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Gwen continued to walk and when she had gotten under the door she could see the guards outside. She did increase her size a little but in the darkness they couldn't really see her, especially since she was only a couple of inches tall. It was only after she had gotten herself inside the castle did she finally grow to around six feet in height.

She had once visited this castle shortly after it was built but a few things had changed over the centuries. Despite all that time she still remembered it quite clearly and she began to walk through. It was completely dark but she could still easily see where she was going and she headed straight towards the chambers of Lady O'Hare.

Gwen could remember where the master bedroom was in the castle and she figured that was where Lady O'Hare was staying. She did consider looking for Jessica but she didn't really think it was worth her time. She did see her as a mortal who was trying to imitate her in a way and she was somewhat flattered by this. However she wasn't going out of her way to find her.

After a couple of minutes Gwen found herself outside of the bedroom of Lady O'Hare but there had been two guards there. Both of them had tried to stop her with no success whatsoever. She had grown to around eight feet and through one of the guards across the hallway. The second guard had tried to attack her with his sword but it shattered when it came into contact with her. This greatly annoyed her more than anything else as she found it unforgivable for a mortal to try and attack her. She grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off of his feet. Before he could say another word she slightly flicked her wrist and this caused the guard's neck to snap like a twig. She then allowed his lifeless body to drop down on the floor and she looked at him with disgust.

With the guards taken care of Gwen shrank herself down to around five and a half feet before opening the door and walking into the bedchamber. There she saw that the room was still lit by candles and she saw Lady O'Hare sitting down at a small desk which had some of her beauty items. She had been brushing her long red hair and she turned quite slowly to look at Gwen.

There was one thing that Gwen did notice and that was the fact Lady O'Hare remained calm and didn't even look surprised by what was happening. She remained exactly where she was as Gwen stepped inside.

"You seem strangely calm," said Gwen as she crossed her arms. "I was expecting you to begin to call your guards."

"I could do but we both know that is pointless," replied Lady O'Hare who remained exactly where she was seated.

"Then you know who I am?" This caught Gwen somewhat by surprise as most times she met a mortal they wouldn't know who she was.

"Of course I do. I was told by my father of how the founder of our house was a very short man and you made him grow until he was six and a half feet tall. It was supposed to be where my family gets its tallness from."

"Indeed it is but I am surprised that you even recognise me."

"There is a tapestry with your face on it and I have heard stories about you all my life. To tell you the truth I was expecting someone taller."

"Oh that's not a problem." As she spoke she began to grow until her head was pushing against the ceiling. This made her over eight foot in height and even with this growth spurt Lady O'Hare remained calm. "Is this more of what you were expecting?"

"You could say that." It was only then that she stood up, she could see that Gwen was taller than Jessica but still she remained calm. "Now would you tell me why you have decided to come here?"
"Do I really need to answer that? I go where I want and when I want. But I'm guessing that you want a better explanation than that."

"That would be nice and I suspect that you killed the guards who were stationed outside of my room."

"One I know is dead for sure, the other could be but I never checked." She spoke as if it wasn't that big of a deal. She had murdered someone and she played it off if she had done something as simple as walking out of a room.

"Then you can at least tell me why you're here." She was angry by what had happened but she couldn't seem too upset as she knew that it wouldn't make her situation any better for her.

"I just really came here for fun. I was beginning to hear a lot about you and at first I thought it was your ancestor but then I remembered that you mortals can't live that long. Information like that sometimes slips my mind." She giggled as if it was a fact that could be easily forgotten. "Anyway I just wanted to see if you were really all that or just an upstart. I thought you were the kind of girl who ruled over this town like some kind of goddess, just like me." She did shrink herself slightly so that she was a little more comfortable. However she still towered above the tall Lady O'Hare.

"I am no goddess, I am just trying to govern my city to the best of my abilities and ensure that my citizens have a decent quality of life. It is what most lords strive to be during their reign."

"Come on if you wanted to you could command all of these people to worship you and build shrines to you."

"I could but then the gods would be angry at me. I might have a statue built of myself sometime in the future but right now there are more important things that my taxes go to." She was still having to look up at Gwen and she began to get a neck strain. She had been looking up at Jessica most of the day and now that she was having to do it again was an annoyance to her.

"How boring and besides the gods wouldn't give a flying fuck. They have more important things to worry about then some mortal trying to be a goddess. Believe me you wouldn't be the first but I've never seen the gods give a shit about it. If anything they have a good laugh about it."

"But still I know that I'm no goddess, just a lady who is trying to do her best for her people. Nothing more, nothing less."

"I would find that acceptable but there is something that I'm wondering. Why haven't you had sex yet?"

"That is a very personal question." There was the slightest hint of anger in her voice but once again she kept herself composed. "If you must know I plan to have sex when I marry and right now I have no plans of getting married."

"In that case I can be your first." There was a small reaction from Lady O'Hare and Gwen shrank herself down until they were at eye level with one another. "Don't tell you've never thought about it. It's not because you haven't found the right man yet, it's because you don't like men in general do you?"

"N-not in the way that my father would have approved of." The truth of the matter was that she had always liked women. Even when she was younger she had started a relationship with one of the maids at the castle that were around her age. Unfortunately her Lord Father discovered the relationship and was able to end it before he felt that it had gone too far. The maid in question was removed from the castle and Lord O'Hare attempted to find a husband for his wayward daughter with no luck. He had died before he could discover a suitable match.

"See, I can do you a deal if you want, you and I can have our little moment tonight and in exchange I can give you something to make it worthwhile." She had an idea of what it could be and it was something that she thought would be fun for Lady O'Hare. "I have a few ideas what you might want."

"Like what exactly?"

"You could be fed up of being a tall girl so I could shrink you down to average, or maybe you want to be even taller. There's a mortal girl who I've given a never ending growth spurt, she might still be short now but give it a while and you'll see just how tall she'll become. Or maybe you want bigger breasts, anything like that I could do for you. Or perhaps it is longer legs that you wish."

"I can come up with something but I prefer to tell you after the deed is done. Do we have a deal?"

"Oh sure we do." Gwen was more than happy for this, she didn't know what Lady O'Hare actually wanted but she felt that she could wait for it. "But I do have something fun in mind for us."

With that Gwen placed her hand on Lady O'Hare's shoulder and quickly the tall girl began to shrink. The clothes that she was wearing began to fall off of her body as she continued to shrink smaller and smaller. Eventually Lady O'Hare was picked up by Gwen as she still shrank and the world around her seemed to be gigantic. Lady O'Hare would have been lying if she said that she wasn't scared.

After a few seconds Lady O'Hare was only two inches tall and standing on the palm of Gwen's hand. Gwen now seemed to be a towering giantess in comparison to the tiny woman. However Lady O'Hare didn't seem to be too impressed with what was happening and she looked up at her.

"What is the meaning of this?" asked Lady O'Hare. Despite her anger she made sure that she didn't sound too displeased or else Gwen just might decide to shrink her down to nothingness. She had heard that Gwen had done such an act before and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

"Oh this, it's just a little something to make things more interested. You should be happy, you'll be the first human to explore my nether-regions. You should be happy, but right now I just need to get myself ready."

This was simple for Gwen who simply undid her toga and allowed it to fall to the ground. She then climbed onto the master bed and lay down on her back. She then placed the still tiny Lady O'Hare right in front of her vagina. To the tiny woman it looked like a giant cave that was waiting to be explored.

Lady O'Hare felt Gwen's finger begin to push her slightly and the politically powerful woman began to climb inside Gwen's vagina. It felt warm but as she climbed inside she saw that it was quite dark. It was hard for her to see where she was going as she continued to crawl further and further inside. Eventually her entire body was inside of Gwen's vagina but she had no sense of direction.

Suddenly the inside of Gwen's vagina began to light up which seemed to be convenient for Lady O'Hare as she continued to crawl through. She could hear the giant woman groaning in pleasure. This place seemed alien to Lady O'Hare however as she continued her trip, she could feel the warmth all around her.

One thing that Lady O'Hare had wanted was to be inside another woman's vagina but this wasn't exactly what she had in mind. However she couldn't help but feel turned on as she continued her trip. She was still doing something that no other human had ever done but Gwen was feeling wave after wave of pleasure. She might have been a demi-goddess but even she was struggling to keep herself composed.

Eventually Lady O'Hare reached Gwen's womb and she found it hard to believe that a demi-goddess who even have such a thing. It just made her see that she indeed was capable of having children. However it now seemed that it was Lady O'Hare who was the one who was like a child being carried in the womb by her mother.

Gwen could feel wave after wave of pleasure overtake her as she could feel the tiny Lady O'Hare moving around inside of her. It almost made her feel giddy as she curled up her toes and allowed the pleasure to wave through her body continuously. She forgot almost everything else and focused purely on the pleasure that she was experiencing.

Lady O'Hare wasn't really feeling that much pleasure as she was inside Gwen's womb. It was definitely an experience but she wasn't feeling the same kind of pleasure that the demi-goddess was. She had expected to be able to hear or feel some kind of heartbeat while inside of Gwen but she didn't feel anything. It was almost like the demi-goddess didn't even have a heart.

Suddenly Lady O'Hare began to feel an odd sensation through her body. For a few moments she didn't know what it was but moments later she discovered that she was growing. Very soon her head was pushing against the Gwen's flesh and she tried to make her way out through the way that she came in but she was already too big to get through. She was trapped inside of the womb.

Lady O'Hare's size increased rapidly and before long she was had completely filled the womb and she continued to grow. Her body began to press upwards and it was causing Gwen's belly to expand as if she were pregnant. At first the demi-goddess didn't really notice but before long it looked as if she were carrying a baby that was close to being born. However this wasn't Lady O'Hare's full size so thus she continued to grow rapidly. It seemed like nothing would stop it.

Gwen's belly continued to expand as Lady O'Hare continued to grow inside of her. It was very uncomfortable for the Lady as her body continued to grow. She was in a foetal position just so she took up all the space that she could. However she was still growing and she would have thought that Gwen's belly would have exploded by now. Instead it stood firm and just continued to stretch as Lady O'Hare continued to grow.

"Wow that was amazing," said Gwen. She gave a sigh as she felt that she was satisfied. "I hope that it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me." She looked over to her belly and she saw how expanded it was. This had caught her by surprise but by then Lady O'Hare had stopped growing and was now back to her normal size. It looked funny to see such a large belly and Gwen even began to laugh at herself. "Oh silly me I got carried away again. Are you still alive in there?"

"Yes I am," replied Lady O'Hare in what seemed to be a muffled voice. There was also some panic in her voice as she didn't know what was going to happen to her. "Get me out of here!"

"I suppose I should, even a demi-goddess has to think about their figure." She knew that this wasn't anything she needed to worry about since she could control every aspect of her body's size meaning she could be literally any figure that she wanted.

Rather than shrinking Lady O'Hare Gwen instead began to expand her birth canal. To the woman inside of the womb it was an amazing sight to see as Gwen's once small birth canal grew right in front of her.

As it grew Lady O'Hare began to move through it as it continued to expand. She didn't care that it was a tight squeeze. All she wanted to do was to get out as soon as she could. Such an experience was remarkable but also one that she wanted to end quickly. She felt very claustrophobic and just wanted to be in fresh air as soon as she could.

Eventually the birth canal was large enough for Lady O'Hare to crawl though easily and before long she found herself back on her bed after successfully crawling out. She began to take deep breaths as Gwen sat up from the bed and smiled at her. There was Gwen's liquids on Lady O'Hare's body and she could feel the warmth from them. Words couldn't describe how glad she was to be out of there.

"Now that was fun," said Gwen. She was even shrinking her vagina back to its normal size. "I've been inside other people like that but that's the first I've ever had something inside of me. Did you want to do it again because if you are I certainly am?" There was a smile on her face as she was still coming down from the high that she was experiencing. She knew it was something that she would never feel in the plain of the Gods.

"No thank you, one time is enough," replied Lady O'Hare who had gotten back up to her feet. She needed to be bathed before she could even consider going back to bed. "And I really hope that you're done now."

"For now I am." She would have wanted to go again but she had been satisfied for now. She had her eyes on another prize which she was saving for last.

"And why did you expand me while I was inside of you?" She was annoyed by this although she didn't show it.

"I'm sorry when I really get in the mood like that I can sometimes let myself get carried away." She acted as if it was no big deal although on more than one occasion it had led to the death of a person. "But now I suppose I should take my leave, you're a very busy woman and even you need your sleep."

Gwen stood up off the bed and went to walk out of the room. Before she could she felt a hand on her arm however rather than it being a firm grab it felt a lot gentler. She turned and saw Lady O'Hare who was using one of her sheets to cover up her nudity. She was nervous as she didn't know how Gwen would react.

"Wait you said that you would fulfil a request for me," said Lady O'Hare who didn't want to go through an experience like she had just felt without some kind of reward. "You made me a promise."

"That I did," replied Gwen who was surprisingly willing to listen. "Now tell me what it is before I change my mind." Rather than speaking outright Lady O'Hare whispered something inside of Gwen's ear. She listened and then looked surprised at her. "Is that what you really want?"

"Yes it is if you would be so kind."

"Very well." She took a couple of steps back and began to concentrate. Lady O'Hare could only watch as Gwen's eyes began to glow and the glow was transferring into her hands. Then it looked as if her skin was stretching from the palm of her hands. They went up by a couple of inches and they seemed to be forming into the shape of small bottles. There were four of these shapes on her hands and the skin broke away from them revealing four glass bottles of different colour. Each one was a different colour and contained a liquid inside of them. "There we go, just as you wanted and the effects will only last a full day. Plus they are now fused with the slightest fraction of my power. Because of this when the bottles empty they will refill by themselves so you have an unlimited amount of them."

"Thank you very much." She took the bottles out of Gwen's hands and it took a small amount of force to remove them from Gwen's skin and she looked at them. "But which one is which?"

"I thought that it would be more fun for you to find out for yourself. Now I bid you farewell and maybe one day I just might return."

Lady O'Hare didn't say another word as Gwen walked away. The demi-goddess walked passed the lifeless body of the guard that she had killed and she could see the other beginning to move around. She was surprised to see that he had survived and rather than bothering to check whether he was alright she just kept walking on.

Eventually Gwen found herself outside of the castle again and she began to shrink herself down as she approached the house that Sir Tucker was being held in. She shrank to the point that she could slip under the door undetected. She then casually walked inside and grew again until she was around five and a half feet tall.

Sir Tucker was still sitting exactly where he had when she had left and he was surprised to see her return. He did notice her enter and he had purposely stayed up since he didn't want to be asleep when she returned. He had no idea what she would have done but the truth was there wasn't much he could have done to stop her.

"You're back," said Sir Tucker. He tried to sound pleased to see her although this wasn't the case.

"Indeed I am and I had a lot of fun," replied Gwen with happiness in her voice. Sir Tucker shuddered to think of what she considered to be fun. "Now that we have some time together maybe we could have a little fun."

"I'm sorry Gwen but I'm really tired." He tried to pass this off in hopes that it would make her change her mind. "I've been chased by Great Wolves and been locked up again in the space of a single day. You can forgive me for being a little tired."

"Oh I forget that you mortals need to rest. I'm surprised you're even able to do anything productive when you have to sleep all the time. Think of how much you could achieve if you didn't have to sleep."

"I can imagine but if you don't mind I really need to get some sleep. By tomorrow I'm going to know whether I'm going to be released or executed. You can imagine what that does to a man's mind."

"If you're worried about that I can very easily get you out of here. The only reason I'm even in here is because I choose to be. I could allow you to escape and then you could go wherever you want to go. You could adventure for your entire life or maybe you can serve a Lord like you've always wanted as one of his most trusted knights."

"Despite how tempting that sounds I am not leaving here without Jessica. Her life is worth more to me than my own."

"I don't see why you're so attached to her." To Gwen this was a whole mystery to her, she had never been attached to anyone thus whenever she had sorted someone it had always been a means to an end.

"Simple, because she's my best friend and I would do anything for her and she would do anything for me."

"That's one thing I don't get. Why would you do something like that and not expect something in return?"

"For someone who is so advanced you sure have a lot to learn. Unlike you we mortals we don't live forever, we have to make the most of the time that we have and part of that is developing relationships with one another. You might think that it means nothing but to us it is everything."

"Well you learn something new every day." She chuckled to herself as if what she had just heard was somewhat comical and not really to be taken seriously. "Since you're so tired I think I'll take my leave."

"All I ask is that you think about what I said."

"Yeah sure I will." She smiled at him as she readied herself for what was to happen. "I'll see you again at some point, that I can promise."

Before Sir Tucker could say another word Gwen clapped her hands creating a bright flash of light. This blinded him for a moment and she quickly shrank herself and jumped onto his armour. She then shrank herself further until she was too small to be seen. It was only then that his eyesight recovered and he couldn't see her anywhere. He didn't like to think that Gwen would be seeing him again and he could only imagine what kind of mischief she had in mind for him.

Right now all Sir Tucker could do was lie in bed and go to sleep. He hoped that everything would be alright in the morning. However there was a nagging thought in his mind that this wouldn't be the case. Although things had always seemed to have worked out for the best this time felt different however. He thought that he might very well be found guilty and swiftly executed.

If that were to happen he thought about Jessica. He knew about how sad she would be if he were to die. He meant everything to her and a life without him was probably too much for her to bear. He feared that she would go on some kind of rampage although this wasn't the same sweet woman that he had known for many years.

These thoughts dwelled with him as he slowly drifted off to sleep. He didn't realise that Jessica was still away in the castle. She couldn't get herself to sleep as she too worried about what was going to happen the next day. It didn't help that her bed was too small for her even though it was built to be comfortable for a person who was six and a half feet tall. Much like everyone else in the castle she was oblivious to what Gwen had done that night, if she had known it would have given her more reason to worry.

Another reason for her discomfort was the fact that her arm was itchy and she couldn't reach the itch under her cast. It was close to driving her mad and she was very tempted to just rip of the cast and get to the itch. However she knew what would happen if she did this and she preferred to endure rather than risking serious injury. She did slowly drop off to sleep and she didn't know that there was a big day ahead for both herself and Sir Tucker.

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