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  There was a gasp from everyone inside the dining hall as they had just seen Lord Tyrone knight Sir Tucker. This had come as a shock to everyone but not as much as Tucker himself. He couldn’t believe that he was now officially a knight of the realm and could now call himself Sir Tucker Martel. He had been wanting to say this for a long time but now that he finally could he felt as if he was living some kind of dream. If it was indeed a dream it was one that he hoped to never wake up from.

  Jessica was overjoyed to see that Sir Tucker had finally received the knighthood that she felt he deserved. She could remember when they were children and Tucker used to call himself Sir Tucker as part of the game. Now it was his official title and she just hoped that it wouldn’t go to his head. She was just glad that one of Sir Tucker’s boyhood dreams had come true and she hoped that his second one would come true soon as well.

  Many of the nobles were greatly surprised by Sir Tucker’s knighthood but it was not unheard of for a commoner to become a knight of the realm. There were too many examples to remember and it didn’t mean that Sir Tucker was any higher in the social order. He was still ranked quite low but at least he was recognised now as being gifted with the sword and of some integrity.

  There was one person in particular who was angered by this development and that was Sir Ty. He couldn’t believe that his father had given Sir Tucker his sword and shield back but it was the knighthood that had really gotten to him. He didn’t think that Sir Tucker was worthy of a knighthood but right now there was nothing that could be done about it. One comfort that he did take was the fact that Sir Tucker was now knighted it made him feel that his struggle in the second round was more warranted.

  There was a round of applause from the nobles as Sir Tucker stood back up to his full height. He still didn’t know how to react and he was on the verge of crying but he kept himself composed. He looked over to Jessica and she could see the joy on her face. This made him feel truly happy and he looked back at Lord Tyrone who was still standing there with a smile on his face. Quickly Sir Tucker bowed his head to the lord in a small way of showing his appreciation.

  “I thank you my lord,” said Sir Tucker. He remembered his courtesies as Lord Tyrone was still above him in the social ladder. “I am not worthy of such an honour.” He felt Lord Tyrone’s hand place on his shoulder.

  “You have earned that and more but there is one thing I must ask of you.” He had already handed his ancient sword to one of the servants who quickly took it away from view of everyone inside the hall.

  “Name it my lord.” He continued to keep his head bowed in a continual show of respect toward Lord Tyrone.

  “There might be a time when I am in need of your services like Sir Thomas before you. I hope that you will come when needed and show me that you have truly earned this title bestowed upon you today.”

  “I vow I will come to your calling my lord.” This was a vow that he was more than happy to give. He owed Lord Tyrone more than he could ever hope to repay and this was a small token of his gratitude.

  “Good now why don’t you take a seat and enjoy the rest of the banquet.” There was one thing that Lord Tyrone did have to do to officiate Sir Tucker’s knighthood. He needed to send a message to King Percy stating about Sir Tucker’s knighthood, this had to be done for every new knight in the realm but for all intents and purposes right now Sir Tucker was indeed a knight.

  With Lord Tyrone completing his duties Sir Tucker went back to his seat next to Jessica. He was almost lost for words when he sat down and he didn’t know exactly how he was going to react. He wanted to jump up and down as if he had gone mad but he knew not to do that in such a place.

  With Sir Tucker’s knighthood done with Lord Tyrone carried on with his words which varied from peace in the land to upcoming events and more thanks to a few of those attending. Sir Ty seemed to be bored in his seat and he looked to his father’s empty seat which was much larger and made of oak. He knew that one day he would be sitting in that seat and calling himself Lord Tyrone Howlet, the sixth of his name.

  His sister Nancy on the other hand had her eyes set on Sir Tucker and especially Jessica. She still couldn’t get over her size and although she was sitting down she could still tell just how tall she was. Nancy had seen Jessica standing up a couple of times but she had never seen her at her true size. If she did it was unsure whether she would be all out excited or completely terrified. There was one thing that she wanted and she hoped that the pair would say yes.

  The banquet continued for a few more hours before fatigue began to get the better of most of guests and one by one they began to retire to the rooms that had been specially set up for them. At first Sir Tucker and Jessica were going to find somewhere else where they could sleep, they were surprised when they were informed that a room had been prepared for them. A servant took them to the room and they were surprised to see that it had a high enough ceiling for Jessica to stand up straight and even stretch her arms.

  There was a single double bed but there had been some small mattresses and an especially long quilt so that Jessica could sleep on it without having to be curled up. It was more than they expected but now that they were alone they could finally talk to one another. At the banquet they had kept quiet while Lord Tyrone was talking simply out of respect for him and what he had done for Sir Tucker.

  “I can’t believe that it’s happened,” said Jessica as she looked down at Sir Tucker who still had a huge smile on his face. She squatted down a little so that she could be at his eye level and she too smiled.

  “Well it was going to happen sooner or later,” replied Sir Tucker. He was still on a high from the fact that he had been knighted. He felt that this opened more doors for him as he now had a title worthy of some respect. “I was just surprised that it happened now, I thought I’d would have to vanquish a dragon or two.”

  “I’m so proud of you Tucker.” She wanted to hug and kiss him for his achievement but she stopped herself from doing it. She had not yet fully forgiven him for his night with Gwen but he was definitely on the road to forgiveness.
  “Ah that’s Sir Tucker now Jessica.” His smile only grew as he struck a quick pose. “I am now Sir Tucker Martel of Morgan. One day I hope to add a further nickname to that like Sir Tucker the Brave or Sir Tucker the Mighty.”

  “One day you might be but right now you’re Sir Tucker the giantess’s best friend.” She did give him a hug to show that she was proud of him. She even stood up to her full height and Sir Tucker found his feet dangling from the floor. She was still much bigger and stronger than him but right now it didn’t matter. There was one other thing that she was thinking, if Sir Tucker’s dreams were coming true it made her wonder if her dreams will ever come true as well.

  As Jessica had told Sir Tucker that she wanted to have a big family and live until the end of her days with the one person that she cared about more than anyone in the world. She hadn’t lied to him when she said that she wanted at least a dozen children and she wanted to see them grow. She wanted sons who would be strong and capable of defending the weak and daughters who would be gentle souls to everyone and everything. This however didn’t look like it was going to happen any time soon.

  Things were not entirely happy in Indigon as Lord Tyrone was preparing himself for bed. He had washed himself and had gotten into his bedclothes with he heard a strong knock on the door. It was a distinctive knock that he recognised instantly and he had no fear of who was behind the door.

  “Enter,” said Lord Tyrone as he stood there expectantly. Not to his surprise he saw his son entering the room. Sir Ty was not yet in his bedclothes and was still in the thin clothing that he wore during the banquet. His father could tell that there was something on his mind. “And for what do I owe this little late meeting.”

  “Father I want to know why you knighted that peasant,” replied Sir Ty with a small amount of anger in his voice. “He wasn’t worthy of such an honour.” He strongly disagreed with his father’s actions and wanted to make his opinion vocal. He had enough sense to not make it in public and hence why he had come to his father in private.

  “In your opinion he wasn’t but in mind he had more than earned that title.” He was sticking to his decision and there was nothing that his son could say that could even make him regret his decision. Even if he regretted the decision there wasn’t anything that could be done about it, a knighthood lasted a lifetime and it was extremely difficult to take away. “He was close to being your equal during the tournament and I firmly believe that he is far more capable than many knights I have met.”

  “But he is a peasant, someone that we would hire to clean out our drains. Someone who we could use as target practice and no lord would even mutter a word about it.” He didn’t have that much respect for people who were born beneath him. He had often seen them as substandard people in his eyes.

  “He might not be born as high as you or I but you know that when it comes to knighthoods any man no matter how far down the social order they are born can be deemed worthy.” He gave a small sigh. “It is late my son and I need my rest, we can talk tomorrow but it won’t change the matter.”

  “No father I want to finish this discussion right here and now.” Sir Ty was putting his foot down on it and he wasn’t going to leave until he was satisfied that his father had given him a decent answer. “There is no way that Tucker is worthy of a knighthood.” He was taking a stand against his father although it had not worked that well in the past he still wanted to make his opinion known.

  “As I said he was worthy of a knighthood and you should refer to him as Sir Tucker. I am not in the mood with having an argument with you. Leave now or else I will really lose my temper and you know what will happen then.” He saw his son give a loud and annoyed grunt before turning around and walking out through the door.

  This was not the first time that Lord Tyrone and his son had strongly disagreed on a matter. It seemed to be a common occurrence and on more than one occasion Lord Tyrone had threatened to overlook Sir Ty’s claim to Indigon and instead give it to his younger son Leon. Although Lord Tyrone knew that Leon was not a fierce warrior like his older brother he knew that he was much calmer and more intelligent. In his mind it would make Leon a more capable lord and maybe even a more compassionate one.

  After a day like today Lord Tyrone was tired but he had been speaking with his daughter Nancy as well. She had wanted to meet Jessica and she was overjoyed with the fact that she was spending the night in the castle. She definitely wanted to have some kind of talk with Jessica before she left and to her it was like the Queen of Angleland had actually come to stay at the castle.

  Lord Tyrone loved Nancy dearly and she reminded him so much of his deceased wife which he missed every day. He would have went through hell itself to get her back but he knew that she was gone and that he was now alone. Many times lords had asked him to marry their daughters so that they could have a strong link to the Howlets. Lord Tyrone had turned down each of them since his late wife was his only love. No woman in any land could replace her in his eyes.

  Many hours passed and eventually the dark night gave way to a bright and warm day. For Sir Tucker and Jessica it had been the best rest that the pair had for a few days. The bed had been comfortable and for Jessica it was one of the few times she had been slept in a bed that was actually large enough for her.

  For Sir Tucker it was the first time he had woken up and been able to call himself a knight. It still felt a little strange to him that he could officially call himself Sir Tucker. He still thought that he was dreaming but this was a dream that he would never wake from. He stood out of bed and saw that Jessica was still asleep. She looked peaceful while she was asleep and he did think that she was cute.

  As Sir Tucker had done most mornings he put on his armour and made sure that it was all fastened and fitted properly. Despite the fact that heavy armour was much better defensively he still chose to wear light armour so that he could still move easily and yet have some defence against a strike.

  There was a loud knock on the door and it startled Sir Tucker. It was enough for Jessica to wake up and she was still dazed as she had been dreaming. It didn’t stop Sir Tucker from going to the door, he expected it to be one of the guards who was going to tell them when they had to leave. As he opened the door he did see a guard as he expected and he practically knew what was coming.

  “Let me guess we have half an hour to leave the room?” asked Sir Tucker as he said what he thought the guard was going to say.

  “Not quite Sir Tucker,” replied the guard. His voice was different to the guards that Sir Tucker had met earlier. He was covered from head to toe in armour and there was no part of his flesh on display. “Lady Nancy would like to see your lady friend as soon as she can. I am here to escort her.”

  “Well that might just take a minute.” He looked at Jessica who was still coming around after waking up. “She’s only just this second woken up.”

  “Do not worry, I’ll wait here.”

  With that Sir Tucker shut the door and quickly went to the bed where Jessica was still coming around. Her hair was in her face and she was slowly sitting up, she wasn’t sure exactly what was happening but it wouldn’t be long before she was back to her old self again. Sir Tucker stood a few feet away from where she was sitting and he watched as she stretched her arms and moved her hair from her face. She turned and looked at Sir Tucker and she gave one big yawn before speaking.

  “Morning Tucker,” said Jessica. She had forgotten to call him Sir Tucker but for now it didn’t matter. “Who’s at the door?”

  “It’s a guard, it seems that Lord Tyrone’s daughter wants to have a word with you.” There was some suspicion in his voice but he didn’t think that they were in any immediate danger. From what he had seen of Nancy she seemed to be a nice girl.

  “What why?” She was in some confusion as she didn’t really know who Nancy was. She had spotted her from time to time but nothing more.

  “When I first met her she was eager to meet you. It seems now that she is taking the opportunity.”

  “Can it wait? I’ve just woken up.” She stretched again and yawned as she slowly got up to her feet. Again Sir Tucker found himself looking up at her as she loomed over him like she did with everyone else she had met.

  “I don’t think so but it’s probably best that you go as soon as. Lord Tyrone has been more than generous to us and if we leave his daughter waiting he might see it as a sign of disrespect.” This was true, the last thing he wanted was to do anything that could anger Lord Tyrone. He had given him something that he had wanted for as long as he could remember. “You might even get something nice out of it.”

  “Like what?” She was genuinely curious to know what exactly was on offer for her. Besides a little gold there wasn’t much she thought that Lord Tyrone or Nancy could even give her. “Tell me.”

  “Well you will be meeting someone who genuinely likes you and you know how hard that it is to you. I don’t mean that in a bad way but you know how hard it is for people to like you just because of your size.”
  “You’re not making me feel any better right now.” She crossed her arms and she gave him a look of displeasure. She knew that he was trying to be nice to her but the way he was trying made it seem like he was falling flat on his face.

  “Ok let me start again.” He took a moment to think before he spoke and he knew that he had to be careful. He might have just been knighted but he was still no match against her and in general he didn’t like to see her upset. “Ok, in the past people have treated you like a monster, now there is someone who genuinely wants to meet you and I think you should take the opportunity. It’ll make you feel better and I’m sure that you’ll even make Nancy’s day.” He thought that this was the best thing he could have come up with and he tried to smile to show what he was saying was truthful.

  Jessica didn’t need his smile to know that he meant what he was saying. They still shared a link that allowed her to know whether he was lying or not. It was something that neither of them could explain but she knew what Sir Tucker was talking about. She gave a small sigh before looking down at him.

  “Ok I’ll go but if it goes badly you’ll be walking the rest of the way,” said Jessica. Her threat might have been an idle one but he knew that she wouldn’t be too happy if things went badly.

  Jessica spent the next several minutes making herself look more presentable. She was going to meet a high born and the last thing she wanted was to look a mess. Most of this time was spent on her hair that looked very messy after she had been sleeping. She even needed Sir Tucker’s help to comb it properly and make sure that it looked nice.

  Only then did Jessica leave the room and allow the guard outside the door to lead her to where Nancy was waiting. She was outside in a large garden that Lord Tyrone had specially requested for her. If there was one thing that Nancy enjoyed it was gardening as she loved to plant flowers from all over Angleland and watch them bloom. No one else helped her with the garden, she was determined to grow the flowers herself and if they failed it would be due to her and no one else.

  Nancy would be in her garden every morning and as Jessica walked in she could see so many beautiful flowers with more colours than she could possibly count. They were amongst the beautiful things she had ever seen and she saw this tiny pod of a woman kneeling down in a well-made dress. There were two guards standing near the garden but Nancy didn’t allow anyone wearing armour in her garden since she was afraid that she would damage it. She also felt safe enough to be there without any guards.

  When the guard with Jessica reached the garden he stopped just short of walking onto the grass. He indicated to Jessica to keep walking which she did but with caution. She slowly stepped towards Nancy who for the moment had her back to her. She was making sure that some of the flowers were properly watered. It wasn’t until she saw a shadow close by that she turned and saw Jessica standing there.

  She was by far the tallest person that Nancy had ever met and she quickly stood up to her full height. Even when she was standing up Nancy still looked tiny in comparison to this super tall woman. Small was one thing that Nancy felt but the main thing that she felt was overwhelming excitement as she couldn’t believe that Nancy was actually there. Seeing Jessica from a distance was one thing but seeing her up close was something completely different.

  “Jessica you came,” said Nancy with a smile on her face. “I’m so glad that you decided to come, I’ve wanted to meet you since the tales about you began to circulate.” She wanted to give Jessica a big hug but stopped herself as she thought that now wasn’t the right time. Instead she shook Jessica’s hand and she couldn’t believe how large they were. She thought that they were about twice her own size but she kept this to herself. “I’m honoured to be meeting you.”

  “If anything I’m the one who should be honoured to meet you,” replied Jessica. She remembered to be respectful to Nancy. Although she was three feet shorter than her she was still higher in the social ladder than her and she thought that any wrong move might lead to trouble. “You’re the daughter of a lord while I’m just a farmer girl. The honour is all mine.” She took a quick look around and saw all the flowers that were around her. “You have a very beautiful garden.”

  “Thank you very much, it’s my pride and joy. All you see around you I grew myself, my father gave this small patch of land and a few seeds but I did the rest myself.” Jessica could see that Nancy was very proud of her garden and it just seemed to be generally a nice place to be.

  “If I maybe so bold but I think this might be the most beautiful garden in Angleland. I always wanted a garden for myself but my father couldn’t find me the right patch of land. All of it was dedicated to farming.” She felt a little embarrassed as she spoke. “With how much I ate my family needed to farm as much as they could to be able to make ends meet.” This was mainly before she received her dress when she was gigantic all the time. Even though she still ate much more than the average man when she was at her smallest size it was still not as much as before she had the dress.

  “That’s too bad to hear, I think everyone should have their own space to do their own garden. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your hard work grow and bloom into beautiful flowers.” She paused for a moment as she thought about the next thing that she was going to say. “Is it true?”

  “Is what true?” Jessica did get a little nervous as she thought that Nancy might ask her something that she was uncomfortable with.

  “Can you turn yourself into a giant?” She felt a little silly asking this question but with the stories that she had heard she wanted to know for sure.

  “Yeah I can.” For Jessica it was a relief that Nancy hadn’t asked her something that was more embarrassing. It was no great secret about Jessica’s gigantism so she was happy to talk about it. “If anything I’m hiding right now, my full size is actually my natural height where this dress that I’m wearing is the only thing keeping me small. If I were to take it off right now I would grow to my full size.”

  “Can you show me?” There was more excitement in Nancy’s voice as she discovered that the tales of Jessica’s gigantism was actually true. Now more than ever she wanted to see Jessica as a true giantess.

  “I can but not here.” She took another quick look around. “I don’t want to do anything that could damage your beautiful garden but there is one thing I can quickly do.” With a small amount of concentration Jessica willed herself to be half a foot taller. Her sudden growth spurt was somewhat surprising but ultimately exciting for Nancy. She had never seen anything like this before and it gave her some hope for herself.

  “By the gods that’s amazing.” She found herself having to look further up so that she could see Jessica’s face. The half a foot height increase for Jessica wasn’t really noticeable but she quickly brought herself down to her smallest height. She was just happy to see someone who wasn’t afraid of her and was truly amazed.


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