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Author's Chapter Notes:
"A sandwich or sub, loaded with deli meats and vegetables perhaps (standard fare), or something messy like chicken/tuna salad. A female cousin in their twenties would work nicely, maybe they thought it would be safe to climb the side of the food to get some for themselves, or better yet, they scaled a bottle of dressing (or some other condiment) in hopes of being seen, but end up going unoticed and getting squirted into the middle of the meal as a result."

Whilst observing all of the remaining food, Zoey noticed a sub sandwich sitting all alone. She walked over to examine it. The sub had layers of meat, cheese, and lettuce with ham being the top layer. Next to the sandwich was a bottle of mustard. She grabbed the bottle and aimed it at the sub, ready to squeeze...


Sam wasn't very big on family-made food. She instead preferred restaurant made food. Because of this the 22 year old ordered a sub sandwich before she came to the outing. While everyone else was serving their own food, she unwrapped her sub and pulled off the top bun. She was about to grab the nearby mustard when she shrank.

Sam awoke to a large plain of pink. Smelling the air, she quickly understood that she was now tiny and lying on her sub sandwich. Being the smart girl that she was, she ignored her hunger and thought of a plan. "If I stay here, I will surely be eaten. As exciting as that sounds, it's also quite dangerous. There must be someway to get easily noticed." Sam looked around for something that could aid her. "Aha! The bottle of mustard. If I can climb to the top, I may be noticed. My black dress should stand out from the yellow bottle."

Wasting no time, Sam ran across the meat to the edge of the sub. Looking down below, she felt a bit queasy. She took a leap of faith and landed on the top bun of the sub. Then she slid down the bread and onto the table. Now that she was down, she had to make her way back up. Sam walked over to the mustard bottle and noticed a problem. The bottle offered no footholds for her.

"Come on, think!" she told herself. Then she noticed the bottle's label: it had been partially peeled off. She walked over and touched the bottle where the label used to be. As she expected, there was still some glue residue. Sam coated her hands and shoes in the substance and prepared to climb. Her plan actually worked and she was able to scale the structure without a problem.

After much exhausting work, she reached the top: the nozzle of the mustard bottle. "Now I just have to wait until someone notices meEEEE!" Sam accidentally slipped and fell feet first into the hole of the nozzle. Although, she didn't end up inside. She was actually stuck waist deep in the hole. She tried to push up and escape but she was stuck tight. Hopefully someone would notice her and help.

Sam waited it the hole for a while until a figure appeared. Recognizing it as her cousin Zoey, she waved her hands and called out for help, but Zoey was busy looking at her sandwich. Then Zoey's hand reached out and grasped the mustard bottle. Sam was flipped upside down and aimed right at the sub.

Zoey aimed her bottle and squeezed, but nothing came out. She squeezed harder, but the bottle wouldn't squish together. She flipped the bottle upright and looked at the nozzle. A black speck was clogging the hole. Strangely, it looked like a tiny human, but her eyes must have just been playing tricks on her. She banged on the side of the bottle to try to dislodge it. Then she flipped the bottle back over and squeezed with both hands. The bottle shot out a huge glob of mustard all at once. Angry, Zoey grabbed a knife and spread it thin. Then she put the top back on and prepared to eat her sub.

Sam felt pressure as the bottle was squeezed. There was moment of relief before the pressure increased twice as much. Then she was flipped back upright and looked up at Zoey's eyes that glared directly at her. She was about to wave again when the bottle shook violently from Zoey whacking it. Sam was then flipped back to the sandwich. The pressure inside built up until she was shot out at the sandwich meat.

Following directly behind her was a massive glob of mustard. The yellow liquid completely covered her. She swam her way up to the surface and wiped the substance off of her face. Unfortunately, some of the mustard made its way into her eyes. She screamed as the substance burned her eyeballs and blinded her. Then a large object plowed her over and smashed her face back in the mustard. Still blind, she couldn't see the top bread being placed down on her.

Sam couldn't see a thing, but she had to escape. After hearing the crunch of teeth on lettuce, she frantically crawled toward the edge. Soon she found daylight. Excited, she wiped her eyes and opened them... to see Zoey coming in for another bite! She went the wrong direction! Before she could even turn around, Zoey bit down and swallowed both sandwich and cousin alike. Then she finished the sub and returned her attention to the other food.
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