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Author's Chapter Notes:

"My suggestion will involve Zoey's older brother who tends to pick on her a lot. He would be sitting at the table when Zoey sits down and wind up under her butt. Zoey would feel something squirming and stand up to look at her seat, but her brother would be stuck to her butt. When she's checking the seat, he would fall off and land on a piece of pie."



Zoey happily finished the rest of her salad, completely unaware of the person she consumed with it. When she was done, she thought about what she wanted next and decided to get something sweet. She got up and walked over to the desert table. So many items caught her eye, but the one thing that stood out the most was the pumpkin pie. She grabbed the whole pie and a can of whipped cream, then sat down at the nearest picnic table.


Kyle was not getting food when he shrunk. Instead the 19 year old was sitting down by himself. Once he was shrunk, he felt the wooden ground beneath him and assumed he was on the seat of the picnic table he was sitting on. The fall to the ground from such a height would likely kill him, so he stayed put.


After some time passed, Kyle heard a booming noise. He turned around to see his little sister walked toward him. He was mesmerized by her size. He always liked to pick on her because she was smaller than him, but now she could literally pick him up! Zoey seemed to get bigger as she approached her shrunken brother.


"Zoey! Hey, little sis! Help me! I'm on the seat here!"


Kyle frantically waved his hands in hopes of being noticed. Zoey finally arrived at the table and prepared to sit down. Her massive jean-shorts-clad butt cast a shadow on Kyle. As she sat down, Kyle screamed and tried to run away. He was not fast enough and he was crushed by the butt of his little sister. Somehow he managed to survive even with all of the pressure on him, but it was difficult to breathe beneath the enormous butt cheek.


Zoey sat down and was ready to enjoy her pie. Just as she was about to dig in, a fly started to buzz around her. She swatted the fly away, but accidentally hit the can of whipped cream in the process. The can rolled off the table, hit the seat, and landed behind her.


Zoey stood up, turned around, and bent over to retrieve the can. As her butt lifted up, Kyle was stuck onto it. When she turned around, her butt was positioned directly over the pie. Kyle was then unstuck from his sister's huge derriere. He fell through the air and landed with a plop in the sweet dessert.


Kyle looked around at the orange expanse that surrounded him. In the distance he could see the dark tan crust. The ground was freckled with various spices. Kyle reached down and ate a chunk of the pumpkin goodness. He was about to take another when Zoey's face appeared above. Kyle tried once again to get her attention, but with no luck.


Zoey grabbed the can of whipped cream and aimed the nozzle at the pie. She tilted the tip and sweet fluffy cream shot out. Kyle suffered a direct hit and was knocked over by the shot. Zoey continued to squirt out the entire can and encased her brother in whipped cream.


Kyle was lost in a fog of dairy confection. He waded his way through the fog in an effort to reached the edge before Zoey chowed down. He continued walking until he stopped abruptly. Zoey's monsterous tongue swooped down and took out a massive chunk of the whipped cream. Kyle instantly turned around and ran the opposite direction, only to meet the same giant licking tongue. He ran all around in a panic, but Zoey's tongue was everywhere he turned.


Soon there was no whipped cream left and only pie. Zoey decided to take on the challenge of eating her pie as if she was in a contest. She put her hands behind her back and bent over.


"On your mark. Get set. Go!"


Kyle dove out of the way as Zoey's giant mouth came straight for him. He looked back to see the massive crater left by her incredible bite. But it wasn't over yet. Zoey kept eating like a wild animal and Kyle tried his best to avoid every bite.


Kyle endured the challenge for quite a while, but there is only so much dodging that one boy can do. Eventually Zoey took a large bite of pie and took her brother with it. Kyle barely spent any time in his sister's mouth before he was swallowed. Zoey didn't stop shoving food in and more pie instantly followed Kyle as he landed in the pit of his little sister's stomach.

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