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Stacy and I stayed still until we were certain that Rachel had stopped moving. Then the two of us began to climb the now horizontal hair trees that we trekked through earlier. Eventually we were able to squeeze through the waist band of the shorts and see daylight. We stood on the waist band and contemplated our next move.


As we stood there the wind chilled our soaking wet bodies. I was glad that Rachel's pee had washed off all the poop so we didn't smell terrible. Luckily though, because of our size the breeze dried us off in a matter of seconds. We then decided to take our goggles and headlamps off for the time being.


"So what now?" Stacy questioned. "Is it rock climbing round 2 or what?"


"No," I replied, "unfortunately the hairs on Rachel's stomach are too far apart. We won't be able to climb it like her legs."


"Then what is our next plan?"


"I don't have one. This time I actually don't have any ideas, so I guess we'll just have to wait here for something to happen." As if on cue, Rachel performed an action to aid us in our journey. She bent forward for whatever reason and moved her belly button within our grasp.


Stacy and I didn't want to miss this opportunity. The distance was a little too long to reach, so we had to work together. I cupped my hands for Stacy to put her foot in and boosted her up. She climbed into the belly button and then reached her hand down to pull me up.


Immediately after I climbed inside, Rachel sat back up and we were tossed against the inside of the navel. I sat down and looked around the belly button. Brown dirt was caked onto the walls which I only assumed was because of the difficulty to clean one's inner belly button.


"So, do we just wait now?"


"Yep, it's all we can do at the moment."




Rachel watched the hands of the clock as they inched their way toward the time that marked the end of class. She rejoiced internally at the sound of the bell. She grabbed her things and headed to the gym for her next class.


When she arrived, she realized that she had forgotten her gym clothes. She then walked over to Coach Smith to explain her predicament.


"You know the rules, Rachel." He stated. "No gym clothes means thirty sit ups. So get to it."


Rachel lied down on the ground and performed the required sit ups. She could feel her abs tightening with every upward motion. She felt some pain, but that was nothing compared to the shrunken people in her belly button.




Once I heard the deafening school bell once again, I knew that we were about to travel. I bounced up and down with each step which was actually quite enjoyable. I watched the view as Rachel weaved around corners and fellow students to get to her next class. After we entered the gym I heard Rachel's conversation with Coach Smith and gulped at the words "sit ups."


As Rachel lied down my backrest became my new floor. I looked up to see nothing but the ceiling above. My view, however, was cut off as Rachel's belly button closed up. The walls around us closed together and squished us like a car compacter. The tension released only to be brought on again by the next sit up. I was squeezed in a variety of positions. Sometimes I was even smashed up against Stacy.


After the thirtieth rep I breathed a sigh of relief. I prepared for another shift in gravity but it didn't come. Rachel continued to lie flat on the ground for whatever reason.




After doing all of her sit ups, Rachel just laid down exhausted. She watched as Abby entered the gym and walked up beside her.


"Forgot your gym clothes again, huh?" Abby said.


"Yeah, I don't know why it always slips my mind. Hey, while I'm lying down do you mind helping me stretch my legs?"


"Sure thing, Rachel." Abby lifted Rachel's leg and brought it closer to her body to stretch out the muscles. Rachel just lied still and grunted a little at some moments.




After hearing the conversation above, I knew I had to make my move. I called out to Stacy to come and she followed. I ran over to the belly button's wall and prepared to climb. I was able to use the crusty dirt as arm and foot holds to climb out.


Once we exited the belly button, Stacy and I made a run for it. The terrain was very soft and squishy as we ran up Rachel's abdomen. She was a skinny girl, but at our size a little fat makes a big difference. We kept running toward our target: the two twin mountains of Rachel's breasts.


Soon we reached the bottom of Rachel's crop top. I tried to lift it, but the elastic was too strong. "I guess if we can't go under, we'll have to go over." Stacy and I hopped up and continued our run along the shirt.


Then we reached our next obstacle. For once in my life I actually wished that Rachel had smaller boobs. She had to be at least a C cup if not a D cup. I tried to erase all dirty thoughts from my head and grabbed onto the shirt fabric.


I climbed up the mountainous breast and quickly reached the peak. Stacy followed right behind me. The two of us then jumped and slid down the bare flesh of the top of Rachel's boob.


We stood up and ran up onto Rachel's neck. I then stopped and sat down on her Adam's apple and gasped for breath.


"Come on, Jacob! We're almost there."


"I know. Just give me a minute to catch my breath." Unfortunately we didn't have a minute. At that moment Rachel had finished her stretching and stood up. Stacy and I began free falling... straight toward Rachel's breasts.

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