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Author's Chapter Notes:
"Name: Luke
Age: 15
Relationship: Cousin
Food: Peas
Sub genre: Butt/Fart Content
Specifics: Pea Falls Onto Chair, Protag Sits And Farts On It, Realizes It's There, Eats It."

"Hmm... what to eat next?" Zoey looked at all of the food once again. "You know, I should probably eat something healthy after all of the junk food I've been eating." She scanned the tables until she found a large bowl of peas. "Oh, that seems like a good choice." She grabbed a spoon and scooped a bunch of the peas into a smaller bowl. "I think that's enough." She then took her bowl over to the picnic table and sat down to eat.


Luke was reluctantly getting ready to scoop up some peas when he shrunk. The 15 year old cousin of Zoey was forced to eat some of them by his mother who wanted him to eat healthier. When he came to, he looked around to see that he was in a very large ball pit filled with only green balls. It didn't take long for him to understand that they were all peas. He tried to escape but, much like a ball pit, the peas were very hard to maneuver through. He decided to just wait for help.

After some time, Luke came face to face with his cousin Zoey as she looked down at him. "Oh, Zoey! Thank goodness you found me." His smile disappeared as her hand raised, wielding a serving spoon. "Oh, no!" Luke tried to dig down beneath the peas, but he wasn't quick enough. He was scooped up with a hundred peas and tumbled down into Zoey's food bowl. No longer on top, he was stuck between various peas in the middle of the bowl.

He could only listen as Zoey scooped up peas above him and gobbled them down. It wasn't long before he was caught in a spoonful with a dozen peas. He looked at his tragectory: Zoey's awaiting mouth. "No! I refuse to be eaten!" Luke looked over the side of the spoon at the ground below. There was no way he could survive the fall. Unless...

Thinking quickly, Luke grabbed hold of a pea and hugged it to his chest. The round vegetable was the size of an exercise ball to him. He mustered up all of the courage within him and jumped off of the spoon. He screamed as he plummeted down, pea facing down. He hoped it would absorb the impact of the fall. Luke landed on and bounced off of Zoey's inner thigh. When he came to a stop, he was on the bench in between Zoey's cheeks.

Luke looked up to see Zoey's wrinkled butt hole directly above. This gave him an idea. "As disgusting as this idea is, it might just work. Her butt hole is likely very sensitive. If I can rub it hard enough, she may look down and find me." Luke reached up with his arms, but he wasn't nearly tall enough. He tried jumping, but it still wasn't enough. Then he grabbed the pea and rolled it over. Although tough to keep his balance, he was able to use the pea as a step stool and reach Zoey's anus. He placed his hands on the sphincter and rubbed it with great force. "I sure hope this works."

Zoey was eating her peas when her butt hole felt itchy. Rather than looking down, she simply lifted her cheek and used her index finger to scratch it. Then she placed her lifted cheek back down and continued.

The light shining on Luke increased as Zoey lifted her cheek. He sighed in disappointment as he watched her scratch her asshole without even looking down. "Well, that plan failed." Luke was about to climb down when Zoey lowered her cheek. Only, she had shifted her butt slightly, and now it was coming down on Luke! He had no time to escape as the skin slammed down on him.

While Zoey was sitting and eating, she felt something under her cheek. Assuming it was just a pebble, she moved over to position it between her cheeks, where it wouldn't bother her. Then as she resumed eating, she had a feeling in her gut. "I guess that spicy cheese dip is finally catching up with me."

Down below, Luke was dazed after Zoey's cheek relieved its pressure on him. When his vision cleared, he noticed that he was back in her butt crack. He also noticed that he was now neck deep inside of his pea! Zoey's butt must have squished him down inside. He tried to escape, but the shell of the pea was too strong.

Luke heard a rumbling above. He gave a look of disgust. "Oh, this can't be happening!" He looked up to see Zoey's anus expand. Then a great gust of wind was released directly at him. The strength of the wind opened his mouth and flapped his cheeks, like a dog with its head sticking out of a car window. The spicy fart burned his eyes and blurred his vision temporarily. He tried to wipe them, but his arms were pinned down.

Luke had been holding his breath, but now he needed oxygen. He breathed in and prepared to gag and vomit. However, he surprisingly didn't. Although Zoey's fart burned his eyes, it didn't smell insanely putrid. It wasn't pleasant, of course, just not terrible. Then Zoey farted again. This time there was an audible sound of vibrating liquid from the wet fart. Luke breathed in, but this time he did throw up. This second fart smelled much worse than the first and nearly made him passed out.

Then Zoey farted again, but before she did, she bent forward a little. Her asshole was no longer directly over Luke, but instead at an angle. When she farted, Luke was blasted off of the bench and into the grass. "Yes!" He exclaimed. "I never thought I would be so happy to be farted on! Now to escape from this stupid pea and-"


Luke looked up to see a giant pigeon standing before him. The bird glared down at him. "Get out of here, you stupid bird! I'm not your lunch!" But they pigeon didn't care. It pecked down and caught the screaming Luke in its beak.

The bird took off flying and started circling around Zoey. "Ah! Go away!" She shouted as she swatted at the bird. Her hand made contact and whacked the pigeon. The bird opened its mouth to make a distressed noise and flew away. Luke fell out and landed on the table beside the bowl of remaining peas.

Zoey calmed down from her attack and continued eating. Luke watched in fear as she finished off the last of the peas. "Well, those were tasty! Now it's time to-" She noticed a lone pea resting on the table. "Thought you could get away, huh? Nice try, but no food can escape the power of my stomach." She picked up the pea and Luke. "However, for your daring escape, I shall eat you in style!"

Zoey grabbed her spoon and placed the pea on it. She then grabbed the spoon by the handle and placed her finger on the tip of the rounded end. She pulled down at the end at released. Luke was shot upward. "AHHH!!!" He screamed as he took off like a rocket. His ascent slowed as he reached his maximum height. Then he began falling. He looked down to see that he was aiming directly for Zoey's open mouth. Without even touching her tongue, Luke was sent straight down his cousin's throat.

Zoey swallowed the airborne pea and smiled. "Bullseye!" Then she checked on her pants, which were now dry. She re-clothed herself and headed back to the food table.
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