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Practically before the plate was even on the table Jessica began to eat what was in front of her. She had wanted to hear if Sir Tucker would forgive her for what she had done in the past but right now both of them were very hungry and the food before them was too delicious to allow to sit there. Jessica in particular was very hungry as her size and ongoing growth spurt made her burn calories faster than a normal person. It was said that a man could survive without food for weeks but she thought that she could only last a few days. She just hoped that no one was watching on as she ate.

Sir Tucker paid no mind to this and just ate what was in front of him. His food was less substantial than that of his much taller friend but it would still be enough to easily fill him up. He knew that if he had anything left over Jessica would be more than happy to eat it for him. He just ate and watched as Jessica ate her own. Despite her great hunger she didn't eat like a pig, instead she was still very placid in her eating although she did eat quicker than Sir Tucker had expected. At her rate she would be finished well before he had finished but that was something that he didn't mind. It was just another reminder of what made her different to other women. The fact that she could only use one of her arms didn't seem to slow her down as she adapted to this and just carried on eating.

Within minutes Jessica had completely devoured all the food that had been in front of her. She had easily eaten enough to satisfy the hunger of at least two fully grown men. Finally she felt like she had been filled and she could relax. She did feel like she had room for more but she instead felt that she had enough for now.

Rather than talking again Jessica just calmly waiting for Sir Tucker to finish his own food. He was quite hungry himself and it wasn't long after Jessica had finished before Sir Tucker finished as well. He was a lot more filled than she was and the meal had just been what both of them had needed. Sir Tucker did take a long drink from his ale while Jessica swilled her food down with a large flagon of water. It was around a litre full and she was able to drink it in one go without spilling a single drop.

"Has your stomach been satisfied now?" asked Sir Tucker as he looked at her while she placed her flagon on the table.

"Just about," replied Jessica. She had to keep back a large belch that she could feel. The last thing she wanted to do was let out an almighty belch in a crowded inn. She would die of embarrassment. "For now." She smiled at him and she felt that the bridges between them were already being mended. She didn't know to what extent but she could tell that things were better already.

"I've been thinking about what you said." He saw Jessica's expression change from one of happiness to seriousness. She waited with every passing moment to hear what he was saying. "I won't lie that you hurt me the other day. It was more my pride than physical but still I did feel betrayed by you for what you had done. I know that you had the best intentions and to see that you are truly remorseful allows me to see that there is something that can be built upon. I betrayed you too but you have forgiven me for what I did and I can see no reason why I can't forgive you." He saw her smiling again and this made him feel happier than he had anticipated.

"Thank you Tucker." She continued to smile but this time a few tears ran down her face. "That means a lot to me."

"And you mean a lot to me. You're the only one who believed that my dream could come true. You gave me the confidence to become a knight and hopefully soon the richest man in Angleland. Many would call me crazy for having a friend as tall as you but the truth is that you are someone who I look up to in both senses of the word."

Jessica was very touched by his words and if she could she would grab him and embrace him in the biggest hug that she could. However she stopped herself since they were in a public place and her arm also prevented her from doing this. She just knew that she would have to do it later.

"I'm glad you feel like that," said Jessica as she kept her emotions bottled up for the time being. "A life without you is a lot worse than a life with you. I hope that we can move on from here to something better."

"I do too." He gave her a smile he seemed to be glad that things were working out between them. After everything that had happened to both of them they were just happy with what they had. "Now that all that is out of the way would you mind telling me what you were up to during our time apart."

"Well it was certainly eventful." She began to explain about everything that had happened to her over the last few days. She mentioned about Brian and Wanda at the farmhouse and the whole business with Wanda going into labour. One thing that she did reluctantly have to admit was the fact that she had broken her arm and the cast that she was wearing prevented her from growing to her regular size. Now it made sense to Sir Tucker but he was somewhat upset to hear about this.

"So let me get this straight since you're wearing that cast you can't grow to full size?" asked Sir Tucker as he took a sip out of his ale.

"Yeah that's right," replied Jessica with a small amount of sorrow in her voice. To her it felt like she was prevented from being her true self.

"And how long do you have to keep that thing on for?"

"Around six weeks, then we have to visit a healer to take it off."

"Well that'll certainly make this quest longer. I hate to admit it but I think that we should stop for now and wait for your arm to heal. Just because we've passed the three trials doesn't mean we're completely out of the woods just yet. Your size might just be the only thing that will be the difference between success and failure. Also I can't consciously allow you to keep going when I know that you have a serious injury."

"I'll be fine, I can still go on."

"I know that you mean well Jessica but I really think that it's a bad idea. If you keep going with your arm in the way that it is you won't be helping anyone. I know that you might not want to hear it but it is for the best."

Jessica wanted to argue the point but she couldn't help but think that Sir Tucker was right. She was in no condition to be going on any kind of quest, her arm still ached and questing would only aggravate her injury. She could only sigh and admit defeat as she saw no other way around it.

"Ok so what do you suggest that we do?" asked Jessica as she wanted to know just what he was thinking.

"We can start making our way to the actual location of Three Man's Treasure but rather than going straight away we'll wait at a nearby village or town until your arm has healed. Then we go to get the treasure and become richer than even the King of Angleland. Then we retire and live the rest of our lives without needing to lift a finger."

"Sounds fair but the trek will be much further without my size."

"I know but the longer we're close to the treasure the better that we can prepare. Maybe buy ourselves some mules to carry our riches back to Morgan. Your size will prevent anyone from trying to steal from us. I tell you nothing can go wrong."

"If I've learned anything from life it is that anything can go wrong at any time. We can make our way there but if you don't want me to hurt myself any further we'll have to be careful and try not to do anything that could make my injuries worse."

"You don't have to worry about that. I can protect you from anything that comes our way. With a quick slash from Juggernaut or a block my shield no one will be able to hurt you. You have my word as a knight of Angleland and above all as your best friend that I will protect you from harm."

"I'm touched." She smiled at him again and she was curious to know what had happened to him while they had been apart. She had told him everything that had happened to her and now it was his turn. "What happened to you the last few days anyway? I bet it was quite boring."

"Oh no in fact it was anything but." He began to explain about how he had met with Kermit and how they had been captured by a cult who had wanted to sacrifice them. It had only been Sir Tucker's skills that had saved them both. He went on until he mentioned about arriving at Kermit's home and finding his wife dead. He did keep out the part about how he had seen Gwen once again. He didn't know how Jessica would react upon hearing her name after everything that had happened.

"That's so sad," said Jessica after hearing about the death of Kermit's wife. Sir Tucker had told her how much Kermit had loved his wife and how upset he was when he found her dead in her bed.

"I know but it just goes to show that the gods can take life just as easily as they give them. I just hope that he can recover."

"Well we can always pay him a visit at some point." Her optimism was enlightening as even though she didn't know Kermit she wanted to know whether he was alright. "I think we might owe it to him."

"Yeah but not for now. It is still too early for him to be seeing anyone. There are some things that a man can have help for but there are others that he can only do for himself. He lost the most important person in his life and that is something that can't be recovered so quickly. He needs some time to himself for now."

"I-I understand." She still felt sad about what had happened but she was still impressed with what Sir Tucker had been able to do while they had been apart. He had defeated a man much larger than him in unarmed combat. She didn't think that such a feat was possible and she could tell that he was telling the truth. He might have been exaggerating a little but it was mostly true. In a situation like that she would have stepped in so that she could ensure his safety. However he had been able to deal with it himself and for that she was very impressed. "Was that bloke you fought actually seven feet tall? Or did he have a growth spurt between when you first saw him and when you came here?"

"Ok maybe he wasn't that tall but he was still a lot bigger than me." He seemed to want to pander his ego again. "He could have been ten feet tall if it made any difference. I could have still taken him down right there and then."

"Really Tucker?" She raised her eyebrow as she found his statement a little unbelievable. "That sounds a little like a tall story and believe me I know a thing or two about tall stories." She would have crossed her arms if she had been able to.

"Ok maybe not but you get my point." He didn't want to admit just how close he was to losing the fight but he didn't want to worry her. If he remained confident then he thought that she wouldn't have to worry. "Don't forget I am a knight of the realm now, the usual riff raff is no longer a problem for me."

"That might be true Sir Tucker." She had put an emphasis on the word Sir. "But it always pays to have someone watching your back." She felt her stomach as she was still a little hungry. "I wonder if this place serves anything sweet. I might have eaten enough for two but there's still plenty of room."

"I doubt it but I'm sure that I can find out." He knew that Jessica needed a lot of food to function properly and he thought that allowing her to starve would only take her arm longer to heal. He had noticed that she did look a little taller than when they had first set off from Morgan. He was sure that she had been around eight feet tall when they had left but now she did look a little taller.

Unfortunately after a quick investigation Sir Tucker discovered that the inn didn't sell anything sweet. That was the kind of thing that high borns were used to so a regular inn didn't stock anything like that. Jessica was a little disappointed but she didn't mind too much. She had eaten enough to keep her going and that would do for the time being. She had already gotten what she had wanted the most and she was very satisfied, she had felt some sadness but now it had been lifted.

It began to get late and Sir Tucker thought that it was best for them to hire a room for the night. Jessica was more than happy about this as she remembered the uncomfortable sleep that she had the previous night. Her back still ached from it so lying in a nice soft bed was more than welcome. Sir Tucker was willing to sleep on the floor so that his larger friend had comfort.

The pair went up to the room and although Jessica had to duck to get through the door she discovered that she could stand up straight inside. There was only around an inch or two of clearance between her head and the ceiling but it was more than enough for what she needed. It was just about right for her and when she looked at the bed she could see that it was a double bed. This gave most of the room that she wanted but length wise it was still too short for her.

Despite this Jessica carefully lay herself onto the bed and she found it to be very comfortable. She saw Sir Tucker taking off his armour, Juggernaut and his shield as he prepared to lie on the ground. Unfortunately there wasn't a spare blanket for him to use so it seemed like he would be cold for the night.

Rather than allowing him to suffer Jessica requested that he came into bed with her. He was a little afraid that he would accidentally hurt her arm but she still thought that it was better for him to be with her rather than on the floor. Seeing Sir Tucker suffer was something that she didn't particularly like seeing.

Carefully Sir Tucker climbed into the bed right next to Jessica she was curled up so that her entire body could fit onto the bed. She lay on her right side so that her broken arm was only in contact with the bed. It was still sore but she was able to keep the pain at bay by keeping her mind off of it. Sir Tucker was a very good distraction for her and she felt very happy to have him close to her now.

"Are you comfortable?" asked Jessica. The pillow that her head lay on was not the most comfortable but it would do for now.

"Yes I am thank you but it is you that I'm more concerned about," replied Sir Tucker as he looked at his very tall friend. With them both lying down he didn't have to look up at her to talk to her.

"Don't worry about me I'm perfectly comfortable right where I am," replied Jessica. She would have liked to have brought him closer to her but her injuries prevented her from doing this. "You have to admit that this is a lot better than sleeping on the hard and cold floor isn't it."

"Yeah I guess you're right there." They both laughed a little at one another for a few moments before both of them found themselves gazing into the eyes of the other. Sir Tucker found himself lost in Jessica's hazel eyes as she was lost in his brown eyes. They didn't notice time slipping by them and after around a minute they stopped. "Goodnight Jessica." He was about to close his eyes but he felt Jessica's warm lips touch his forehead for a moment before going back.

"Goodnight Tucker." Her voice sounded very sweet and she was just glad that they were back together after their disagreement. Her kiss was one of pure happiness and although it was brief the effects were all the same.

"Night Jessica." That was all that he could reply and both of them closed their eyes as they tried to get to sleep.

Jessica found sleep much faster than Sir Tucker and she dreamt about adventure and romance. She would love the day when she could be held in the arms of another. She had heard so many stories about a princess who would dance with their prince at the end and he would hold her in his arms. This was something that she would never experience as she was too big for any man to hold. She remembered when Sir Tucker tried to carry her and it had not gone well.

Sir Tucker on the other hand remained awake as he was finding some difficulty getting back to sleep. He was thinking a lot about the treasure but he was also happy to be back with Jessica. He could feel her body heat and it gave him a sense of safety and happiness that he had missed when they were apart. However eventually his eyelids became too heavy for him to keep open as he drifted to sleep.

The next morning Sir Tucker awoke to find that Jessica was still asleep. This time however he didn't find himself in her arms so he began to get out of bed and when he stood up began to stretch himself. Everything he did was in complete silence so that he didn't wake up his very tall friend.

Before putting his armour back on he decided to count how much money he had left. Unfortunately it was a little less than he would have liked but he still thought that it would be enough to last them for a while. When he looked at Jessica she was still sound asleep and he thought that nothing he could do would be able to wake her up. He had learned long ago that when Jessica was in a deep sleep it was almost impossible to wake her. Even if a stampede of wild animals ran right passed her she would have no idea.

Instead of waking her Sir Tucker went downstairs to the inn so that he could purchase some breakfast. He was allowed to take it up to his room and he got himself a relatively small cooked breakfast while Jessica's was much larger. He thought that when she awoke that she would still be very hungry.

Carefully Sir Tucker made his way back to the room and only when Jessica began to smell the food did she open her eyes. With some difficulty she sat up from the bed and looked over at him as he walked towards her with the large plate of food in his hand. Her stomach began to growl again as it was hungry despite all she had eaten the previous night. She had a smile on her face as he stepped towards her.

"Here's something I didn't ever expect to see," said Jessica with some excitement. "Breakfast in bed is something that a girl of my stature never really expects. But of course it is much appreciated."

"Well I thought that you would like some breakfast this morning," replied Sir Tucker as he placed the plate on her lap. There was a lot of food on there and it had cost him more than double the normal price but he only cared that it filled his friend. The breakfast consisted of sausage, bacon, eggs, beans, black pudding and some tomato. "And besides girls need their food."

"This girl has grown too much." She didn't take any offense with what he had said as there was no malice in his words. "But she does appreciate the breakfast and will make sure that her friend is rewarded."

"I think he'd like that very much."

Jessica didn't waste any time in beginning to eat her food. She was not as hungry as the night before but she still appreciated what she had. Sir Tucker did help her cut her food since at this moment in time her one arm was practically useless to her. She appreciated this a lot and she couldn't wait for her arm to heal. She felt like a part of her was missing with her arm inside of the cast.

The food was giving her the strength that she needed to be able to go on and it was just a treat for her taste buds. All the food had been freshly made and this was something that she didn't entirely expect from a normal inn. Either Sir Tucker had paid more than usual for it or they had just gotten lucky.

Once again it didn't take long for Jessica to finish her breakfast and she felt satisfied from it. Sir Tucker finished a couple of minutes later and he too was enjoying what he was eating. He wished that he could eat food like this every day, he knew that he could once he found Three Man's Treasure he could eat like a king.

There was one thing that he did consider was that after gaining such wealth would he become bored. He was not the same man who had left Morgan, he had seen things that people could only imagine and he had become a knight of the realm. If he did gain these riches everything else in life would be handed to him and he wouldn't have a challenge anymore. He could afford the best swords and armour that money could buy but there wouldn't be that much point in him using it.

"Hey Earth to Tucker," said Jessica which snapped him out from his little daydream. She was even waving her very large hand in his face.

"W-what?" replied Sir Tucker in confusion.

"You were a million miles away there." She chuckled a little. "I thought you might have lost your mind."

"No but many would say I lost my mind some time ago."

"What were you thinking about?"

"N-nothing really." He wanted to keep these thoughts to himself as he thought that she would want to continue on regardless. Despite his doubts he still wanted to go on regardless, they had come too far to turn back now.

"Oh come on you can tell me." There was a hint of playfulness in her voice as she sat up from the bed. He looked up at her and watched as she bent down to his level. "Nothing you could say to me is embarrassing."

"Well I was just thinking about how nice your hair is." He remembered how women liked to be complimented on their hair and he hoped that Jessica wouldn't be any different. The next thing he knew she used her good arm to draw him into her and gave him a big hug. "That means a lot to me."

"You're welcome." He was amazed that even though she was only using her one arm she was still strong enough to keep the hug going. He would have tried to pull away but she was still too strong and he was enjoying it. The hug broke off a few moments later and she stood back up to her full height.

"So what do we now?"

"Well I thought that we could go into the village and pick up some supplies for the trip ahead. Our trek will be slower than normal but we should be able to reach the outside of Three Man's Treasure location in a couple of weeks. Then we'll stay at a nearby settlement until your arm heals and then we'll go and make our fortune. Maybe we could pick up some coin along the way. I have a fair few with me but not enough to last us six weeks I'm afraid. Maybe we can find another rogue and bring him to the authorities."

"Or maybe you could allow me to bed a few men. I know that some men like their women big." She saw as Sir Tucker gave her a very surprised luck. She then laughed loudly and smiled. "I'm only joking, I wouldn't stoop so low to do that. Besides I'm saving myself for the right man." Which she hoped would be the man standing in front of her. In her eyes he truly was a great man and even if they weren't able to get the treasure she would still think that he was the greatest knight to ever live.

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