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Author's Chapter Notes:

"18 year old female cousin on the salad. Hopfully falls into the breasts of our protag."



Zoey finished her plate of spaghetti and was hungry for more. She pulled her shorts back up and walked over to the food table. She looked down the line of food until one dish caught her eye in particular. Then she stood up and walked over to a large bowl of salad. What would go better with pasta than salad?


Jennifer, or Jenny as most people called her, was not very interested in the family reunion she was at. The 18 year old teen sat alone on her phone until it was time to eat. She was watching her figure and decided to eat some salad. She too was blinded by the flashing light and was shocked when she looked around. She sat alone on a green, leafy platform and all around her there were more of them. Mixed in with the giant green leaves were large sticks of orange and purple.


It didn't take long for Jenny to figure out that she was shrunk and sitting within a salad. The green leaves were lettuce and the sticks were shredded carrots and onions. She stood up and paced around to figure out what to do. The lettuce crunched beneath her feet. She continued thinking for 10 minutes until she noticed a sudden lack of light. Jenny looked up to see the young smiling face of her cousin Zoey. She instantly started an attempt to get her attention, but Zoey didn't notice.


The salad looked nice and fresh, and Zoey wanted some. She grabbed a pair of tongs and used them to pick up some salad and put in on her plate. Jenny screamed as one of the tong pinchers came straight for her and smashed her against the lettuce she was standing on. He was lifted into the air and dropped onto Zoey's plate. She started to shake with nervousness as she knew what was going to happen.


After getting her salad, it was time to add some flavor. Zoey grabbed a bottle of salad dressing and poured it all over the lettuce leaves. Jenny was now completely soaked in salad dressing and wiped it out of her eyes. The liquid was very oily and she started to slide around. The lettuce had become an ice rink. Her legs flopped around as she struggled to stay balanced. Soon she completely slipped and fell onto her butt.


An ear-deafening crunch rang through the air as a giant fork stabbed into the lettuce leaf Jenny was on. She was lifted into the air as Zoey prepared to take her first bite. Jenny stared into the open mouth of her younger cousin and screamed. As Zoey brought the fork to her mouth, she tilted it to fit in her mouth right. Jenny started to slide as the salad rotated. She tried to hold on, but the oily dressing was too slippery. She slid right off the edge and fell down.


Jenny thought she would fall to the ground and die, but she instead landed with a plop between Zoey's breasts. The young girl's boobs were c-cups, but to Jenny they were enormous. As she stared at the expanse of breast flesh, she started to sink down. The salad dressing was causing her to slip deeper into Zoey's cleavage. Jenny clawed at the soft boob skin in a panicked attempt to get out. No matter how hard she tried, though, she just couldn't escape the deadly cleavage.


During Jenny's struggles, Zoey noticed that she got some salad dressing on her boobs. She set her salad on her lap and bent her head down to lick it off. Jenny screamed as the slimy wet tongue came toward her and held her hands up in defense. Unfortunately, this made her lose her grip and she slipped between Zoey's mountainous tits. She squirmed around frantically as the boob flesh cut off her supply of oxygen. She almost passed out before she slipped out from below Zoey's boobs and fell down again. As she passed her cousin's stomach, she heard a gurgle and what she thought was a faint cry for help. She eventually landed back where she started, on the plate of salad.


Zoey licked her boobs clean and grabbed her plate. She stabbed another group of lettuce and brought it up to her mouth. Jenny started to slide once again. She prepared for another struggle in Zoey's cleavage until she stopped abruptly. Zoey's fork had pierced through Jenny's t-shirt and held her in place. Jenny started to wish she was in the "safety" of her cousin's boobs as she inched closer to her awaiting mouth.


"No! Zoey, don't eat me! Look at your food! Ahhh!"


Jenny passed through Zoey's lips and they closed right behind her. She was thrown all around her mouth and constantly hit by tiny bits of chewed-up lettuce. Then she landed in a pile of mushy green leaves and was tossed into the abyss of Zoey's stomach.

Chapter End Notes:

Timmy and Jenny are now having some fun together in Zoey's tummy! A new chapter will hopefully be up shortly.

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