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'Twas the sweet anon's birthday, and all through the town
Everything was as normal, nothing strange to be found.
The cars were all parked in neat lines, or garages
Some safe from the incoming rainclouds’ barrages
The people were nestled all snug in their beds,
Except for those who were working the night shift instead.
It seemed this birthday had been just like many before,
How was I to know it would be so much more?
To my open window, without labcoat or dress,
Came Professor Maxine, the science goddess!
Right into my bedroom, her hand was so gentle!
Out of excitement, not fear, my body did tremble.
Nude but bespectacled, above all she stood,
Taking me for her own, as I so wished she would!
Her breasts in the moonlight, those tea-colored globes,
Struck awe into those looking up from below.
Removed from my room, I was brought to her eyes,
She took in my small form, squinted, scrutinized.
"Happy birthday, anon," she said with a smile.
"Want to come party with me for a while?"
How could I say no? How could I decline?
With one clench of her fist, she’d shatter my spine!
But that wouldn’t happen, she’d never have need.
With a nod of my head, I happily agreed.
"Nice," said the prof, lust deepening her voice.
By the heat of her gaze, I knew I’d made the right choice.
She turned and she stumbled, then cried out because
She had stubbed her small toe on a parking garage.
Incensed and in pain, the giantess spun,
Dropped her ass and reduced the three levels to one.
With the structure destroyed and her temper now sated,
Maxine kissed my head, I was instantly elated!
"Sorry about that, you know how it goes.
No one gets away with harming my toes.”
Her voice was pure power with a sweet sugar coating,
Lilting and lovely, but somehow forboding.
I said, “Dear Professor, I’m quite a small guy,
But if I can help you feel better, please do let me try!”
"Tonight is your night, and we’ll do as you please. 
Which means you can lick them,” said the ten-story tease.
She sat on the debris of the felled building, grinning
It seemed that my party was only beginning.
My body was then placed on her soft foot so gently.
I quickly began to lick, vehemently.
My goddess was pleased, or it seemed, by her gaze.
I could have lingered and licked at those sweet toes for days!
Soon, she was happy, at least in that sense.
A new challenge now lay before me, immense.
That beautiful goddess then pulled such a stunt,
Right there in the street, shoved me up her cunt!
Her warmth was my prison, that fleshy embrace.
I couldn’t help giving those moist walls a taste.
From far up above me, I heard cries of pleasure,
A sound that I would always remember and treasure.
As my body was pulled, first out, then back in,
I found that I preferred it much better within!
I struggled away, and squirmed deeper inside,
Far from her fingertips, hoping to hide.
My escape was successful, and now it was time
To give this hot giantess a piece of my mind.
I then went to work, kneading flesh so hot,
Rubbing and licking, seeking out her G-spot.
At last, I had found it! And how could I tell?
The moment I touched it,  she started to yell.
The giantess moaned, “Yes, oh my god, there!”
It was getting much warmer, but I didn’t care.
I was here on a mission, and I wouldn’t quit!
Finally I heard the muffled words: “Ohh shit!”
Her orgasm came with a great, sudden crush.
I thought her love muscles would turn me to mush!
Over and over my body was squeezed, 
As tight as it was, I was totally pleased!
My exit was along with a large puddle of cum,
Which I couldn’t help sampling; in a word: yum!
She fucked me for hours, she sucked my whole cock,
Spreading her legs and destroying the block.
When I could take no more pleasure, she trapped me inside.
"Happy birthday, anon. Hope you had a fun ride."

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