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"So, what on Earth is going on right now?" Rachel asked, extremely confused by everything that has happened recently. "How did you shrink?"


"Well, I don't know exactly how it happened. All I know is that I was mixing two chemicals in the chemistry room, and then a big puff of smoke caused us to shrink."


"Wait, what do you mean 'us'?"


I smacked my forehead. "Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about Stacy! She shrunk with me."


"What!? Where is she?" Rachel started to frantically search her body.


"You won't be able to find her."


"Why not?"


"Because she isn't on you. She's inside you."


"What do you mean?" Rachel said after stopping her search.


"You accidentally swallowed her when you drank that water after exercising."


"Are you serious!? She's in my stomach!? I have to save her." Rachel bent over me and leaned her head over the toilet. She stuck her finger in her mouth to trigger her gag reflex.


After a few tries, it worked and Rachel threw up into the toilet. I watched the waterfall of greenish brown goop flow out of her mouth and land in the toilet. I searched the vomit and noticed a small object floating within.


"There she is!" I exclaimed and pointed. Rachel looked and saw her. She used the cotton swab once again to retrieve her from the puke. Then she set her down next to me. I ran up and hugged her, even though she was covered in barf.


"Stacy, I'm so glad you're alive!"


"So, Jacob, how exactly did you make it to my ear at your size?" Rachel asked.


"Stacy and I have been climbing your body all day. We almost died a few times."


Rachel's face suddenly turned red. "Um, do you think you could keep it a secret about what happened earlier today in this bathroom. I'm not usually like that, but I just had to-"


"Don't worry. Our lips are sealed."


"Thank you! And you probably heard what I said at the lunch table as well."


"Yes, I did. And I feel the same way."


"Really!? Are you serious!? This is so awesome! I would hug you if I could."


Then Stacy cut in. "Okay, this is really sweet and all, but we still have the little matter of getting us back to normal."


Rachel suppressed her joy and said, "You're right. Get on my hand and I'll take you to Mrs. Wilson." She lowered her hand onto the toilet and we climbed up her finger to get on. Then we sat in the soft skin of her palm.


Rachel walked over to the chemistry room. She tried to keep her hand steady, but we still bounced all around. When we entered the room, I was glad that Mrs. Wilson didn't have a class at the moment and was alone.


"Mrs. Wilson, we have a problem," Rachel said.


"What's wrong?" She responded.


"Jacob and Stacy were mixing chemicals in here and now they are shrunk. They're on my hand right now." Rachel walked over and showed her.


"So that's what happened to my chemicals. Come on back to the lab station so we can figure this all out." Rachel walked over to the area and set us down on the black table. We climbed off and she set down our "megaphone".


"So, what exactly did you do?" Mrs. Wilson asked.


"All I did was take the two beakers on the counter and mix them. Then it turned purple and a big puff of smoke caused us to shrink," I explained.


"That's strange because those chemicals were just mercury and magnesium. I don't even know why they really reacted at all."


I thought about it and asked, "Wait, isn't the chemical symbol for magnesium Mg?"


"Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?"


"Well, maybe since you used an M for 'mini', you should use a W for 'wumbo'."


Before Mrs. Wilson could respond, Stacy said, "Jacob, that is probably the dumbest thing you've said all day."


"No, he's actually right!" Mrs. Wilson said. "The element with the symbol of W is tungsten. When mixed with the mercury, it should create a reverse reaction." She then left and brought back two beakers. She mixed them both in a glass bowl and set it down. "Now you just need to jump in."


"Rachel, would you do the honors?" I said. She picked us up with two fingers and dropped us in. We fell into the mixture and started to grow almost instantly on impact. Soon we were back to normal and standing on the counter. I jumped off and hugged Rachel.


"Thank you so much for saving us." I said. Rachel hugged me back.


"Yeah, that was certainly once crazy adventure. We almost died like seven times!" Stacy said.


"It was crazy and dangerous, but it was all worth it now that we're together." I grabbed Rachel's hand in mine. "Maybe we could do this again sometime with you actually knowing about us on your body."


Stacy quickly responded, "Oh, no! I am not going through all of that again!"


"Then maybe Rachel and I could shrink together and explore your body."


"I'm okay with that," Stacy said.


"It's a date." Rachel said and we all laughed.


"Today was an awesome day," I thought.



Chapter End Notes:

Well, there we have it! I hope you all enjoyed the story and thank you for reading and commenting. I will be uploading a new story very shortly so you can keep your eyes peeled for my username.

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