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A couple of weeks passed and there had been celebrations at Featherstone for the victory on the battlefield. There had been some celebrations on the streets and a grand feast had taken place. However all that time had passed and now life returned to the city much like it had before the battle.

However there had been one good change for Jessica. Her arm had healed to the point that she could have her cast removed. It was Lady O'Hare's own personal healer who had removed the cast much to Jessica's joy. With the cast off her arm did feel a lot lighter than it had before. She was also somewhat disgusted to find some dead skin from where her cast had been. However this was a problem that was easily sorted thanks to a quick bath although she did only clean her arm.

Both Sir Tucker and Jessica found themselves standing before Lady O'Hare once again. She was on her seat but there was an aura of confidence around her. It had been there ever since she had returned from the battle. Thankfully for everyone the effects of the potion had worn off and she was back down to her normal size. Some people even claimed that she was slightly taller than her but while she was sitting down it was impossible for either one of them to tell.

"Are you sure that you have to leave?" asked Lady O'Hare. "I could do with a man of your skill at my side and a maiden of your stature reminds me that there's always a bigger person out there."

"Indeed we must my Lady," replied Sir Tucker with respect to Lady O'Hare. "We are almost at the end of our journey and we wish to return to our families. We have missed them dearly during the months of our travel."

"I understand good sir. Family is always important and also I believe that you wanted to make a deal with myself?"

"Indeed my lady."

"And do you agree to my terms?"

"Yes my lady, I will send the gold over to you once the job is completed. You have my word as a knight of the realm."

"I believe you. All I can do is honour my side of the agreement and wish you both the best of luck. You are always welcome here and you will both be known as allies to House O'Hare from this day until the end of time."

Both Sir Tucker and Jessica bowed to Lady O'Hare before turning around and leaving the hall. It felt a little odd for them to be leaving, it had been their home for the last few weeks and they would have a lot of memories. However a part of them was glad to be going since it meant that they could finish off their quest and then return home with all the riches that went along with it.

Just outside of the city there was a horse and carriage waiting for the pair. The carriage was not really for people to ride but for transporting cargo. It was a little smaller than Sir Tucker had hoped for but he thought that it would do. He also thought that if he needed more he could simply return here and ask Lady O'Hare for more. He would give her gold for her kindness.

Eventually the pair with their horse and carriage were far away from Featherstone for Jessica to grow to her full height. Her rapid change of size did catch the horse by surprise and began to panic but a few strokes from Jessica's finger soon put its fears to rest. However she was more than overjoyed to be back to her normal size. Being shrunk like that for such a long period of time had been an asset for her but without the ability to grow to her normal size she felt like she was hiding herself. Now that she could grow back to her normal size she felt complete again.

For Sir Tucker it was also a welcome sight to seeing his friend at such a size. He felt like she was her again. Plus she was the only giant woman that he ever wanted to see. He could see how she was walking around with a smile on her face, her greater height just seemed to go so well with her.

"Ah back to being large and in charge," said Jessica almost as soon as she had grown to her full size. She dropped down to her knees and looked down at both Sir Tucker and the horse standing by him. There was a small rumble as she impacted the ground but it was nothing more than that. "Wow did you pair drink a shrinking potion or something because you're looking so tiny."

"Very funny Jessica," replied Sir Tucker as he looked up at his best friend. He was allowing her to have her fun since she had been small for so long. Before he could say anything else he felt her long slender fingers wrap around him and she carefully lifted him up in the air. She brought him close to her eye and he could see his own reflection in her hazel eye. "Jessica what are you doing?"

"I'm just checking if you're still as cute at this size as when I was smaller. If anything you're even cuter." She then placed him on her shoulder and wrapped a few strands of her hair around him for protection. No sooner had she done this she squatted down and picked up the horse and cart. The horse was still calm when she held onto it and she was surprised with just how calm it actually was. She just felt that she had the golden touch when it came to dealing with animals. "Ok good sir which way are we going?"

"That way." He pointed to a direction that was just to the left of the gentle giantess. "The treasure is that way."

"Ok, hold on because this is the final leg of our quest. Hopefully it won't be a bumpy ride for either of you."

"I doubt it will. You always seem to be able to make any journey go smoothly, now onto wealth and glory!"

With that Jessica began to walk in the direction that Sir Tucker had pointed out. She still loved seeing the world from this perspective. It reminded her of the person that she was and not the smaller woman that she could be. She always felt like she was hiding when she was small and not expressing her true self. She knew that her true self was scary for most people but they would learn that she wouldn't hurt them. She just hoped that one day she could remain at this size and not have to worry about people being afraid of her. She did take some comfort in knowing that the man on her shoulder would never be scared of her thanks to the bond that they shared.

Sir Tucker was very excited about finding the treasure. Although the wealth that he would gain was one of the leading factors for the quest there were other reasons. His sense of adventure had been there as well and also a chance to show to everyone in Morgan that he was a better man than they had given him credit for.

On the quest he and Jessica had experienced things that they thought that they never would. They had met a colourful cast of characters as well as being in a few life and death situations. However it all seemed to be coming ahead as they edged closer and closer to their final destination.

There was at least one thing that he was bringing back to Morgan that he could be proud of and that was the fact that he was now officially Sir Tucker Martel. The knighthood would definitely bring respect to both him and the family name. It was not often that someone from such low birth could rise to become a knight. It was just something else that made the journey that much more memorable.

Eventually Jessica needed to stop for a rest and she noticed that she was right next to a fairly large lake. It had been some time since she last bathed properly so she took off her dress and shoes and then allowed herself to step into the water. It was much colder than she would have liked but she had been used to bathing in cold water. She could feel the fish swimming around her legs as she sat down in the water.

Sir Tucker could see Jessica from where he was standing and she didn't mind him seeing her naked body. They had seen each other without their clothes numerous times so it wasn't that big of a deal for either of them. Sir Tucker however did feel his crotch becoming stiff as he could see the water dripping on Jessica's naked body. He was just glad that the clothing that he was wearing helped to hide his erection.

After Jessica had finished bathing she allowed the warm sun to dry the water off of her skin. The process did take several minutes but it did allow Sir Tucker to see his friend standing there with no clothes on.

Once she was dry she put her dress back on along with her shoes before allowing herself to continue. She lifted up Sir Tucker and the horse along with the carriage and she continued to walk. Sir Tucker was constantly looking at the map and making sure that they were on the right track.

"How much further is it?" asked Jessica as she continued to walk. She felt refreshed after her bath but she did feel like she wasn't making that much progress. The area around her hadn't seemed to have changed for miles.

"Another few hours and then we should be there," replied Sir Tucker who was still sitting on her shoulder. It was by far the best way to travel. "Might very well be nightfall before we arrive."

"Well I'll tell you one thing I won't miss from this quest and that's all the walking." She gave a sigh. "I know that allowing me to carry you everywhere is faster but my feet are definitely feeling the effects."

"Maybe there's something that I can do about that."

"Oh do tell." He then turned to her and began to whisper in her ear. Her expression changed from one of curiosity to that of delight. After he had finished speaking she turned and looked at him. "Now that sounds like a good idea. I'm just going to need a minute to get myself ready."

With that Jessica stopped where she was and placed both Sir Tucker and the horse on the ground. No sooner had she done this she shrank herself down to her smallest size. After that she climbed onto the back of the carriage and removed both of her shoes revealing her bare feet for Sir Tucker to see. Quickly he took off his gloves and began to massage her right foot. It seemed larger than he was expecting but then again everything with Jessica was large so her feet were no different.

Jessica could feel Sir Tucker's fingers massaging her feet and she couldn't help but feel good. They had been aching since they had been walking all day but now she could feel the achiness melting away. She could feel how careful he was and she could feel a wave of pleasure coming across her. She didn't notice any change but Sir Tucker did when her foot became suddenly larger. It was not much of a change but he definitely felt her foot expand while he was massaging it.

"Are you alright there Jessica?" asked Sir Tucker right after he had felt her foot growing for a moment.

"Yeah why do you ask?" replied Jessica who was still lying down on the cart. She hadn't noticed any difference.

"Well your foot suddenly grew larger." He knew that sometimes she would let herself go and allow herself to grow. It was normally under times of extreme joy and it seemed to have happened again.

"Oh sorry." She then shrank herself by a couple of inches and Sir Tucker could feel her foot shrinking back down to its smallest size. "Sometimes I just lose myself and certain things can happen."

"Yeah I know. I still remember that little house that we built." When they had been younger and not too long after receiving her dress the pair had built their own little house. It was a construction to marvel about but rather one that was built within a bush. It had some straw for a roof and some sticks that held it up.

The house had taken a couple of hours to build and they both sat inside with one another. Sir Tucker had hugged her and it had made her feel very happy. Unfortunately it also made her lose her concentration and she grew until her head popped up through the roof of the house that they had built.

Almost instantly she had felt guilty about it but Sir Tucker had forgiven her almost as soon as it had happened. However it had been a reminder to her that although she had been given this gift that she had to be careful. Since then she had better attempted to keep herself in check so that she didn't accidentally grow out of a real building. It hadn't happened yet but it didn't mean that she didn't have to be careful.

"Yes I remember Tucker," said Jessica. She was still sitting on the cart just as Sir Tucker finished massaging her foot. When he was done he picked up her very large shoe and placed it back on her foot. He thought that if a cobbler charged by the shoe at a flat rate they would lose a lot of money on her. He did go to get up as he expected Jessica to continue walking, except he saw her waving her other foot. "Excuse me good sir but you've only completed half of your task. As you can see the gods deemed it wise enough to gift me with another foot."

"Indeed they did," replied Sir Tucker. He held onto the other foot that Jessica was holding up. With some care he took off her large shoe and he began to massage the foot. With all the walking Jessica had done he had expected to feel some kind of blister or something like that but instead all he could feel was her warm and soft skin. He tried to find some kind of imperfection but he could find nothing. He had even expected to smell some kind of stench but again there was nothing.

Once again Jessica enjoyed what she could feel and she just lay back and let Sir Tucker do what he needed to do. This time she was keeping herself in check so that she didn't have any unexpected growth spurts. However it didn't mean that she couldn't enjoy the experience. She could feel his fingers on the soles of her feet and she closed her eyes and took a deep breath just to keep a hold of herself.

"Please don't stop Tucker," said Jessica as she continued to feel the joy of having her feet massaged.

"Well my hands are getting tired," replied Sir Tucker who was beginning to feel a little tired. If it was a normal woman's foot than he wouldn't be having that much of a problem, however since it was someone of Jessica's stature it meant that there was a lot more effort that had to go into it.

"I don't care, just keep going." She knew that it sounded like she was being unfair but she was thoroughly enjoying what was happening.

Sir Tucker continued for several minutes but eventually he did have to stop simply because he was too tired to keep going. Jessica put her own shoe back on and she looked at Sir Tucker who was moving his fingers in an effort to try and bring the feeling back into them. He watched as she sat up from the cart and got back up to her feet. She had a large grin on her face as she looked down at him. She placed her hand on his shoulder and for a moment he didn't look up at her.

"You know you should quit being a knight and become a foot masseuse," said Jessica. "You really seem to know how to hit the right spot."

"I would do but then I don't think that you'd find it special," replied Sir Tucker as he finally looked up at his much taller best friend.

"True, in that case you shouldn't do that to any other woman until you find the one for you." She smiled down at him as she watched him put his gloves back on. The massage had been just what she needed and she felt that she could easily walk another hundred miles if need be. However this was not needed as they were not too far away from where the treasure was located.

After Jessica made sure that her shoes were on properly she grew to her normal size and picked up both Sir Tucker and the horse and carriage. The beast didn't seem to be afraid of her anymore and she felt that it was a good thing.

One thing that they all noticed was that it was beginning to get late. It was approaching evening and Sir Tucker wanted to get to the treasure before nightfall. However he didn't plan to go in straight away. Instead he wanted to go in the morning after they were both well rested. He didn't know what kind of dangers that they would be facing and if they went in tired it could lead to their downfall. Instead he wanted both himself and Jessica to be well rested before they even considered going inside.

Jessica continued to walk across the terrain and she was being careful with how she was walking. The terrain was quite hilly and she didn't want to trip over again. It would most likely cause the death of Sir Tucker and she didn't want that to happen. There was also the fact that she could injure herself again. She didn't want her arm to be in a cast again so soon after it being taken off.

There was one thing that Jessica did notice and that was the sunset. It was a beautiful crimson red colour and seemed like a burning ball in the sky. She was tempted to try and grab it but she knew that it was impossible. Instead she chose to admire its beauty for as long as it was in the sky.

"Can you see it Tucker?" asked Jessica. She didn't really look at Tucker and he didn't notice anything at first since he was still looking at the map. He looked at her for a moment but he couldn't see what she was talking about.

"See what?" replied Sir Tucker. He couldn't see anything that he thought was particularly interesting.

"That sunset over there." She pointed over to the sunset and Sir Tucker was just about able to see it. "Don't you think it looks beautiful?"

"Yes it does my dear." He didn't think much of it but he agreed with her just to make her happy. "Did you want to make a wish?"

"Those are shooting stars silly but I'll make a wish anyway." She took a deep breath. "I wish that both of our lives will be filled with good fortune from this day until our last. And maybe some gold wouldn't hurt."

"Oh you don't have to worry about that. This time tomorrow we'll have so much gold that we won't even know what to do with it. We could even make a house made entirely out of gold."

"That would be nice but I would prefer just a normal house really. Well one with much higher door frames and ceilings. You may think ducking under doorways and hitting your head on the ceiling is fun but believe me it's not."

"You could have a house built for when you're this size. Then you won't ever have to worry about hitting your head on anything."

"Hopefully you're right but still if I had a giant house like that then no one would want to come and visit." She didn't want to admit that she was still growing, normally women of her age would have stopped by now. She didn't know whether it was going to stop soon or if she would just keep growing. She had noticed it on the quest as well, at her smallest size she thought that she had grown by an inch or two over the course of the quest. Sir Tucker hadn't noticed since from his perspective she was still the same as she had been before they had left. But to her she had noticed, it was just another reminder that she wasn't like everyone else and it did upset her a little.

Once or twice she did think about what would happen if she never stopped growing. The dress that she was wearing was shrinking her but she shuddered to think what would happen if even at her minimum size she was still fifteen feet tall. She did eventually think that she would become too big for people and she would have to go and live off on her own for their protection.

On more than one occasion she did think about trying to find a way to remove the magic that gave her the enormous size that she was now accustomed to. However she knew that without the magic the illness that was killing her as a child would kill her as soon as the magic was removed. She still remembered what happened during the second trial and she didn't think that this would be any different. It was a difficult thought for her as she knew that she could either live a life as what many would consider to be a freak or die as a normal woman.

"Are you alright there Jessica?" asked Sir Tucker as he looked to his friend. "You kind of gone silent on me there."

"Y-yeah I'm fine," replied Jessica as she snapped back to reality. "Sorry I sort of zoned out a bit there."

"I thought you had since you stepped on a deer."

"Wait what?" Quickly she stopped and checked under her foot. She expected to see some kind of evidence that she had stepped on a deer. However there was none and this confused her for a moment.

"Got ya." He then began to laugh and this annoyed her a little. Using her free hand she placed her index finger on his mouth.

"Very funny Tucker. Now you know that this means war don't you. However I'm not going to get you right away. No you're expecting it, I'm going to wait until you let your guard down and then I'll strike." She then removed her finger from Sir Tucker's mouth and she knew that she had him where she wanted. She wouldn't do anything too cruel but some form of revenge was in order.

After another couple of hours of walking the sun finally set and darkness had overcome the land. However the moon was pretty full that night and they were still able to see pretty well. Sir Tucker continued to look at the map until he told Jessica to stop walking, he could see something that had picked up his interest. He began to look at the area and then he looked on the map and suddenly he realised that they had arrived.

There wasn't much to be seen for now but he definitely knew that he was in the right place. The markings on the map was evident of this and he knew the distance was right, a huge smile appeared on his face as he declared that they had arrived to Jessica. For her this was a welcome relief for her as once again she was getting tired from all the walking that she had been doing.

However as they planned rather than going in and finding the treasure straight away the pair were going to rest for the night and then enter during the morning. There was a cool breeze which did make the area a little chilly. It did make them feel a little cold but it was no worse than what they had endured in the past.

Jessica shrank to her smallest size so that they could have a bite to eat. Before leaving Featherstone they had stocked up on some much needed food, they had also remembered the food for the horse since they didn't want it to go hungry as well. They didn't make a fire so they just ate their food cold. Thankfully it wasn't food that needed to be cooked so they didn't have to worry about cooking it. After her walk Jessica was particularly hungry and she began to eat what she needed.

Normally when she was in public she didn't like to show herself eating a lot of food but since it was only Sir Tucker she didn't have to worry about what other people thought. Instead she just ate what she needed. Sir Tucker ate his fill as well and a couple of times he did look at Jessica as he ate. He couldn't help but be amazed just by how much she could put away. On the quest a couple of times he had even seen her drink enough ale to knock a full grown man unconscious. The most impressive thing about it was even though she had drunk a lot she was still completely sober.

"Have you had enough yet?" asked Sir Tucker as he saw her just finishing off her food. She probably only had a couple of mouthfuls left.

"One moment," replied Jessica. She placed the last bit of her food in her mouth and then swallowed it after a few moments of chewing. "Yeah I'm done now."

"Just think about it Jessica, this time in half a day we'll be rich. No more having to work or anything like that. It'll be nothing but a life of luxury for us from here on out. I'm even going to buy a suit of armour made out of pure gold."

"Won't that be a little heavy for you?"

"I'll worry about that so don't you worry your pretty little head." This got a small amount of laughter from his best friend.

"Sir Tucker Martel I am many things but there is nothing about me that is little." She then held up her hand. "My hand is bigger than your head and my arms are longer than your legs. So do you think that there is anything about me that is little?"

"Well there is your sense of direction."

"Hey." She placed her hands on her hips and pretended to be more annoyed than she actually was. "It was one time."

"Nah it was more than that." He then lifted his own hand and extended all four of his fingers and his thumb. "It was at least five I'm sure of it."

Jessica laughed for a moment before standing up to her full height. She towered above her best friend and he slowly rose to his full height as well. Before he could do anything else though he felt himself get taken off his feet as Jessica embraced him in a bear hug. However it was not painful for him as she only used enough strength to keep him there. He was in no discomfort.

"It's rude to tell a woman that she has no sense of direction," said Jessica as she continued to hold him.

"I would do if I didn't know your only weakness," replied Sir Tucker. One of his arms were free and he used it to tickle Jessica's neck. She began to laugh and it caused her to drop him down to her feet. He continued to tickle her and he brought the towering figure down to her knees very quickly.

"No damn you good sir knight." She didn't mind all of this since she found it to be fun and she had to admit that Sir Tucker had gotten her into a tight spot.

"Admit defeat and I'll stop."

"Ok, you win."

With that Sir Tucker stopped tickling his friend and she did laugh for a moment afterwards before getting herself re-composed. It had been fun for the both of them and he watched as she stood back up again. However he also watched her lean down and give him a small kiss on his cheek. She smiled at him before rising back up, they looked at each other for a few moments and it seemed that time itself had stopped for them.

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