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Stacy and I swam to the edge of the cup-like water bottle and tried to climb out, but the hard plastic was too smooth and steep. We heard foot steps approaching which I assumed were Rachel's. The vibration from her steps created small ripples which pushed us back to the center of the cup.


I could partially see through the cup as Rachel's hand grasped around it and picked it up. The water shifted as the cup was lifted into the air. Stacy and I tossed and turned with the moving water until it steadied.


I looked above as Rachel face came into view. She was looking directly into the top of the cup. I had been excited by many other parts of Rachel's body through my journey, but her face was a thing of true beauty. My eyes shifted from her lovely green eyes to her cute little nose I just escaped from and finally to her luscious lips.


Then I realized that this was a chance to be noticed. I waved my hands frantically and shouted her name while Stacy did the same. Her eyes looked directly at us and I thought we were spotted, but then her face disappeared.




After grabbing a tissue to wipe her nose, Rachel walked back to her seat. She grabbed her cup of water and held it in front of her. As she moved the water, she thought she saw something in it. She moved her head and looked directly into the cup.


She looked around and spotted two small specks. She wasn't sure if they were pieces of dirt or tiny bugs, but whatever they were she didn't care. She was really thirsty and didn't want to get up to go get more water. In fact, she was so thirsty that she just decided to drink it all in one try. She brought the cup to her lips and let the refreshing water flow down her throat.




The cup tilted and we were soon greeted by Rachel's enormous face once again. Her lips opened and showed her pearly white teeth. I loved her smile, but I wasn't too happy about entering it. She brought her soft red lips closer and pressed the bottom one against the rim of the cup. I knew what was coming next.


"Stacy, we have to swim away." I said to her.


"You don't have to tell me twice."


The cup tilted further and water started to pour into the black hole that was Rachel's mouth. I turned away and swam as quickly as my arms would allow. I started to move away, but soon the strong current began to pull me back.


I kept swimming but it was no use. The current was too strong. Eventually I saw Rachel's top lip above and knew I was entering her mouth. I thought quickly and grabbed onto one of her bottom teeth. Stacy swam close to me and I grabbed her hand.


"Hold on, Stacy!" I shouted above the sound of the rushing waters.


The water continued to push at me as I struggled to hang on. I looked back and watched as the water moving past me was dumped by the gallons down Rachel's throat and into her stomach.


My grip on the tooth was good but I started to loose my grip on Stacy. I tried my best to hold tight, but her arm slipped out. I watched her swim in a panicked frenzy as she was pushed to the back of the mouth.


"Stacy! No! This can't be happening!"


"Jacob, do something!" Stacy screamed as she kept moving away.


But there was nothing I could do. I heard her scream as I watched her be dragged down into Rachel's throat. I started to cry, but you could barely tell since the water washed all of the tears away.


I grabbed onto the tooth with my other hand so I didn't end up like Stacy. The rushing waters soon slowed down and eventually stopped. I flopped down onto Rachel's giant tongue as her mouth closed and sealed me away in darkness.

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