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Tucker stared at Jessica for a few moments and he couldn't believe what he had just heard. He had seen and heard everything that had just happened and he didn't have to be a genius to realise that something terrible had just happened to his best friend. After Lord Nostory had muttered those words it was like Jessica's free will had been taken away in the blink of an eye leaving an emotionless husk behind. He quickly stood up from the table and glared at Lord Nostory.

"What have you done to her?" asked Tucker in a very stern and angry voice. Now would have been the time that he would have taken Juggernaut out of its holder but the problem was that he had left it up in his room. The guard had made him leave it behind and he had seen no reason for him to take it. He had been expecting to have a nice meal without the chance of violence.

"I have simply made her more susceptible to my will," replied Lord Nostory with a smile on his face. "You are lucky to have been travelling with such a beautiful creature, your reaction right now isn't entirely unexpected." He then clicked his fingers and the next thing that Tucker knew two armoured guards came right next to him and grabbed both of his arms. Both men were very strong and he couldn't break free of their grip on him. He was completely at their mercy. "Take him down to the dungeons, let Mathew have some fun with him."

"As you wish my lord," replied one of the guards.

They began to drag Tucker away and he was screaming for Jessica to snap out of her trance like state and help him. She just sat there in her chair and didn't even turn around to look at him. Her will was completely gone and she didn't much think about what was happening to her best friend. If her will were her own she would have immediately done all that she could to help him, even if it meant growing right out of the castle she would simply to make sure that he was safe.

Now however Jessica couldn't lift a finger to help him and although she was crying on the inside on the outside she had the same blank look upon her face as she stared at Lord Nostory who was extremely happy to have the woman of his dreams. He stood up from his chair as he saw Tucker dragged out kicking and screaming and he walked over to where Jessica was sitting. He took her hand and she stood up to her full height. She towered over him like an amazon and this was exactly what he had wanted.

"I hope that your friend's outburst hasn't upset you my dear," said Lord Nostory in a voice that would send a shriek through the soul of any man.

"No my lord," replied Jessica in an emotionless voice. The necklace that she was wearing kept her will locked away.

"Good now shall we have a kiss to cement our engagement before we start eating again?" This was the moment that he had been waiting for and he saw Jessica bend down and kiss him on the lips. The kiss lasted for several seconds before it had to be broken off and for Lord Nostory he was in heaven.

One thing about Lord Nostory was that he liked his women to be tall. Whenever he was offered a wife by another Lord he would turn them down because they were too short for him. All his serving women had been picked due to their height and beauty. He found that none of them were tall enough to be his wife. His tallest serving woman was a hair above six and a half feet but even then he felt that it was too short. He almost thought that he would never find a woman who he deemed tall enough to be his wife but now that Jessica was at his beck and call he thought that he had finally succeeded. The fact that she demonstrated that she could grow even taller was another reason why he had decided to make her his bride and he was not going to let anyone get in the way.

Lord Nostory had hired watchers all over the land to try and find a woman who he had deemed tall enough to be his wife. Many of them had brought him no news back, other women had been spotted and although they were too short to be his wife they were tall enough to be his serving women so they would be sent to him.

The necklace that Jessica was wearing had been specifically created for Lord Nostory. Each of his watchers had one and would give it to the woman that was fit to be his wife. When the unsuspecting victim wore this necklace a strange force would be pulling them towards July and to him. It wouldn't be a sudden urge but a more slower and realistic urge so that the wearer and those around them didn't realise exactly what was going to happen.

One thing that Lord Nostory had thought of was that if a woman was travelling to July with a very expensive looking necklace that it would most likely attract the attention of thieves. That's why there was an addition spell infused with the necklace that made the wearer immune to physical attacks by all those that meant them ill-will. It was the reason why Jessica had been able to survive the explosion in the dungeon of the first trial without even having a scratch on her body.

Lord Nostory felt that his plan had come full circle and now he had a woman who was more than fit to be his wife. It seemed that Jessica's height and beauty had become truly a curse for her as she seemed to be willing to spend the rest of her life with this man who had won her through magic and trickery.

On the surface Jessica seemed to be happy but underneath she was sobbing. She was fully aware of what was happening to her but it felt like someone else was in control of her body. She wanted nothing more than to help Tucker but her body refused to respond to her thoughts and she seemed to be completely within his power.

Minutes later Tucker found himself chained to a wall down deep within the castle's dungeons. Along the way he could see other people who were in cells who in some way had gotten on the bad side of Lord Nostory. Some were just common thieves and there was one man who had even plotted to kill him. This man was due to be executed in the morning but first his will was to be broken before he was killed. This meant that the man went through torture so horrendous that a common man would throw up at the mere sight of such an act. It seemed that acts like these happened every day within this walls and there was one man who was in charge of it all.

This man was named Mathew Neeson and he was one of the most depraved minds in all of Angleland. As a boy he had loved to torture and dissect small animals, as he grew older his fantasies grew to bigger and bigger things and eventually he even moved up to killing human beings.

This is what led him to the attention of Lord Nostory. Mathew had killed a few people within July before being caught, originally Lord Nostory planned to have him executed but he saw potential in the depraved man. He couldn't see him as being his assassin, his methods were too sloppy for that but as a torturer he was perfect for the job. Whenever Mathew took part in an execution he would always wear a hooded mask that prevented people from recognising him since the people of July believed that he had been executed for his crimes. If they knew that he was still alive the people might begin to panic and it would be bad for Lord Nostory himself.

By giving Mathew victims to legally torture it lowered his will to kill others. One thing that did help with this was that Mathew was also the Lord's executioner. This allowed him to slice the heads off of people and hang them for their crimes. This was enough to keep Mathew off of the streets and give Lord Nostory a competent torturer and it made both men happy.

Although Mathew was ordered not to kill anyone he tortured but sometimes he would take it too far and his victim would die because of it. If it began to happen too often then Lord Nostory would have his guards whip him until he learned his place. Mathew even took some satisfaction in being whipped but even he had his own limits where he couldn't take any more pain.

Tucker felt his heart sink as he was continually dragged through the dungeons and the thing that was the foremost on his mind was his best friend. He worried that he had lost Jessica forever and how she had simply let him go without a fight. He knew that her mind was not her own but he felt that he had failed her. In some way he thought that there was a way that he could have somehow prevented what had happened. There was not a chance for him to have known exactly what was going to happen.

He had been dragged for several minutes until the guards stopped at the entrance of a small room that was lit up barely by a few candles and torches. It was very difficult to see inside this room but Tucker couldn't bear to look up. His eyes were fixed on the ground but there was one thing that he could hear. He could hear the screams of a woman and he shuddered to think about what was happening to her and that the same could happen to him. He vowed that his will would not break but this was a promise that he didn't know if he could keep or not. He didn't want to find out.

As Tucker looked down towards the ground he saw a pair of feet come into view that didn't belong to either him or the guards. They were clad in black shoes and it was almost obvious to him that this individual was a man. Tucker kept his eyes closed and tried to clear his mind of al worries but this was something that was extremely difficult for him.

"We got another one for you," said one of the guards as Tucker sat there. "The Lord wants you to have some fun with him."

"Oh Lord Nostory can be so generous sometimes," replied the Mysterious Man. "He gives me so many toys that sometimes I don't know what to do with them. Right now I really wish that I can play with him but I'm a little busy with Laura at the moment and I have so many other toys that have been waiting to be played with. Take him to one of the cells and maybe I might play with him before I retire for the night."

With that Tucker could feel himself get dragged away by the guards and he was relieved that he was only going to the cells rather than tortured. The only problem with that was that he knew that he was going to get tortured and that he was going to be playing a deadly waiting game. He also continued to hear the screams of a woman and he hated to think what she had done to get herself down here.

Moments later Tucker was flung into a cell and he landed hard on the ground. It caused him to be bruised in a couple of places but there was nothing broken. His cell consisted of a floor with some straw on it, a small bed, a bucket for him to relieve himself and that was it. The cell didn't have a window for him to look out of and the only light he got was from a torch that was outside of the cell. Three walls of the cell were made of brick and moulter and the fourth wall was a metallic cage door. He could see when people went passed but he couldn't escape. He was without any of his tools or weapons and escape was impossible for him for the time being.

All Tucker could do was sit on his bed as what was happening continued to sink into his mind. After a while he did see two guards helping one of the serving women walk. He didn't know that this was Laura but there was one thing that he did notice that he struck as being odd. The guards were helping her along and not dragging her like they did with him. It made him think that she wasn't entirely a prisoner like he was but he still did think that she was behind the voice that was screaming. She was a little taller than the guards and it made him think about Jessica.

After the guards were gone Tucker thought that he was by himself but he began to hear a voice. At first he thought that he might have been hearing things but he continued to hear the voice and eventually he realised that it was talking to him. It was a fairly quiet male voice and Tucker had no idea where it was coming from. He didn't see that the cell right next to him was occupied.

"Yo fresh blood can you hear me?" asked a man's voice that Tucker didn't recognise or see. He was mainly in darkness and could barely see his hands in front of his face. The voice was relatively quiet but he could still hear it.

"Y-yes I can," replied Tucker in a relatively loud voice.

"Not so loud, do you want Mathew to come snooping around?"

"No I don't thank you very much." He had lowered the volume of his voice so that he couldn't be heard too clearly from a distance.

"That's better, now since we're all alone in these fine cells I thought it be a good way of keeping our sanity in check if we have a quick chat. Gods know there isn't much else we can do but wait for that psycho to come and torture us."

"W-who are you?"

"No names, I'd prefer not to know people by name down here, that way I can't get a decent connection." He paused for a moment as he cleared his throat. "You could tell me what a fine gentleman like you is doing down here."

"I came here with my friend but the Lord did something to her and she was like a zombie. I don't know exactly what he did but one moment she was turning down his marriage proposal and then the next she fully accepts but her voice was different. It was like everything that made her, her seemed to be thrown away leaving a husk in its place."

"Allow me to hazard a guess but was your lady friend a woman of a particularly tall height by any chance?"

"Yes, but how did you know?" This had taken him by surprise. He didn't think that this mysterious man would guess that Jessica was very tall. He thought that he might have seen them together at some point but he doubted it.

"Ah I see and for Lord Nostory to make her his wife she must be the tallest woman I've ever seen. Might I ask how tall she is?"

"Eight feet." He didn't want to tell the mysterious man that Jessica was naturally over one hundred and twenty feet tall and that her dress allows her to shrink to a more manageable size.

"Woo wee that certainly a whole lotta woman. You're probably exaggerating a little there but even so I can see why Lord Nostory would take her."

"Why does her height matter?"

"Haven't you heard? Lord Nostory likes his women to be tall, all his serving women are very tall but that is never enough for him. He wants to see them become even taller, he gives them specific diets and potions that are supposed to make them even taller. In addition on a regular basis Mathew our host down here places them on a rack and physically stretches them. There was one girl who came here and she was no more than five ten. Now she is easily six and a half feet tall and with Lord Nostory's continued influence he will continue her to make her grow taller and taller. It is the same for the rest of the serving women, each go through the same process."

Tucker couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was beginning to see why Lord Nostory had picked Jessica, she was the tallest woman in Angleland, even before she began to grow. He began to fear that she would be going through the same process as these serving women but a part of him didn't think so. Jessica's maximum height was constantly increasing thanks to the potion that she was bathed in when she was a new born baby. It had saved her life but had caused her to become a colossus.

"That's terrible," said Tucker with some shock in his voice. "Hasn't someone tried to stop him from doing that?"

"Some have but most don't care. Lord Nostory gives the people a good quality of life here, they don't want to do anything that could upset their way of life. The ones that try and do anything normally end up down here at the mercy of this sadist. Most likely you will only leave here so that you can be publicly executed. There's nothing that a crowd loves more than to see a convicted man receive his punishment."

"No I refuse to let that happen." He was trying to be defiant. "I will find some way of escaping this hell hole and get out of this city with my friend. Whatever he's done to her I can undo."

"That's mighty brave words from a man who has nothing. You're not the only one who thought that they could escape. Few have tried and all have failed. Trying to escape will only make your lives down here even worse. The little privileges that you get down here will be right under your feet. I've seen a man starve to death down here after he tried to escape and then Mathew fed his corpse to the dogs. There wasn't much meat left on the body before then but it was a clear message."

"There has to be some way out of here. I can't be trapped down here as that bastard upstairs has his way with my best friend. If he does anything to her I'm going to drive my sword right through his neck and watch as he chokes on his own blood."

"You and many more would love nothing more than to do that but even by some miracle you got out of here there would be no chance of you even coming close to killing Lord Nostory. The guy's got more guards than the King and Queen of Angleland. You've got more chance of turning a rock into gold than you do getting anywhere near Lord Nostory without his permission."

"Where there is a will there is a way. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation, there is a way out of this dungeon and I intend to find it. Even if it takes me twenty years I will find a way out and rescue my friend."

"If I were you I'd make yourself comfortable. You're going to be down here for a good long while, that is unless Mathew were to kill you, I'd say that is a very likely scenario."

Meanwhile far above the dungeon was the master bedroom that belonged to Lord Nostory. He had slept in the mighty four posted bed by himself since he took the castle but now he had Jessica with him. She sat on the end of the bed and continued to stare blankly into space. She didn't move unless he commanded it.

Lord Nostory himself was getting himself changed into some sleeping clothing and he was looking forward to spending his first night with the woman that he was about to marry. He didn't care about the fact that her will was not her own and that he was in complete control of her. He had been waiting all of his life to be with a woman like Jessica and now that he had her he truly felt like he was a winner in life. He had achieved more than most people could have ever hoped to when he was able to conquer the castle and take back what he felt was rightfully his. He didn't feel that he was a true winner until he had the right woman right next to his side.

As usual there were two guards standing within the room. They were there to protect Lord Nostory at all costs, they would watch over him as he slept and if he found them sleeping on the job he would send them down to the dungeons. Both guards had only just woken up so they were more than ready to watch over him for the entirety of the night. Neither guard were permitted to speak unless they were spoken to by Lord Nostory himself, this meant that they couldn't talk to each other during the long and boring hours of the night. The pay was good however and it was the only thing that made the job manageable.

"So here we are my dear," said Lord Nostory as he walked towards Jessica who was still sitting on the end of the bed. "Soon we will be wed and you can birth me sons to carry me on my name and daughters who will hopefully be as tall as you. Does this make you happy my love?"

"It does my Lord," replied Jessica with still no emotion in her voice. "More than words can possibly express."

"Great I will invite every High Lord in Angleland to our wedding and it will even be grander than that of the King and Queen. I will have the tallest and most beautiful woman in all the land and I own the richest land that anyone could imagine. Our sons will be lords and mighty knights while our daughters will be ladies and also the most beautiful women in the land. You will be happy by my side until the end of our days, every woman will want to be you."

"That makes me glad my Lord."

"Good now shall we get to know each other a little better?" An evil smile came across his face as he sat down next to his soon to be wife. "Why don't you take your dress off and I can see your true beauty."

"That is something that I cannot do my Lord." She continued to sit there but she had moved her head so that she could see him and her face was still blank.

"What did you say?" He was completely surprised that Jessica had just disobeyed a direct order from him. The necklace that she was wearing should make her obey his every instruction but this time it didn't seem to work. "My dear I order you to take off your dress this instant."

"My apologises my lord but that is still something I cannot do. It would not be in your best interests."

"Explain." He couldn't imagine any reason why she would refuse him but he did remember being told that those under the influence of the necklace could turn down an instruction if it put their master in danger.

"You see my lord I must wear this dress at all times, it is the only way that I can maintain my current height."

"Wait the dress makes you taller?" This was an exciting thought in his head. If it were true he would buy these dresses for all of his serving women and each of them would be as tall as Jessica.

"No my Lord it is the opposite, this dress makes me smaller." She paused for a moment so the information could sink in for Lord Nostory. "When I was born I was a sickly girl and I was on the verge of going to the world beyond but my life was saved by bathing me in an elixir. It saved my life but as a side effect it caused my body to grow at an astonishing rate. If not for my dress my lord I would be too big to fit into your castle and if I took it off now I would grow until I burst out of the castle and most likely kill you in the process. For that reason my dress needs to stay on."

"Oh I see." Now he was glad that Jessica had refused his order but a part of him would have liked to see it happen. If he was going to die that would probably be the way that would favour him the most. "I guess that is something that we will have to find a way around at some point. I have some friends who are talented in the ways of mafic and even if they can't help I can hire someone who can. But let me ask you this, in my great hall when you grew can you get any bigger than that without going full size?"

"Yes my Lord. I can go any size between my current and full size."

"Now that is interesting." An idea popped into his head and a huge grin came across his face. "Stand up please my dear." Jessica did exactly what she was told and stood up to her full height. "Good now take a few steps away from me and then turn around until you face me." Jessica once again did what she was commanded and took a few steps away from Lord Nostory and when she was far enough away she turned around so that she could see him. "Good now grow until your head touches the ceiling."

Once again Jessica did what she was told and slowly her body began to stretch up. Lord Nostory was very excited with what he was seeing and the guards placed their hands on their swords just in case anything bad were to happen. They had never seen anything like this and they were prepared to step in if need be.

All three men watched as Jessica slowly stretched upwards towards the ceiling. She could have grown much faster if she had wanted to but she knew that Lord Nostory would have wanted it to happen slowly and as soon as her head scrapped the ceiling she stopped herself. This had brought great joy to Lord Nostory and the two guards marvelled as they saw an extremely tall woman grow even taller before their very eyes.

"That was magnificent my dear," said Lord Nostory with a lot of excitement in his voice. In his mind he had truly met the perfect woman for him. "Now sit down on the floor." Without a second thought Jessica did exactly what she was told. "Now grow again until you begin to fill the room."

Once again Jessica began to grow but this time the process happened a little faster than before. Her body continued to grow just like she was commanded and she would continue to do so until she did actually begin to fill the room. The guards were extremely intimidated as they saw her growing body creep closer and closer towards them, they were on the verge of running for their lives but they knew what would happen to them if they abandoned their posts. All they could do was watch in amazement as Jessica continue to grow bigger and bigger.

Her growing body was coming into contact with chairs and other items and was gently pushing them away and she continued to grow bigger with every moment. Lord Nostory kept himself quiet but inside he was having the time of his life. He couldn't have imagined that he would actually meet a woman who could change her size in this manner. A part of him was a little disappointed that she could only grow to one hundred and twenty feet. He would have loved for her to take him up to the clouds.

After close to a minute of growth Jessica did indeed begin to fill the room as her head was only a short space way from the ceiling but since she was sitting down she was close to being twenty feet tall.

"Ok now my dear you can stop," said Lord Nostory and just like he expected Jessica stopped growing. She looked down at him as he stood up from the bed and patted his hand on her oversized leg. "You are truly the most remarkable woman I've ever met. And to think this is only a fraction of your full size." He began to think about a couple of things before he spoke to Jessica. "Is there anything else that I should know about your ability to change your size?"

"I am still growing my Lord." This was the news that he had been wanting to hear. "I have been told that I will never stop."

"That is fantastic news. You have truly made me the happiest man in Angleland this day. When it is our wedding day you will be the envy of all women and you will live the rest of your days as the wealthiest woman in the land." He looked at one of his guards and he saw him shaking, he knew that he was terrified of the giantess sitting right next to him. "Ok my dear can you shrink yourself down to size."

As Jessica was commanded she began to shrink herself until she was down to her smallest size. Once again the process was slow purely for Lord Nostory's enjoyment. Inside though she was extremely worried about Tucker. She couldn't help but think about him, she was going through what was a living hell but she could only imagine what was happening to him. She hated Lord Nostory but because of the necklace that she was wearing she couldn't make any independent actions. She was completely under his control and she could do nothing unless he commanded it.

"Now shall we go to bed my dear?" asked Lord Nostory. "We have a very busy day tomorrow and I need you to be at your peak. You will sleep with me tonight as you will every night for the rest of your life, on the morrow you will take the first steps into becoming Lady Jessica Nostory of July. Does that excite you my dear?"

"It does my Lord," replied Jessica although she didn't mean these words. She could only hope that someone could free her of this curse but with her powerless and Tucker in chains the likeliness wasn't very high.

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