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Sir Tucker and Jessica still couldn't believe what was taking place. They had just watched three women change size in very unpleasant ways and unimaginable ways. Now they saw that there was one potion left which Lady O'Hare was very willing to find out its effects. She did feel some sympathy towards the women but she couldn't help but feel excited as well. Each of the potions had come as a surprise to her, since they came from Gwen she knew that they would change the size of a person she hadn't expected the size changing in the manner that she had just witnessed.

The final maiden was almost too scared to drink the last potion. From what she had seen she didn't want to think about what would happen to her. She had seen Charlotte's body stretch, Amanda's legs extend and finally Caroline go from being unthinkably muscular to so small that she could hardly been seen. She was very nervous although like Lady O'Hare there was the slightest hint of excitement.

"Tamara may you do the honours?" asked Lady O'Hare as she looked at the maiden. She was eager to see what happened next.

With reluctance Tamara drank a teaspoon of the fourth potion and everyone waited to see how she would change. It only took a few moments for her to feel the odd sensation throughout her body just like her colleagues before her. The sensation began to move down and eventually it stayed in her feet.

This was when Tamara saw that her feet were growing. At first it was slow but soon sped up and this was noticed by everyone else. Her feet began to grow until they seemed to be larger than her own body. They were roughly eight feet in length and it looked very abnormal to see a normal size woman with such large feet.

However this didn't last as Tamara saw that her hands were growing as well. She was beginning to panic and she wanted to lift her hand up and watch them grow but they became too heavy for her still normal arms to lift and instead they just fell to the ground. They continued to grow until they were in proportion to her feet.

Next Tamara felt her arms extended as they grew in size. She found herself lifted off the ground by her extending arms and for all those watching they could do nothing but witness what was taking place. They saw her arms continuing to extend as they sent her body further up into the air.

Eventually Tamara's arms did stop growing but there was more to come as she felt her legs begin to grow as well. They extended towards the ground but unlike Amanda before her Tamara's legs were growing in proportion rather than just lengthening. They continued to extend until her gigantic feet touched the ground and even then they continued until her hands were finally lifted off the ground.

Next was Tamara's torso that grew and the people watching gasped as they watched her continually grow. From what she was seeing Jessica wondered if she could grow like that if she really wanted to. Every other time her body had completely grown in proportion but she had never thought about selectively increasing the size of one part rather than her entire body. She thought about giving it a try once her cast was removed.

Eventually Tamara's torso did stop growing and she was taller than Charlotte but shorter than Amanda. There was one thing that was very abnormal about Tamara's gigantic body and that was the fact that while it was enormous her head remained the same size. It was almost too funny to comprehend to some of the people.

This didn't last long as Tamara finally felt her head beginning to grow. She had felt that she was going to suffocate as her tiny head wasn't able to draw in the oxygen that she needed. However with her head growing she felt herself being able to breathe in more and more vital oxygen. It continued to grow until again it was in proportion to the rest of her body. By then she realised that she was now a giantess in the more traditional sense in comparison to Charlotte who was looking up at her and Amanda who still towered over everyone. She looked down and she was in disbelief how small everything looked now, she feared that if she moved she would hurt someone.

"Now that was a very entertaining," said Lady O'Hare as she saw that Tamara had stopped growing. "Maybe we should give you another dose just to see how big you can become." She saw the terror in Tamara's face and she began to laugh. "Don't worry I wouldn't do that, besides if we gave you another dose you'd go through the roof and I think my grandfather wouldn't have been happy about that." She then looked over to another couple of maidens that stood nearby. "Ensure that the potions get labelled so we know which one is which and ensure that these ladies are taken care of until the effects wear off."

This would be very difficult but not an impossible task. For Charlotte and Amanda they could still just about get out of the hall as their growths had ensured that they could still squeeze through the door. However for Tamara it was a completely different story, since she had grown in the more traditional sense she couldn't fit through any of the doors. She was stuck in the hall until the potion wore off which wasn't until that time the next day. Like it or not she was stuck.

Jessica couldn't help but feel sympathy towards the gigantic Tamara, she could see her sadness and she had felt the same on more than one occasion due to her size. There were times when she was younger when Sir Tucker wasn't around, she would become upset and cry. She knew that Tamara was feeling the same so she felt that she needed to give her some words of comfort.

Eventually the hall was practically empty as everyone had gone off to do their duties. Sir Tucker wasn't present either as he was discussing some matters with his fellow knights. They were planning their strategy for evicting the great wolves from the mine so that the precious iron ore could be mined.

Tamara was sitting down on the ground and leaning against a wall. A few servants were bringing food out to her but it didn't make her feel any better. She wouldn't feel better until she shrank back down to normal. She was so caught up in her own sorrow that she didn't notice the eight foot Jessica approaching her. From Tamara's vantage point she seemed just as small as everyone else. Jessica knew that she needed to be very careful, the giant woman was in a very delicate state.

"Hey there," said Jessica with a smile on her face and she waved at Tamara. The giant woman looked down at her and she didn't really pay that much attention to her. "I thought we could have a quick chat."

"I don't feel like talking," replied Tamara. She picked up a bowl filled with fruit and ate them very quickly.

"Maybe not but I thought that it would make you feel better. You might not believe me when I tell you but I know exactly how it feels."

"No you don't. What are you like seven feet tall?"

"Eight feet."

"Whatever, you're eight feet tall. You're not a full blown giant like me, how could you possibly understand what it is like?" Her words were harsh but Jessica took no offense to them. She knew that Tamara was emotionally unbalanced at that moment in time so she could forgive her.

"Believe me I do." She gave a small sigh. "You see me at eight feet tall now but this isn't my true size. This dress is allowing me to stay at this size and normally I could just grow but I have this damn cast on my arm." She knocked her knuckle on the cast to show that it was there beneath her sleeve. "Have you heard about the giant woman whose been wandering Angleland recently?"

"I had heard something but I just thought it was some kind of children's tale." Her words were much softer than they had been. She didn't know it but Jessica was already distracting her from the situation.

"No believe me it's real. Let's just say I was taller than you are now when I was like five years old and I just continued to grow on from there. If it wasn't for this dress I'm wearing right now I would be too big to fit in this hall. All you need to remember is that this isn't the end of your life. To tell you the truth this isn't too much of a big deal, you heard her Ladyship the effects are only temporary. Before long you'll be back down to your normal size and all of this will just be a memory."

"Maybe but like it or not I'm stuck in here and to tell you the truth I'm not particularly fond of small spaces. To tell you the truth I would have preferred to have shrunk rather than grown, at least then I wouldn't have to worry about being in a small space." She began to think for a moment as she continued to look at Jessica. "If you really are a giant why not stay your size all the time? I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to be this big at all. It's really scary to be this high up."

"I admit that I do stay at this size most of the time but to tell you truth I like being a giant and try to be my full size as often as I can. At this size I feel like I'm hiding my true self, believe me if I could I would be my full size all the time like before I got this dress but you know how impractical it is. All I'm saying is that you shouldn't be scared of your size but instead embrace it, if you let it get to you then you have already lost, just remember that it isn't the size of a person that makes a monster, it is what inside that makes them that way. I hope that it makes you feel a little better."

"Thank you for your words." She then lowered her finger down to Jessica. "I do appreciate it." Jessica then grabbed onto the finger and shook the giant woman's hand. It felt strange to her since normally the scales would be reversed for her in such a situation. "When your cast is off I want to see you at your full size."

"And I would be more than happy to show you. Although for obvious reasons I wouldn't do it in this hall." This caused Tamara to laugh and Jessica could see that she had really cheered the giant woman up. She could still remember her own days of sadness of when she was large and it had turned her into the woman that she was today. "Just stay positive and this entire thing will go a lot more smoothly. All you need to remember is that you're experiencing something that only a handful of people have ever experienced. Some might say that they survived a great battle but you can say that you've been a giant and there isn't much they can say about that."

Meanwhile in another room Sir Tucker was with the other knights that were going to storm the mine the next morning. There were roughly half a dozen of them and each of them were more experienced than him. To them he was like someone who had just become a lord where they had been lords for many years. Despite his knighthood there was still more that he needed to learn.

The knight leading the discussion was an accomplished knight named Sir Harold Green who was a man in his forties. Like most of the knights there he had been serving House O'Hare for a number of years and was devoutly loyal to them. He had been upset to see that there was now only one O'Hare left but the family was not extinct yet. He still thought that Lady O'Hare could breed an heir before it was too late, she just needed the right man to help her along the way.

On the table in front of them was a map which was of Featherstone and the area around it which included the mines. Sir Harold pointed out the mine in question and the six knights were trying to formulate the best plan of action. Going in blindly would be suicide and after what had happened to Sir Robert none of them there wanted to suffer the same fate. However the task wouldn't be easy. Great wolves were notoriously tough to kill and with an unknown number of them they had to be careful.

They almost seemed to be arguing amongst themselves about the best course of action. A couple of them wanted to just storm the mine and kill any great wolf that they came across. However it would likely lead to the deaths of a few of the knights which was something that they weren't willing to do if it was easily avoidable.

Eventually a knight named Sir Alan Malcolm came up with the suggestion of luring the wolves out of the mine and then setting up an ambush. It did eliminate one problem that the knights had. They knew that inside the mines there wasn't enough room to use their numbers effectively. At least by being out in the open they would be able to use their abilities to their peak and hopefully the wolves would fall. However the wolves would also be able to move more freely but it still felt like an advantage to the knights.

After a few more minutes of discussion the knights decided that bringing the wolves out of the mine was the best way to deal with them and if any of the wolves fled then it meant that they were out of the mine and thus it could be back into use within a couple of days. However it was still risky, it was not the safest plan in the world but to the knights it was best one that they had.

There was one additional problem that the knights had now and that was how to draw them out of the mine. The wolves had been there for some time and it would take a lot for them to come out. It was Sir Tucker who brought forward the idea of baiting them out, he knew that there was mostly likely a butcher in Featherstone and that they would supply some meat for a price. However it was likely that Lady O'Hare would demand the meat and maybe compensate the butcher later.

With the plan more or less decided there were some details that needed to be ironed out which included ironing out some of the finer details which needed to be discussed. Each knight had a specific role during this operation. Unfortunately for Sir Tucker is role was to place the bait and then fight if it were needed. It was not really the role that he would have wanted but he accepted that it was one that needed to be done.

After the meeting was complete he went to go and find Jessica. He wished to be with her and he had been told everything that he needed for the next morning. Eventually he was surprised to find her talking to the still enlarged Tamara. Unlike most people who walked passed her he didn't look up in amazement. Being around Jessica at her full size made seeing another giant woman not that big of a deal.

Rather than disturbing them straight away Sir Tucker stood there and watched the two women talking to one another. By now they had moved from talking about size and instead they were talking about Featherstone. Since Tamara had been living there all of her life she knew much about it. Jessica listened intensely as the information that Tamara was giving her was interesting.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you ladies but Jessica I thought I could have a quick word with you if that was alright?" asked Sir Tucker as he looked at Jessica and then looked up to the face of Tamara that was high above them.

"That should be fine good sir," replied Jessica but before she could even think about leaving she looked up at Tamara. "You don't mind do you?"

"No that's fine," answered Tamara who was going to be sad to see Jessica leaving. Their conversation had made her feel happy despite what had happened to her.

"Great, I promise I'll be back shortly." She smiled at Tamara to try and show that she really was coming back.

"Ok, I'll still be here." She gave Jessica a nervous smile. "It's not like I can go anywhere right now."

Jessica did feel a little guilty for leaving but she knew that Sir Tucker wouldn't have called her away if it wasn't important. As Tamara said she wouldn't be going anywhere while she was gone. She only needed to walk a short distance before they reached a spot which they thought that they wouldn't be disturbed. They were constantly on the lookout for anyone who could overhear them.

"As you can imagine I wasn't impressed by what happened earlier," said Sir Tucker. He looked up to his towering friend and he was glad that the muscles in his neck had gotten used to looking up by now. "I can think of only one place where Lady O'Hare could have gotten those potions from."

"And where's that?" replied Jessica She wasn't catching on as quickly as she would have liked.

"Gwen must have created them. She's the only one with such power and I'm afraid she might pop up again at some point." This made Jessica's heart sink as she knew that Gwen always spelt trouble. Although she hadn't seen the demi-goddess since the trial just the mention of her name made her shudder.

"Don't say that, I would die a happy woman if I never saw her again. She almost got me executed."

"Believe me you don't need to tell me but I have the sneaking feeling that she has been following us. While we were apart she appeared before me again. Don't worry nothing happened." He knew that this wasn't entirely true and he hoped that Jessica would buy it. For now it seemed to work. "But if she does pop up again I think that we would both going to be in trouble."

"I can't imagine what she could do. Is there any way that we could..." Quickly she grabbed Sir Tucker and bent down. She placed her large lips on his and began to kiss him. He had no idea what was happening but he began to enjoy it and he just let her be in control of the situation.

What Sir Tucker couldn't see was a couple of guards walking passed. They quickly glanced at the couple but they didn't really pay much attention and just carried on walking. Jessica watched as they walked away and she broke the kiss and stood up to her full height. Sir Tucker was speechless for a moment and he was just glad that she couldn't see that he had an erection.

"Sorry about that," said Jessica. She had enjoyed it more than she would admit and it had even caused her to grow by a couple of inches. This made the space around her cast that much smaller and discomforting. It wasn't going to break but she would have to shrink herself soon. "As I was saying is there any way that we could spot her?" He looked down at Sir Tucker and saw that he was beginning to stutter. His mind was replaying the kiss over and over again and everything else seemed to be a blur. Jessica gave a sigh as she gave a slight slap on the cheek to bring him back to reality.

"W-What?" replied Sir Tucker who seemed to snap out of his little daydream. He looked up again at her and he didn't even realise that he was having to look a little more up at her than before.

"I said is there any way that we can spot Gwen?" She did regret what she had done a little but something deep inside of her didn't.

"I-I don't know. She can literally be any size that she wants, for all we know she might be right here right now but she's so small that we can't see her." He didn't know how true his words were. "Even if we could somehow spot her what do you think we could do to stop her? She is a goddess and we're just mortals, what kind of a chance could we possibly have against her. It is like a pebble trying to destroy a mountain?"

"There has to be something." But nothing was coming to her mind. She knew that Gwen could kill them both with incredible ease and then probably just carry on as if nothing had happened.

"We could just pray to the gods that she doesn't pop up again. To tell you the truth there is nothing more we can do in that kind of situation." Normally he would have some kind of solution to most situations but not this time. He truly felt that there was nothing else that could be done.

This made Jessica feel a little down and she also felt nervous as well. Contemplating the actions of a god was something that was impossible to predict. All she could do was hug Sir Tucker and even with her broken arm she still held him tightly. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so scared. She made sure that he was in no discomfort at all and he did feel safe in her arms. He had always looked up to her as a protector but now he could protect himself but he still appreciated the hug.

Eventually Jessica broke off the hug and continued to look down at her best friend. There was one thing that she wanted to discuss with him before she returned to Tamara it was something that had been eating away at her since that morning and she felt that it was worth talking about.

"I don't want you to go to that mine again," said Jessica. She would have liked to have done nothing more than to keep him in her arms. However she knew that he would react negatively to this.

"I admit I'm a little nervous going there again but believe me this time we are much more prepared. I know what I'm going up against and rather than being teamed up with an aging knight I have five well trained and capable knights. I should be fine Jessica, you shouldn't have to worry."

"But I do worry about you. Whenever you go off and do these kind of tasks I'm always afraid that you might not come back. I don't know what I would do with my life if you were gone from it."

"You know by now Jessica that I am a capable knight. I earned this knighthood and I've been proving it ever since. I appreciate that you're concerned for me but I assure you that I'll come back to you in one piece. Then after your arm is healed we can go and retrieve our fortune but there is one thing that I have been wondering. That is exactly how are we going to carry all of our treasure back to Morgan? Your size will of course be an asset but even so you can only carry so much. I was considering asking Lady O'Hare for assistance in this matter but I just want to see how this all plays out first. With what has just happened I'm not sure that she is entirely trustworthy."

"She's been true to her word so far." Despite this she knew not to entirely trust all Lords and Ladies. She still remembered Lord Nostory, just the thought of him made her skin crawl and she dreaded to think what would have happened to her if she hadn't broken free of his control. "As you said we should wait a little longer before going forward with asking for her assistance. We don't even know exactly how much treasure there is yet."

"Don't you remember the old tales? There is enough treasure there to make us richer than even the King. Even if we have to share some of it with Lady O'Hare we'll still be set up for life." He was still confident about the riches that he and Jessica were going to receive very soon. To him her arm couldn't heal quick enough, as soon as that cast was off they would be off to Three Man's Treasure and bask in his newfound wealth.

"But still I don't think that we should go headstrong. There's even a chance that there is no treasure there at all."

"Well there has to be. We wouldn't have gone through all these trials and hardships if there was nothing at the end of the tunnel. That would just be fate having some kind of cruel joke on us."

"Hopefully not." She like Sir Tucker hoped that there was indeed a lot of treasure. Even though she was smaller than she had been before the cost of living for someone of her height wasn't cheap.

Sir Tucker also wanted to talk about the kiss that they had just had. He knew it was just so they didn't attract any unwanted attention towards themselves but he had still enjoyed it immensely. However he thought that bringing up the subject at that moment in time might not have been the best course of action. The warmth and softness of her lips was something that he was going to remember for a long time.

When the conversation ended Sir Tucker made his way back to the other knights so that they could iron out a few minor details of the plan while Jessica returned to Tamara. Like she had expected the giantess hadn't moved from where she was sitting and had been happy to see the return of the tall woman.

Elsewhere Lady O'Hare was in the process of getting each of the potion bottles labelled. Rather than writing down what each potion did instead they were numbered, this was so that it was easier to read for everyone but they had to keep a mental note of what each of the potions did. She also began to think about their uses, although the first and second potions were not very useful she thought that she could use the other two.

If she ever wanted to be a full blown giantess she would drink from the fourth potion and if she wanted to punish an enemy than the third potion would be in order. The first two she thought would be used more for fun than anything else. Now that she knew what each of them did she wanted to drink a small amount of each and experience the effects of them for a day.

However she knew that it wasn't very lady like behaviour and she still had a reputation to keep. She felt a small amount of sympathy towards the maidens who had tested the potions for her but with the effects only lasting a day she didn't have to worry about their lives in the long term.

She was in a small room which was practically off limits to everyone one else in the castle. This was where she could get away from the stresses of being a lady and just relax without anyone waiting for her. She kept items in this room such as the potions and a few helmets from famous warriors from days gone by. There were other items of interest in there as well and numerous candles to light up the room.

Much to her annoyance Lady O'Hare heard the door knocking and she got up to answer it. She told her staff to not disturb her when she was inside. When she reached the door rather than seeing one of her knights instead she saw what seemed to be a young man who looked to be no older than fourteen. He held a piece of paper in his hand which he quickly passed to Lady O'Hare she had told him off for disturbing her at first but when she saw the seal on the paper she knew that it was important enough to warrant her attention.

Quickly Lady O'Hare closed the door and opened up the letter and began to read its contents. It was not good news for her and she placed the letter near one of her candles. As she hoped the paper began to burn and she dropped it on the ground so that it could burn itself out. Unfortunately for her now she would have to do something that she had hoped not to do but now her hand had been forced.

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