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Standing straight up, you stand guard inside one of the most well-defended top-secret laboratories on the planet. Stationed at section S32-B along with your partner, Private Joanna Ruth, you stand at attention equipped with a sidearm and a tazer maintaining order and safety in the underground facility. Luckily, there have been no reported breaches of security at this laboratory, so guarding it is seen as a rather cushy job by the rest of the force.

Today, you stand up looking tough next to a door in a large, white, cube-shaped area with a vertical tube connecting the ceiling and the floor at the exact center of the featureless, sterile room. Behind a control panel, you observe Dr. Pamela Ruth, a brilliant scientist and one of the facilities’ lead investigators, pull levers and press buttons as a large sphere inside the vertical tube grew and shrank. You had no idea what she was up to, but seeing her experiment in action was interesting to watch at least. Dr. Ruth was an attractive woman in her early 40s, having vibrant blue eyes with bright blonde hair that framed her round face. The small, subtle wrinkles around her eyes were overshadowed by her skin’s clarity.

The pink glow emanating from the vertical tube shined off your black hair and green army uniform, causing you to squint. Your partner standing next to you also squinted her blue eyes as the pink glow became brighter. Now vibrating, you saw Joanna’s long, white-blonde hair shake as you drifted your attention during the experiment. Regulations were rather lax down here, anyway, Joanna could wear her hair long and the discipline wasn’t very strict. Looking at Joanna, you think about how her mother, the scientist that was at the control panel, had gotten her the job down here, knowing the risks were minimal and the pay was rather high. This made you slightly envious of her connection.

As Dr. Ruth continued pushing a large lever, the pink light became brighter until both you and Joanna had to cover your eyes. “Crack!” You hear as the bright pink light overwhelms you, temporarily rendering you blind.

Opening your eyes, you see both Joanna Ruth and Pamela Ruth staring at you from above, both looking gigantic, like massive buildings. Craning your neck, you see every detail of Joanna’s face: her round, cute down-turned nose, her big eyes with just the right amount of mascara applied, her lush pink lips covered in tiny wrinkles, and the slight glint that reflected off her tongue as her mouth remained agape. Pamela’s flat mouth and pursed lips sent shivers down your spine as you saw the massive scientist look at you with a furrowed brow. You feel your heart beat faster as your eyes widen, terror beginning to pump through your veins. You figure the machine must have malfunctioned and shrunk you to only a few inches tall.

“Well that’s lucky, he shrinks with his uniform but not his gun or his tazer” boomed Pamela, from above.

“But mom! What do we do about this?” asked Joanna, with a concerned tone in her voice.

“Well, we can’t leave any trace of him. I don’t think there’s any protocol for this, but given the circumstances disposal appears to be easy. We can just toss his equipment into a surplus supply closet and as for him… well… I can think of one surefire way to get rid of him for good.” Pamela responded, her hand rubbing her chin.

You look at Pamela in shock, did she just say “Get rid of him”? Did she intend on killing? How? Why? Your arms and legs jiggle in fear as you listen to the immense blonde women discuss your fate.

“Ugh, fine! What is it?” asked Joanna.

Your heart sinks. Joanna didn’t even argue with her mother about this, she just resigned the fact that the little man had to be rid of.

Pamela smiled deviously. “You have to eat him. Swallow him whole. That way there won’t be any blood or remains of him to be potentially found, no matter how well we hide him. If you swallow him up, he’ll just be flushed down the toilet tomorrow never to be found again. You have to do it, it’s an order.”

Sweat started beading on your forehead, dripping into your eyes, stinging them slightly. Gasping, you realize that you’re in big trouble, but still powerless to move.

“Aww, mom! Why can’t you do it? You shrank him!” Screamed Joanna.

“It’s an order. The only response I should hear from you is ‘Yes ma’am’, anything else is insubordination. I got you this nice, easy, air-conditioned job down here and you whine as soon as you’re given an order that you don’t like. Now take you little friend there, put him in your mouth, and swallow him whole. Now.” Demanded Pamela.

“Yes, ma’am!” Joanna shouted.

“No! No, please!” You shout as you feel pressure around your torso, the grasp of Joanna’s thumb and pointer finger. Punching against her finger, you feel wind as you’re brought to within inches of this massive, thin blonde woman’s mouth. Seeing all her perfectly straight, white teeth glimmer gave you a rush of fear, causing you to wretch. Feeling the humidity and heat waft over your skin made you wince, expecting to come into contact with her wet, slimy tongue any second now.

Now enveloped in darkness, you see the light shining in from beyond her lips. Descending just a few feet, you instinctually scream as your bare, dry skin slithers against the slick sheen of Joanna’s pink tongue. Now relieved of the pressure around your torso, you watch Joanna’s finger and thumb leave beyond this woman’s teeth and beyond her lips. A cocktail of emotions put your body into spasms: confusion, horror, frustration, and humiliation.

Washed over by a wave of saliva, you feel its distinctive warmth as it soaks into your uniform and your hair. Now bogged down by soggy clothes, you try crawling towards the light up front, only to be overwhelmed by darkness almost immediately. Still trying to move, your hands just slide across the slippery tongue as you’re pressed against the roof of Joanna’s mouth, being positioned right over the large taste buds near her throat. The wet, sloppy humidity surrounding you, your heart beats out of your chest as you hear a “gulp” from all around you.


Joanna’s throat muscles contracted as she felt the tiny soldier wriggle all the way down her esophagus.

“See, that wasn’t so bad! Now we can keep both our jobs!” Exclaimed Pamela.

“Yeah, I guess. You know best, right?” Questioned Joanna, feeling something kicking in her belly, rubbing it.

“Of course I know best! That’s why there are no witnesses. No witnesses, no wrongdoing, no reprimand, right?” Asked Pamela, not expecting an answer.


Immediately and quickly descending, you feel Joanna’s esophagus press around you at all sides. One arm pressed against your body and one arm raised upwards, you attempt to struggle, but move very little. Feeling her hot, slick flesh slither you downwards, you hear her heartbeat and her muffled high-pitched voice on top of all the wet smacking that surrounds you.

Coming across a tight ring, you experience it slime across your whole body as you’re unceremoniously deposited inside Joanna’s stomach. Hot, slick, vile vomit overwhelms you as you’re assaulted by every one of your senses. Trying not to grow nauseous as you inhale the sour, acrid, humid air, you attempt to grab one of the stomach’s folds, but to no avail, the mucous is far too slick.

Spitting out the sour, thick stomach contents from your mouth, you scream as your eyes start to burn and your skin starts to tingle. Hearing groaning from above, you suddenly feel pressed between two soft, moist, fleshy masses as they rub against each other. Now being churned between the stomach’s walls, you try to breathe but the pressure is too great. Upon slipping from the stomach’s grip, you inhale a mixture of air and mucous, causing you to cough uncontrollably.

Washed under another wave of relentless, hot, uncontrollable vomit, you try swimming against the current to figure out your bearings, but you were caught between two folds in the organ’s walls. In complete darkness, you remain stuck as the sticky, slimy fold surrounds you and immobilizes you as wave after wave of digesting mash covers your body, including your face.

Spitting out more vomit, you attempt to scream as your immobile body experiences more stinging and more pain from the constant exposure to Joanna’s wet stomach acids. With one last scream, you pass out in the disgusting mixture as you allow the woman’s stomach to have its way with you.


Hours later, Joanna finally stopped feeling the tiny man’s kicking and struggling slightly below her chest. Slightly disappointed, Joanna realized that she relished in the struggles of her old partner, now accepting her mother’s wisdom.

Wondering if she could somehow do that again, she pondered how her mother would react if she asked her to shrink another person for her.

She combed her blonde hair, put on her pajamas, and went to sleep feeling powerful.


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