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The last few weeks of autumn and the long months of winter seemed to pass over an eternity for Tucker Martel. He wanted nothing more than to begin the quest to find Three Man's treasure. When he told his family what he was planning on doing they were against it at first but when they found out that Jessica were to go with him they knew that he would be in safe hands. They knew how much the gentle giantess cared about him and that she wouldn't let anyone hurt him. She was also the one who seemed to have the most brains out of the two so at least she would know what she was doing.

At least for Tucker he would be able to fulfil his dream even though many people believed it to be a fool's errand. Some thought that he would most likely die on this quest and some of the villagers even hoped that Jessica died with him. At least then they thought that the threat of a giantess would be resolved even though she had never attacked anyone in the village. She had damaged a couple of buildings when she was younger but they had all been accidents.

Jessica had hoped that by waiting until spring would give Tucker time to think about what he was doing. She figured that he would probably decide that it was for the best to abandon the quest and continue his career as a blacksmith. Instead it seemed that Tucker was getting more and more determined with each passing day. He was getting himself more and more prepared for the quest. Not only was he practicing his swordplay on some dummies that he had clothed in old rusty armour. He was working harder as a blacksmith so that he could earn more money to make the quest that little bit easier. He was hoping to have enough money to be able to stay in inns and buy good quality food as he and Jessica went through the villagers and towns all the way towards the treasure. He even thought that he would most likely not be able to earn enough money for the pair to do all this the entire time so he figured that they would earn a little money along the way. He wasn't too sure what exactly he was going to do, bounty hunting seemed to be quite high on the list.

Jessica too was preparing herself for the quest as she realised that Tucker wasn't going to change his mind. Her parents were sad to know that she would be leaving them for an extended period of time. She was their only child and the thought of losing her was almost too much for them to comprehend. The fact that she was a giantess would certainly help her chances of coming home alive but there was always the risk that something unforeseen would happen to take their daughter to the other world where the dead lived forever.

Even the fact that Jessica was leaving was going to make an impact on the running of the Snape farm. Her giant size greatly benefitted the work since she could do feats that would take numerous strong men to complete. At her maximum size she could lift almost her own body weight which was several tons. The household did have a few extra gold coins to be able to hire a spare few hands while Jessica was gone. On the off chance that she and Tucker was successful it would mean that they would never have to worry about money again.

Many of the villagers were secretly celebrating the upcoming departure of the two. They saw Jessica as a possible threat and Tucker as a dreamer who needed a hard slap from reality. With them gone they thought that the village of Morgan would be a little more normal and not have to worry too much about having a freak and a fool living there.

The day soon came as it was the first day of spring and as promised Tucker was more than ready to leave on the quest. He had forged himself a pretty decent sword during the winter months that he had been practicing it almost as soon as it had finished cooling down. It was not the most well forged sword in Angleland but it was still good quality and would make a good sword for any knight. He had even decided to name it 'Juggernaut' because he thought that it was unstoppable. The armour that he had forged for himself was also well made and tailored to his body perfectly. He had forged himself a complete suit of armour but as he practiced in it he found it incredibly hard to move. Instead he decided to only wear a breast plate and a few pieces of armour to cover his arms and legs. This gave him a decent amount of protection while still allowing him the freedom of movement.

The first day of spring was a warm day where the birds were singing and the sun was shining down upon the land. There were a couple of black clouds in the sky but other than that the weather seemed to be perfect. It was a welcome relief to the dull and cold days of winter that her come before this day. The days were getting longer and warmer and in just a few short months people could finally bask in the warmth of summer.

For this day Tucker and Jessica were to set out on their quest to find the fabled Three Man's treasure. Their long weeks of planning and preparation were coming to ahead on this day, they were somewhat saddened about leaving but they would be going out on an adventure that many only dreamed out.

Jessica was able to produce some food to take along with them on this quest. She had been able to get it from her farm and it would at least last them for a short time before they had to start buying their own food or picking fruit from trees. She only ate and drank at her minimal size along with other activates. One activity that she could only perform at her full size was bathing since this involved removing her dress. The moment that she removed her dress she would grow back to her maximum size and no conventional bath could possibly contain someone like her. Thankfully there was a small lake that was located just outside of Morgan that she would bathe in. She hoped that there would be plenty of more lakes for her to bathe in along the way. She didn't like the thought of going through the entire quest without bathing at all.

Tucker was the one who would be carrying the map which he would keep in a satchel that he kept on his back. Jessica had given him a red cloak that had been an old blanket of hers. She had made it into a cloak for him so that he could feel like a true knight. It was something that Tucker would treasure for the rest of these days, things like that couldn't be bought with money and so was another reason that the two were so close.

The last thing that Jessica and Tucker did before departing was saying goodbye to their families. The Martels were somewhat sad to see Tucker leaving but they knew that he was following his dream and all they could do was show their support to him. The Snapes were very saddened to see their daughter leaving and there were some tears and hugs as Jessica gave her parents a giant size hug before departing. She promised to somehow send them word how they were getting on. She told them that she was a big girl now and more than capable of taking care of herself.

By dawn Jessica and Tucker had met on the outskirts of Morgan. Before they even thought about disembarking on the first leg of their quest they double checked that they had everything that they needed. As soon as they were sure Jessica grew to her maximum size and picked up her seemingly tiny best friend. She placed him on her shoulder and wrapped a few strands of her hair around his body so that he couldn't fall. He was used to being picked up by her, she had been able to do this as long as he could remember and never once did she hurt him while he was in her grasp.

With Tucker secured on her shoulder Jessica took the first step on their quest. Along with map Tucker was also bringing along a compass that would be invaluable in helping them find their way using the map. For the first part of their quest they were having to travel South West towards the settlement of Lake Town where the first trial was located. Even at Jessica's maximum size it would still take several days for them to reach Lake Town. Their food would hold up until then and they just hoped that there would be a few inns along the way that they could stay in.

"So I guess this is it," said Tucker as he could feel Jessica taking her footsteps towards Lake Town. He was feeling mixed emotions as he was overjoyed to finally be going on the quest, but another part of him was nervous. "We either return home the richest people in Angleland or return with nothing to show for our efforts."

"Hopefully we'll come home rich and not have too many scars on our bodies," replied Jessica in a pleasant voice. She was trying to be as upbeat as she could, she was somewhat nervous about this quest but as long as Tucker was going she would go with him purely to make sure that he was safe.

"Nah I want scars, all knights have some kind of scars from their time in battle. And besides women love scars, shows a man is tough and that he can take care of himself."

"Or than the man is easy to beat. Scars aren't what make you tough, it is somewhat how you perform in battle but it is mainly all the mind."

"I guess you're right there but I want some action. Juggernaut hasn't seen any real action yet."

"Juggernaut?" She had not heard him mention this word before and at first she thought that he was talking about her.

"Yep Juggernaut is what I've called my sword. Once it is drawn it is unstoppable, I've made sure of that."

"It's not the sword that's unstoppable but the man wielding it. I know that you've been practicing for hours with your swordplay but just remember that it is not the sword that makes the man but the man who makes the sword."

Tucker could see much sense in Jessica's words. It was obvious to him that not only was she the biggest and strongest out of the two she was also the most intelligent. Tucker himself was not stupid by any means but his best friend Jessica was just more intelligent than he was. He didn't mind this too much and he somewhat wondered what he could bring to the quest if she had both brains and brawn. He somewhat felt like he wasn't going to be much use because anything they came up again Jessica would most likely be able to deal with it with relative ease. He had seen in the past when a couple of men were giving her some grief so she flicked them away as if they were insects.

The only time that Tucker had ever seen Jessica really get mad was when one of the older boys had been picking on Tucker when he was younger. The boy had knocked Tucker to the ground and given him a black eye. He thought that he was a goner but Jessica's hand reached down and picked up the boy. She shouted at him so loud that the boy had begun to cry out of sheer terror from the angry giantess. She had not hurt him but the boy had not been the same since, even today whenever he saw Jessica he would flee in terror of her. But straight after Jessica had dealt with the boy she had turned her attentions back to Tucker but rather than being a terrifying giantess she was the sweet and loving person that she truly was. She even took him away so that she could try and make him better, she accidentally bandaged him up so much that he could hardly move. He was not angry at her for doing this, it just showed that she truly cared about him. It seemed that the vast majority of the time she was kind and gentle giantess but if anyone were to threaten or harm him she would show them almost no mercy. She was still fully in control of herself during this time and he doubted that she would seriously harm them but she would certainly let them know how upset she was.

The trek down to Lake Town was going to take a few days even at Jessica's full size. Tucker expected them to have some kind of action more or less as soon as they left Morgan but for the first several hours there was nothing. It was all just miles and miles of nothingness as Tucker could see seas of green fields stretching as far as the eye could see. Every now and again he could see a small village out over the horizon but other than that there was nothing to really grab his attention.

"By the gods this is boring," said Tucker as he continued to look out over the horizon. Most people would marvel over this sight but for Tucker he had seen many times before as he had sat on Jessica on more than one occasion. This sight was nothing new to him. "I want to see some action and yet all I can see nothing. I thought by going out on a quest I'd be fighting goblins and bandits."

"You're so naïve Tucker," replied Jessica with a slight girlish giggle. "You can't expect to be in a fight as soon as you leave Morgan. You've left there a few times over the years and have you ever encountered anyone who you needed to defend yourself against?"

"Well no." He knew that Jessica was once again going to state something that would be obvious to most but in his excitement had forgotten.

"Then just because you're going out on a quest doesn't mean that a thousand bad guys are going to jump on you just like that. Of course quests have excitement in them but the vast majority of the time quests involve walking and that's it. I'm sure that eventually something will happen that'll be worthy of a story but for now this is just the boring part."

"They don't mention that in the stories."

"Of course not, then most of the story would just be the hero walking. A story isn't gonna interest people if the majority of it is just the hero walking, so they just cut that bit out and get to the exciting parts. Or else a story can last for hours rather than just being a few minutes with most of it being a borefest."

"I guess you're right, I just had my expectations high."

"It's fine to have expectations Tucker but don't get them too high. You might want action now but eventually you might get sick of it and be thankful for these periods of nothingness. Besides if you really want some action you can always fight me."

"No I think I'm fine thanks." Tucker could remember the last time he had a play fight with Jessica when she was her full size. It was safe to say that she had physically overwhelmed him in more ways than any man would like to admit.

"I didn't think so." She felt something inside her body and it was a familiar feeling that she had a couple of times a day which was common in every person on the planet. "Oh dear nature calls."

Quickly Jessica unwrapped the hair around Tucker and placed him on the ground. No sooner had she done this she shrank down to her minimum size and stepped off the path. Tucker sat on a relatively large rock while he waited for Jessica's return. He drew out Juggernaut and began to look at it, he thought that he had done a good job in forging it. He even stood up and began to swing it in a sense of him practicing. He pretended that he was some kind of great knight and he still had the words 'Sir Tucker Martel' repeating over and over again in his head. It was a nice little fantasy that he had in his head that he was hoping to make into a reality at some point.

Tucker was so lost in his own little fantasy world that he didn't notice Jessica walking back up to him. She could see him waving his sword as if he was fighting an invisible opponent. Rather than disturbing him she just stood there and watched him with her arms cross and a small smile on her face. He hadn't noticed her even though at her smallest size she was still a towering amazon.

This lasted for a few more minutes before Jessica grew back up to her full size and her shadow looming over Tucker was his first indication that she was waiting for him. As soon as he saw the shadow he turned around and looked up at her. She still looked down at him and to him she completely blocked out the sun that was above her.

"You sure took your time," said Tucker as he sheathed Juggernaut. "I was beginning to worry."

"Oh I've been done for a while, I've just been waiting for you," replied Jessica. "I must say when you pretend to be a great knight you're so adorable."

"Hey knights aren't supposed to be adorable, we're supposed to be brave men with honour. To protect the weak and serve the king. And one day I will be amongst their ranks and everyone will call me Sir Tucker Martel." He struck a dramatic pose to show that he genuinely thought that this might happen. "You have to admit that it has a nice ring to it, come on just say it, 'Sir Tucker Martel.' All the women will want to be with a knight of the realm and I might have to use Juggernaut to please them and I don't mean the sword." He laughed at this little joke but Jessica didn't seem to be impressed. She just stood there and shook her head at him.

"You are one strange little man." She bent down and gently picked him up. "But I guess that you're my strange little man." She once again placed him on her shoulder and wrapped some hair around him for protection. To him her hair felt like silk and he could feel how comfortable it as when it was wrapped around his body. He always felt safe when he was with her, the knowledge that she would never harm him was at the forefront of his mind whenever they were together. Many people who had come across her would always have some amount of fear of her no matter how many times she claimed to be a gentle giantess. He and her family were the only ones who had absolutely no fear of her. "Now shall we continue or do you want me to turn around and return to Morgan?"

"This got the expected response from Tucker so Jessica continued to walk on towards Lake Town. The map that Tucker had purchased indicated that the first trial was located just outside of the town. They would probably go to Lake Town itself first and buy anything that they needed before they undertook the first challenge.

As Jessica continued to walk she felt very happy that she was going to have this life experience with her best friend. She remembered when she was a little girl that she had wanted to play with other children in the village but they were all afraid of her. She was a towering giantess who was growing like a weed and she couldn't help but terrify them. She remembered sitting by the lake that was right next Morgan. She was there crying and feeling sorry for herself, she thought that she would never have a friend in the world.

That all changed when Tucker Martel came up to her and asked her why she was crying, he was just a boy back then who didn't know that there were any dangers in approaching a giantess. In truth there were no dangers and he showed no fear towards her even when he didn't know her. In almost an instant Jessica forgot what had made her so sad and began to talk to him, he treated her as if she was a normal person rather than a freak. It made her feel like she wasn't a giantess but a normal girl. The pair had been inseparable ever since as Jessica knew that she had finally gotten herself a friend and she would stand by his side no matter what happened.

Even though it was spring the weather was still somewhat temperamental. One minute there could be a glorious sunshine and the next there was a downpour which could soak anyone who was unfortunate to get in its way. On their first night on the road it was raining and unfortunately Jessica and Tucker were too far away from a village to be able to stay at an inn so they had to sleep out in the wilderness for this night.

They were able to find a spot underneath a thick oak tree that helped to soak up the rainwater before it reached the ground. It was not completely dry but it was much drier than being out in the open. The temperature was also not too high either but they had come prepared for this as they also had blankets that could keep them warm. It was not the most ideal way of sleeping but they vowed that the next night they would try to find an inn before they settled down to sleep.

An additional method of keeping each other warm was that Tucker and Jessica would sleep very close to each other and their body heat would keep each other warm. It felt a little odd for Tucker to be lying down next to someone that he saw more as a friend rather than a lover. He didn't want to try anything with her, he respected her too much and he knew that she probably wouldn't like it one bit.

It was also funny to feel that Tucker was about to sleep with someone who was so much bigger than him. He had slept with other women in the past and they had all been smaller than him, Jessica was obviously much taller than the women that Tucker had slept with. It almost felt like a role reversal for him but this time there was no hanky-panky going on so to speak.

For Jessica it was easy for her to sleep since the walk had taken quite a bit of energy out of her. It was only minutes after putting her head down that she fell to sleep. Subconsciously while she slept her arms seemed to wrap around Tucker and she brought him close to her body. At first Tucker wanted to break free from the hug but she was too strong for him and a part of him didn't want to hug to end. He was in no danger and he still felt very safe in her arms. He looked up to her face and could see a smile. She was completely knocked out but she seemed to be enjoying having Tucker in her arms. She even rubbed her face a little into the top of his head and it was almost like she was holding a teddy bear.

Tucker was feeling more comfortable being in the arms of Jessica. Her body heat was keeping him warm and her softness was also making him more comfortable. He had removed his armour and Juggernaut so that he would have an easier time sleeping although at first there had been a small rock that was digging into his side. They were a short distance from the road so he hoped that no one would disturb them where they were. And after several minutes of being in Jessica's arms Tucker finally fell asleep.

As Tucker slept he could feel something in his mind, something that he had never felt before. It felt like he had felt a great sadness for years and then he was greeted with overwhelming happiness. He had no idea how this could be, in his life he had never been truly sad although now he was very happy due to the fact that he was going on the quest of his dreams. He could almost see himself standing on top of a mountain made entirely of gold with gold coins as far as the eye could see. The armour that he wore was also made out of gold along with his blade. The sun was shining down upon him and it gleamed on the armour that he was wearing and he felt like he was truly one of the greatest knights that the realm had ever seen.

Suddenly he began to hear his name being called and at first it sounded very distant so he ignored it and continued to pose on top of this mountain. As the moments went by the noise was becoming louder and louder. It wasn't until it sounded like it was coming right near his ear until he responded. The endless sea of gold seemed to disappear and his world went into darkness as he woke up.

As reality began to rush back to him he could see Jessica looking down upon him. Her beautiful face was certainly a welcome sight for any man when they woke up but he was still feeling tired. The sun was shining and the rain had seemed to subside for the moment. She had a somewhat concerned look on her face and she had been worried about him. She had been up for around an hour and had gathered eaten a small amount of the food that they had brought and she was beginning to worry that he wouldn't wake up. Even she admitted that it was a silly fear but with how much she cared about Tucker anything she even felt being abnormal always worried her when he was involved.

"Tucker," said Jessica as she looked down at him. She was sitting up right next to him and she was looking at him with a large hazel eyes.

"W-what is it?" replied Tucker not yet fully awake.

"I began to make you breakfast and if you don't get up we'll lose valuable daylight. I'm sorry to have to wake you up like this but if we're going to do this quest you have to wake up early every morning and get going more or less at the crack of dawn."

"Every morning?" This didn't seem to bold well for Tucker. He had difficulty getting up the previous morning for the quest and now the thought of it happening every day was something that he wasn't particularly looking forward. If he knew Jessica like he did she would make sure that he was awake early every morning. It was not the first time that he had set himself a task and she made sure that he completed it.

"Yep every morning, now I suggest you get up and have your breakfast before we lose more daylight." She gave him a smile. "I made your favourite anyway and if you don't hurry up I might have to give it to the badgers."

In Tucker's mind that would probably be for the best. Jessica was the strongest person that he knew and the kindest, but one thing she wasn't very good at was cooking. She tried her best when it came to cooking but it seemed that no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't get everything right. Once he had eaten a meal that she had prepared for him and he was sick for the next three days.

Rather than declining her Tucker accepted the food that she was making for him. He knew that it would make her happy and if he flat out refused he knew that it would hurt her feelings and the last thing he wanted to do was upset her. Not because he was afraid of her but because he always hated seeing his best friend upset.

An hour later Jessica and Tucker were on their way again on their quest, the breakfast that Jessica had made was barely edible and he was feeling a little sick but he was able to keep it down and tell her that it was the best breakfast that he had ever had. Somehow Jessica could sense that he was lying to her, she didn't know how but something inside her was telling her that Tucker was telling her a white lie. She would have called him out on this but since she knew that he wanted to spare her feelings she didn't make a fuss about it.

The hours of walking were once again utterly boring for Tucker, he had expected every day of the quest to be fun and adventurous but after finding out that the majority of it would probably just be boring he began to wonder if he should have left Morgan. He didn't want to turn back so soon after leaving because people would think less of him for giving up so soon after starting out.

The seemingly boring walk was broken when both Jessica and Tucker could hear a scream. Tucker was the first to hear it and he told Jessica, for the moment she had not heard anything but when they both heard it again they realised that they weren't just hearing things. There was someone in trouble and although Jessica couldn't see where the screamer was she could hear her. The person screaming definitely sounded like a woman and without giving it a second thought Jessica began to move quickly towards where the scream was coming from.

Only a short distance away a peasant woman was back away from a hungry looking black bear. It was growling at her as it moved towards her and she had gotten herself trapped between it and a small rock formation. She had no time to try and climb over it and she screamed thinking that her life was about to come to an end. She was a young woman herself and she thought that she was about to die.

The bear continued to growl at her as it snarled at her. As soon as it was only a couple of metres away from her it reared up onto its hind legs as the peasant woman had her back to the rocks. It was about to slash her until both of them could feel a shudder in the ground, instantly the bear stopped snarling and fell silent. The tremors were getting louder and it felt like they were footsteps rather than actually earthquakes.

It was only a few moments later when Jessica came into view as she stepped over the small trees entered the open area where all the drama was taking place. Both the bear and the peasant woman looked up at the towering giantess before them and both cowered in fear of her. She squatted down at and looked at the pair of them before focusing on the bear that was still standing on its hind legs. She nudged it with her hand and instantly it began to run back from wench it came and it seemed that the danger had passed.

Now that the bear was gone Jessica looked at the peasant woman and she gave the terrified woman a pleasant smile. Tucker even waved at her from Jessica's shoulder to try and help the situation as much as he could. In truth protecting a maiden from a bear was the perfect starting point to becoming a true knight, Jessica for the moment had taken this opportunity from him but he knew that there would be many more opportunities to prove his valour and sword skills.

"Are you alright now?" asked Jessica as she smiled down at the Peasant woman. But for the next several moments there was nothing but silence.

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