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Author's Chapter Notes:

From here-on-out in this story, the perspective will swich between the first-person main character and the third-person giantess Rachel. These swiches will be notified by a line of asteriks. (*)

"Okay, so what's the plan now, Jacob?" Stacy asked me.


"I'm not sure yet," I answered. "We are way too small for anyone to notice. But maybe we could- ahhh!" I screamed as a deafening noise assaulted my eardrums. "What the heck was that?!"


"That must have been the school bell. Everybody is going to walk in now."


"In that case, stay close to the leg of the desk to avoid getting crushed." We watched as one student after another entered the classroom. I then laid my eyes on one girl in particular. Her name was Rachel, and she had been my secret crush for years. I followed her path until I realized that she was walking straight toward us. We must have been hiding under her desk.


I heard Mrs. Wilson begin to teach the class, but I wasn't paying the slightest bit off attention. I was too busy staring at Rachel's enormous body. I was jolted out of my love-induced trance when Stacy tapped me on the shoulder. "So, genius, are you just gonna stand there gawking at Rachel, or are you gonna think of a plan to get us out of this mess?"


"Well, isn't the solution obvious? All we have to do is climb up Rachel's body, enter her ear, and ask for help."


"All we have to do?! Are you kidding me? Rachel is like a mile tall or something! How are we supposed to get to her ear?"


"Well, we have to try. It's our only hope. Come on! We're not going to accomplish anything by standing here." I walked over to Rachel's flip-flop clad foot and Stacy reluctantly followed. As I got closer, I started to understand what Stacy was saying. Each of Rachel's toes was the size of a car and her entire foot was like a football field. I could easily make out tiny wrinkles and crevices that I would have never noticed at normal size.


I stood in front of Rachel's flip-flop and had to stretch my arms to reach the top. I hoisted my self up and then reached down to grab Stacy's hand and pull her up. I walked in between the second and middle toe and leaned up against the middle one. "Hey, Stacy, if you get past the terror of possibly being crushed, this is actually pretty cool."


"Yeah, I guess you're right. This spongey flip-flop is a great trampoline." She made a few little bounces to emphasize her point.


"And this skin feels so soft and weird." I reached out my hands and started to rub them over Rachel's toe.




Rachel was really bored sitting in chemistry class and barely paid attention to Mrs. Wilson's lecture. She just wanted the weekend to come already. Suddenly she felt a weird tingling on her right second toe. She didn't want to bend down and scratch, so she simply wiggled her toes.




While I was feeling the giant toe, my back rest disappeared and I fell down onto the flip-flop. I then looked up to see all five toes wiggling around in the air like a five-headed serpent. I stared in awe at the massive digits and didn't have time to react when they finished their dance and came crashing down on top of me.


Luckily my head was okay in between her toes, but the rest of my body was trapped. I squirmed with all of my might, but nothing budged.


"Jacob, are you okay?" Stacy ran to me and I looked at her as she bent over my face.


"I'm fine, but I can't move. See if you can lift this toe off of me." Stacy grabbed onto the red-painted toenail and pushed up, but it was no use.


"Stay here. I am going to try and find something to use as a crowbar."


"Stay here? Where am I gonna go?" I called out as I saw her walk away and jump off the flip-flop.




The tingling sensation had gone away, but now Rachel felt something under her toe. She assumed it was a rock or a piece of dirt. Rachel decided to play with the rock a little bit by scrunching her toes around it.




I was laying down and thinking about a matter of escape when Rachel's toe moved. The toe wrapped around my body and squeezed tightly. It felt like a dozen boa constrictors were coiled around me. I couldn't even yell as the wind was pushed out of my stomach. I was just about to pass out when the pressure stopped. Rachel's toes settled back on the flip-flop and I gasped for air, not even caring about the toe jam that surrounded me.




Rachel was pleased after she felt the rock against her constricting toe. Now she was bored with it and decided to let it go. She lifted her foot up and let her shoe hang loosely as the rock fell out. After a few seconds, she put her foot back down and continued to try to pay attention in class.




I had just breathed a sigh of relief when disaster struck. I was finally free from my toe prison, but not in a good way. The entire world seemed to shift as the foot that pinned me down was now vertical. As I started to fall, I quickly grabbed onto the skin between Rachel's toes. I looked at the ground dozens of feet below me and knew that if I fell, I was as good as dead. My fears were soon realized as my hands slipped and I started to fall.


I clawed at the skin in front of me, looking for something to grab onto, but I had no such luck. I was about to accept defeat when the foot reverted back to its horizontal state and the flip-flop caught me. Then the foot and I rapidly descended until we hit the ground.


I was spread out in an eagle position as Rachel's bare sole was now my entire world. I was devoid of light, but I could feel the wrinkles that covered the bottom of the foot. I could do absolutely nothing but hope for Stacy to save me.


I struggled to breathe for a few minutes as I had very little air. Whatever air I did have was not fresh, but instead smelled like feet. Rachel was a hygienic person and had fine smelling feet to a normal person, but at my size it was very magnified.


After time passed a little, the worst situation of all occurred: Rachel's feet began to sweat. I felt my clothes get slowly soaked by the oncoming sweat droplets. A drop eventually was created where my head was positioned. My hair was instantly soaked and some sweat made its way into my mouth. I had no way to spit out the disgusting, salty liquid and had no choice but to drink it. It was definitely the worst thing that ever passed through my lips.


I didn't know how much more of this onslaught I could take when I saw the magical rays of daylight. "Quick, Jacob, I can only hold this for so long."


I rejoiced at the sweet sound of Stacy's voice. I looked over to see that Stacy had found a used staple and was using to to pry up Rachel's foot flesh. I quickly rolled over and inched my way out of my foul prison. I landed on the hard tile and hugged Stacy.


"Thank you so much!" I exclaimed, almost in tears.


"Don't mention it! Now let's get back to our mission."


"Right behind you!"

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