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Stacy and I ran up Rachel's breast, avoiding any beads of sweat that still lingered. Before long we reached a set of hairs that had settled over her shoulder.


"Are you ready for this?" I said after turning toward Stacy.


"As ready as I'll ever be." She answered.


I grabbed onto the nearest brown hair rope and hoisted myself up. I started to climb and Stacy followed right behind. Unlike when I scaled Rachel's legs, I didn't have much leg support. This activity was almost entirely upper body and my arms burned from it, but I kept going.




As Rachel was talking to Abby, she started to feel a little tense. She raised her right arm over her head and pulled on it with her other hand. While she did that she twisted her head to relieve tension in her neck. After a few seconds she dropped her arm down. She felt some of her hair caught under her arm and yanked it out, then continued her conversation.




Stacy and I had only made it a few feet up when we were violently jerked to the right. I held on to the hair for my life as I swung through the air at an insane speed. I could barely see anything as it all whizzed by.


There was one thing I could make out, though, and it was where we were headed: Rachel's armpit. I slammed into the skin of her underarm and then felt more of it on my back as she lowered her arm. Before I could even have a thought, my hair rope slipped through my grasp and was gone.


Everything was dark. All around me was sweaty underarm flesh. Rachel's armpit had become my entire world. The skin on my face made it impossible to call out to Stacy, so I could only hope that she was okay. I grabbed my headlamp from my pocket and put it on my head, which wasn't easy due to the constricting flesh.


The smell came instantly. I had been trapped under a foot, crawled through a butt, and been pooped on, but this took the cake for the worst thing I've ever smelled. There was no way to escape the odor. It was like being stuck in a locker room after an entire group of football players had taken off their uniforms. ...No, actually it was worse. At least in that scenario I would have some fresh air. I had no fresh air here. Every single breath I took consisted of Rachel's body odor.


I was attacked once again by sweat from her exercising, but this time was different. The foot and boob sweat had just come out of Rachel's pores and wasn't too bad. This sweat had been sitting under her arm and collected smelly bacteria for minutes already. I shut my mouth as hard as possible to keep the sweat out. I soon began to feel nauseous, but I didn't dare throw up because I knew that it would cover myself in vomit.




"Hey, Rachel." Abby said. "Do you want to borrow my deodorant? You're sweating like crazy."


"No, that's okay. I'm sure I don't smell that bad." Rachel lifted her arm and bent her head over. She inhaled the scent and quickly retreated. "On second thought, I think I'll take you up on that offer."




I was just about to pass out when I once again experienced fresh air. Rachel had lifted her arm up and I could see daylight again. My body was stuck to the armpit by the sweat, but I could turn my head. I looked to my left and saw Stacy. I was about to call out to her when a shadow loomed over me.


I looked up to see a giant triangle with two dark holes driven into it. I instantly realized that it was Rachel's nose. Tornado-like winds started to pry me away from the armpit skin. As soon as I broke free, I shot up into the left nostril.


I closed my eyes and waited to be deposited in Rachel's lung, but I was instead stopped abruptly. I felt a thick, gooey sludge covering everywhere but my face. I had gotten stuck in a glob of snot.


I looked down to see a circle of light at the end of the nasal passage. I could feel a gentle breeze across my face with each breath Rachel took. Then I looked around to find mucus and giant hairs lining the walls. As I looked around I spotted a human figure directly across from me.


"Stacy, thank goodness your alive!"


"Yeah, but I won't be for long unless we can get out of here."


I tried to break free of the snot, but I couldn't move an inch. I struggled to think of a plan when I started to move down. The snot was sliding down and taking me with it.




As Rachel continued to talk, she felt her nose starting to run a little. She quickly inhaled air and snorted the snot back up her nostril.




I started to have a hope of escape when I was pushed back up. The snot also formed over my face and stopped me from breathing. I panicked and started to flail around, but I still couldn't move. I had no choice but to eat my way out. I opened my mouth and took a giant bite, then spit out the snot. The taste really wasn't too bad compared to everything else that entered my mouth recently. After that I was able to pull my head away from the snot and shake it of.


"Stacy, I don't know how to get out of this. We need some sort of rush of air to push us out."


"Um, you mean like a sneeze?"


I would have face palmed if I could move my arm. Obviously a sneeze could break us out. I looked around myself for a nasal hair but none were close enough. Then I looked at Stacy and saw one right above her.


"Stacy, you're right. I need you to rub the nose hair above you with your head. It should make Rachel sneeze."


"But won't we just fly out to our doom?"


"Possibly, but if we don't try we'll drown in snot."


"Good point." Stacy tilted her head left and right to rub against the hair. As she did, Rachel's nostril began to twitch. The plan was working!




Rachel needed some refreshing water to cool down. She got up and walked over to the drinking fountain to fill up her water bottle. She didn't even put the lid back on because she knew how much she would drink.


She walked back to Abby and sat down. She then felt a tickle in her nose. She didn't want to sneeze but her nose prevailed. "Aaaaaachooooo!" She bent her head down and sneezed. Then she sniffled and set her water down to go get a tissue.




The speed at which we flew out of Rachel's nose was unbelievable. I was pried from my snotty prison and sent flying through the air. I flew straight down toward the breasts I recently escaped from. I hit Rachel's boob and bounced off. I flew into the air higher than the top of Rachel's head and then descended. When I landed, I fell into water which washed the last of the snot off.


I swam to the surface and looked around. I saw Stacy swimming next to me. All around me was a transparent dark pink hard plastic circle. The world above shifted as the object we were in was moved and set down. As we tread water I knew that we had fallen in Rachel's water bottle.

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