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Author's Chapter Notes:
"Zoey's 33-year old uncle, Jake, ends up falling on a freshly grilled hamburger patty. Zoey comes over to him and pours some ketchup onto the patty, then put the bun on, trapping her uncle. As Zoey eats, Jake would be pushed out the back along with a glob of ketchup. He would land on Zoey's flipflop and remain there until she slipped it back on and noticed the ketchup. Zoey would finally dip her last bite of burger in the ketchup and eat it."

"Alright, enough with all of these veggies and chips. What's a girl gotta do to get some meat around here?" Zoey scanned the table for a slice of animal and discovered a cooked hamburger on a plate. She tapped the meat with her finger and felt that it was indeed cold. She grabbed the patty and plopped it back on the grill to warm it up.


Zoey's 33 year old Uncle Jake was the one in charge of the grill. He started cooking up burgers before everyone rushed in to eat. Once everyone started getting food, he grabbed a patty for himself and put it on a plate. That was precisely when he shrunk. He woke up to a dark brown landscape with strips of black. He was about to climb off and look for help when a scent entered his nose. The grilled burger let off a pleasant and inviting aroma and the warmth of it felt relaxing. He decided to lay down on the burger for a bit and ended up falling asleep.


"AHH!" Jake screamed as he was awakened by a loud banging. He discovered that the sound came from his enormous niece pounding her finger on his hamburger. "Hey, Zoey! Down here!" he shouted, waving his arms. He was answered by being lifted into the air.

When he was set back down, the air was noticeably hotter. He looked around to find a metal lid behind him and metal bars below. He was on the grill! The flames below rose up to cook the burger as Jake ran to the middle to avoid them. He began sweating like mad as the constant heat scorched him and the burger.

"And no burger is complete without a little cheese." Zoey picked up a square slice of cheese and placed it nicely on her lactose-intolerant uncle. Jake was trapped under the solid dairy product like it was a giant heavy blanket. As the cheese melted, though, he was able to break through and get on top.

After warming her burger and adding cheese that had now melted, Zoey grabbed a spatula and picked it up. She then placed it on a prepared bun. Then she picked up a bottle of ketchup to finish the arrangement.

Jake was very grateful to be removed from the grill. But before he knew it, he was looking down the barrel of a ketchup bottle. He shielded his face as the bottle sprayed him with red goop. Soon the brown landscape looked like a murder scene. "I've gotta get out of here!" He shouted as he tried to wade through the ketchup. He didn't get very far before he was pinned down by the top bun.

Zoey topped off her burger and walked over to the picnic table. She kicked off her flip flops to run her toes through the grass while she ate. She picked up her burger and got ready to chow down.

It was tough, but with the help of the lubricating ketchup, Jake was just barely able to squeeze his way through the hamburger. He army crawled his way between the cheese-covered patty and the top bun, hoping to escape. He was doing well until he felt a heavy amount of pressure from above.

He assumed that Zoey had grabbed hold of the burger, ready to eat it. Jake panicked and tried to escape, but Zoey's grip held him in place. Behind him, he could hear Zoey's teeth slice through part of the burger and chew it up. Jake gave up struggling. This was it. He was going to be nothing but food for his niece. But just as he gave up hope, he felt himself start to slide. Zoey was gripping a little too hard and squishing some of the ketchup out.

"Come on... just a little further..." Eventually, he made it out. He fell down along with a glob of ketchup straight on Zoey's right flip flop. "Yes! I made it!" He looked above to see Zoey consume her burger like she hadn't eaten in a week. He barely had time to move before she was on her last bite.

"Man, this is one great burger!" Zoey slipped her flip flops back on as she got ready to finish her burger. She stopped when she felt something wet on her foot. "Ew, what's on my flip flop?" She lifted her right foot to find a splotch of ketchup. "Wow, I sure am a messy eater."

Zoey's sole loomed above Jake as he stood among the ketchup. Then her foot quickly slammed down on him. He was trapped between her sole and flip flop, but not for long. Soon the foot was lifted back up... with him attached! His niece glared down at him. Surely she could see him now.

"Zoey, can you see me? Down here in the ketch- NO NO NO NO NO!!!" He struggled to break free as Zoey took the last bite of her hamburger and scraped it along her foot. Jake was scooped off and now stuck to the burger. He was effortlessly tossed in Zoey's mouth where he was tossed around as she chewed. Finally he was sent down with the mashed meat to Zoey's stomach.

"Man, I would love to get another one of those burgers, but I have to keep going on the rest of the food." Zoey rubbed her foot it the grass to get the ketchup off and then did the same with her flip flop. Adorning her footwear, she returned to the assortment of food.
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