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I turned on my headlamp and looked around. Stalagmites and stalactites of teeth surrounded me and the inside of Rachel's cheek glistened with saliva. It was both creepy and fascinating at the same time. I could smell a slight minty freshness from when Rachel brushed her teeth earlier, but mostly I smelled the average person's bad breath.


After taking in the scenery, I ran toward the back of the throat. The tongue I ran across was very wet and squishy. I got close to the edge and called down.


"Stacy, can you hear me?"


"Yeah, I can hear you." Was her response. There was a slight echo from the voice traveling through the throat.


"Are you okay down there?"


"Yeah, I'm fine right now. It burns a little bit, but it's not too bad. I don't know how long it will be until the digestion process starts though."


"Don't worry! I'll find some way to get you out."


"Thank you! But you'd better hurry. I didn't come all this way to be breakfast!"


I sat down on the soft moist tongue to think of a plan. After some thought I concluded that the only way to save Stacy was to get Rachel's help. I had to make it to her ear and get her attention. But I was stuck in here for the time being.


Outside of Rachel's mouth I heard the bell ring. I got a glimpse of daylight as she said goodbye to Abby. Then she walked to her next class and I experienced the bouncing once again.




At the sound of the bell Rachel grabbed her things and headed to math class. When she arrived, she took a seat in the back to avoid being called on. The bell rang again and class started.


Soon after class began, Rachel felt a tickle in her stomach. She felt the need to burp, but she didn't want to do it in the middle of class. She then belched, but kept her mouth shut to keep it quiet. Afterwards she resumed listening.




I sat still as Rachel walked and sat down. While I was sitting and thinking, I heard a gurgling come from her stomach. I was then hit by a burst of air from Rachel's throat and her cheeks puffed out a little.


I sniffed the air and realized that Rachel had burped. It was actually better than the regular breath smell so I didn't bother holding my nose. As I inhaled I could smell spices from what I believed to be sausage. I could also detect a hint of egg smell. Not rotten eggs, just regular fried eggs.


The burp air faded away and took the smell with it. The regular breath air came back, but I could still smell a little sausage. I looked around and noticed that a chunk of sausage had gotten lodged between two teeth.


I walked over to the morsel and grabbed on. I planted my feet on the two surrounding teeth and pulled it out. As the piece dislodged I was sent flying back. The sausage crumb was wet with saliva, but I didn't care. I was starving. Not to mention I had already consumed foot and boob sweat, womanly juices, and urine already. This was nothing compared to that.


I took a big bite and swallowed. The saliva actually helped add a little extra flavor. I kept eating until I finished the whole piece. I was now stuffed and lay down to relax. Rachel's tongue made an excellent bed, but I made sure not to fall asleep and tumble down to meet Stacy.




After burping a few minutes ago, Rachel was worried that she had bad breath now. She grabbed a stick of cherry gum from her bag and unwrapped it. Then she tossed the gum onto her tongue and enjoyed the flavor.


Next she tossed the gum onto her back teeth and chewed it up. Once she got it to a good consistency, she let it move to the middle of her mouth where she smashed it against the top. She loved to squeeze her gum flat. Then she made a ball again and continued chewing. To finish, she blew a bubble which then popped.


"Miss Rachel, if you can't be quiet in chewing your gum then you may spit it out," Mrs. Brown, the math teacher, said.


Rachel grabbed a nearby trash can, picked up her gum, and tossed it in. It had lost its flavor anyway.




I lay down on the tongue until Rachel's mouth opened once again. I didn't even have time to sit up before a giant pink rectangle was thrown on top of me. I licked it and tasted the cherry gum.


Rachel's tongue came alive and moved the gum over to her molars. I watched as the stick was crushed into a sticky wet ball. Rachel's mouth started to fill up with saliva all around me.


After some chewing, the ball was released and started to roll toward me. I tried to run away, but I slipped on saliva and fell on my face. The gum ball rolled over my back and I stuck to it. When the ball stopped I was on top and faced upward.


The ball was then lifted up and smashed against the roof of Rachel's mouth. I was pressed between the top of the mouth and the gum with extreme force. I thought was body was going to burst open until the pressure was relieved and I was lowered down.


The ball was now completely flat and I lay in the center. Then Rachel's giant red tongue rose up and folded one end of the circle to the other like an omelet. I was now fully surrounded by the gum. I was rolled around Rachel's mouth as she tried to get the gum back in a ball shape.


Next I was tossed in the air and landed somewhere. I didn't know where I was until a hard object smashed down on top of me. Rachel was chewing the gum again, but this time I was inside. I was continually crushed by the upper and lower teeth as they mashed together. If it wasn't for the elasticity of the gum I would have most certainly been crushed to death.


Finally I was sent back to the middle of the mouth and hoped that Rachel was not the type of person who swallows her gum. I lurched forward and was hit in the back by the tip of Rachel's tongue as she pushed the gum through her lips. Then a gust of wind came from behind and the gum expanded. I was then released from the gum and landed in the middle of the enormous bubble. I could see the classroom through the thin bubble wall. Then I turned around and leaped through the lips and back into Rachel's mouth before the bubble burst.


I heard the bubble pop and the gum was pulled back in. Everything suddenly stopped moving for a moment and I heard a muffled voice outside. The lips parted and Rachel's two fingers reached in and pulled the gum out. I breathed a sigh of relief as I was now done with this torture.


I sat back down to rest and heard another bell. Now I was truly worried. I knew that Rachel's next class was lunch, and I likely wouldn't survive that. I needed a way to escape, and fast!

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