracing Michelle in a long passionate kiss, smothering the man at Michhels other nipple between their breasts. As she did so she began to grind her clit against Michelle’s, instantly smashing the man down there into nothing, as their love became more intense Jess reared up, freeing the last surviving man from under her breast, his limp body falling from Michelle's breast and tumbling onto the bedsheets. The two girl cried in ecstasy as their love reached it's climax, before the grinding slowed down and the girls began to catch their breath, Jess leant forward to embrace Michelle with another kiss. “I told you six was enough.” She whispered before rolling to the side. And sprawling out onto her back. Michelle shifted onto her side and draped her arm across Jess. “More than enough.” She added, before they both drifted off to a deep sleep.


Some time later the unconscious survivor began to stir, he sat up, still dazed and unsure of his surroundings and tried to collect himself as he sat between the two slumbering titanesses.  


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