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When morning broke Sir Tucker was awoken by two guards who entered the house. They were not as aggressive as he had expected but he was summoned to return to Lady O'Hare. They did give him a little bit of time to get himself washed and changed before he went to see her.

Sir Tucker put on his armour which he had cleaned during his time in the cell. It had been something that had helped him pass the time. He also wanted to make himself look presentable to Lady O'Hare and he was looking forward to seeing Jessica again. He had been worried about her but he still feared for himself as well.

Before long he was escorted out of the house and into the hall of the castle. There Lady O'Hare was waiting, she was sitting on her great seat with Jessica sitting down on a smaller one right next to her. She would have loved to have done nothing more than to get up and hug her friend but this was something that she couldn't do.

Lady O'Hare had been thinking about what had happened the previous night. Her fallen guard had been taken away so that his family could give him a proper burial and the guard who had been knocked out was being treated by the local healer. She had not reported the death of her guard as she didn't want to send panic throughout the castle. There was nothing that she could do to avenge his death.

Instead she focused on the here and now as she saw Sir Tucker being escorted in by the guards. She had specifically told them not to be rough with him since he was not an official prisoner. She still classed him as a guest and thus should be treated like one to a certain degree.

"Sir Tucker approach!" commanded Lady O'Hare. He did as he was told and walked forward until he was a few short metres away. There he stopped, dropped down to one knee and bowed his head to her.

"My Lady," replied Sir Tucker as he remembered to respect those of a higher birth than himself.

"My search party returned before dawn with news from the mine that you and Sir Robert visited. It seems that you were indeed telling me the truth, they were able to recover what was left of my former knight and actually had a run-in with a couple of Great Wolves. Thankfully they were able to retreat without suffering any serious injury. Because of this you are now able to leave if you so wish or you could chose to stay and complete the mission which I originally set out for you. I will not force you to stay if you don't wish it but it would be something that I would like.

"I thank you my lady and I thank the Gods for allowing you to see the truth." He stood back up to his full height but he still bowed his head. "I knight is known by his successes and failures. I do not wish to be known as a knight who failed so against my better judgement I will return to the mines and finish off the job." This caught Jessica by surprise who would have thought that her friend would have chosen to leave. "However it is not a task that I can perform alone. I require the assistance of your most capable knights."

"Done, you will be accompanied by five of my most experienced knights. Plan and rest up for the day as on the morrow you will leave at first light. Hopefully since you will be more prepared this time hopefully your mission will be a success."

"It shall be, my Lady but before I leave there is one thing that I must request."

"And what would that be good sir knight?"

"I wish to have a private talk to my good friend Jessica Snape. Would the Lady be so kind to grant my wish?"

"Indeed she is. You may speak with your friend as much as you please but you must stay focused on the task at hand. I don't plan on having to bury either you or any of my knights. Your sword and shield will be returned to you on the morrow, I will pray that the Gods make your strikes true and strong."

A few minutes later Sir Tucker and Jessica found themselves in a small room inside the castle. The first thing they did was hug each other and even though she had a broken arm she still had a very strong hug. They acted like they hadn't seen each other for some time but it had only been the previous day. They had worried about each other and now that they were together it seemed like there was relief for them both.

The only thing that Jessica didn't like about the room was the fact that it was a little too small for her. The ceiling was just about high enough for her to stand up in but there wasn't much room for her to move about. There was also items that she would have called rubbish all around them. It was not her most ideal of meeting places but she was just glad to be alone with her best friend.

"They didn't hurt you did they?" asked Jessica. She placed her hand on his cheek although it was large enough to cover his entire face. He could feel the warmth of her long slender fingers and he could see the concern on her face.

"No they didn't," replied Sir Tucker. He would have reached to Jessica's face but she was just out of reach for him. "Lady O'Hare didn't mistreat you did she?" He showed his own concern for her which touched her.

"No I was treated with respect. I'm just so glad that you won't be punished but I'm still worried about you going back to that mine. I really should go with you to make sure that you're safe."

"Believe me there is nothing more I would want than you to come with me but the truth of the matter is that you can't. With your arm you can't help me and there isn't all that much room for you to grow in the mines anyway. You're better off here since something happened last night."

"What happened?" She began to become nervous as she feared that something terrible had happened.

"Gwen paid me another visit last night and then she went into the castle to see Lady O'Hare. I feared that something might have happened to her Ladyship but this morning she seems to be perfectly fine. However when it comes to Gwen I fear that she's done something, I need you to stay here and keep an eye out on things. If things start to go downhill I'm depending on you to keep Lady O'Hare safe. She might have her knights but they can't protect her against someone like Gwen. You're the only person who remotely stands a chance at whatever shenanigans that Gwen has orchestrated."

"O-Ok." She could see that Sir Tucker was giving her a very important task. However she knew that if she went up against Gwen she stood very little chance. It was almost like comparing a mountain to a molehill. "I'll try my best Tucker for you." She smiled down at him although she was nervous.

"And I believe that you can more than handle the task. I've seen you do things that people could only dream of. You could do practically anything that you set your mind too, believe me I know."

"Thanks and if you don't mind can we get out of this room now? I feel like I'm going to explode out of it?" This caused him to chuckle a little at his friend who towered above him by around two feet.

"Of course, besides I need to prepare myself for tomorrow. At least this time I'll be a lot more prepared."

Jessica really didn't want him to go on this mission but she knew that he had to. Sir Tucker was a knight now and certain things were expected of him. She felt that he was lucky to have survived but she knew that he was going in much more prepared than last time and that he would have plenty of experienced knights accompanying him. She still feared that he would be harmed but she knew that he was capable of looking after himself.

The pair stepped out of the room and there was a guard standing not too far away from the door. He looked at them as if they had just spent the time inside kissing one another passionately. Jessica glared over at him and quickly he looked the other way, he didn't want to make her angry.

The pair then walked away and they went back to the hall where Lady O'Hare was attending to more business. She was having to tend to another quarrel between two citizens, this time one had provided a service but the customer was not happy and refused to pay them. It was something that Lady O'Hare heard often and she ruled over it as well as she could. With the information that she was given she awarded the customer and sent them both on their way and she gave a sigh.

After this was done Lady O'Hare called forth four maidens who were in her service. These were all young and beautiful women who she would have a keen eye on. She kept her homosexuality secret from her subjects since they would not approve, it was difficult enough staying in power as a woman but as a homosexual woman was something that she thought was impossible.

Within moments the four women came forward. One had short brown hair and a slim figure, the second had long red hair and was around an inch shorter than her ladyship, the third had mid-length raven black hair with piercing green eyes. The last was a short woman with long fair hair. Each were wearing identical brown dresses which they had been given when they had started their jobs in the castle. Each of them were loyal to Lady O'Hare and a couple of them even had sexual encounters with her. However each of them kept quiet about it as they knew what would happen if they told anyone.

After the maidens arrived a servant brought a tray that had the four bottles that Lady O'Hare had received the previous night. There were small teaspoons by each of the bottles and at that moment in time no one knew anything about them. To them it seemed that the bottles were just filled up with water. They had no idea what was in store for them within a very short amount of time.

"I thank you each for coming on such short notice," said Lady O'Hare. "Each of you have been very loyal to me and my family, now there is one favour that I ask all four of you. Inside these bottles are potions created by an extremely powerful person. Each will have a temporary effect on your body but I promise you that none of them are fatal." She didn't know this for sure but she knew that there was a chance that one of the maidens would say no, she didn't think any of them were fatal though. "You will each be greatly rewarded for your participation and this moment might be remembered by all who attend on this very day. If you want to leave now I will not stop you." There was a few moments that everyone expected at least one of the maidens to walk away. Instead they all remained where they were standing. "Good, Charlotte you can go first."

The raven haired maiden stepped forward and picked up one of the bottles as well as a teaspoon. She poured some of the contents of the bottle onto the spoon before placing it back down. She was still a little nervous but she soon she swallowed the potion and then took a step back.

Lady O'Hare waited in anticipation as everyone else didn't know exactly what was happening. They heard Charlotte cough a little and she felt an odd sensation shoot right through her body. She had never felt such a sensation before and she was surprised to see everything around her seemingly shrink.

Much to the surprise of everyone there they saw Charlotte beginning to grow. There were some shrieks of surprise from people and even Charlotte looked at herself as she grew taller and taller in front of everyone. There was a sense of fear that she was experiencing but also a sense of wonder.

There was something about her growth that Jessica noticed was different in comparison to her own. When she enlarged herself her body would grow in proportion, this was not the case however, instead she grew taller but not bigger. Her body was stretching up at an incredible rate, her body was in fact elongating. This caught people by surprise as they saw her elongate as if she was being pulled by an invisible hand.

There was silence from everyone as the maiden continued to grow. To Sir Tucker this was one of the most abnormal things that he had ever seen, he had seen Jessica grow so many times that he had long lost count but seeing this maiden grow was unnerving. He saw her stretching up and her body becoming incredibly long and yet remaining incredibly skinny at the same time.

The growth continued until the maiden reached an incredible height of fifteen feet but she still looked abnormal. All of her limbs had remained the same width but their length was almost insane for a normal person to think about. It was almost insane for Sir Tucker and Jessica to think about. They could only watch what happened and just hope that things didn't get out of hand.

"Hmm that was interesting," said Lady O'Hare as she found herself looking up to the now fifteen foot maiden. The maiden herself was looking at her hands and the rest of her body. All seemed too long for her to really comprehend. "Charlotte can you tell me what it is like to be that tall?"

"I-I," replied Charlotte. She was completely lost for words, everything that had happened to her had been completely unexpected. More than ever her mind was trying to comprehend what had just happened. Unfortunately it was doing a very good job of this and she was in almost a state of panic since most people now only reached her mid-thigh.

"You can tell me later, right now I wish to know what the other potions are capable of. Let's sample the next one, Amanda let's see what it does."

The red haired maiden stepped forward, to her this wasn't a game anymore but instead a very serious situation. She did consider turning around and running away but she knew what would happen if she defied Lady O'Hare. Unfortunately all she could really do was take a teaspoon of the second potion and drink it down. She just hoped that she wouldn't end up like Charlotte.

Suddenly Amanda began to feel an odd sensation throughout her body. Like Charlotte before her she felt very odd and once again she began to see the world shrinking around her. She looked at her hands and expected to see them either begin to grow or elongate, however they seemed to remain the same. She looked at the rest of her upper body and saw that she was remaining the same size. Her body was rising higher and higher in the air and after a few moments she realised why.

When she looked down at her legs she discovered that they were growing longer. The rest of her body was remaining the same but her legs were growing longer with each passing second which was surprising for everyone. Even Jessica was surprised, she had been used to being big but never had she grown like that. Her body had always grown in proportion with one another but Amanda's legs continued to grow longer.

Eventually the poor maiden was at eye level with the equally tall Charlotte but she kept going up, her legs were continuing to lengthen at an impossible rate. It was only when her head touched the ceiling of the hall did she finally stop growing. By then she was twice the height of Charlotte but almost all of her height was in her legs which were almost thirty feet long.

Once again it was one of the oddest sights that had ever been witnessed by those present. Even Sir Tucker thought that things were going too far but he still felt that there was nothing that he could do to stop this. If he tried anything he would be swamped by guards immediately. He had only just gotten into Lady O'Hare's good books again and didn't want to do anything that would lead him into trouble again.

"Are you alright up there Amanda?" asked Lady O'Hare as she looked up at the now thirty foot tall woman. It was perhaps the oddest thing that she ever saw, she was looking up at a woman with impossibly long legs but a tiny body in comparison. It almost seemed like something that would be heard in a children's story.

"W-what," replied Amanda who heard Lady O'Hare say something but she couldn't hear her that well from where she was. She like Charlotte was terrified but still responded to her ladyship nonetheless.

"I said are you alright up there!" She raised her voice so that the freakish woman could hear her. She still remained where she was seated however as she didn't want to stand up for Amanda.

"Please my lady get me down from here," replied Amanda. She wasn't demanding this but instead it seemed like she was pleading for her life. There were some tears rolling down her face and they made the long trip down to the ground below.

"There's nothing I can do but don't fear you won't remain like that forever. The effects only last a full day so this time tomorrow you will be back to your normal self, that is unless I command you to take another dose."

"Please don't my lady." There was much fear in her voice, she wanted to bend down but feared that it might cause her to fall over.

"That all depends of course." The chances were that Amanda was not going to be forced to have another dose. However Lady O'Hare didn't want to make it seem like she was taking orders from a maiden. Instead she wanted to know what the other two potions did, with the first two she had expected some kind of change of size but not in the manner that she was expecting. "Caroline it's your turn now."

The short woman with fair hair stepped forward and if she had scared when she had seen Charlotte change she was now even more terrified after seeing what happened to Amanda. It was no lie that Caroline had sometimes thought about what it would have been like if she were taller. However now it seemed like it was going to happen but not in the way that she had imagined.

Reluctantly she poured a teaspoon of the third potion and she drank it like she had been commanded. Now everyone waited to see what happened, Lady O'Hare was the one most eager to see while it was probably Sir Tucker and Jessica who was the most terrified besides Caroline herself. She could feel the same odd feeling that the previous two women felt and it scared her more than anything.

Soon enough she felt herself beginning to change and this could be seen by everyone else inside of the hall. It was obvious to everyone there that Caroline's muscles were growing, at first the change was barely noticeable but after a few moments it was plain for everyone there to see.

Caroline's muscles bulged greatly and it was also causing her to grow taller so that her body could accommodate for the larger muscles. She continued to grow but what was surprising was the fact that like Charlotte her clothes were growing along with her. But this didn't stop her muscles from continually swelling, she looked almost ridiculous to see this once petite woman become a tower of pure muscle.

Jessica watched in horror and more than ever she considered putting an end to what she was seeing. However with the cast still on her arm she was limited to this size and she wasn't strong enough to break through all of the guards. She could only watch as Caroline continued to grow and it was almost unthinkable just how large the poor woman's muscles had grown in such a short amount of time.

Suddenly everyone inside the hall heard what seemed to be an explosion but this was not from some outside force. The explosion had originated from Caroline except she still looked to be the tower of muscle that she had become. She easily reached ten feet tall with biceps were larger than a fully grown man.

Only moments after everyone could see another change in Caroline. Her growth had stopped and now the opposite was occurring to her. The muscles that she had just gained were retreating back into her body and shrivelled back down to what she had been before. Her epic muscles had only lasted for a few moments before they were gone seemingly for good much to Lady O'Hare's disappointment.

However when Caroline reached her normal size she didn't stop shrinking. Much to everyone's surprise she carried on shrinking and quickly. No one was more panicked than Caroline who could see the world growing around her. There were also gasps from those who were watching.

Caroline continued to shrink further and further while everyone was powerless but to watch as the helpless woman continued to shrink. Many feared that she would shrink until she disappeared. However this wasn't the case as she stopped shrinking when she was around two inches in height.

Lady O'Hare finally got up from her seat and walked over to Caroline. She bent down and picked up the tiny woman who seemed to be terrified. Never had Lady O'Hare felt so big as she did at that moment in time.

"Well that was unexpected," said Lady O'Hare. She examined the tiny woman who seemed to be in a hysterical state. "Here I thought that we had some kind of muscle potion but instead it is a deceiving shrinking potion."

Lady O'Hare poked the tiny woman. This caused Caroline some pain and suddenly there was another explosion from her body. Lady O'Hare shielded her face for a moment but the explosion was nothing, when it was done she saw Caroline shrinking again. This once again caught her by surprise as she saw Caroline shrinking further. The shrinking continued until the tiny woman was a measly half an inch in height.

There were a few moments as Lady O'Hare began to think. She wanted to test something out as she gave Caroline a small flick. This caused the tiny woman more pain and once again there was another explosion. This time Lady O'Hare didn't shield herself and she watched the tiny woman shrink even further.

It was one of the most amazing sights that Lady O'Hare had ever seen as she watched Caroline stop shrinking. By then she was only a speck on her hand, she was able to move Caroline onto her fingertip and she brought her right up to her eye. She could just about make out the tiny figure of Caroline who was still in a state of panic.

For the tiny woman she could see what seemed to be an eye that was as big as a large hill and she was trying not to trip onto ridges in the ground. These ridges were merely the grooves that made up Lady O'Hare's fingerprints. If she hadn't been panicking before Caroline certainly was now.

"Now that was really unexpected," said Lady O'Hare as she continued to look at the near microscopic Caroline on her fingertip. She then looked over to another maiden who was standing not too far away. "Maven!" The maiden slowly approached her and she didn't know exactly what to do. "Be sure to keep Caroline safe until the effects wear off and whatever you do don't hurt her. That will only cause her to shrink even further, one more shrink spurt and we won't be able to see her anymore." Carefully she placed Caroline in the hand of Maven who took one small bow to her ladyship before backing away. Lady O'Hare then looked back at the other maidens in front of her. She could still clearly see the super stretched Charlotte and the incredibly long legged Amanda. There was still the normal looking maiden there and she decided to smile. "We know what three of them do, now let's find out what the last potion does."

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