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Megan checked herself out in the mirror, seeing if her outfit was up to par. She didn't want to stand out too much, but she still wanted to look hot. Turning around to check out her round ass in her black Yoga pants, she felt that it worked well with her billowy blouse. Deciding that her outfit was satisfactory, she began her walk outside into the busy streets of New York City. Her curly black hair bounced off her shoulders with each step she took, shining off the morning light. Tall, skinny, and tan, Megan had a long face, pointy nose, and striking black eyes, like a Roman living in modern times. In her mid 30's, she looked great, working out regularly and always eager to show off her fit body. She walked confidently and quickly, her shoes making a clacking sound against the sidewalk. Her stomach rumbling, she wanted to satiate her hunger quickly and thoroughly.


Scanning the environment, she saw her first victim: A young, blonde woman slouching into her phone as she walked, probably texting. Following her for a few paces, she waited until the perfect moment to strike. Right as she wasn't in eyesight of any suspicious-looking people, Megan pushed the button on her ring and pressed her bare hand against the unsuspecting blonde woman's back, immediately shrinking her, landing gently in her palm. Megan loved her new shrinking ring, having a setting that simply allowed you to grab people to have them shrink instantly into your hand.


Looking down at the tiny woman, Megan smiled as she continued to walk at the same speed she was before, not even stopping or slowing down. Seeing the tiny lady fall backwards and put her hands up in terror filled Megan with a sense of extreme power, knowing the shrunken woman was completely at her mercy. Without any more hesitation, Megan popped the tiny woman in her mouth and swallowed hard immediately, trying to feel any struggles her victim might make sliding down her throat. Sometimes she could feel the wriggling, sometimes not. This time she felt nothing. “Oh well.” She thought. “There will be more.”


Thinking about where to find her next snacks, she sat on a bench next to a woman in her early 40's reading a book. “How fortuitous!” She thought.


“Excuse me, but do you have the time?” Asked Megan, crossing her legs and leaning closer to the woman next to her. “Oh! Of course! It's-” The woman said right before Megan grabbed her, shrinking her into her hand.


Megan looked down and picked the tiny woman up with two fingers. “I don't care what time it is, really.” She nonchalantly noted. Megan stuck her tongue out and began lightly licking her miniscule victim's face. “Do you like that? Do you like how I can do this in public? No one notices. No one cares. Do you like my lip gloss?” Megan becan lightly kissing the tiny woman, puckering her lips, making loud kissing sounds that must have been terrifying to the shrunken victim. “Anyway, down you go.” Megan kissed the inch-tall woman one more time and sucked her into her mouth like a noodle, swallowing instantly. That time she could feel a slight tickling in her throat as the woman kicked and screamed down her esophagus.


Letting out a slight belch, she rubbed her skinny, flat belly and took out her phone. Texting her friends and checking her Facebook, Megan sat back and enjoyed the crisp Spring air, thankful that the Hellish winter was over. She took a water bottle out of her bag and took a swig, making sure there was enough air space in there for what she had planned. Her stomach groaned. Still hungry, she got up and continued looking for people that interested her.


Taking a turn on Fifth Avenue into Central Park, she walked along various trails, seeing if anyone caught her eye. Luckily for her, she found four young men playing hackeysack under a large oak tree. She walked over to them and asked “Hey, can I join?” The college-aged guys looked confused. “Uh, sure, here. You can start.” She was handed the ball and tossed it behind her back as hard as she could. “Hey, what are you doing? What the fu-” She clicked the small button on her ring and, in one sweeping motion, shrunk all of them and held on to them lightly in her palm.


Continuing to walk while holding the men, she wondered how many people it'd take to do what she wanted to do. She saw a young couple making out on a park bench and shrunk them without even talking. A few minutes later, she saw a woman out by herself on a jog through the trees, shrinking her immediately with a light tap to the shoulder. She caught sight of more exercisers stretching their legs on a short chain-link fence and with three light taps on the three thin women, she shrunk each of them. Now with ten tiny people in her left hand and a bottle of water in the right, she took her fist full of shrunken people and deposited them into the mostly full bottle by loosening her grip. They all landed safely, swimming near the top, some even pounding on the sides.


Megan twisted the bottle in front of her eyes, looking at all the small, swimming people. Biting her lower lip, she took in the sight and reveled in her feeling of godliness. Seeing their little hands pound against the plastic, she knew that all their struggles were futile and wondered how it must feel to be at the mercy of someone so much bigger. Squinting, she brought the top of the bottle to her mouth, wrapped her glossy lips around the opening, and started chugging. Knowing that each tiny lump was another human being, she reveled in the thought that they'd be trapped within her with no chance to escape alive.


This time, Megan could feel some of them struggle down her esophagus, feeling slightly ticklish. Once the bottle was completely empty, she threw it in the nearest recycling container and continued walking, re-applying her pink lip gloss and thinking about what she should do for lunch. Deciding on the panini cafe, Megan wondered if there could be anyone that would join her for a date, so she scanned the park for someone lonely-looking, thinking they could use some company. Approaching a young woman reading a book under a tree, she said “Hey, join me for lunch?” In response, the black-haired woman said, with a confused look on her face, “What? Who are you?” Without hesitation, Megan grabbed her, shrunk her, and walked off with the tiny woman in her grasp.


Sitting down in the cafe, Megan ordered a vegetarian panini and a glass of water. Going through her phone with one hand and grasping the tiny woman with the other, Megan tapped her foot impatiently as she updated her Pinterest and checked her email. After eating all those people earlier, her stomach was no longer growling, but she still felt hunger. Hoping the sandwich would be good, she looked out the window at all the people passing, thinking in her mind which would taste good and which ones wouldn't.


Finally, the meal came, with a little cup of dipping sauce to go with it. Megan quickly dropped her shrunken victim into the sauce and ate half of the sandwich with big, slow, deliberate bites, making sure the shrunken woman saw. Gulping loudly, she took the second half of it and dipped it in the sauce, making sure that the tiny woman was along for the ride.


Her glossy lips parted and her tongue slitered out slowly, licking the sauce and the person off the side of the sandwich slowly. Actually hearing a tiny mouse-like squeak coming from her victim, she closed her mouth, sealing her inside. Rolling her tongue around a little bit, she stopped playing, picked up her water, and swallowed her down. Finishing the rest of her sandwich and water, she sighed and went off to the subway, thinking that it's a potential hotspot to find new victims.


Feeling full and satiated, Megan walked down the stairs of the nearest station and grabbed someone on the way down, a young man who was staring at his phone. Swallowing him immediately, she rubbed her belly and thought that she should call it a day. She took the subway several stops to her apartment and laid down on the bed with her laptop.


Inside her stomach was a constant torrent of digesting food. Screaming and sloshing, over ten people were shouting and writhing in agony. Trying to claw their way around the wrinkled folds of Megan's stomach, each victim knew that they were doomed. The hot, humid air smelled extremely foul, the vomit odor could drive anyone to dry-heave.


The vomit washed over the tiny victims, some inside Megan for hours now. One young woman, crying and screaming, was forced into Megan's pyloric sphincter and slid into her duodenum. Unable to resist, she just tried to wiggle her arms against the force of the muscular tube, but to no avail. She was doomed to be digested alive in the small intestine.


The heat blasted everyone as they were tossed and turned with the digesting soup inside the black-haired woman's stomach. A loud sound and vibration surprised everyone that was still conscious, the walls contracted and forced everyone upwards into the tiny air pocket near the stomach entrance.


Megan burped loudly and patted her belly. She got up, stretched, and walked over to get another cup of water. Downing it in a few gulps, Megan tried thinking of the exact number of people she ate today, but she couldn't remember. “Guess I'll have to fudge the numbers on my calorie counting app this week.” she thought as she laid back down on her bed.


Lukewarm water fell from above in a torrent. The little airspace the tiny people had left was fast diminishing, leaving room only for people's faces. “Ahhh!” they shouted as their entire environment shifted again, sending some of them deep under the hot ocean of vomit. Feeling the stomach walls slither over them, some lost their bearings, not knowing which way was up and which way was down, completely immersed in Megan's chyme.


Still watching TV shows on her laptop, Megan started drifting in and out of consciousness, ready to take a nap after a long day of walking through the city. Feeling satisfied, she shut her eyes and fell asleep with a full belly.


The next day, the dead bodies of over a dozen people were embedded in Megan's feces, slithering along the inside of her colon. People were twisted and mangled in various positions, some pressed against each other inside the log of shit. Some people had faces frozen in sorrow, some in fear, but they all had yellowed skin and brown mush covering every inch of their bodies. Their skin, wrinkled because Megan's large intestine absorbed most of their water, was nearly unrecognizable. Unceremoniously deposited in Megan's rectum, the victims remained wrapped in the muscular tube until the giantess felt the need to relieve herself.


Megan, overcome with the familiar pressure from her backside, went to her toilet and sat. As she let loose a warm stream of urine, she pushed out the log containing her victims from the day previous as her current victims struggled in her stomach. Megan let out a slight grunt as her tiny victims slid against the inside of her anus, the first time outside her body since yesterday. With a plop, the log of shit landed in the toilet and floated. After Megan wiped herself, she noticed that a few tiny human bodies were actually wiped on the toilet paper along with some leftover residue. “Hmm, I never really thought what'd happen to them that far ahead.” she thought as she dropped the crinkled wad of paper into the toilet and flushed. Putting her pants back on, she washed her hands and fixed her hair, eager to get back into the streets to shrink some more victims.


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