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Tucker began to stagger forwards as his memories of the pain he had just suffered seemed to completely disappear. Just moments ago everything seemed to be dank and dismal but now everything had complete transformed. Now the sun was shining down on him and there didn't seem to be a cloud in the sky. A huge smile appeared on his face as he began to walk forwards.

"Wow everything is great," said Tucker as he walked forwards. He had a spring in his step as if everything in his life was completely perfect. He even hazarded looking up to the sun, he saw that the sun had eyes and a mouth that was smiling down on him. "Hey there Sun, what's up?"

"Oh nothing much," replied the sun which didn't seem to be odd to Tucker at all. "Just cloud and sky, you go and have a nice day Tucker."

"Thanks I think I will."

He waved at the sun which suddenly sprouted arms and waved back at him. He continued to walk and he didn't even notice that the trees around him seemed to be much taller than they had been before. The sky was even turning into a bright orange colour but for the moment this had not registered to him. Even if he had of noticed to him it would have seemed like everything was completely normal.

Tucker walked forwards for several minutes before he came to what seemed to be a pink river. Sitting near the bank was a green boat with a man wearing clothing that was strange to him. The man also had oars for arms which were both dipped down into the water. The man's clothing was much like a black tuxedo and he had a black moustache. He also wore a top hat with a spinning daisy at the centre. He had a particularly long nose and his teeth shone as if they were made out of silver.

"Good afternoon good sir," said the Man. He was even able to lift his hat up by stretching his black hair. "I'm travelling to the beach and I was wondering if you wanted a lift." His skin was almost as pink as the water the boat was floating on.

"Oh yeah a nice day at the beach," replied Tucker with a smile still on his face. "The perfect way to continue with the perfect day."

"Then climb aboard Tucker Martel and I will take you where you need to go." The man's smile also continued and Tucker could still not tell that anything was wrong. It all seemed to be completely normal.

"Thank you my good sir but I haven't quite gotten your name." He began to climb into the boat and he realised that the man inside had no legs. It was like his body was fused to the boat itself. "Let me guess your name is Mike Hunt." This was the first name that came into his head.

"Indeed it is, good guess my lad."

"You have a stupid name." He couldn't help but laugh at the fact that his name sounded like a naughty phrase.

"Aye that it is but I believe that Tucker Martel is not the most sensible of names either. But I bet that it's not as silly as Jessica Snape."

"Ha." He continued to laugh as if he had been told the funniest joke in the world. "That sounds like Jessica Snake which is something that I have between my legs." With that he pulled down his trousers and a snake fell out onto the boat. Neither of them seemed to panic and as he pulled his trousers back up the snake seemed to have three eyes and two mouths. It didn't hiss but instead just blew bubbles between their two mouths. "See, I call it Goliath and Colossus. So big that it needs two names."

"Very good indeed, now shall we get going? There are plenty of people waiting to see you at the beach."

"Go ahead Mike and if you don't mind can I sing 'Maid Of Featherstone' as we sail along? I find it fitting."

"You do whatever you please my good sir." He began to move his oar like arms in the water and it caused the boat to move forwards.

"In Featherstone there lives a maid mark well what I do say." He was singing these words as the boat travelled gently down the river. "In Featherstone there lives a maid and she was mistress of her trade I'll go no more rovin' with you fair maid. Hi rovin' hi rovin since rovin's been my ru-i-n, I'll go no more rovin' with you fair maid."

Tucker continued to sing the song as the boat continued to move down the river but one thing that he had failed to notice was the fact that the boat was slowly picking up speed. He was more concentrated on looking at some of the people that were standing on the banks. He could see people of all shapes, sizes and races on the banks. Most were doing strange things such as digging for pears or trying to lift fallen trees. A few of them watched him go by and they smiled and waved at him.

There was one particular person that Tucker did notice on the banks, she was looking at him but she wasn't smiling or waving at him like the others. She was a tall girl with long white hair and a willowy figure. She wore what seemed to be a toga and she was also barefoot but there was something that Tucker could tell was odd about her. She seemed different than everyone else there, something about her just seemed to be off. He saw her turn around and walk away, something inside of him was telling him that he had to follow her. He quickly turned to Mike who was still rowing the boat ahead.

"Hey Mike be a mate and stop the boat," said Tucker. He was almost prepared to jump out of the boat and swim to the bank.

"No can do good sir," replied Mike with a smile still on his face. "We need to get to the beach as soon as possible."

"But I want to see that girl with the white hair, or was it black?" He was quickly beginning to forget what she looked like but it still didn't seem to be bothering him as much as it should have.

"We'll see her at the beach my good sir. Hold on tight, the next leg of our journey might be a little rough."

With that the pink waters of the river began to become much more unstable as if a storm had just hit them. Tucker practically fell into the boat as it began to move around violently in the water. There was even a point where he felt himself pushed up into the air only to land in the boat once again. He held onto the sides for dear life and rather than Mike trying to keep the boat stable he was just laughing. His laugh went deeper than that, they almost sounded like cackling sound.

Tucker could feel the boat picking up speed and it even began to spin around which was making him feel very sick. He did even throw up but his vomit was a rainbow colour and didn't even stink at all.

Eventually the boat stabilised and for Tucker it was not a moment too soon. He felt extremely dizzy after spinning around and if he tried to move he would more than likely fall into the water. He did look down into the water and saw what seemed to be the sun that he had seen in the sky smiling back at him.

Suddenly the boat came to a complete stop. This caused Tucker to fall forward in the boat but he was quickly able to pick himself up. He began to look around and he could see a beach that stretched as far as the eye could see with beautiful white sand and crystal blue oceans. He could see a few people on the beach but none of them seemed to notice him at that point in time.

"Here we are my good sir," said Mike. "The beach just like I promised, now you go and have some fun."

"Thanks Mike," replied Tucker as he jumped off the boat he took a few steps forwards before he realised that Mike wasn't following him. "Hey aren't you coming with me?" He shouted towards Mike who seemed to be rowing be rowing back up the river at a very steady pace.

"I'm afraid I cannot," replied Mike as he lifted up his hat again with his hair. "I need to drop some friends off at the pool." Tucker watched as he twisted his body around in an inhuman manner. "Good luck my good sir."

"Err Ok."

Tucker just turned and walked forwards. He couldn't take his mind off the white haired woman that he had seen while sailing down the river. Something inside of him was telling him that he needed to find her. The only problem was that he didn't really know where he was supposed to start looking.

As Tucker looked onto the beach he could see people there doing all manner of things. He even saw a man jumping on a trampoline a kite strapped to his back. It looked as if he was trying fly. Tucker just walked up to the trampoline and watched in amazement.

He also discovered that he was not the only person watching this kite man. He could see a family also standing there. They were watching as the kite man jumped higher and higher into the air.

"Come on a little higher and you've got it!" shouted the father of the family up to the kite man.

"What is he doing?" replied Tucker as he continued to watch the kite man jump on the trampoline.

"Mr Kite there is attempting to fly as if he were a bird." He looked to Tucker for a moment, he was a fat man with a bald head and a thick beard. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mr. Henderson, this is my wife Mrs. Henderson." Tucker looked and saw that the woman looked to be a female copy of Mr Henderson. He found it to be a little odd and when Mr Henderson was introducing his children they looked to be younger versions of him as well.

"Charmed, my name is Tucker Martel." He went to state why he was there but for the life of him he couldn't remember. He had no idea why he had come here in the first place and even forgot about Mike. "I don't even know why I'm here."

"Happens to the best of us." They continued to watch as Mr Kite jumped higher and higher. It seemed that this would continue for some time until a gust suddenly sent him flying through the air as he had intended. "Bloody hell!"

The people on the ground saw him flying through the air and some looked in amazement while others just kept going with their activities. Mr Kite was laughing at the top of his lungs but suddenly he crashed into something that was warm and soft. Tucker could see it happen right before him, he was gobsmacked when he saw what Mr Kite had actually crashed into so high up in the air.

Standing a short distance away was a towering giantess and when Tucker saw her he recognised her as Jessica but there was something about her that was very different. For one she was around thirty feet taller than her maximum height and her hair was shorter than he was used to. That was not the only differences he could see, another was the fact that she was much more muscular than the Jessica he had known. One big difference he noticed was her breasts, his Jessica had normal sized breasts but this Jessica had enormous breasts, even in proportion to her body. He thought that she had the largest breasts that he had ever seen in comparison to the rest of her body. Her clothing was also very different, rather than the dress that she wore to control her size this Jessica wore a white jumpsuit with matching boots. She was a giant in every sense of the word and he could see that Mr Kite had actually crashed into her enormous breasts.

The giantess gently picked Mr Kite out of her breasts and placed him down on the ground. He seemed to be uninjured by the impact and she just gave him a smile. When she was bending over Tucker could see the gap between her breasts which he found to be very erotic. She reminded him so much of Jessica that it was unbelievable, if they weren't the same person he thought that they could have been sisters but he thought that to be impossible since she was an only child.

"Oh hi Tucker I didn't see you there for a minute," said the giantess as she squatted down and put her hand on the ground. "I've been waiting to see you." He was amazed to hear that even her voice sounded just like Jessica's. Without too much hesitation he stepped onto her hand and she stood to her full height. Her pearly smile was almost too much for him to believe. "How can I help you?"

"I saw a woman with long white hair while I was sailing down the river," replied Tucker. He could see all the tones of her muscles under her clothing and he couldn't imagine just how strong she was. "Have you seen her at all?"

"Was she wearing a toga and lacked shoes?"

"Yes that's her." He became very excited as it seemed like the giantess knew exactly what he was talking about. Although he had only seen this girl briefly he was fixated on trying to find her.

"No I haven't seen her." The giantess continued to smile even though she had just told him the exact opposite of what he was expecting. She knew exactly what the woman looked like but she hadn't seen her.

"What?" He stood there in some confusion and he wanted to be annoyed but her pearly white smile prevented him from doing this.

"But I know where she's going."

"Great, can you point me in the right direction?" His hope had been reignited when he heard this answer. Now he just hoped that she would tell him where the woman was going. Instead he waited for her answer.

"I think I have a better idea." The giantess then began to take a few steps back before running at full speed forwards. This caught Tucker completely by surprise and before he could say another word he could feel himself get thrown into the air at supersonic speed. The giantess just stood there and waved goodbye to him as he flew forwards at unbelievable speed. "Bye Tucker, happy landings." Her voice was so cheery that it was almost impossible to think that she might have just killed Tucker.

Tucker screamed as he went flying through the air. The sky around him was still orange and he could see the clouds that had turned pink. He could see that one of them was in the shape of a horse which was galloping around him. There seemed to be more than one and he swore that he could see people on the back of them. These people didn't look to be knights but rather they seemed to be racing.

There was a roar that he would have thought would have come from a crowd of people that for the moment seemed to be invisible to him. He was watching the clouds with wonder as he continued to fly at speeds that no other human had ever achieved. He couldn't take his mind off of both the white haired girl or the giantess that had just thrown him. He thought that he might never see the giantess again but he still thought that he had a good chance of finding the white haired girl.

All of a sudden Tucker felt himself beginning to drop towards the ground. It was as if he had been flying through the air at one moment and then the next moment he was falling vertically towards the ground. He screamed in terror as he continued to fall further and further down. He thought that he only had a few moments to live before he hit the ground and met his untimely end. All he could do was hope for a quick and clean death rather than suffering in pain.

Before Tucker knew it he struck the ground but rather than it being hard he found it to be incredibly soft. In fact when he first impacted it he actually began to push down against it before it quickly shot him back into the air. He couldn't help but scream in excitement as he felt his body spring up and down on the ground as if it were a trampoline. For the next minute or two he went up and down on the ground before it turned solid once again. When he impacted the hard ground he wasn't hurt at all but he was disappointed that his fun had come to an end.

Now he found himself in a bed of flowers but each one of them was much taller than he was. It almost felt as if he had shrunk in size and he noticed that all the flowers were a yellow and green colour. He even went to touch one and it felt to be very odd, rather than feeling like a real plant there was something odd about them. If he had known what it as he would have said that they felt like plastic.

Without saying much of a word Tucker began to make his way through the forest of giant flowers. He could hear the buzzing of bees nearby and he did want to get away as fast as he could since he wasn't particularly fond of bees. One had stung him when was younger and since then he has preferred to avoid them at all costs. Unfortunately the buzzing sound was extremely loud and he feared that the bees were as big as the flowers around him. So he began to run.

No sooner did he begin to run he was grabbed by a giant bee that was bigger than any man Tucker had seen. He began to scream in horror as he felt himself lifted off the ground, he could feel himself get taken higher and higher into the air. Rather than looking at the ground he looked at the bee that was carrying him and when he saw the face his fear increased tenfold. Rather than having a standard bee face it looked to be a mix of that of a dog and a dragon. It was nothing short of a monstrosity and he began to struggle in the hopes that it would let him go. He didn't want to find out where exactly it was taking him but he really didn't want to find out.

He saw that the bee was heading towards what looked to a pond. At first he thought that it was just going to fly over it but much to his surprise he could see it diving down towards it. He continued to struggle in the hopes that it would let him go before they hit the water. Unfortunately his efforts were for naught as he felt himself strike the water, he also expected not to be able to breathe but much to his surprise he found that he could breathe just as well as if he were on the surface.

Just before the impact Tucker had closed his eyes but when he opened it he could see that there were schools of many fish around him. There were so many different colours that he could probably spend his entire life trying to find them all but be no closer than when he first started.

He even looked up and saw that he was no longer being carried by the bee. Now it was more like he was being carried by a silver fish and he could feel it swinging its fin back and forth as it swam through the water. Despite everything that was happening everything seemed to be making sense to him.

The fish eventually let go and Tucker could feel himself being swept through the water and to him it seemed like he had died and gone to the next plain. He even began to forget about what had happened to him previously like Mike and the giantess who looked a lot like Jessica. There was one thing that he didn't forget and that was the white haired girl that he had seen on the river bank. Something inside was telling him that he had to find her and as soon as he could.

For some reason Tucker felt that there was some kind of connection that they had and if he found her he could truly discover what that connection was. He had no idea exactly what that connection was but all he knew was that he needed to find her.

He could feel what seemed to be some invisible force pulling him further and further down into the water. He did try and swim out but he could still feel himself getting pulled down, thankfully he could still breathe or else he would be panicking at this moment. He still tried to swim to the surface but the next thing he knew he had reached the lake bed. Normally he would have stopped being forced down but he felt his foot get swallowed up by mud and now his leg was beginning to get pulled into the mud as well. Tucker tried to pull his leg out but when he placed his other foot on the lake bed it too began to get pulled into the mud. Try as he might he couldn't seem to get himself out and he felt himself getting pulled further and further into the mud.

Eventually the mud was up to his chest and he still felt himself getting pulled down. He did begin to think that this was the end for him as he frantically threw his arms around in a vain attempt to save himself.

Only moments later his head had sunk into the sand as well and from world above it looked as though he had never been there at all. Tucker could just feel himself getting pulled further and further through the mud. Everything around him was dark and he closed his eyes and hoped that everything would go back to the way it was.

When Tucker opened his eyes again he found himself sitting on a grassy field. He stood up and he could see endless seas of grass in every direction. There didn't seem to be anything for hundreds of miles. There wasn't even so much as a tree in sight and he began to take a few steps forwards. The sky above him was overcast and there was a chilly wind blowing. He continued to walk and walk for what seemed to be hours but practically nothing had changed in the scenery. There were still miles upon miles of grass all around him and in the end he dropped down to his knees.

When Tucker looked up again he saw that that a wooden chair had suddenly grown out from the ground. It was a chair of twisted wood and there was even a woman sitting on the chair. Tucker started looking from her bare feet and his eyes moved up her legs to her midsection where he saw that she was wearing a toga. He moved up to her chest, then to her neck and finally to her head where he saw that she had brown eyes and flowing white hair that blew with the wind. She was definitely one of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen and he almost seemed to be unable to speak to her. He wanted to get up onto his feet but something inside was telling him that he had to remain on the ground as some kind of form of respect to her.

"Greetings Mr Martel," said the Woman. She remained where she was sitting but her smile seemed to light up the place. The clouds in the sky began to disperse and the sun began to light up everything around them. "I have been waiting to see you, I'm glad that you were able to find me."

"W-Who are you?" replied Tucker. He still wanted to get up but his body refused to listen as he remained on the ground.

"For now that is not important. You have come across something that she not be on your plain. I think you know what I'm talking about."

"What are you talking about?" He was confused but rather than explaining the woman just smiled at him again.

"I cannot explain further but there is one other thing that we must speak of before I depart." The wind stopped blowing and her hair dropped down. "You had something precious that you have now lost. Your quest might not be so much attaining your original goal but instead regaining what you lost."

"Wait what did I lose?" His memories were all over the place and he couldn't fully remember what had been going on in his life.

"You'll know soon enough. Do not lose what you hold dear for something that you don't yet have." She stood up from the chair and he expected her to be extremely tall but found that she was barely above five feet tall. She knelt down and gave him a kiss on his forehead. "Remember what I have told you good sir knight. Only though that will you find true happiness."

She smiled down at him and she began to fade away. Tucker found that he could stand again and he went to tell the girl to wait but she still faded away. She wasn't the only one that was fading, as he looked around he could see that everything around him was fading and he dropped to his knees and screamed at the top of his lungs. He could feel a burning sensation throughout his entire body. It was a pain that he had never really experienced before and his first thought was that he was dying.

The next time that Tucker opened his eyes he found himself lying on the ground. His head hurt more than he would have liked to admit and his body felt heavy. He looked up to the sky and saw that it was blue once again. Carefully he sat himself up and began to survey his surroundings, he was near some oak trees which were similar to the ones he remembered seeing before he ate the mushroom.

Even though he was sitting up there was one thing in particular that he had noticed. When he sat up he hadn't used his arms and this was because he discovered that he was tied up. He could barely move but there was one thing that he noticed about what was tying him up. Rather than being some rope or chains it was something that felt both familiar and alien to him. The fibre that was tying him up felt very soft and although it seemed to be thin it was also quite strong. If he had to hazard a guess he would have said that he was tied up by a strand of long brown hair.

"Oh good you're awake," said a female voice. Tucker was able to turn his head and much to his relief he could see Jessica standing before him. She was at her smallest height but took a few steps towards him before taking a knee down. She had an apple in her hand and she seemed to be have a relieved look on her face. "I was beginning to think that you were too far gone."

"W-What happened?" replied Tucker. His memory was a little hazy and he was struggling to remember exactly what happened.

"I was hoping that you could tell me. I found you running around like some kind of looney so I had to tie you up for your own safety." This was when Tucker fully realised that it was Jessica's hair that had tied him up. He suspected that she had pulled a strand of her own hair when she was full size and used it to keep him secure.

"I didn't know that you still cared." He thought that after what had happened between them that Jessica didn't care about him anymore.

"Of course I still care Tucker." Her tone turned into one of some sadness. "I admit that I'm not happy with you but it doesn't mean that I will allow you to get hurt. We've been through too much together for that."

"You don't know how sorry I am about what happened." His head was still aching after his little trip and the combination of that and his guilt for betraying Jessica that caused him to shed a tear.

"I know you are Tucker. You were faced with a difficult choice and you did what you thought was right. I might not be happy with what you did but I probably would have done the same thing myself. It doesn't mean I fully forgive you for what you did but I do understand."

"Thank you Jessica, you don't know how much that means to me." He tried to move again but he was still tied up with a strand of Jessica's hair. "Actually could you do me a quick favour? Can you untie me now please?"

"I'll think about it." She did cross her arms and he wasn't sure if she was being serious or was just having a bit of fun.

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