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To Sir Tucker each moment seemed to be a lifetime as he and Jessica watched the wall continue to rise. They had been through so much on this quest and it seemed like there were only a few moments away from gaining the treasure that they deserved. They couldn't see much inside of the chamber as the wall continued to rise. The process seemed to be painfully slow.

Sir Tucker didn't care to wait as he darted under the wall and went inside of the chamber. Jessica would have followed but she was too big to get underneath straight away. Instead she had to wait until it was high enough for her to duck under. She would be lying if she said that she didn't want the treasure. However she was thinking more of how it could help her parents rather than herself. They had sacrificed so much to raise her and she wanted to give them something back for all of their hard work.

When both of them was inside of the chamber they saw it begin to light up. Sir Tucker expected to be blinded by gold. He was expecting it to be completely filled with valuable treasure. However the chamber seemed to be much emptier than he had expected, frantically he began to look around in hopes that the treasure was just outside of his cone of vision. However while he looked around he still couldn't see anything but an empty chamber and his giant best friend.

"Well where is it?" asked Sir Tucker. The waves of disappointment striking his body was almost too much for him to take. "It has to be around here somewhere." He moved his foot and he felt something strike it. He looked down and saw a small pouch, quickly he crouched down and picked it up. Quickly he opened it up and much to his and Jessica's delight there was gold inside of it. There were numerous gold coins inside which looked to be fairly valuable but the haul was nowhere near as much as they had expected. "Is this it? Where's the rest of it?"

"Maybe it's below us," replied Jessica. This was more out of trying to make him feel better rather than an actual suggestion.

"You're right." He quickly turned to look at her. "Quickly grow and smash a hole into the chamber below."

"I'll try but I don't think that I have the space to grow that big." The chamber had a relatively low ceiling and she didn't think that she could grow any more than twelve feet. Although this was quite big it wasn't big enough for her to stomp a hole into the ground. However she realised something else, the fact was that the floor below them seemed to be solid. If there was a chamber below them it was very deep and there seemed to be no way to get inside even if there was one.

"We have to do something this can't be it. We couldn't have gone all this way just for this small bag of gold!" He was trying to make the situation not as bad as it seemed. He thought that there was more somewhere, they just needed to find it. He felt Jessica's large hand on his shoulder and he looked up at her.

"There is nothing else Tucker." She knew that these were not the words that he would want to hear but she thought that it was better than giving him a pipedream. "All the treasure that's in this chamber is in your hand."

"But there has to be more." He was having to fight back his own tears. He wanted to believe that there was more somewhere but these beliefs were fading with each passing moment. "We have to try."

"I'm sorry Tucker but there's no point. Even if were to stay in this chamber for the rest of our lives we would still find nothing. I know how much this meant to you but you have to face the facts. That pouch is all the treasure that was here ad no amount of wishing or wanting will ever change that."

"But it was supposed to be a treasure that would make one richer than a king. Even a peasant can obtain a bag of gold."

"Maybe it was worth a lot more when it was left here." She knew that over the years the price of gold had gone up and down several times. In her mind this was a possibility no matter how soul crushing it was for Sir Tucker.

"No it can't be. There has to be more." He was having to fight back his own tears, he didn't think that it would be good for him to cry. He felt that it would make himself seem weaker for doing such a thing.

"Come on Tucker, there's nothing else here. We have to go back home now, we have some gold, let's just be happy about this."


No other words could be muttered at that moment in time. He was completely speechless as Jessica began to lead him out of the chamber. He was more like a zombie rather than a person and it was upsetting for Jessica to see this. Her friend wasn't the confident man she knew and loved but instead a shell of a man. She knew how much he had looked forward to acquiring the treasure but it seems that the glory had been snatched away from him. Of course they had found the treasure but the sheer disappointment of the scale had more or less broken him as a man.

The pair made their way back through the tunnel and up the stairs that they had previously travelled through. It only took them a few minutes until they reached the surface once again. The sun was shining on their faces again and for Jessica it was a welcome relief but not for Sir Tucker. He had come to the realisation that the wealth that he had been hoping for was nothing more than a dream.

The horse and carriage was still there but the load had been a lot less than they had expected. Instead it seemed like they were going to have to return the horse to Lady O'Hare. The large amount of gold that they had promised her for her help seemed to now be nothing more than a few coins.

Before they moved anywhere the pair did have something to eat and although Sir Tucker wasn't feeling very hungry Jessica made him eat in order to keep up his strength. None of them noticed however that an incredibly tiny Gwen had jumped off of Sir Tucker's armour. She comfortably landed on the ground and no sooner did she do this she began to increase her size. Within seconds she was six feet tall and clearly visible to both Sir Tucker and Jessica who quickly rose to their feet. She was smiling at them but rather than smiling back both of them were afraid. They knew the power that she wielded and the fact that she was so reckless with them.

"Wow what a let-down," said Gwen with the smile still on her face. "You go all this way and it turns out that the treasure was just a small bag of gold. Well really I should have told you from the beginning."

"You knew all along?" replied Sur Tucker who couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Why didn't you tell us?" He was angry but he was keeping his anger in check so not to invoke her wrath.

"Because it was so much more entertaining for you to make it all the way here. If I had told you when we first met then it would have been so boring. Besides I like to see mortals think that they're going to have their dreams granted but instead have it taken away from them. But still you have to admit that it has been fun."

"For you maybe but what about us? You never cared about what happened to us at all did you?"

"Of course not your mortals, what is there to care about? You live for a short amount of time and when you're dead no one will remember you. Of course a few will for a while but when they're gone your name will be lost to history and it will be like you never existed in the first place."

"That's cruel even for you."

"But it is true. For example tell me about the man who lived in the farm around twenty miles from here two hundred years ago." It was obvious that neither Sir Tucker nor Jessica didn't know who he was. "Don't worry everyone else has forgotten about him, now shall we get down to business? Since I've been tagging along on your quest I have seen all of your intimate moments together and I have to admit that it was a good laugh."

"Wait how did you see us?" He felt that this was a little stupid to ask a demi-goddess such a question.

"Well you've been carrying me around ever since we first met." She smiled at him and she began to extend her neck so that she literally wrap her head around him. It made her neck and head seem almost like a snake. "I've been hitching a ride on your armour and you didn't even realise." She giggled for a few moments. "I was so small that your mortal eyes couldn't even see me, it's funny if you ask me."

"It is not to us." He saw her neck slowly contracting and it was a very eerie seen for both him and Jessica to see. For now she had remained silent for now. "You had no right to do what you did."

"I'm a demi-goddess I have every right to do what I please. Speaking of which I bet you're really disappointed by the fact that you didn't find the riches that you wanted. Maybe I can show you a different kind of buried treasure." She gave him an evil smile. "I think you know what I mean."

"Yes I do and the answer is no. You took advantage of me in a difficult situation and that is something that is extremely cruel. I don't care what you do to me but I am never going with you again."

"Oh is that a fact?" She then grew in size until she was around ten feet tall. This made her larger than both. "I don't think you're in any position to talk back to me like that." She went to step forward but Jessica quickly grew to her normal size and slammed her foot in front of Sir Tucker. It was in Gwen's way and she looked up at her.

"Leave my friend alone!" demanded Jessica. Rather than the soft and gentle voice that Sir Tucker was used to he could tell that it was very stern and angry. He knew that his gigantic best friend meant business.

"How cute the mortal thinks that she can play a goddess." With that Gwen continued to grow and she stopped when she was around eye level with Jessica. "Let's see if you can take a punch like a goddess."

Before Jessica could say anything she felt the sharp pain of Gwen's fist striking her. To the demi-goddess it wasn't anything more than a light tap but to Jessica it was like she had just been smashed in the face by a huge boulder. The blow caused her to fall back and when she fell to the ground there was a large shudder that shook through the ground. Luckily she had not fallen onto Sir Tucker and thus he was safe for the briefest of moments but he looked at his best friend who lay only a few metres away from him.

Sir Tucker then looked towards Gwen and he already saw that she was lying on the ground and looking at him. She had not bothered to shrink herself as she remained gigantic. He considered drawing out Juggernaut but he thought that there was no point in it since it would have no effect on her.

"Well that was somewhat entertaining," said Gwen. "I wondered if she would fall harder because you know the saying. That girl definitely doesn't know how to take a punch now does she?"

"You're a monster," replied Sir Tucker who was worried that the blow had been enough to kill Jessica. She had barely moved since the strike and it seemed like she was drifting out of consciousness.

"Hey you could hurt my feelings saying something like that." Her expression changed to that of what seemed to be disappointment. "And you know what happen if you hurt my feelings."

Sir Tucker turned around and tried to run. However Gwen just extended her arm and grabbed him with ease. She laughed as she began to stand up to her full height. He was used to being this high up but he was still terrified. He knew that his moment of glory had now completely turned sour. He could see into her huge cold eyes and he did believe that this would be his last day on Earth.

"What are you going to do with me?" asked Sir Tucker who felt powerless in the hands on this giantess. He wanted to struggle but he knew just how futile that would actually be. His only hope was that she show some kind of mercy.

"You know I'm not too sure yet. I should make you pay for your friend's defiance but the fact is that you're the best fuck I've had since I came down here. I might just keep you around until I get bored of course. After I don't know." The evil smile appeared on her face again and Sir Tucker was truly terrified.

Jessica however was not unconscious but she was coming too. The blow had stunned her for a moment but she could see what was happening. A streak of anger shot through her body as she saw that her best friend was in trouble. She knew that she wasn't supposed to step in but she knew that this situation was different. Sir Tucker needed her help and she would do anything she could for him.

Slowly Jessica began to rise back up to her feet but she felt an odd sensation running through her body. It was almost like nothing that she had ever felt in her life and she saw the world around her growing smaller once again. However this came as a shock to her as she was already at her normal size.

Despite this Jessica could feel her body growing, she was growing beyond her normal size and she was becoming what she truly felt to be gigantic. She could see every part of her body expanding and until this moment she thought that this had been impossible. Never had she grown passed her normal size but now it seemed to be happening and there was nothing that she could do to stop it.

Within a few moments Jessica found herself at least twice her normal height. This put her at a little over two hundred and fifty feet in height and she was amazed by what she was seeing. The world looked a little more alien to her but she could still see Gwen with Sir Tucker in her hand. She knew what she needed to do but she just hoped that it wouldn't lead to both the deaths of herself and Sir Tucker.

"Hey!" shouted Jessica at the top of her lungs. Both Gwen and Sir Tucker looked up at her and they were amazed to see that she had grown even larger. None were more surprised than Sir Tucker. "Leave my friend alone!" With that she punched Gwen as hard as she could, the demi goddess had not expected it and it had even caused her to throw Sir Tucker in the air. However rather than falling to the ground Jessica's soft hand caught him before he could reach the ground. Her hand was much bigger than he remembered and he looked at the even more gigantic face of his best friend. He saw her looking down at him and he still couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"J-Jessica you're huge!" shouted Sir Tucker who thought that he needed to so that she could hear him.

"I know Tucker and you don't need to shout," replied Jessica calmly. "I can still hear you perfectly well."

"But how did this even happen? You've never grown like this before." He was truly worried that this could end up doing more damage to her than she realised. He was still in amazement over what had just happened.

"I don't know but all that's important is that you're in my hand and not hers." Her body did feel heavier than usual but she still remained standing. She could also still feel some pain in her face from where she was struck.

"How dare you!" shouted Gwen. She was getting back up to her feet but as she did she began to grow again. "You dare strike me you pathetic mortal!" By then she had reached Jessica's increased height but she kept on growing. "You have just sealed your fate along with every other mortal in this world!" Her words were filled with such hate that it almost seemed like she was going to destroy everything. Jessica was now only knee height in comparison to Gwen. She even took a step back as she watched the demi goddess continue to grow. "I will destroy every single mortal starting with you!"

By now she was easily one and a half thousand feet tall and she lifted her foot and brought it above Jessica. She then slammed it down but Jessica was able to roll out of the way just in time. If anything this just annoyed Gwen even more as she could see that Jessica had gotten out of the way.

Her threat to destroy every person in the world was not an idle threat. Jessica's defiance and the fact that she had struck him and opened a floodgate of hatred that would not dissipate until every mortal paid the price. It seemed like the days of mankind were up and they would likely go out with a whimper.

However before Gwen could try and stomp on Jessica again there was a blinding light that caught everyone by surprise. Even Gwen had to cover her eyes as all three of them found themselves bathed in a bright and glorious light. It lasted for several seconds and when it finally subsided it took a few moments for Sir Tucker and Jessica's vision to return.

When their vision did return they saw a woman who was hovering in the air. She was glowing and just seemed to be radiant in every way. Her hair was completely white and her private parts seemed to be covered by the light. She wore no clothes and even her eyes glowed. Since she was floating in the air Sir Tucker and Jessica couldn't tell what size she was but they knew that they were witnessing something remarkable. For Sir Tucker however there was something about her that caught his eye. It was almost like he had seen her somewhere else before.

"Go away!" demanded Gwen. However rather than speaking in the common tongue she was instead speaking a language that Sir Tucker and Jessica couldn't understand. They had an idea what was happening but they were too awe struck to fully realise what was happening at that moment in time. "This has nothing to do with you!"

"You think that you can demand me!" replied the woman. She seemed to be speaking the same language that Gwen was speaking. "I and my brothers and sisters have been watching you since you came down to Earth and we are far from happy with what you have been doing."

"I don't care what you and your family think. I have been doing what I've wanted and there is nothing wrong with playing with mortals. You and your pathetic family have been doing it since the beginning of time."

"Not in this way, we are gods to the mortals and they should respect us out of love more than fear. Your actions have disrupted that flow and directly interacting with mortals is looked down upon. Even you should know this and yet you've been going around killing and fucking as many mortals as you could. You are a shame to my family and any other being with our blood."

"What are you going to do send me back? You know I'll just come down again when I want and there isn't anything you can do about that."

"No you are no longer welcome, you want to have fun with the mortals well you can stay with them." She then lifted her hand up and it began to glow the same colour that radiated from her body. Gwen began to glow as well and it almost seemed like some kind of energy was being sucked out of her body. No sooner had she started this Gwen found herself shrinking in size, the process was happening really quickly. In a matter of seconds the literal mountain of a woman found herself at a height of five foot five. This was amazing for Sir Tucker and Jessica to see but for the moment they had stayed quiet about the whole thing. No sooner had the process been completed Gwen tried to increase her size but with no effect whatsoever.

"Y-You took my ability to control my size." There was a small amount of panic in her voice as she realised that her powers were gone.

"No I did something much more significant than that. You are only a demi-goddess so I thought that I would take away the goddess part of you. From this day forward you are a mortal. You will live like a mortal, eat like a mortal and eventually die as a mortal. No longer will you be amongst us."

"You can't do this to me!" Tears were rolling down her eyes as she realised that she had truly lost a part of herself. The very thing that made her who she was had now been stripped away from her completely.

"I can and I just did." She began to glow again and even though Sir Tucker and Jessica were right behind her she took no notice of them whatsoever. To her they weren't even there. "Goodbye, we will not meet again."

"No come back!"

But it was too late the Goddess had already disappeared leaving Gwen in an utter state of shock. She broke down and began to sob her heart out, her worst nightmare had come to fruition as she was now a mortal. She had no special abilities and her life now had an end where it had no before. In her eyes she was doomed, it might not have taken place today or even twenty years from then. But she was still doomed.

Sir Tucker and Jessica were trying to put into words what they had just seen but they found it impossible to do so. They had just witnessed something that no living person in Angleland had ever seen. They didn't know whether to feel blessed or in some way cursed by what they had just seen. In the end it was Jessica who broke the silence but it was not to comment on what had happened.

"Tucker I feel odd," said Jessica. There was a small amount of fear in her voice and no sooner did she say this she suddenly shrank by around forty feet. This put her down to a little over two hundred feet but this only lasted a moment as she had another shrink spurt. This one put her down to a hundred and seventy five feet.

Jessica decided that it was best for her to place Sir Tucker back on the ground but the shrink spurts continued. She could feel her body becoming smaller with each spurt and within a minute she was down to her minimum height. Both of them thought that she was going to stop but she had another shrink spurt which put her in the mid six foot region. It was then that they realised that she was shrinking smaller than normal.

Both of them almost went into a state of panic as Jessica continued to shrink. Her next spurt put her at eye level with Sir Tucker and then the next made him tower above her. The spurts were happening faster as the once gigantic woman began to dwindle away in front of her best friend. It continued on for a few more seconds as her height went from being feet down to mere inches.

When she was small enough Sir Tucker picked her up and he watched as she continued to shrink. Both of them feared that she would keep shrinking until she disappeared but to both of their relief Jessica did stop shrinking. But by then the mighty giantess had been reduced to a mere inch and a half in height.

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