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  Nancy couldn’t get over the fact that Jessica was standing in her garden and had actually just grown right in front of her. Although she had shrunk back down to her smallest height to everyone else she was still a giant. In Nancy’s eyes Jessica was probably the most spectacular person in all of Angleland and there were a few things that Jessica was that Nancy knew that she would never be.

  “You’re so lucky to be able to do that,” said Nancy without giving it that much of a thought. She didn’t know how Jessica had wanted to be normal her entire life but her size was a constant reminder of how she would never be normal.

  “Yeah lucky,” replied Jessica with some hesitation in her voice. She knew that Nancy meant well but the last thing she thought she was lucky.

  “You have to show me just how tall you can get. Maybe if we go outside of Indigon and the town you can show me.”

  “But my lady is that wise?” replied a guard who was standing just outside of the garden. He had been monitoring everything that was taking place.

  “I want to spend a little time away from the castle and I will be more than safe in the hands of Jessica.” She had turned to the guard and she was a little annoyed. She would have liked to think that it was a private conversation but it was a reminder that she never truly had any privacy.

  “I must protest.” There was some anxiety in his voice as he had orders to keep his eye on her.

  “And I command you to allow me to leave the castle with Jessica for a short while and if my father asks tell him I will be back shortly.”

  “But my lady.”

  “No buts, now leave or else I’ll have my father relieve all of your duties.” She watched as the guards looked at her. They wanted to continue the protest but it was no use, all just bowed and began to walk away. This was something that Jessica had not expected and she saw Nancy turn and look up at her again. “I’m sorry that you had to see that, I don’t particularly like bullying people around but they annoy me so much.” This was true, she didn’t like to bully people since it reminded her too much of her brother. If on the slim chance she inherited Indigon she would make sure that it was a fair and just place to all no matter their birth.

  “I know the feeling but are you sure you want me to show you my full size?” replied Jessica. She was still surprised with what had just happened, such a small woman had been able to command men who were amongst the physically most powerful in Indigon. If anything she was impressed.

  “Of course and if any bandits want to mess with me you’ll be there to have my back.” She smiled again at Jessica as she truly felt happy. She knew that her lord father might be angry at her at first but he would forgive her. He always did.

  “Yeah sure.” There was some hesitation in her voice but she couldn’t refuse Nancy either. Despite the size difference between them it was Nancy who was actually calling the shots at that point in time.

  For the next several minutes Jessica and Nancy made their way out of the castle and even outside of the small town that had sprouted up. It was insane to think that a few short years earlier there was nothing but grassland. It seemed funny to most seeing an enormous woman like Jessica walking alongside Nancy. Most of the townspeople who saw them recognised the smaller woman as Nancy but none tried anything while she was in Jessica’s presence. In fact many of them showed their respects to her.

  Eventually the two women found themselves on a grassland just outside of the town. There was no one in the immediate area and Jessica wouldn’t have to worry about damaging any buildings. It was still morning and the birds were singing which gave the whole area a very peaceful feeling. There were a few dark clouds in the sky which hinted that it would rain later. Other than that it was a perfectly fine day but there was a breeze that did make things seem a little cooler.

  “Ok now that we’re here can I see you at your full size?” asked Nancy with excitement in her voice. To her it was almost like ten birthdays had all come at once as she more than wanted to see Jessica truly gigantic.

  “I’m not sure,” replied Jessica. She was still hesitant at growing in front of Nancy. “You won’t be scared will you?”

  “Of course not, I might be small but I’m not a coward.” This was true in more ways than Jessica could think. Since unlike others who saw Jessica grew Nancy would be expecting it so it wouldn’t be a surprise.

  Jessica took a few steps away from Nancy and began to concentrate on growing. Slowly Nancy saw Jessica growing taller before her very eyes. It was by far one of the most amazing things that she had ever seen and as Jessica continued to grow so did Nancy’s excitement. For Jessica growing was actually very simple since being a towering giantess was her natural height. It took a lot more concentration shrinking rather than growing and making herself her normal height was like she was taking off a mask and showing the world her natural self. Anything else was hiding.

  Although Jessica could grow faster than she did she kept it at a slower pace just so there was even less chance of her scaring Nancy. Despite the slower pace it still didn’t take her long to reach her full size and now she truly looked like a giant. There were even some birds who had flown close by and now they looked no bigger than insects in comparison to her. The birds were terrified about the giantess they could see but the truth was that none of them were in any danger.

  Nancy couldn’t get over what she had just seen. She had watched a very tall woman grow into a full blown giantess right in front of her eyes. It was something that she would remember from now all the way to the end of her days. She watched as Jessica went down to one knee and looked at Nancy, her shadow engulfed the tiny woman and it was a sight to truly behold.

  “This is the real me,” said Jessica. She made sure that her voice was fairly quiet and non-threatening. “The me that can fit into buildings is just a mask I wear, this how I truly am and without this dress I would be stuck like this.” There was a small amount of sadness in her voice but Nancy only remained excited. “I can understand if you want me to be my smallest height again.”

  “Are you joking?” replied Nancy with excitement in her voice. “You are truly amazing, can you pick me up? I want to see what it’s like up there.” Without saying much of a word Jessica lowered her hand so that Nancy could step onto it. No sooner had the little woman stepped onto Jessica’s hand it was raised up until she was roughly sixty feet off the ground but for Nancy this wasn’t enough. “You can do better than this Jessica. Stand up tall like you should do.”

  Jessica’s surprise was almost getting the better of her. She had never met someone like Nancy who showed no genuine fear of her and if anything was actually overjoyed with what was going on. Jessica did what she was told as she stood up to her full height and carefully allowed Nancy to stand in the palm of her hand.

  Nancy’s next expression was one of wonder as she could see for miles around in every direction. She had a clear view of Indigon and it was the first time she had ever seen it from this vantage point. She took a look behind and she could see a great forest which was only a few miles away. She was seeing the world from an entirely new view that many people would never have the chance to see.

  “This has to be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” said Nancy as she looked at the world around her. “And you see this every time you’re at this size?” It was still more than she could really take in.

  “Pretty much,” replied Jessica. There was a little more cheeriness in her voice. “The view is nice but I still prefer to be able to fit into buildings. I guess the view is one advantage to my size and the fact that I never have to worry about thieves.”

  “There is something I want to ask you Jessica.” Just from the tone of her voice Jessica could tell that Nancy was being stern but was still excited.

  “Sure fire away.” She didn’t think that Nancy would ask her to do something that she really didn’t want to do.

  “Can you make me taller?” This question did catch Jessica by surprise and for the moment she was speechless. “I don’t mean to be as tall as you but I want to be taller than this.” She gave a sigh as she continued on. “I have to look up to every adult I meet and my brother doesn’t stop reminding me that I’m small. But if you make me taller then I won’t be a shrimp anymore.” There was some sadness in her voice as she really didn’t like being one of the shortest adults in Indigon.

  “I would Nancy if I could.” She would have loved to have told Nancy a white lie but she knew that it wouldn’t be helping anyone. “But my abilities don’t work like that, remember I’m naturally a giant and my dress is what makes me smaller.” She could see the disappointment in Nancy’s face and it did make her feel safe. “Believe me if I could make you taller I would do it without giving it a second thought. I haven’t met many people who have accepted me the way that you have and you are probably one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet.”

  “I understand.” Despite this she was still very disappointment and her voice didn’t hide this. “I knew it was going to be a long shot but I thought that it was worth a try. Believe me I drink a lot of milk to try and make myself taller but nothing seems to work. Maybe I’m just destined to be short.”

  “And you shouldn’t let that ruin your life. If you’re not supposed to grow any taller than you are now there has to be a reason behind it. Not everyone in the world need to be tall and it isn’t the height of a person that brings them greatness. You were able to grow your own garden without the need to be taller, you’re young and you still have many great things to do in your life.” Everything that she was saying was truly from the heart. She raised Nancy up higher so that she was at her eye level. “And believe me I’d much rather be your height than this one.”

  “Thanks Jessica that means a lot to me.” She was disappointed but she couldn’t help but feel happier with what Jessica had said. She seemed to listen to her more than her brothers or even her father.

  “Did you want to take a walk around?” She thought that this would make Nancy happier and also allow her to see what the world was truly like as a giantess. “Maybe a trek through the forest will make you feel better.”

  “Yeah sure, that sounds nice.” With that Nancy felt herself get placed on Jessica’s shoulder but before the giantess went anywhere she made sure a few strands of her hair was wrapped around Nancy.

  “Are you ready?” She tried to add some excitement to her voice so that it sounded like it Nancy was going to go on some kind of big adventure. It was another attempt to make her feel better.

  “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Nancy’s voice did seem happier but there was one other reason why she was somewhat jealous of the giantess. It wasn’t just because of her height but the fact that Jessica could go on these adventures while Nancy was stuck at Indigon. She would love nothing more than to go out on an adventure but due to her family ties this was impossible for her. She already knew that one day she would be married off to another lord and live at his castle for the rest of her days. It was a life that she didn’t particularly want but it seemed that she was doomed to live it.

  With that Jessica began to make what was to her the short walk towards the wooded area. For Nancy seeing world around her moving like it was doing was something else that not many people in Angleland had ever experienced. She saw Jessica travelling a distance with a single stride than anyone else could hope to make in several. It was just something else that she could be amazed over.

  It only took Jessica around a minute at her full size to reach the wooded area and carefully she entered it. One thing that she had to be careful of was the fact that the canopy of the trees was preventing her from seeing the ground. For this reason she wouldn’t walk very far inside but with the trees being so small compared to her she didn’t have to worry too much about getting lost.

  “It’s not exactly how I imagined it,” said Nancy since she was so far above the trees that she couldn’t see anything inside the wooded area. “I can’t see much from up here.” She did like to see some of the creatures from the woodlands but she knew that Jessica had most likely scared them away when they had entered the woods.

  “I can always make myself smaller if you want me to,” replied Jessica. Right now she could see how Nancy was disappointed with the fact that she couldn’t help her grow any taller. For this reason she wanted to make her have the best time that she could.

  “No I’m fine, it’s just that I’ve never seen the woods from up here before.” It was still an amazing sight for her and she was seeing something that normally only Sir Tucker shared with Jessica.

  “I know it takes a while to get used to it but you don’t have to worry about anything. As long as you have those strands of my hair wrapped around you there is nothing that you need to worry about.” She smiled at Nancy to try and make her feel better, both women were enjoying their time together but both knew that it wouldn’t last for that much longer before they needed to return to Indigon.

  “That’s fine, can we go deeper into the woods?”

  “Not at this size, it’s likely that I might trip over something and believe me you don’t want that to happen. Plus I don’t want to accidentally step on a little woodland critter. It’s just not in my nature.”

  “Oh I see.” She could understand where Jessica was coming from. If she tripped over it was likely that Nancy wouldn’t survive the fall and it would cause her too much grief to put into words. “You could help me pick some fruit, I’m sure that’s not dangerous.”

  “As her ladyship wishes.”

  Jessica then began to unwrap the hair around Nancy and allowed her to be cupped in her hand. She then bent down so that Nancy could pick some fruit out from the trees. At that point they were standing near a very large apple tree and Nancy was now one of the few humans to be picking apples from a tree without having to climb it.

  Nancy was right on level with the highest part of the tree where there were some large apples that were ready to be picked. Even though she was several feet off the ground at no point did Nancy feel like she was in any kind of danger. Jessica’s hand was very steady and she had years of experience handling a normal sized person.

  There was also a few birds in the tree and at first they seemed to pay no attention to Nancy as she continued to pick a few apples. She was sure that they could be used for a meal at some point in the near future and the fact that she had picked them herself would likely just make them taste that much sweeter. She could even make some apple pie for her father and even for a few of the guards.

  It took a few minutes for her to pick enough apples for what she wanted. She had picked around a dozen apples and each of them she had inspected. If any of them were imperfect she would have dropped it and allowed the animals below to eat it. Most of the apples lay on Jessica’s hand and the two women were having a lot of fun with one another even though there was a one hundred and twenty foot height difference between them. For Nancy she hoped that this day would never end.

  That idea came crashing down when both women heard a rumbling sound. It was something that both of them recognised in an instant.

  “Sounds like rain,” said Jessica as she looked up to the sky. There were dark clouds above her and she didn’t want to be around when it finally rained. She was normally the first person who knew when it rained. “Let’s go back to the castle before we get wet.” She remembered many times having to squeeze into her family’s barn whenever it rained. The older she got the more difficult the task had become.

  “Ok then.” There was the hint of disappointment in her voice. She would have liked for this little day out to last longer but it seemed that the weather was going to spoil it for the both of them.

  Quickly Jessica began to walk back to the castle and while she did this she was at her full size. Only when they reached the town did she finally shrink in size but the sound of thunder was getting louder. It wasn’t long before they felt the first raindrops begin to fall but by then the pair had just been able to get back into the castle. No sooner did they do this the rain poured down as if it were going out of fashion. A person would likely be completely drenched within a few seconds, they even spotted someone who was unfortunate enough not to get indoors in time.

  As soon as they were inside Nancy called over a couple of the guards to help her carry the apples that she had picked. Jessica had been carrying a few of them but now there was no need for her to do so. She instructed the guards to take the apples straight to the kitchen where she would return later. She also knew that she would have to leave Jessica for now and by this time tomorrow she would probably never see her again.

  “I should be going now,” said Nancy. “My father has probably noticed that I was gone so I’ll have to bat my eyes and ask him for forgiveness. I’ll also make some pie from the apples we picked, I’ll be sure that you and Sir Tucker will get a slice.”

  “That sounds nice Nancy and I’ve really enjoyed today,” replied Jessica with a smile on her face. “It’s not every day that I have fun with someone who isn’t Tucker.” She still wasn’t used to calling him Sir Tucker and still called him Tucker without really thinking about it. “It’s been a really nice day and maybe we can do it again one day.”

  “Sure you can pop round anytime you want and we can go apple picking again or maybe even scare the living daylights out of my brother.” This was a little something that she had imagined just so her brother could finally be on the receiving end of being bullied. Unfortunately to her it was just a fantasy.

  Both girls laughed but they soon found themselves embracing one another in a hug. It was strange for Nancy to be hugging someone so big but to Jessica she was used to hugging people much smaller than her. She had even squatted down so that she was at the same level as Nancy. The hug lasted for several moments and nothing around them seemed to matter as their hug continued.

  Eventually they had to break the hug off as both of them knew that there was other places that they had to be. They would definitely see one another again before Sir Tucker and Jessica made their way onto the third trial. What would happen after that would be anyone’s guess.

  Jessica was led back down to the room that she had shared with Sir Tucker the previous night. She found the man himself sitting on the bed and looking at the map that would lead them to the third trial. He turned and was somewhat surprised to see Jessica walk in, he had not had word of her for a couple of hours and he had been worrying that something terrible had happened. The memories of Lord Nostory were still fresh in his mind and he didn’t want it to happen to her again.

  When she came in he quickly got to his feet and looked over to her. He took a few steps towards her and she could see the relief in his face. He also wasn’t wearing his armour but he still kept his sword on his person. Just because he felt like he was in a safe place didn’t mean he could let his guard down.

  “Jessica you’re back,” said Sir Tucker with some relief in his voice. “I was beginning to worry about you.”

  “There was no need,” replied Jessica. She found it funny that it was him who was worried about her. Normally it was the opposite way around but it was another way for her to see that he cared. “You should know by now that I’m more than capable of looking after myself.” She began to chuckle at him for a moment. “You might be a knight now but I’m far from a damsel in distress.”

  “Very funny Jessica but you do know that I worry about you sometimes.” She did take a few steps towards him and bent down enough for her to give him a hug. It was the first real hug since they had split as a romantic couple but she felt that it was worth it. “Thanks for worrying about me.”

  “Well somebody has to.” The hug continued for several moments before Jessica eventually let go and stood back up to her full height. She also took a couple of steps back just so each of them had their own space. “So where have you been for the last few hours? I was beginning to get worried.”

  “We just had a bit of fun out of town and I showed her my full size. I thought that she would be scared but she actually enjoyed it. To tell you the truth I’ve never had anyone except you react like that to my size.”

  “That’s interesting, I would say that she seems to be a lot better than her ass of a brother. I know that he’s a great knight but not that good of a bloke if you ask me.” He paused for a moment before he could think about the next thing to say. “So what exactly did you do while you were out of town?”

  “Well we picked a few apples and she asked me to do something that I really couldn’t do for her.”

  “Did she ask you to kiss you?” This was the first thing that came to mind and the words just spilt out of his mouth.

  “What? No!” She was a little disgusted by the answer but she didn’t really want to show it. “No she asked me to use my abilities to make her taller.”

  “And did you?” He wanted to pretend that he had never asked his previous question and wanted to think that it never happened.

  “Of course not, you of all people should know that I can’t make people taller.” She didn’t know whether it was because he didn’t know about it or he had just asked her another stupid question. “If I could make people taller I would have used it to make money years ago. I had to politely decline her and tell her to be happy with her height and to accept the person that she is.”

  And how did that go?”

  “Pretty well I think. She was a little down about it but she seemed to get over it pretty well. We picked a few apples and she’s promised to bake an apple pie for us to try.” She truly thought that everything was well and the truth was everything did seem to be fine. “Have you seen Lord Tyrone?”

  “No not really. Just been in here waiting for you to come back. A couple of the servants brought me some food but other than that I haven’t seen anyone else. Just been looking over the map and making sure that my armour is still in tip top shape. Since I’m a knight now there are certain things that I have to keep standard.”

  “When are we carrying on?” She somewhat dreaded the question because she didn’t particularly want to go walking around during a downpour like this. Even she wasn’t immune to catching a cold.

  “I don’t particularly want to leave during this weather so I’ll ask Lord Tyrone if we can stay for one more night. We should leave next morning no matter the weather so it doesn’t seem like we’re taking advantage of his hospitality. Since we’re not high borns he is more than right to kick us out if he so pleases. Most likely he wouldn’t but believe me the last thing I want to do is upset him.”

  “I understand Tucker.” She truly did since she knew that he owed Lord Tyrone more than he could ever hope to repay. She was feeling hungry though since she hadn’t really eaten before leaving and she could feel her stomach growling. She was happy to see that Sir Tucker had kept some food aside for her just in case.

  For the next several hours the pair did some planning for the next stage of their quest. They were not too far away from the final trial and then it would be onto Three Man’s Treasure itself. Sir Tucker imagined that he would be swimming in more gold than even the King of Angleland owned. Of course he was going to give Jessica a decent share but she had never been all that bothered with the actual treasure. She just wanted a bit of money to be able to live comfortably and her main reason for the quest was simply to ensure that Sir Tucker was not in over his head.

  The pair were even given a couple of meals but rather than dining with the Howlets they instead ate with the servants. This was no disrespect from Lord Tyrone but simply because while he dined with his with his son and daughter he wanted to speak to them about private family matters which he didn’t want anyone else to hear.

  Soon after Sir Tucker and Jessica retired to their chamber and got themselves and early night since they had to be up bright and early the next morning. The rain had thankfully subsided and both of them hoped that it would be a bright day in the morning but for them there was no way to be sure of this. They just had to hope that luck was on their side as it had been on a few occasions.

  Deep into the night everything seemed to be still in Sir Tucker and Jessica’s room. They were in bed with one another and once again her long arms wrapped around Sir Tucker and she held him close to her body. She might not have wanted to do it willingly but it was more of subconscious need. For now everything seemed to be peaceful and it seemed like nothing would change that.

  There was one thing that did begin to happen. Over on Sir Tucker’s armour the microscopic figure of Gwen began to increase her size up until the point that she could be seen by the naked eye. She did remain small for the moment and climbed down from the armour and onto the ground in the room. Quickly she made her way underneath the door and into the corridor beyond. It was only then that she further increased her size until she was deemed to be a relatively normal size.

  Previously when Gwen had come out of hiding it had been because she had the need for sex. This time was different however as there was something else that was on her mind. She carefully made her way through the corridors of the castle and was more than able to keep one step of any patrolling guards that she came across. She could shrink herself out of sight if need be but eventually she came to a particular room in the castle and carefully she made her way inside.


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