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No sooner had the horse and cart gotten into Featherstone Gwen jumped off and went on her own way. She didn't thank Sir Tucker or Jessica for their help and instead went on her own search for someone who knew about mushrooms. Rather than going to get her back the pair decided that they would leave her be. They had helped her out enough in their minds and they allowed her to go on her way. They just hoped that their paths would never cross again, they did hope that she would learn her lesson but a part of them felt that she would never learn to be truly human.

Rather than making their way to an inn Sir Tucker and Jessica knew that they had to visit Lady O'Hare once again. They had an arrangement with her and if they were to not hold up their part of the deal they might very well run into a lot of trouble over it. Although the treasure had not been what they had been hoping for they still needed to see Lady O'Hare so they could explain what happened. The last thing they wanted was to have prices on their heads for disobeying a Lady.

As they approached Lady O'Hare's castle they saw a few of the knights which they had met before. A few of them even waved at Sir Tucker as they went by, none of them had noticed the still tiny Jessica on his shoulder. She was too small for them to notice and most of them did wonder where Sir Tucker's very tall maiden had gone. Most had been awestruck by her height and now that they couldn't see her with him they assumed that she had simply been left somewhere else.

Just outside of the main entrance to the castle Sir Tucker was once again stopped. Before he could enter he was stripped of his weapons and the guards were surprised to see the tiny Jessica. They had never seen such a thing and some of them even thought that she was a child's plaything at first. When they saw her move and speak they realised that she was actually alive. This was something that they had never expected, but all things considering they did let them both pass.

Once again the pair found Lady O'Hare sitting on her seat in the great hall. She was expecting to see Sir Tucker and Jessica walk in together but she was surprised to only see Sir Tucker at first. She seemed happy to see him because she had hoped that he would have a large chunk of treasure for her.

"Ah Sir Tucker I've been expecting you," said Lady O'Hare. She remained where she was sitting and she did smile at them. "I trust that the final leg of your quest has gone well for the both of us."

"Unfortunately it has not my lady," replied Sir Tucker. He knew that lying would be pointless at this moment in time. "The treasure that I had been seeking was sadly nothing more than a bag of gold." He took it out of his pocket and lifted it up so that she could see it. "This is all that my friend and I have to show for all the hard work that we put into finding it my Lady."

"And where is your friend? Has she decided to wait outside while we discuss matters? Or is she far from here?"

"Neither my lady." Carefully he placed the gold back in his pocket and then took Jessica off of his shoulder. Once again he lifted her up so that Lady O'Hare could see her, she was quite surprised to see a woman who had seemed so tall now look so small. "There was an incident yesterday and as you can see it has caused my friend to shrink below her normal size and thus leaving her like this."

"Bring her closer good sir. I wish to take a closer look at her." Sir Tucker was reluctant but he did step forward and brought Jessica closer so that Lady O'Hare had a clear view of the tiny woman. Like everyone else she was surprised to see Jessica at such a small size but she also found it somewhat funny. "Last I saw of you there were many calling you the tallest maiden in Angleland. Now you are definitely the smallest."

"Maybe the world has grown and I was simply left behind," replied Jessica. She wasn't happy that her lack of size was being commented. Rather than offending Lady O'Hare the larger woman began to laugh.

"That might very well be true. I could allow you to drink potion number four, that might return you to a more conventional size but the effects would only be temporary. We could try if you wish."

"I um..." Jessica began to think about it for a moment. She was tempted to accept Lady O'Hare's offer and use the potion to enlarge herself. However the effects would only last twenty four hours and if she wanted to remain at that size she would be stuck there for however long it took her to regain her size. She wanted to return home as soon as she could and this was what made her mind up. "Thank you my Lady but I'd rather decline, Sir Tucker and I wish to return to our families. We have not seen them for months and we wish to truly rest after our long journey."

"Very well little one. You may return home if you wish or you can stay here in Featherstone. Sir Tucker can have a spot with my personal guard and I can find plenty of work for you once you regain your size."

Rather than answering straight away Sir Tucker and Jessica quietly began to discuss the offer between one another. It was a tempting offer to say the least but they still chose return back to Morgan. It might not be the most ideal place to live but it was home to them and that was all that mattered.

"We thank you my lady for your offer," answered Sir Tucker. "But respectfully we must decline, Morgan is our home and while Featherstone is a very nice place Morgan is where we belong."

"Very well, although I am disappointed to hear that I respect your decision," replied Lady O'Hare. "Maybe our paths will cross again one day but until then I can do nothing more than wish you both luck."

"There is one other thing I must ask my lady."

"And what is that good sir knight."

"The horse that you so generously allowed us to borrow, I would like to keep it in exchange for whatever gold you feel is a fair price." He placed Jessica back onto his shoulder and then took the pouch of gold from his pocket once again. "We do not have much but we need a horse."

"Put your gold away good sir. You may keep the horse on the condition that when I summon you from Morgan that you come as soon as you can. I might need men like you in the future."

"I accept your terms my lady. I look forward to the day that we meet again." He would have given Lady O'Hare a bow but with Jessica on his shoulder he didn't want her to fall to the ground.

"As do I good sir. Farewell and may the gods smile upon you."

With that Sir Tucker turned and walked out of the great hall. The meeting had gone better than he had expected. Not only did he have a free horse but he also got to keep all the treasure that he had found. Unfortunately it wasn't that much but it was still better than nothing in his eyes.

Jessica remained on his shoulder and she kept a firm grip in order to keep herself from falling. She still couldn't get over how big everything was in comparison to her now and she hoped that she would grow back to normal as soon as she could. The last thing she wanted was to be this size for the rest of her life. At least when she had been big she had been able to protect herself but at this size she feared that a mere insect would be able to cause her serious harm. However the fact that they were returning back to Morgan did make her feel somewhat better. She wished to see her parents and she would probably give them a very big hug when she saw them next.

Sir Tucker and Jessica didn't leave Featherstone straight away. They used some of the gold that they had acquired to buy more food and they even stayed at an inn for the night so that they could have a comfortable seat. Jessica had to sleep on the table near the bed as Sir Tucker didn't want to sleep with her. He feared that he would roll over and accidentally crush his now tiny friend. She understood this and although she was given a blanket to keep herself warm it was not the most comfortable sleep for her.

Jessica was the first to wake up the next morning and once again she was sure that she had grown once again. She definitely felt taller than she did the previous day and this made her feel pretty happy inside, to her it meant that she was growing and soon she would be large enough to travel without the aid of Sir Tucker. She couldn't wait to be tall once again but from how fast she was growing it seemed that it would be a while before she was back to normal.

Even this time Sir Tucker thought that Jessica had grown, however to him the change still wasn't that much. It was only by a fraction of an inch but it was a start at least. She still had another ninety six inches before she was back up to what she considered to be her minimum height and another one thousand, four hundred and eighty eight inches until she was back up to her normal size.

One thing that the pair did fear that before they left Featherstone that they would run into Gwen again. They still had not seen her since they had entered the city and if things went their way it would remain that way. They had helped her as much as they wanted and now they were going to leave her to her own devices. They did wonder if Gwen would learn any lessons from her time as a mortal or if she would remain the way she was now until the day she eventually died.

This particular day didn't look to be too bright and there was the threat of rain in the air. Because of this Sir Tucker bought a hooded clock that would keep himself and Jessica dry, to her raindrops were more like someone constantly throwing a bucket of water over her. Plus the cloak would provide her with some warmth.

After both of them confirmed that they had everything they needed they climbed onto the horse and cart and began the long trek back home to Morgan. Sir Tucker was more disappointed than he would have liked to admit. Returning home without the treasure that he had believed he thought that he was going to be the laughing stock of the town. However there was one thing on his mind, when he had left he had simply known as a peasant blacksmith named Mr Tucker Martel. Now he was Sir Tucker Martel, a full-fledged and honoured knight of the realm. That was something that no one else in Morgan had and unlike many high-borns who were given the title he had earned it with his own blood, sweat and tears.

A few times while Sir Tucker was driving the cart he would see Jessica helping herself to some food. He would playfully tell her to stop and she would simply tell him that she was a growing girl and she needed all the food that she could. She believed that if she ate regularly it would make her grow faster. However she didn't want to grow in the wrong areas, such a thing would be somewhat embarrassing and she knew that it was much harder to lose it than gain it.

Several days passed on their return trip and Sir Tucker could definitely tell that Jessica was growing. Her height had increased from an inch and a half to a little under two and a half inches. This was not much of a height increase but proportionately this was a huge step in the right direction.

A few of the peasants that they went by couldn't believe the sight of the tiny woman riding with the knight. She would wave at them and this would freak them out somewhat. She couldn't help but find this humorous as she was just having a little fun with them. It was a little weird in her mind for people to be freaking out over her lack of size rather than her gigantism.

Eventually the pair did stop at an inn so that they could have a comfortable night's sleep. Jessica in particular was tired as her ongoing growth spurts had made her tired. She retired to the room early while Sir Tucker remained in the tavern and began to drink quite heavily. The ale to him began to flow like water as he drank one draft after another. He was beginning lose focus as the effects of the ale began to overcome him.

Sir Tucker sat at his own table and he continued to drink. He was still keeping a good eye on the gold but with Jessica being at such a small size feeding her had become incredibly cheap so he felt that he had some gold to spare.

Eventually he saw a man sit down at the table. He sat right across from Sir Tucker and at first he didn't really focus that much on the man. Instead he just drank more of his ale and allowed it to get the better of him. He did have some sense left inside of him but he was definitely not as cautious as he normally would be.

"This table is occupied," said Sir Tucker. He was beginning to slur his words somewhat but he still had enough sense to know what he was talking about. "There are other tables that you can sit down at."

"That there is," replied the man. Sir Tucker looked up and saw that it was the same robed man that he had seen some time ago. It had been just outside of July after he and Jessica had escaped the clutches of Lord Nostory. He looked identical to how he looked the last time Sir Tucker had seen him. "But I would prefer to sit here."

"It's you." There was some surprise in his voice and he became much more alert than he had been just a few moments ago. "I remember you."

"And I remember you Sir Tucker Martel. Much has changed since last we met in a similar establishment."

"But who are you? You tell me to give up on my quest and then walk out without saying another word. Now you appear like this right out of the blue. There's more to you than just some monk."

"I'll leave that to you to decide Sir Tucker Martel. I know that you're questioning whether I'm real or just some kind of figment of your drunken imagination. I could tell you the truth but such information is not important. There is much that you and I must discuss before you can move ahead."

"And what would that be? The fact that I wasted my time on this quest? All I got out of it was a small bag of gold. I could have worked at my family's blacksmith and earned more money than this."

"Maybe you are right there Sir Tucker but sometimes a man finds more treasure in the world around him instead of what he can count in a pouch of gold. I foresaw such disappointed and decided to warn you but it seems that you didn't heed my advice. You didn't get the treasure that you desired but there were plenty of other items of great value that you obtained instead. I think that you know what I'm talking about."

"If you're going to talk about my knighthood I already know. Unfortunately unless I'm in the services of a lord I don't get any money for my title. I would have probably earned more if my parents just added three more letters to my name at birth. Everyone is going to laugh at me when I return home."

"I don't think they will. They have much more important things to worry about than laughing at someone. You have also achieved more than most of them could possibly imagine."

"I wanted to return with more gold than the King, I wanted to live the rest of my life in comfort while I had servants at my beck and call. I just wanted to have an easy life like the Lords and Ladies."

"Do you truly think that their lives are any easier than that of a peasants? The life of one is not necessarily easier than the other. There are plenty of Lords and Ladies who wish that they had the life of a peasant. You should be thankful for what you have, do not forget what happened to Nathan."

"Do not speak of Nathan!" Nathan had been Sir Tucker's younger brother who had sadly died as an infant.

"But you understand what I am saying. Rather than wanting what others have you should be thankful for what you already have. That is the message that I leave you here this day and now I must bid you farewell. We will not meet again Sir Tucker Martel." With that the cloaked man stood up from the table and walked away. Sir Tucker watched as he left the inn and he still wasn't sure whether he had just spoken to a person or if it had all been in his head.

Either way Sir Tucker knew that the best thing that he could do was to go back up to the room and sleep off what he had been drinking. He still had a long way to travel and already he had drunk enough for one night. No one else in the inn really noticed him as he made his way up the stairs and into the room that he was sharing with Jessica.

As Sir Tucker entered the room he saw a tiny Jessica fast asleep in her makeshift bed. She didn't notice him entering the room as she continued to sleep. He began to take off his armour and place it on the floor next to the bed. It only took him a few seconds for him to take it all off and then he looked over to Jessica.

Carefully Sir Tucker made his way over to her and gave her a light kiss on her tiny head. He was careful not to wake her up and he felt that it was something that she deserved. However he did see something odd occurring. No sooner had he kissed her he saw her tiny body beginning to quiver and seconds later her body suddenly grew. She had grown an entire inch and this made her fifty percent taller than she had been before the kiss.

Jessica remained asleep and Sir Tucker wasn't sure about what he had seen. Instead of thinking about it he just made his way to the much larger bed and lay down. No sooner had he done this he began to drift off to sleep. The drink had done its work as he was going to sleep like a log that night.

The next morning Sir Tucker was awoken by what seemed to be a scream of excitement. His head was throbbing from the night before and slowly he began to sit up from his bed. The first thing that he noticed was the fact that he needed to relieve himself. However he also saw Jessica on the table near him. She seemed to be overjoyed and she looked directly at him.

"Tucker you're awake!" said Jessica who didn't hid just how happy she was feeling at that moment in time.

"W-what is it Jessica?" replied Sir Tucker. He didn't want to tell her how much he had drunk last night and he just wanted to know what was making her happy enough to wake him up.

"Haven't you noticed?" She stood there allowing Sir Tucker to see her body. "I'm taller than I was last night and not just a little taller." She placed her hand just under her breasts to indicate how tall she was the night before. "Last night I was this tall and this morning I'm like this. I'll be back to being big in no time."

"Great and now if you don't mind I want to have a few more hours before we make our way out of here." He placed his head back on his pillow and he tried to get back to sleep but now he was too awake to achieve such a task. Jessica also had a problem since she was stuck on the table until Sir Tucker could take her off. All she could do was sit down and wait for him, she didn't want to wake him again.

Jessica was still more than thrilled with her growth spurt that night. She thought that at that rate of growth she would be back to being large within a few weeks. She hated being small and she couldn't wait to be big. She was going to carry Sir Tucker wherever he needed to go and she would most likely spend time at her normal size as well.

One thing that Jessica did have going for her was the fact that there was some food on the table. She didn't have to wait for Sir Tucker for that so she made her way to the food and began to eat. It looked smaller than it had the night before but this was just another reminder that she was growing. Normally for her that would be a problem but in this situation it couldn't have made her happier.

A couple of hours later Sir Tucker finally came around and although he was still feeling the effects of the alcohol he knew that he couldn't lie in bed all day. There was still a long way that they needed to go before they returned home. Slowly he got out of the bed and looked down at Jessica who now had a full belly after everything that she had eaten. She looked up at him and seemed happy to see that he was awake now.

"Now you're awake sleepy head," said Jessica as she could see Sir Tucker staggering a little. Almost instantly she knew what had happened. "How much did you drink last night Tucker?"

"I admit that it was a fair amount but I assure you that I'm fine," replied Sir Tucker. He had a headache but he tried to make it seem like it wasn't too big of a deal. He also couldn't believe that he was being told off by a woman who was only a fraction of his own size. "Besides it's been a while since I last had a real drink."

"I know but you know that I worry about you. Just promise me that you won't drink heavily until we return home."

"Ok I promise." The truth of the matter was that with the way he felt that he didn't want to drink for a good long while at least. "Now did you want me to take you off of that table or is there something that you need to do on there."

"No can you pick me up please." She still wasn't entirely used to the fact that Sir Tucker was now the big one and that she was tiny. She waited for him to place his hand down near her so that she could jump onto it. He then lifted her up to his level and she could see his seemingly enlarged face. She had to constantly remind herself about the fact that everything was normal size and she was just the one who shrank. "I still can't get over the fact that you're so big."

"Hey it's not me that's grown, it's you that's shrunk. But don't worry you'll be back to towering above me before you know it."

"Thanks Tucker. You always seem to know the best things to say." She stepped forwards and kissed him on the lips. Her own lips were so small that he could barely feel it. However no sooner had she done this she felt a shiver run down her spine, then much to her surprise and that of Sir Tucker they watched as she sprouted another inch and a half. They were both completely speechless after what had just happened and there was several seconds before either of them could even speak. "W-what just happened?"

"I think that you grew." He had seen it the previous night but he thought that it had been in his head more than anything else. "I do have a theory if you don't mind me trying it out." He watched her shake her head and he gently kissed her. This time she was expecting it and she felt also felt the same shiver down her spine. Before both of them could say a word she had another two inch growth spurt that brought her up to seven inches in height. This still made her very small but considerably larger than she was just the previous day. "I think we might have solved the problem."

"I grew again." She looked at herself and she even pinched herself to see if she was dreaming. She felt a small amount of pain which made her truly realise that she was indeed awake. "Whenever we kiss it seems to make me grow." In a way to her this was the best way that she could grow. It was certainly less embarrassing than other reasons for her to grow taller.

"Looks like it. I wonder why that is." He had a pretty good idea why but for the moment he didn't want to say anything.

"I think I might know but I think you know what I'm going to ask you." She took a deep breath. "Can you kiss me until I'm big again?" The thought of it actually excited her and the growing part was only a secondary reason.

"I guess I could. You are a maiden in need and it is my duty as a knight to help you." He was putting on this bravado to try and hide his nervousness. He had kissed Jessica numerous times before but this seemed to be different.

Carefully Sir Tucker raised Jessica to his lips and kissed her. He felt her become heavier in his hand as she had another growth spurt. The pair continued to kiss and each moment of kissing made Jessica grow larger and larger. Within a minute or so she became too big for him to keep in his hand so he had to place her down on the ground and the pair continued to kiss.

However the kissing had changed from that of friendship to lovers kissing. Sir Tucker could feel Jessica's tongue in his mouth and although it seemed quite small it was constantly getting larger. He didn't want to think just how tall she was now but she wasn't average height yet. He felt her arms wrap around him and his arms eventually found his way around hers. He could feel her growing with every kiss that they had and he thought that it wouldn't be long before she was back to her old size.

After a few minutes the pair stopped kissing for a moment and Sir Tucker could see that Jessica was now at eye level with him. They looked into each other's eyes and before they knew it they were kissing once more. Sir Tucker could feel Jessica growing and she was leaning more towards him. Unfortunately her weigh was too much for him to keep standing and he fell back.

Even when they both hit the ground they continued to kiss. They were lost in each other's passion and it felt like nothing could spoil their moment. However Sir Tucker could see Jessica continuing to grow and he began to worry that the floor might go from underneath them.

Eventually they did stop kissing and Sir Tucker seemed to be quite small in comparison to Jessica now. To them both it seemed like she was back up to her minimum height, there was a smile on both of their faces but when Jessica began to stand up her head hit the ceiling much sooner than she had expected.

It was only at that moment that they realised that Jessica was now ten feet tall. She looked at the door that was practically right next to her and she thought that she might be too big to squeeze out now. She looked down at Sir Tucker who was also getting back up to his feet and he was looking up at her with some surprise. He was used to seeing her taller than him but not this tall in an enclosed space.

"I think that we overdid it a little there," said Sir Tucker. These were the only words that he could mutter.

"You think?" replied Jessica. She was having to bend over much more than normal and it was extremely uncomfortable for her. She had greatly enjoyed what was happening but now she was wishing that they had done it outside. "I don't think I can even get out through the door."

"Sure you can. You might need to do a little twisting and turning but you'll get through there easily." He didn't think that it would be that easy but he was almost certain that she would be able to do it.

For the next several minutes Jessica tried to squeeze herself through the door. Unfortunately it was a smaller door than the norm and this only added to her annoyance. Her body was bigger than she was used to when she was inside and it was difficult to squeeze her frame through it. She was of average build for a woman but this seemed to be working against her, she was twisting her body in ways that she didn't think was possible. She could also feel Sir Tucker pushing her as he was trying to help her out.

Eventually their efforts did bear fruit as Jessica was squeezed through the door. It took her a minute or two to catch her breath. Sir Tucker was glad to see that she was out but now they had the relatively difficult task of getting Jessica down the stairs. The ceiling above it was too low and she was having to bend down once again in order to get herself down the stairs. However if she leaned too far forwards she would likely fall down them and seriously injure herself.

There were a few people in the inn who could see what was happening and rather than helping simply stared at the sight that they were seeing. They had never seen a woman of Jessica's stature and it was almost like they were seeing something out of a folk tale rather than real life.

Jessica chose to ignore these people as she carefully made her way down the stairs. She felt her head scrapping along the ceiling but eventually she did find her way down to the bottom of the stairs. She then looked forward and saw another door that she needed to fit through in order to get outside.

One thing that did seem to be on Jessica's side was the fact that this door looked slightly larger than the one that she had squeezed through a minute or two before. It seemed like the task wasn't going to be too difficult but it still was going to be a chore for her. It was just another reminder that she should have kissed Sir Tucker outside before she grew this large. She was also thankful that she had stopped kissing him when she did or else getting through the door would be impossible.

Jessica began to squeeze herself through the front door and as expected it was much easier than the previous door. Sir Tucker didn't even need to help her as she forced her body through the door and then she stood back up. This time she didn't have to worry about low ceilings and she could see the sky above her.

"Oh it's good to be out of there," said Jessica as she finally stood to her full height. "And good to be big again." She looked down at Sir Tucker who was just walking out through the door as well. He was looking up to her once again and to both of them it just seemed right to them. "Thank you Tucker, you don't know how much this means to me." It was true that although she was sometimes depressed because she was so big she was however much more depressed when she was small.

"Don't mention it," replied Sir Tucker who could see that Jessica was much happier now that she was big again. "I much prefer having to look up at you, having you in my hand like that was weird."

"Soon you can be in my hand again." She smiled down at him and she knelt down so that she was down to his level. "I don't know about you but what we just did, it just felt right. It might sound stupid but..." She couldn't really finish her sentence as she didn't know exactly how she could explain it.

"It's alright Jessica you don't need to explain." He gave her a kiss on her lips and this caused her to grow by another foot.

"Well I'm not quite up to my normal size yet so shall we go again until I am?" She hoped that he would say yes because the feeling that she felt when they kissed was more than anything that she had ever felt before.

Sir Tucker didn't even answer as he placed his lips on Jessica's once again. He felt Jessica's large hands gently grab onto his sides. He felt himself get lifted off the ground as Jessica stood up once again. At no time did he feel like he was in any kind of danger as he was perfectly safe in her hands. He did feel her hands growing as they continued to kiss. There was also a reaction in his own body as he felt his manhood becoming erect and he was just glad that Jessica couldn't see it.

Eventually Sir Tucker seemingly became too small for Jessica to hold in both hands so she switched to the one had. He stood in her hand and he could feel her lips growing as it covered his face. At first her lips only covered a small part of his face but soon it covered almost its entirety and he was struggling to breathe. However the raw pleasure that both he and Jessica was feeling overcame any discomfort that they had.

After another couple of minutes of kissing the pair eventually broke off the kiss and Jessica began to look around her. Instinctively she knew that she was back up to her normal size, her happiness cause her to twirl her body for a moment. She looked at Sir Tucker in her hand and he seemed to be the right size to her now. She was glad that she was back to normal and she just wanted to put her recent adventure in size behind her.

"There we go," said Jessica as she looked at Sir Tucker. "It's nice to be my normal size once again. I missed it more than I could have imagined." She stretched her index finger over to him and gently patted him on the head. "And I have you to thank for that my special little guy."

"You're welcome you big friendly giantess." After he spoke he could hear her giggling and it seemed to be louder than it normally should have but that was thanks to her size returning to her.

"Hey I'm not that big." She then looked at her butt for a moment and then looked back at Sir Tucker. "Well my butt isn't that big in comparison to the rest of my body." This was more out of a joke than seriousness. It seemed like the two were playing a game with one another which seemed to be just like them. "I really appreciate what you've done for me today Tucker."

"Well that's what best friends are for. But there is something that I did want to ask of you my dear."

"And what is that?" She practically knew what he was going to ask but she allowed him to ask her anyway.

"I know that we have been friends for a very long time and after the second trial we were briefly together. I know that it didn't go that well but this time we don't have a demi-goddess around to cock things up. Do you want to try again, you know being something more than friends because to tell you the truth there's no one else I would rather spend the rest of my life with." There was no answer from Jessica for a few moments and at first he thought that she was going to say no. However her giant finger came down and placed itself right under his chin.

"I feel the same way Tucker. Like you said before things didn't go so well but this time I really think they will. Unlike practically every man I've ever met you've never treated me as anything less than a human being. If I were to be with any other man you would be the measuring stick. However why would I want to settle with another man when I can have the measuring stick himself. If things go well between us maybe we can be together forever. Besides having a knight of the realm as a husband isn't too shabby for the daughter of a farmer."

They soon began to kiss again but this time Jessica didn't grow. She was back to her normal size so it didn't increase any further. It only lasted a few seconds before it broke off once again. Sir Tucker saw Jessica's lips and he could see every small detail in them. He couldn't help but admire them. They were like nothing else in Angleland and now he knew that they belonged to him just as he belonged to her.

There were some people who had seen Jessica at her normal size and decided to give her a wide birth. They were afraid of her even though there was nothing for them to be worried about. However she didn't notice them and just continued to look at Sir Tucker who was still in her hand. He could feel her heart beating through his boots and in a way it made him feel more connected to her.

They smiled at one another for a moment before Jessica placed Sir Tucker down on the ground and she quickly began to shrink herself. They were both glad to see that with her normal size restored that she could now shrink herself back down again. It only took her a few moments to shrink down to a couple of inches above eight feet in height. To the both of them it seems like they were back to normal. However the relationship between them was much more than normal.

Despite the speed advantages of Jessica just carrying them the entire way back to Morgan they decided to let the horse take them there instead. It gave them more time to themselves and it made them think more about their new relationship, there was plenty of time for them to talk about it all.

A fortnight passed and after much travelling the village of Morgan could be seen over the horizon. This mixed both Sir Tucker and Jessica with mixed emotions, their long journey was close to an end but they knew that they would be returning to a town that had never truly treated them with respect. Despite this Morgan was their home and like it or not this was the only home that they had. Their families were there and they knew that at least they would welcome them.

Rather than Jessica strolling into the village at her full size they both decided that they should travel into Morgan on the horse and carriage. They hoped that it wouldn't draw too much attention to themselves. Sir Tucker knew that many of the villagers would be asking him where the treasure was. Most of them would probably be mocking him as they would see that he had failed.

It was late afternoon before they finally made it into Morgan, for the moment no one really looked at them as they went by. Both of them kept their heads down and after a few minutes they found themselves outside of the Snape farm. Sir Tucker gave her a little kiss and promised that he would see her in the morning. She didn't want to be apart from him but they both had a few errands to run before they could see each other once again.

Carefully Jessica walked up to the door and knocked it. A few moments later she saw her mother open the door and the much smaller woman looked up in delight to see that her only daughter had returned safely. She had not seen her for several months, but instead of speaking both women began to cry and they hugged each other. It was touching to see mother and daughter reunited and the love between the two of them was obvious for everyone to see. It was almost like she had never left at all.

Eventually Jessica's father also came to the door and he too was overjoyed to see his daughter once again. He had worried about her more than her mother but he was filled with such pride at seeing his daughter again. They had truly missed her and the farm had not been the same without her.

As expected she was welcomed inside of the house and throughout the day and into the knight she told her parents exactly what had happened during her quest with Sir Tucker. She went through all of the ups and downs that took place. Her parents listened intensely and they couldn't believe everything that had happened. Her adventure had been more eventful and dangerous than they could have imagined.

Not far away Sir Tucker too returned to his family's blacksmith shack. There he found his brothers hard at work while his sister was going through the finances of the business. Each of them were happy to see that he had returned but in particular he wanted to speak to his father. He was pointed towards the family home where he found his father in his chair and smoking a long pipe.

Sir Tucker's father was a well built man despite his age and he had his profession as a blacksmith to thank for that. His hair was going grey but he remained clean shaven, in the face he looked much like Sir Tucker but he looked older and there was grey stubble on his face. The seat that he was sitting in was wooden and relatively uncomfortable but it was still his and no one else's. He looked over to his son as he walked through the door and was actually surprised to see him. He was relieved to see that he was still in one piece but he didn't show it.

"Father," said Sir Tucker as he entered the room. He felt like bowing but this wasn't a lord or lady but a simple peasant. He did bow his head to show some respect to his father. "As you can see I have returned from my quest."

"I see and what of these untold riches that you were off to find," replied his Father who looked over to him. He didn't think that his son would succeed so he wasn't surprised to not see any treasure.

"The riches were not as valuable as the tales had stated. But I do return a changed man from when I left."

"Changed in what way exactly?"

"I am no longer merely Tucker Martel but I have been officially dubbed as Sir Tucker Martel of Morgan. I was knighted by Lord Tyrone Howlet of Indigon a couple of months ago."

"That is interesting but tell me son does this new title bring you any more coin into your pockets."

"N-No it does not." He was beginning to become worried that his father wouldn't be too happy about everything that was happening.

"I didn't think so, your title might bring you some honour but it does nothing to ensure your financial security. You were on a fool's errand from the start and you would have earned more coin and respect simply by staying here and carrying out your work just like I and your brothers have been doing since you left."

"But father I am a knight now. I'm the first in our family to reach such a status." He hoped that this would convince his father that he had done well be instead he saw him shake his head.

"That might be true but it doesn't change the fact that you would have been better off staying here and forgetting about this adventure. You have had your fun going out and being a knight but that adventure has ended. Now you have work to do and I expect you to pick up where you left off. Forget about any more adventures, you are a blacksmith through and through just like your brothers, me, my father and his father before him."

Sir Tucker tried to find words to try and explain to his father how becoming a knight was the best thing that had ever happened to him but all he could do was silently agree with him. Like it or not this old man was his father and he had to respect his wishes no matter how much he might not agree with them. He was beginning to think that he would have been better off staying at the forge and just working throughout the time. At least then he would have benefitting his family.

Rather than being filled with pride Sir Tucker instead felt some disgust over what had happened. He had expected his father to be pleased about his knighthood but it seemed that it wasn't the case. He couldn't help but feel a little sad and that his title meant nothing, he had a fancy name now but he was still a blacksmith regardless.

Despite all of this he still had the memories of his quest and those would never leave him. He had experienced things that normal people could only dream about. If he was given the choice he would probably do it all over again, even if he knew that the treasure that he was seeking was not worth as much as he had previously thought. He thought that at least until the end of his days that he would be called Sir Tucker Martel. No one else in his family could make such a claim.

Sir Tucker began to take off his armour for what he felt was going to be the last time. He didn't think that he would ever get the opportunity to wear it again. His duties to his family seemed to be more important than any kind of adventure. Everything that had happened would simply become a memory for him. But if the calling came he would pick up his sword again and show everyone why he was knighted in the first place.

At Jessica's home after she had finished telling her parents about what had happened she found herself in her old room. Her parents had left it exactly how it was when she left and she loved the fact that she now had a bed that was large enough for her to lie down comfortably. She didn't realise how much she had missed it until she lay down in it. Her head was right at the top of the bed and her feet were just able to stay on the end of the bed. It just made her feel glad to be home.

One thing that Jessica did do was to see just how much she had grown while she had been away. On the morning that she left to join Sir Tucker's quest she had left a mark on her wall where she had measured her height. She took a pencil and stood up straight with her back against the wall. She then marked right on the top of her head and when she was done she stepped away. It was then that she saw that she had indeed grown since she had left Morgan, she estimated that there was around two inches or maybe more. Three inches seemed too much of a change but for once she did like the fact that she was growing. She knew that Sir Tucker liked it and she was enjoying it now as well.

Jessica also began to meet up with some of the farm animals that she had not seen since she left. Most of them recognised her almost instantly and she stroked each of them with a firm but soft hand. She even saw that one of the animals had been able to get out of his pen but she just grew in size and carefully picked it up so that she could put it back. It was only a minor use of her size but it was a welcome relief. She felt at ease doing this and it seemed like she wouldn't mind doing this for the rest of her life.

One thing that she had kept from her parents was the fact that she and Sir Tucker had become more than friends. She thought that they would be more than happy about this but for the moment she was keeping it to herself. Instead she was just enjoying being home and she even looked at the evening sky. She forgot how beautiful it was there but she did wish that Sir Tucker was there to enjoy it with her. However she thought that it was best to see him the following day. He still had a lot that he needed to do and she considered that he might be sick of seeing her although she didn't think that this was the case.

By the next day Sir Tucker once again woke up early to start his work at the forge. He already found his brothers and his father there working away. They had received a large order and so were having to work extra hard to be able to make what they needed in time. Sir Tucker was directed to his old station and he began the work.

As Sir Tucker hammered away at the red hot metal he couldn't help but feel that this wasn't right for him. He felt that his calling was that of a knight and that he would prefer to be swinging a sword rather than making them. Never had he put his heart and soul into a weapon like he had with Juggernaut. He didn't care what his father said, that sword would remain with him until the day that he died.

Sir Tucker did wonder what Jessica was doing and he longed to be with her again. He imagined himself lying in her hand and just having her warm, soft flesh all around him and it gave him the feeling of safety and comfort. He was so used to waking up with her by his side and that morning had been odd to him.

"Keep your eye on what you're doing," said Sir Tucker's father as he went to check on his son. He could see that Sir Tucker wasn't entirely focused and he knew that could be very dangerous in a forge.

"Sorry dad my mind was elsewhere," replied Sir Tucker. Rather than wearing his armour he was just wearing his ordinary peasants clothing.

"You were thinking about that quest of yours weren't you well for your own sake forget about it. If you don't focus you could burn yourself or smash your fingers with your hammer."

"I know, I'm just a little rusty that's all." He was just trying to play off that it wasn't that big of a deal. He continued to hammer down on the hot metal so that it could be shaped into a sword. He imagined himself using the sword on a strawman target but for now it would just have to stay within his mind.

"You better get your head out of the clouds before you really hurt yourself. I'll check on you again later and if I don't think that you're pulling your weight you're not having any lunch later."

Sir Tucker didn't say a word as he continued on his work. Blacksmithing was definitely something that he had not missed while he had been away and he was tempted to go on another quest just to get away from it. However without any reason for a quest it was pointless going.

Jessica had woken up around the same time as Sir Tucker so that she too could begin her work. She had numerous jobs to do around the farm and her gigantism was much needed, one of the particular jobs that needed to be done was fixing a hole in the roof of the barn. Without her help her father hadn't been able to repair it but now that she was back it was easy for her to grow tall enough to fix the damage.

A few of the villagers had noticed that she was back and none of them really interacted with her. They just went along their business as she continued with her work, she did have to be careful that she didn't accidentally damage the barn even more but she knew exactly how much strength was needed. If there was one thing that she had learned over her years was just how strong she was.

While Jessica was working her mind did drift to how Brian and Wanda were doing with their baby son. She was looking forward to the day when she had her own baby that she could raise with love. She wondered that if she did have a child whether they would inherit her size or be much smaller like their father.

"Jessica!" shouted a voice. It took a moment for Jessica to hear it and she looked down to see her father. She turned to him and she began to shrink herself down so that he didn't have to look up at her. "I wanted to have a quick word with you."

"Sure," replied Jessica. By that time she was down to her minimum size, she looked down at her father who looked like a child in comparison to his towering daughter. "What did you want to talk about?"

"I want to talk to you about how you and Tucker are now in a relationship. Before you ask I saw how you talked about him and that expression on your face. You can't hide it from me or your mother."

"Oh." She felt a little bad for not telling them straight away but she felt that it wasn't entirely necessary for the time being. "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you, I wanted to wait for the right time."

"That's alright sweetie and you know that I want you to be with the right man. I feel that he might be the right man for you but do you think he'll treat you right?" He had known Sir Tucker for some years but he was still concerned for his daughter. She was his only child and thus cared deeply for her.

"Yes dad I do. After everything that we've been through together I can't imagine another man that I would rather be with. He's brave, kind and he always seems to know just how to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. He has been my friend for as long as I can remember and this next step to me only feels natural. I was hoping that you and mom would understand that."

"That we do, however do you think that his dreams are the best thing for you to be focusing your life on. Your quest didn't go as well as he had hoped and I fear that he might lead you astray."

"You don't have to worry about that Dad. We know what we want in life and he is more than willing to hang up his sword if it means spending the rest of his life with me. I love him Dad and nothing that can be said will ever change that. All we can do together is try to be happy and maybe even start a family."

"If you think that it is for the best then your mother and I can do nothing but help to support your decision. One day this farm will belong to you and I'm hoping to see plenty of grandchildren running around here one day."

Jessica bent down and gave her father a hug. To anyone looking from the outside in they would think that this was strange but for the Snape family this was the norm and always had been for them.

Hours later Sir Tucker was finally able to go around to the Snape farm to see his love. Jessica was thrilled to see him and she soon picked him up and gave him a kiss. This only lasted a few seconds before she finally put him back down again. It was evening and the sun was beginning to set but the pair did find themselves a place to sit which was on a large log and it gave them both a great view of the sunset. It was a very beautiful sight and bother of them took in the view.

"Tucker I want to ask you something," said Jessica as she turned her head to look at Sir Tucker. Even sitting down she was more than a head and shoulders above him. "And I want you to be truthful."

"Ask away," replied Sir Tucker. He was wondering what she was going to ask and he just waited to hear it.

"If you had a choice between our love and the treasure that you thought that you were going to find which would you have picked?"

"That's an easy one. Our love is something that is real where the treasure had been nothing more than a fantasy."

"So what are we going to do now? We're back here, our lives aren't that much different and the treasure that we were hoping for doesn't exist."

"I don't know really, take each day as it comes and hopefully one day our luck will turn. Maybe I'll come into the service of a Lord and you will be able to live your life in a castle and our children will be happy."

"That would be nice." She looked down at him and smiled for a moment. She had her arm around him and he was leaning into her body.

"Did you want to go inside now?"

"No let's just enjoy the sunset for a little longer."

"As you wish."

Sir Tucker and Jessica continued to sit on the log and they stared at the sunset. It was one of the most beautiful things that they had ever seen and they did think about their quest and the adventure that they had. Of course there was disappointment but overall it was one of the best things that had happened to it. There were plenty of times when it could have been a lot better but they didn't mind this. They had each other and it seemed like nothing would break the bond that they shared.

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