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  Inside the room it was complete darkness but this was no problem for Gwen who could easily see in the dark without problem. She had shrunk herself to creep under the door and as soon as she was on the other side she grew until she was around six foot in height. She wasn’t alone in this room either as there was someone else in there who at that moment in time was fast asleep.

  Gwen had a smile on her face as she approached the person and gave them a small tap on the arm to wake them up. At first the person didn’t wake up so she continued to poke until the person began to moan as they woke up. The person had been expecting it to be morning but they were surprised to discover that it was still the dead of night. They slowly sat up from there bed and in the darkness they could just about make out the figure of someone leaning down near the bed.

  “Whose there?” asked the person who had a female voice. She was on the verge of calling out for a guard since there was an intruder inside the room.

  “You don’t need to be afraid,” replied Gwen. She just clicked her fingers and a few of the candles around the room suddenly lit up and it helped light things up enough for her to see the person. The person in the bed was none other than Nancy who after being suddenly awoken was not in the best of appearances. “My name is Gwen and I’m the Mistress Of Size.”

  “The what?” She was in some confusion and she hadn’t even fully registered that Gwen had even lit the candles simply by clicking her fingers.

  “Mistress Of Size.” The smile only grew on her face as she was proud of the title that she had given herself but the truth was there was no one in existence who had the same control over her size as her. “I can literally be any size I want to be, I’ve seen monstrous creatures that are so small that millions of them could be in your bed right now. I’ve also been able to move mountains as if they were pebbles and yet this is far from the limits of my abilities.” It was true as even she had not yet discovered the limits of her size changing capabilities. If anything she didn’t have a limit.

  “That’s insane.” Nancy didn’t really believe her since she didn’t think that any of that could be true. She was more awake now than she was before and her wits were returning to her at an even faster pace. “No one has that kind of power.”

  “I see that a demonstration is needed.” Slowly Gwen began to shrink herself right in front of Nancy who watched in amazement. At the start of the day she had seen a woman growing to giant size but now she was watching the opposite happen. She had to lean over when she saw Gwen shrinking smaller and smaller and when she looked at the ground she saw that the tiny woman was now only a few inches tall. “If you’re not convinced by that I can go the other way.” With that Gwen began to increase her size rapidly and Nancy had to move further from the edge of her bed as she watched her growing quickly. Soon enough she was back up to six feet tall but she didn’t stop there as she kept going and even when her head hit the ceiling she still continued to grow. She sat down on the ground and continued to grow until she had almost filled it up. She continued to smile down at Nancy who was mixed with both excitement and terror. “As you can see my claims are not fabricated, but if you doubt me again then we might come to a disagreement and believe me you don’t want that to happen.” She chuckled as she began to shrink herself and within moments she was back down to being around six foot in height.

  “That was amazing.” She couldn’t help but be greatly impressed with what she had just seen. “You’re just like Jessica.”

  “Hardly.” Gwen laughed at Nancy for her comment. It was not because she thought that it was funny but because she thought it was stupid. “My abilities far exceed that mortal’s in more ways than you can imagine. It is like comparing a stick to a bolt of lightning in terms of raw power.”

  “That’s amazing. But how did you get here?” There was a hint of fear in her voice as she still didn’t know why Gwen was even there. It also made her think that if Gwen got inside that other intruders might find a way in.

  “Well I heard that you wanted to be taller and from the looks of you I can see why. You’re small for a mortal and since you’re no longer growing you seemed to be doomed of a life of being forever short. What if I told you that I could change that?”

  “You could make me taller?” There was surprise in her voice but there was also a hint of excitement. Jessica had not been able to make Nancy taller but she thought that Gwen could possibly do that.

  “Of course I could, I am after all the Mistress of Size. But I won’t be giving it to you for free of course. I want something in return.”

  “Name it and my father will make sure that it is yours.” She knew that her father could give Gwen almost anything she wanted and she thought that any price was not high enough to give her those extra few inches.

  “Well the thing is that I’m not sure exactly what I want so basically I’m going to come back later when I’ve thought of a way that you can repay me. It might be today, it might be tomorrow, it might even be forty years from now but one I will return for my payment. Do you agree to these terms?”

  “I-I.” Nancy wasn’t sure that she could agree to this. She had no idea exactly what she was going to be selling to be taller. However this was a chance that she couldn’t pass up and she had to take the risk. “I agree.”

  “Good now I just need you to relax.” Gwen’s smile was still there as she knew that she would be having another mortal in her pocket.

  Nancy did as she was told as she began to relax. She gave out a sigh just as she felt Gwen’s thumb come into contact with her forehead. She wasn’t sure what exactly happened next but she definitely saw Gwen beginning to glow and Nancy could feel a strange sensation rocket through her body. All the sound around them seemed to completely fade away as the process continued but eventually the glow around began to subside. Gwen then took her thumb off of Nancy’s forehead and quickly she got out of bed. Much to her disappointment she seemed to have not grown at all. She looked at herself and there was definitely no change in height in the slightest.

  “I don’t feel any taller,” said Nancy as she continued to look at herself. She was beginning to think that she might have been conned. However there were still a few things that she couldn’t explain.

  “Well I did have it that it wouldn’t work straight away. In fact if anything it is working right now, I’ve just initiated a growth spurt in your body. In a few weeks’ time you’ll notice the change and you will continue to grow. Eventually you’ll be taller than your family, taller than everyone in the castle and one day you’ll even be taller than the tallest man in Angleland and yet you will continue to grow.” She chuckled a little before turning around to walk out. “I’ll be seeing you at some point in your future. Exactly when I haven’t decided yet but this isn’t the last you’ll see of me.” She went to step out of the door but she heard Nancy call out to her, by then the smaller woman was sitting back down on her bed and was a little unsure of the situation.

  “When will the growth spurt stop?” asked Nancy with a combination of excitement and fear in her voice.

  “It won’t.”

  With that Gwen shrank herself and went underneath the door and went out the other side. Nancy was left to sit there but more or less as soon as Gwen left all the candles that had been lit suddenly faded away. She was left alone with her thoughts as she couldn’t believe what had just happened. It felt insane to her that she might never stop growing, she wondered if she would be as tall as Jessica or that her growth would be so slow that it would take her numerous years to grow a foot.

  For now there wasn’t much that Nancy could do but go back into bed and try to go back to sleep. If Gwen said was true she was looking forward to being taller than her brothers. Sir Ty couldn’t make fun of her for being small and she thought that she might be able to push him around. She would stay conservative with her height in other areas as she saw Jessica had the power to destroy practically anything she wanted but chose not to. She wanted to be like her in many ways.

  Nancy didn’t realise just how truly tired she was as she went back into bed and slowly she drifted off back to sleep while outside her room Gwen was making her way through the corridors again. She still wanted to have some fun before she shrank back to microscopic size and hid on Sir Tucker’s armour. She had been excited when he had been taking part in the tournament but she had been bored since then.

  A couple of times Gwen had even shrunk below being microscopic and interacted with the monstrous creatures that she claimed to have seen and even went down below them until everything was made up of spheres which were compacted to one another. It was something that no human had ever seen and she even considered shrinking down below that to see what was beyond these spheres but she was willing to leave that as an adventure for another day. Now she wanted a more human interaction and she just had to find someone who was awake and looking for a bit of fun.

  Gwen didn’t really hide herself this time as she didn’t have a fixed goal like she did when it came to searching for Nancy. She was sure that there would be a few guards patrolling around and it wouldn’t be long before she found one. She just couldn’t stop thinking about what she might do if she found a guard. Sex was not on the forefront of her mind this time and instead she wanted to have a bit more fun.

  It only took a few minutes for Gwen to run across someone else but rather than it being a guard it was instead one of the maids who was just running a few errands so that things could go smoothly in the morning. She was carrying what seemed to be a large basket filled with sheets and a few other items of clothing. She was an average woman and although she wasn’t the prettiest she wasn’t what a person could consider to be ugly either. She had long red hairs and green eyes along with some freckles. In the darkness of the corridors the woman couldn’t see Gwen at all but the demi-goddess was more than capable of seeing her.

  The woman was just about to go through a door when she saw the figure of Gwen approaching her. At first she thought that she was just another guard but when she came out of the shadows she could see that Gwen was no guard. She couldn’t help but admit to herself that Gwen was probably the best looking woman she had ever seen but it didn’t mean that her sudden appearance hadn’t caught her by surprise.

  “W-who are you?” asked the woman with some fear in her voice. By then she had dropped the basket that she had been carrying but it didn’t make too much of a sound when it impacted the ground. “You shouldn’t be here.” She went to call out for a guard but the next thing that she felt was Gwen put a single finger on her mouth. It was probably one of the oddest things that she had ever felt.

  “Shush now we don’t want to attract any unwanted attention,” replied Gwen. Her reassuring face made the woman feel that there wasn’t anything particularly wrong. “My name is Gwen and tonight is the first night of the rest of your life.” Normally Gwen would probably want to learn the woman’s name but the truth was that she didn’t really care. “I think that you need a little bit more fun in your life don’t you think?”

  “What are you talking about?” She was beginning to show some fear again but Gwen still remained as calm and collective as ever.

  “What if I told you that I could show you a world that no man can even imagine? Places so small that many wouldn’t even consider its existence. I can see in your eyes that you are bored with your life, bored with having to do this menial tasks every single day and the Lord not even saying thank you. I can show you something exciting that you will remember for the rest of your days.”

  “How can you possibly do that?” She didn’t believe that Gwen could do something like that. She had no idea the power that Gwen wielded and if anything she might be making one of the biggest mistakes of her life. “No one has that kind of power.”

  “Indeed they don’t but I’m not just anyone.” She increased her height until she was seven feet tall and now towered above the woman. This shocked the woman as the last thing she expected to see was Gwen suddenly growing like that. “As you can see I wield power that no mortal could ever hope to achieve.”

  “How are you doing that?” She was trying to think of a rational explanation for what she had just seen but there was no explanation for Gwen’s abilities. It was simply something that was beyond her comprehension.

  “Simple I am something that is far above humans. What you call extraordinary I simply call the norm. What you find fantastic I find it boring. I am the Mistress of Size and tonight you’re going to have a little fun with me.”

  With that Gwen grabbed the woman’s hand and quickly the two of them began to shrink rapidly. It was a sensation that Gwen had experienced more times than she could be bothered to count but for the woman it was something that was completely alien to her. She watched in fear as the world around her grew rapidly at a rate which completely blew her mind wide open.

  It was only a matter of seconds before both women were a few inches tall but Gwen continued to shrink them both. They were impossible to see in the darkness but as the seconds went by both women continued to shrink smaller and smaller and eventually they couldn’t even be seen by the naked eye.

  By this point the woman had closed her eyes and had tried not to panic as she felt the sensation constantly running through her body. For Gwen it was more fun than anything else for her to shrink herself and this woman along with her. She knew that it wouldn’t be long until they were at the size that she wanted them.

  Eventually the woman felt the strange sensation subside from her body and she was in a state of absolute fear. What she had just experienced was something that no other human had ever felt but rather than being honoured about this she was instead in a state of absolute fear that she would probably never fully recover from.

  “Isn’t this a magnificent sight?” asked Gwen as she looked at the world around her. She then looked at the woman and realised that her eyes were still closed. She laughed a little before smiling again. “You won’t see anything if you have your eyes closed silly. Open them and behold the wonder around you.”

  Slowly the woman began to open her eyes and she saw a sight which was beyond her own comprehension. The world around her looked like an endless stretch of almost nothingness. She looked up to the sky and it was black above her and she saw what seemed be large boulders around her. She had no idea that these were in fact dust particles which were now as large as her. The ground was brown and stretched out in every direction with no end in sight. The ground even felt slightly uneven as they were so small that they could feel the minute changes in the ground’s depth.

  “W-what is this place?” asked the woman with some fear in her voice. This was a world that she never imagined that she would see. It was something that brought her great terror and all she wanted was to return to her normal size. “Where are we?”

  “We’re still in the castle silly,” replied Gwen with a chuckle. To her it was all a game and the woman’s reaction was making all this worthwhile. “We’re just so small that no one can see us anymore.”

  “That’s impossible.” Despite everything that had happened she was in denial that anything had happened. “I’ve fallen asleep on the job again and this is some kind of dream that the gods have sent to punish me.”

  “This isn’t a dream.” She quickly grabbed the woman’s hand. Despite the fact that they were both small Gwen was still much taller than the woman. They kept the same proportions as they did before they shrank. “Now let me show you some of the fun you can have at this size.”

  Gwen quickly began to move forwards and she more than had the strength to pull the woman along with her. At first she wanted to stop exactly where she was but the woman knew that she couldn’t resist Gwen and that she was her only way of returning to her normal size. It was still very odd for her to be walking around at this size, she had walked this corridor more times than she could count but this was the first time she had done it at this scale. She couldn’t help but look in amazement at everything around her. She could see the odd item on the ground as she moved which could barely be noticeable by anyone walking passed. There was even a pebble which was nearby but to her it was bigger than any building in Angleland.

  Both Gwen and the woman moved for several minutes and the woman was beginning to get a little tired but Gwen didn’t know what fatigue was. One of the benefits of her demi-goddess status was that she never got tired. She could hear the woman panting and for a moment she stopped and turned to her. They had been moving at a somewhat fast pace which had seriously tired the woman out.

  “Hey what’s up?” asked Gwen. She looked at her in some amount of confusion. “Why are you making that noise?”

  “I’m tired and we’ve been running for what must have been a mile,” replied the woman as she continued to try and catch her breath. What had seemed to be a mile wasn’t more than a couple of inches to a normal sized person.

  “Tired?” Gwen looked blankly at her for a few moments before she finally realised what she was talking about. “Oh yeah mortals need to rest, little things like that slip my mind sometimes.” She giggled at herself as she thought that it was comical that normal people needed to rest. “And I just realised something.”

  “What’s that?” There was a hint of hesitation in her voice as she thought that she probably wouldn’t like the answer.

  “This is boring. I thought it was fun being this size but there’s just large expanses of nothingness everywhere you go. I think that we’re still too big to have any real fun.” She looked over to the woman with a smile still on her face. “Let me shrink us even smaller so that we can have some real fun.”

  “No please I want to be big again,” replied the woman with fear in her voice. She was still terrified about her lack of size and wanted more than anything to be back up to her full size so that she could be seen again.

  “What are you talking about? You have no concept on being big.” This was true since the woman had never been truly a giant like Gwen or Jessica. In fact Gwen didn’t even think that Jessica truly knew what it was like to be big. Not at the level that she could and it was something else that she felt was comical.

  “I just want to be my old size again. It’s terrifying walking around knowing that someone could easily crush you and not even know that they’ve done it. I still have a lot of work to do before dawn and I just want to get out of this place. The world at this scale is a really scary place.”

  “What are you talking about?” Gwen had no true recollection of what danger was. She was an immortal and thus couldn’t be harmed. She didn’t understand fear or mortality, it was as alien to her as a long desert to a penguin. “I can still shrink us even further and we can see creatures you couldn’t imagine.”

  “Aren’t you listening to me?” There was the slightest hint of anger in her voice which Gwen was able to pick up. “I don’t want to get any smaller, I want to be big again and carry on with the work I was doing.”

  “But why would you want to do that?” She still couldn’t figure out just what the woman’s problem was. “This is much more fun.”

  “You can’t just do this to people.” She was taken a firm stance since she thought that it would be the only way to get through to Gwen. “You can’t shrink a person down against their permission and then more or less refuse to make them normal again. I don’t care if you’re some kind of goddess or not you make me big again this instant.” Her tone was angrier than it had been before and Gwen was almost stunned. She had never had a mortal talk to her in this manner before and she didn’t know what she was going to do about it. For a few moments she remained in silence.

  The woman stood there after she had finished speaking and she was waiting to see what Gwen did next. It was only then that she thought that she might have said the wrong thing. Angering the only person who could restore a person to their normal state was not the best of ideas. This was when the woman felt her heart rate increasing as her nervousness began to peak. She watched as Gwen took a couple of steps towards her and she seemed to have an angry expression on her face. This was when the woman thought that she was doomed but instead of an angry outburst the demi-goddess began to laugh as if she had just heard the funniest joke in Angleland.

  “Oh my,” said Gwen as she continued to laugh. Her laughter was very loud but at her miniscule size no one would be able to hear her. “You’ve got guts I’ll give you that much.” She continued to laugh and the woman didn’t know if she was actually doomed or had just saved herself. “You’re one of the few mortals who have spoken to me like that and I’ll tell you bad things normally happen to them, but I like you. You’re definitely more fun than most of the mortals I’ve met.”

  “So what are you going to do?” replied the woman who still was unsure with what was about to happen.

  “Oh you’ll see.”

  Gwen then placed her hand on the woman’s shoulder and both women began to grow in size. It was slow at first but it began to become faster and faster with each passing moment. The woman felt a large sense of relief as she grew in size, she was looking forward to be back to her original size and finally out of that micro world so to speak.

  The growth continued for several seconds until both women were up to what seemed to be a normal size. The woman was able to look at herself in the low light and she seemed to be happy with the fact that she was normal once again. There was one thing that she hadn’t noticed as of yet.

  Despite the fact that Gwen had admitted that the woman had courage she still wanted to punish her for her outburst. For this Gwen had purposely made the woman three inches shorter than she was before. It might have seemed to be a harsh punishment but considering that Gwen could have left her at microscopic size being three inches shorter didn’t seem to be such a bad thing.

  “That was fun,” said Gwen. “Maybe a little short but still fun nonetheless, I’ll have to come back here at some point and see you again. You should see what it’s like to have clouds your hair.”

  “No I’m fine thank you,” replied the woman. She really didn’t want to be a giant and being able to reach the clouds was a level that she never dared imagine. “I’m fine at this height thank you very much.”

  “Suit yourself.” She chuckled a little and she looked down at the woman. She still towered above her and she found this to simply be the best course of action. “I’ll be seeing you later then, be sure not to get into any trouble.”

  With that Gwen began to walk away with a spring in her step. The woman just watched her in amazement and she even questioned whether what had just happened was indeed reality. She felt that it was so fantastical that if she told anyone they would think that she was crazy. She thought that it was best to keep this to herself for now and maybe some years later tell people what had happened.

  The basket that the woman had been carrying was close by and she picked it up but one thing that she noticed was that it was slightly bigger than she remembered. It wasn’t by much and she didn’t notice too much, she did go towards the nearby door and discovered that the handle was actually slightly higher than she remembered. It didn’t take her long to realise that she was not all the way up to her full height. She was shorter than she should be and she was left completely speechless.

  Not far away Gwen was still walking through the corridor and although she was much taller than the average person she didn’t seem to mind this. She just continued to walk as she returned to the room that was occupied by the still sleeping Sir Tucker and Jessica. Rather than shrinking to go under the door Gwen decided to walk through it at her current size but she had to duck her head to get under the door and she looked at the sleeping couple for a few moments.

  Gwen knew that they had been a couple but she had more or less broken them up simply so that she could pleasure herself. She found it fun to be able to do this to mortals but there was one odd feeling that she did feel. She couldn’t put her finger on it but she could feel it in the pit of her stomach. It was something that she had never felt before and it wasn’t a feeling that she particularly liked.

  Eventually Gwen began to step towards Sir Tucker’s light armour that was on the ground and with each step she took she shrank herself. By the time she reached it she was able to climb onto the right spot that she wanted and she shrank herself until she was completely out of sight.

  Gwen didn’t particularly like hiding away like this but she felt that if she interfered too much she would ruin her fun on this quest. So far she had seen more exciting things than she could have ever hoped to have seen on the higher plains. As far as she was concerned she never wanted to return there and instead remain in the mortal realm where marvels took place every day. To a god or demi-god they barely had any worries since they were immortal while for a mortal their days were numbered. They had the fear of death constantly hanging over them and this allowed them to be able to live lives that Gwen considered to be fun and most importantly exciting.

  She wished to have the best of both worlds where she could live amongst mortals and yet keep her god like abilities. Being able to literally be any size she chose was something that she would never even consider giving up.

  For now Gwen just wanted to see the end of this quest and then she wasn’t sure exactly what she would do after that. She doubted that she would remain with Sir Tucker and Jessica, instead she would find someone else who would give her the excitement she craved but that was a thought for another day.


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