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Jessica was awoken by a few rays of sunlight which bombarded her room. She had not had a very comfortable sleep thanks to the lack of room that she had. Nonetheless she was just happy to have a roof over her head. She sat up on the bed and began to stretch herself, she remembered what happened the previous night. Carefully she stood up but she did remember about how low the ceiling was so she ensured that she didn't hit her head again. It had happened so often that she was surprised that she hadn't received any long term damage from the constant head strikes.

No sooner had she stood up she heard a loud knocking on her door. She opened it and saw Brian standing there. Unlike the night before he wasn't carrying his crossbow and he still looked fatigued but not to the point where he seemed to be on the verge of falling asleep. He stood proud and he looked up at the towering figure that was Jessica. He showed no signs of intimidation and she did consider squatting down but she thought it would be demeaning to someone like him.

"Can I help you?" asked Jessica. She still wanted to be polite as she was a guest in his home.

"Yes," replied Brian. He still had a frustrated tone to his voice but it definitely was not as aggressive as it was the night before. "It's time to get out into the fields and get to work. If you want breakfast than you're just going to have to wait. There's no food until we have a decent amount of work completed."

"That's fine." It was something that she had been used to when she had been growing up on her own farm. It was a great way to motivate the worker into completing their tasks so that they could get the much deserved food.

"And that guy from last night better be here or else it'll be your head that rolls." It was obvious that he was still upset about the night before and he was dealing with it the only way that he knew how. "I expect you outside in five minutes, don't be late."

He then turned and walked away while Jessica just stood there for a moment. To call Brian the politest man in Angleland would be an obvious lie but she still wanted to do what he told her. She just hoped that he wouldn't be terrified by her gigantism.

A few minutes passed and Jessica stepped outside where she was bathed with bright sunlight that almost blinded her. It was a very warm day but there were a few clouds in the sky, she suspected that it might rain later. She saw Brian already outside and she saw him trying to herd some sheep into a nearby pen. Unfortunately he wasn't having much luck with it and he was about to lose his patience.

Jessica stepped towards him and at first he didn't notice her. He was too focused on trying to regain control of the herd. At this point he wasn't having much success and this made her cautious as she approached him. It was not until he noticed her large shadow that he turned and looked at her.

"It's about time that you got here," said Brian.

"Well there was a couple of things that I needed to do before I came here," replied Jessica. "Looks like you're having some difficulties."

"These fucking sheep are a pain in the ass. I'm trying to get them to their pen and they won't listen to instructions."

"May I have a go, one of the things I specialised in at my farm was moving the animals from one place to the other."

"You can give it a try but I don't think you'll get all that far, if I couldn't do it I doubt that you could."

"Oh you'd be surprised. The only thing I need to tell you is that what you see might be a little scary so please don't freak out."

"Girl I have seen things that would cause a man to shit enough bricks to build a castle. Believe me there is nothing that you could do to scare me."

"Ok then but don't say I didn't warn you."

Jessica took a deep breath and concentrated on making herself her normal size again. It was easy for her to do this as her body rocketed up into the air. Brian took a few steps back in surprise and even dropped his tool. This was one of the last things that he had expected to see was her to suddenly grow like that. She did squat down and looked down at Brian who now seemed a lot smaller than he was before. Just seeing her like this made Brian feel guilty about the things that he had been saying to her. He could see that she was more than powerful enough to destroy everything he held dear if she chose to.

"Y-you're..." said Brian as he was struggling to get the words out of his mouth. It was simply all he could muster.

"Very pretty I know but just tell me where you want your sheep." Brian didn't say anything and just pointed towards a pen that was a short distance away. "Thanks, I'll get them in there in a moment."

Over the next few minutes Jessica picked up each of the sheep one by one and placed them in the pen. Many of them had tried to run from her but running away from her had never worked for a sheep and it didn't work then either. She would always give them a small stroke on the head to make sure that they were calm before she placed them in the pen. Her gentle touch seemed to calm the animals and they even liked the softness of her hand.

It took almost no time at all for Jessica to place the sheep inside of their new pen and Brian had just stood there and watched in amazement. He saw her walking towards him and with each step she took she made herself smaller until she was back down to her minimum height. She smiled down at him and he still looked at her with surprise.

"That job's done and dusted," said Jessica as she wiped her hands. There were small bits of wool which fell but she hardly noticed. "So what's next?" She saw Brian stuttering and she began to fear that she might have scared him more than she had expected. "Brian are you alright?"

"Y-yeah I'm fine," replied Brian. "It's just that this whole giant thing with you is difficult for me to wrap my head around."

"Don't worry about it, all you need to know is that I can use my size to make most farm work surprisingly easy. Now is there anything else you want me to do or can we have some breakfast."

"I-I think breakfast is a good idea."

"Great because between you and me I could eat an entire herd of cows." She saw Brian looking at her nervously. "I'm only having a laugh with you, although I am really hungry right now."

"Let's see what the wife has cooked up for us."

Inside the kitchen of the farm house Wanda was making the finishing touches to breakfast. Despite the fact that she was heavily pregnant she was still doing all the work that she did before her pregnancy. There was no doubt that it had become harder for her but she couldn't stop as she knew that Brian and Jessica were busy at work. She hadn't seen Jessica grow to her normal size so she was oblivious to what had taken place outside. She just carried on with her work and even hummed to herself as she cooked.

Once or twice she could feel the baby kicking inside of her and she placed her hand on her swollen belly. She smiled as she could imagine the joy that she would feel once her baby was born. She was still thinking of names that she and Brian could use to name it. One name that she thought of was Brendon if she had a boy. It was a nice name that she had liked for some time but convincing Brian was going to be a different story. However she knew that she could convince him.

No sooner had she put the finishing touches to the breakfast both Jessica and Brian entered the kitchen. Brian was still in some disbelief over what had happened but he was warmed by the friendly smile of his wife. She was just putting the breakfasts on the table just as they entered. They hadn't been as long as she had expected but this was not that big of a deal in her eyes.

"Hi there," said Wanda. "You're just in time, now why don't you take a seat and dig in." There was an aura of gentleness in her voice which made Brian feel more at ease. He could see now more than ever why he married her.

"Great," replied Jessica. "I'm starving."

All three of them sat down and Jessica began to eat her breakfast with some haste. She had been treated to a cooked breakfast which included sausages, bacon, beans, toast, egg and a side of black pudding. They were delicious and each mouthful that she had made her feel like she was dining with a lord. She could tell that Wanda was a marvellous cook and she didn't keep this to herself.

"Oh my this is really good," said Jessica.

"Thank you," replied Wanda who had just finished her mouthful. "It means a lot to hear it from you. I hear it all the time from Brian but to hear it from someone like you must mean I'm doing something right."

"You'll have to show me how you do it." She gave a nervous chuckle. "Cooking isn't something I'm particularly good at."

"Well if you happen to stick around for a while I'd be more than happy to show you." She knew that Brian might not like it but she owned this house just as much as he did and thus she had a decent say.

"I wish I could but as I said before there is somewhere I have to be in a couple of days. Thank you very much for the offer."

"You're welcome." She then looked over to Brian who for the moment hadn't said a word to her. "Brian I heard some noises last night, was everything alright?"

"Yes dear everything is fine," replied Brian. "We just had an unwanted guest who more than learned his lesson. It is nothing for you to be concerned about." He didn't want to add any stress to his wife. He wanted her to stay as healthy as possible since she would need all of her strength when the baby came.

"Ok then." She knew that he meant that there had been an intruder who tried to steal from them. "Well I hope that you taught them a lesson."

"I certainly did, in fact he should be back later to work off the debt that he owes to us." He knew that it was unlikely to happen but he still gave it some consideration. "Now shall we continue eating before our food goes cold?"

The trio continued to eat and in almost no time at all she had completely finished what had been on her plate. She would have asked for more but she felt that it would have been rude to ask so she was satisfied for now. Brian was not too far away from finishing although Wanda did have quite a bit left. It seemed that her eyes had been bigger than her belly this time although the baby she was carrying didn't help things.

No sooner had Brian finished eating his breakfast he heard a knock on the door. He carefully walked towards it and he made sure that his crossbow was close to the door. He wanted to ensure that he was able to grab it and fire it if the situation called for it. He just opened the door and at the slightest hint of danger he would shoot whoever might be on the other side. Much to his surprise it was Jimmy who actually kept his word which was the most surprising of all.

"So you came," said Brian. He was still thinking that at any moment he would need to use his crossbow. "I must admit that I didn't expect to ever see you again." He was just waiting to see what happened next before he reacted. At this moment in time he was expecting the worse.

"I-I don't want any trouble," replied Jimmy who was still terrified of Brian but especially Jessica. He couldn't see her but he knew that she was there. "I just came here to work off my debt and then I'll be on my way."

"Sounds reasonable but believe me if I catch you even looking at me the wrong way all bets will be off."

"I understand good sir." He was trying to be as nice to Brian as he could be. He was still terrified and he was beginning to think that coming back here was not the best idea that he ever had.

"Good now meet me around the back for your first day of work." He then slammed the door shut and he made his way to the back of the house. He walked passed the two women and he told Jessica that it was time to go out and continue their work. He was still a little intimidated of Jessica but he still kept his cool and made himself composed. He would not allow anyone to see any kind of weakness from him.

Moments later all three of them were outside while Wanda remained inside to clean up from breakfast. He handed Jimmy a shovel and demanded that he clean out the barn, it was one of the dirtiest jobs on the farm and he found it a fitting punishment for the events of the previous night.

Jessica on the other hand was given a much easier task. Now that Brian knew about her abilities he wanted to use them as productively as he could. He commanded her to move a large stack of hay which would have been very difficult for anyone to do alone. She was more than happy to do this as she grew to her normal size and began to move the hay one after the other.

Jimmy was inside of the barn so he didn't see her at her normal size. If he had he probably would have run to the hills. Instead she just carried on with her work and to her doing jobs like this made her feel like she was home. For at least this short amount of time she could forget her worries and just focus on the task at hand.

At one point Jessica was told to move a scarecrow and when she did she noticed that the clothing that it wore was similar to that of Sir Tucker before they had left Morgan. Having the scarecrow in her hand made her think about her friend and she did feel a little guilty about what had happened between them. She hoped that they could patch things up when they met again, their friendship was something too precious to be lost over something that seemed to be so trivial.

Just as Jimmy finished his work in the barn Jessica had shrunk herself back down to her minimum size and was already working on another task. She was milking some cows and although she was not as experienced with the job in comparison to others she still did it nonetheless. She remembered when she first started milking cows when she had just received her dress. Within weeks of starting that particular job sores and bumps began to appear on her hands. She had come down with cowpox but it wasn't a disease that she needed to fear and once she recovered from it she didn't have to worry about catching it again.

Brian was watching both Jessica and Jimmy as they worked but he was getting on with his own work. He was having to decide which pigs he needed to sell, he didn't want to get rid of any that hadn't fully grown. The heavier the pig the more that he would get paid for them so taking advantage of their growth was key.

There was one particular hog who was the largest that Brian owned but as also the most ill-tempered. On more than one occasion it had tried to bite him with limited success. However due to the pig's size he would bring a lot of much needed gold into the household and he would be glad to see it gone.

Suddenly he heard a scream from the farmhouse and he instantly recognised it as that of Wanda's. Everything he had been doing was suddenly dropped and he ran towards the house as quickly as he could. Unfortunately due to his short legs this wasn't a very fast speed but it was still a much quicker pace than normal.

As soon as he reached the house he quickly went inside like a man gone mad and he went to where his wife was. He found her on the ground and not too far from her was a large puddle of what seemed to be water. He didn't need to be a genius to realise what was happening, he could see the distress in Wanda's face and his heart raced increased.

"Honey?" asked Brian as he was almost completely lost for words. His life was going to change in the next few minutes.

"Brian it's coming," replied Wanda with much pain in her voice. Tears were rolling down her cheeks but these were a combination of both pain and joy.

"By the gods, just stay there one moment."

Brian quickly made his way outside but he had no clue about what he was going to do. He knew that this moment was coming but now it was here he didn't know how to react, his first child was just about to be born and he was terrified. He could see both Jessica and Jimmy still working hard and he shouted at them with such force that even Jessica was startled by his voice.

Quickly both of them made their way over to Brian and they could see that he was in a state of panic. For Jessica this was a surprise as she had only seen him as the serious man who had reluctantly allowed her to stay. Instead he seemed to be more panicked then when Jimmy was the previous night. She had no idea what was going on as neither she nor Jimmy had heard Wanda scream.

"Hey what's the matter?" asked Jimmy who was feeling a little confident now that Brian seemed to be less threatening.

"It's the wife," replied Brian. There was a lot of panic in his voice as things were going much faster than he would have liked. "The baby's coming."

"Oh my," said Jessica as she covered her mouth with her hands. "What are we going to do now?"

"I don't know, I don't know." His mind was in too much of a panicked state to think properly.

"Didn't you and your wife make a plan for this kind of situation?" She found it odd that such an important upcoming event in the lives of the couple had not been properly planned out.

"The baby's coming early. We still had a few weeks but now there's no time to make any plans. Whether we like it or not the baby is coming right now."

There was nothing to be accomplished by staying outside so the trio made their way back to the house. This was the first time that they saw Wanda since her water's broke and it was not a very comfortable thing to see. The first thing that was decided was that Wanda to be moved back to her bed where she would at least be comfortable.

This task fell to Jessica who even at her smallest size was more than strong enough to carefully lift the petite Wanda. She carefully took her into her bedroom and placed her on the bed. Wanda was still in agony and Jessica felt helpless, she was the tallest and strongest person in the house but she couldn't help Wanda. It made her feel like she was just some big dumb brute who was useless. The only thing she could think about doing was trying to comfort Wanda during this stressful period.

"Is there a healer nearby?" asked Jessica as she looked over to Brian. She knew that healers were also trained to deliver babies and were often the go to people in situations like this. Unfortunately from the look of his face this wasn't the case.

"No the nearest one is a half day's walk from here," replied Brian. "We'll never get him here in time."

"Yes we might." She knew that she was going to have to do something drastic in order to ensure that Wanda and the unborn baby made it. "Which direction is it to the Healer?" She could see that Brian was beginning to realise what she was planning.

"It's over the hills in that direction." He pointed in the direction where the Healer was located. Although they were inside she could knew what he meant. "There's a small village called Piggott, you can't miss it."

"Great then I'll go and bring the healer here. You pair do whatever you can to comfort her until I return." She could see just how panicked Brian was, she felt that she needed to do something to reassure him. "I promise I'll bring the Healer here as fast as I can but for now all you can do is be there for your wife in her time of need. She'll make it through and soon you will have your own little bundle of joy to make your family complete."

Brian was speechless and he could help but shed a few tears. He was very worried about his wife as he had lost his own mother through childbirth. He didn't wish to see his wife die in the same manner. He held onto the hand of Wanda and just tried to comfort her in the best way that he could.

Without wasting another moment Jessica stepped outside of the farmhouse and quickly grew up to her full size. She looked in the direction that Brian had pointed out and she could see the hills that he mentioned. From her vantage point she couldn't see the village that he had mentioned but if it was indeed half a day's walk for a normal person she didn't expect to see it yet.

Jessica began to move in the direction that was pointed out as quickly as she could but in her dress she couldn't run all that fast. Instead she had to walk at a very steady pace but even at this speed it wouldn't take her long to traverse the distance that was needed. Normally on a journey such as this she would take in the area surrounding her but she didn't have time to do this and she knew that not one but two lives were probably depending on her.

When she had seen the hills from a distance she hadn't thought much of them but when she reached them she noticed that they were taller than she expected. They were easily as tall as her if not taller and there was no clear way of being able to traverse around them. There were gaps between the hills where a normal person could have made their way through but at her size this was impossible. She did consider shrinking down but it would still take too long for her to get through.

In the end Jessica knew that she had no choice but to climb over them. This was going to be difficult for her but with what was at stake she was more than willing to take the risk. She knew that every moment counted and she didn't want to be the one who had to tell Brian that his wife died because she wasted time.

Jessica dug her fingers into the side of the hill and lifted herself up as best as she could. Unfortunately climbing was one thing that she wasn't particularly good at. Due to her size she had been used to being bigger than whatever obstacle faced her. However this time was different however since she was facing something that was in fact larger than her. It had been a very stressful twenty four hours for her and it seemed that this only seemed to make things worse for her.

It had only just gotten to midday so she at least knew that she would have sunlight for the next several hours. Right now that was the only comfort she could take as she climbed up the hill and eventually reached the top. She started to dart across the tops of the hills at a surprisingly fast pace but suddenly she slipped on one of the hills and it sent her tumbling down to the ground. As she fell she could feel much pain and she even heard a loud snap.

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