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Tucker was having trouble this night but it was nothing in comparison to what Jessica was going through. She had been placed in a cell and was under constant guard who were commanded to strike at the moment that she began to grow. There was a draft that sent a chill right down her spine.

The cell that Jessica had been placed in was filthy and it looked like it had not been cleaned since it was built. There were only three walls with the fourth being blocked by thick iron bars that were said to be nearly unbreakable. She had no privacy in the cell but the worst thing about the cell was that she was too tall to stand up inside. The ceiling was just a little over seven feet high and for an eight foot woman there was an obvious problem. There was a bed but again it was filthy and much too small for her. Even an average sized man would consider it uncomfortably small. There was only a dirty sheet that she could use to keep herself warm and it was ill prepared for its job. She could hear the bed groaning when she lay on it and she dared not make a single movement in fear that it would crumble under her weight.

So many different thoughts were going through her head at this point. She feared that she would be found guilty of this supposed murder and she would be sentenced to death. She didn't know whether she would allow herself to be executed or would she grow in size and escape. She knew that she would be living the rest of her life on the run and she wasn't a woman who was easy to disguise herself.

Her main thought was about her loved ones. She shuddered to think what her parents would think when they received the news that their only daughter was being tried and possibly convicted of murder. They had taught her for as long as she could remember that life was sacred and that she should never kill under any circumstances. They would be greatly disappointed to hear that she killed someone.

Jessica also thought about Tucker. She knew that he would stop at nothing to prove her innocence. She could only think that right now that he was alone and worried about her. She would have loved nothing more than to smash out from the cell and go to him. She knew that it would only make matters worse but she was torn between seeking justice and being with him. She began to cry softly as she felt that she was at the lowest point in her life, at least when she was under the control of Lord Nostory at least she was still relatively safe. Now all she could do was try and get some sleep and try to forget what was happening to her. It was almost too much to bear.

At the inn Tucker was also having negative thoughts. He was in the arms of Gwen who had her naked body right next to him. She had a huge smile on her face as she was about to get what she wanted. He could feel a coldness from her which made him feel uneasy and he could feel her nipples come into contact with his chest. His penis was still erect although he wished that it wasn't.

Gwen could feel his penis brushing against her and it only made her excitement increase. She wanted nothing more than to have Tucker's penis in her vagina as soon as she could. She gave him a kiss before turning him onto his back. Like Reginald before her she more or less sat down on Tucker's crotch but as she did she slid his penis right into her vagina and she groaned in pleasure. Tucker couldn't help but feel turned on by this but he did notice something odd. He felt the area around his penis begin to get tighter and as he looked at Gwen he could see that she was shrinking herself. She wanted to make his penis seem as large as she could. Despite the fact that she had complete mastery over size manipulation she couldn't change the size of anything that wasn't a part of her being. Her clothing was special to the gods which allowed it to change size with her.

"Are you ready big boy?" asked Gwen as she stopped shrinking herself. She gave a groan of pleasure when she had been feeling Tucker's penis growing inside of her even though she knew that it was merely her shrinking in size.

For a few moments Tucker was silent. The truth was that he wasn't ready for this at all, if there was another way he would be doing it but unfortunately there was no other way. He was doing this purely for Jessica and nothing else.

"Yeah I'm ready," said Tucker with a small amount of reluctance in his voice. He saw Gwen leaning towards him and as she did she began to stretch her torso so that she could reach his face.

"After tonight you're going to forget all about girl you're obsessed with," replied Gwen with a smile on her face. "You will think of only me from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. I will be the dream you will be chasing for the rest of your existence but no matter how close you think you are you won't reach me. That is unless I choose to be reached."

These words rung in Tucker's ear and he felt Gwen's lips come into contact with his. She was kissing him passionately but he felt that there was something odd. Her tongue was reaching further into his mouth then he expected. He didn't realise that she was extending her tongue so that she could go further inside his mouth and increase her own needs for pleasure. She could still feel Tucker's penis inside of her and she shrank her vagina a little more until she felt like she was completely full.

One other thing that Gwen also did was increase the size of her breasts and they were beginning to push against Tucker's chest. He could feel her breasts growing and he couldn't help but feel a little turned on. It was something that he had never experienced before and he was a little excited.

Gwen could feel Tucker's heart rate increased and at that moment she knew that he was completely hers. She felt that she had succeeded once again like she did many times before. She had many sexual partners who she would have sex with once before moving onto someone else. If she liked them she would stick around for a little longer before leaving them for no apparent reason other than she was bored of them.

Gwen's partners had not been limited to men and she had been with numerous women over the millennia as well. Very few of her partners were the same afterwards. Some could return to their lives before while most were trying to recreate the passion that they had with Gwen. None would succeed and some would live the rest of their lives a shell of a person while others took the quick way out. What was mainly troubling for them was the fact that after leaving them Gwen wouldn't even give them a second thought. If anything they were merely tools and it seemed like Tucker would be no different.

There was one thing that Tucker did to make sure that he didn't disappoint Gwen. He was thinking about Jessica and as he closed his eyes he began to pretend that he was her with him and not Gwen. He would be lying if he said that he never imagined having sex with Jessica but he had not wanted to push it because she would only do it when they were married. This was something that they both wanted to do as soon as they returned to Morgan either with or without the treasure. There was one thing that Tucker did want as he opened his eyes and Gwen stopped kissing him.

"Wait Gwen there is something I want," said Tucker. "Can you make yourself as big as Jessica?"

"Normally I don't let people tell me what to do but for this I'll let it slide," replied Gwen. Soon Tucker felt Gwen's entire body growing on top of him. He could feel her weight increasing and he could even feel the bed beginning to groan as it was taking the sudden increase in weight. It was almost as simple as breathing for her to grow to eight feet and for Tucker it now made it feel more like he was having sex with Jessica rather than Gwen. "Is this better for you?" She was sitting up on his crotch area and she seemed to be a tower of a woman.

"Yes, that's better thank you." He remembered to thank her since he was afraid if he showed any kind of disrespect things would like take a turn for the worse.

"Oh good, now where were we?"

For the next several hours Tucker and Gwen continued to have sex. For Gwen it was a wondrous experience and unlike last time she was able to keep herself composed enough to not allow her powers to get the better of her. This was good news for Tucker since it meant that he wasn't going to be crushed to death like Reginald. Unfortunately unlike Gwen he couldn't keep it going up the effort forever and eventually he couldn't go on any further. Gwen wanted to go all night but unfortunately all the energy in Tucker's body was gone and all he could do was sleep. Eventually even Gwen had to agree that he needed rest and so she allowed him to fall asleep. She didn't leave the bed though as she kept herself close to him and she slowly shrank to around five and a half feet tall.

At the crack of dawn Jessica was awoken in her cell by a couple of guards. She had not slept well at all, it had taken her a long time to get to sleep and the fact that she was woken up so early only added to her fatigue. She was brought in only a basic breakfast which was bread and water. Unfortunately they only gave her the same amount as an average prisoner rather than for someone of her stature. The meal was nothing more than an appetiser and her requests for more food was instantly shot down.

Now more than ever Jessica was tempted to use her powers to escape from the cell and leave the city after finding Tucker. Her temptation was mainly due to both her hunger and sleep deprivity but she still refused to do so. She still believed that the justice system and the eyes of the gods would find her innocent. She knew full well that she had done nothing wrong and would continue to believe this to the end of her days. Unfortunately she did have her trial to attend to that morning.

Jessica had even found it surprising that her trial was taking place so quickly. It hadn't even been a full day since she was arrested and already she was being taken to her trial which was to take place in the Palace Of Justice just outside the king's own palace. Due to the circumstances of this crime the king himself would be the judge, a part of him wanted to see justice served but another part of him was curious to see this so called giant woman that he had heard about.

Inside her cell the guards put strong iron cuffs around her wrists and she was forced to stand up even though they knew that she couldn't stand up straight in the cell. She was surrounded by half a dozen guards who were there to lead her to her trial. Jessica didn't say a word as they began to lead her away. Her hope was beginning to diminish as she knew that Tucker wouldn't have been able to find the evidence this quickly. She feared that she was going to be found guilty and sentenced to death. A part of her however refused to believe that this would happen, instead she tried to keep her faith in both Tucker and the justice system to prove that she was innocent.

Tucker was beginning to stir in the bed and he could feel some arms wrapped around him. For the moment he thought that it was Jessica since he didn't remember what had happened the previous night. It was only when he turned and saw Gwen that he remembered exactly what had happened. She lay there with a smile on her face and she looked to be completely awake. She still seemed to be as big as Jessica and he found that he couldn't escape her grip. She hadn't slept at all because as a demi-goddess she didn't need to sleep, that was something only mortal did. She was still naked and she allowed her body to rub against his and it was almost like ecstasy for her.

"Not bad for a first time Tim," said Gwen as she hugged Tucker a little tighter. "A little more practice and you'll make me and every woman quiver." Her smile didn't fade. "Shall we do this again some other time."

"N-No," replied Tucker who was able to move out of her grip and he sat up. "Last night was a mistake that will never happen again." He felt an incredible feeling of guilt over what had happened the previous night.

"Sure you won't." She also sat up and when she did she was still towering above him. If she stood up she would be eight feet tall but at this moment in time it didn't matter. Instead she gave him a kiss and slowly got out of bed. She began to put her clothes back on that had been on the ground right by the bed. "Last night was fun and all but I'm going to be going now. Keep up the quest."

"Hey wait." He quickly crawled to the other side of the bed where she was standing. She turned to him as she expected to say something about having another night together at some point. "What about our deal?"

"What deal?" It was like she had completely forgotten about the agreement that she had with Tucker.

"You said that if I had sex with you you'd tell the authorities that it was you that killed Reginald and not Jessica."

"Oh that, yeah I'm not doing that." She said this as if it were the norm, no thought had been put into whatsoever. From the instant she had made the deal with Tucker she knew that she wasn't going to keep her part.

"But you said that as a demi-goddess you had to keep your word." There was a sense of terror that ran through his body. He thought that not only had he betrayed Jessica but he wasn't even going to earn her freedom for this.

"I lied." She looked at him for a moment and another smile appeared on her face. This one was different however, this one seemed like she was mocking him. "Wait you actually expected me to keep my word?" She began to laugh at him as he got up from the bed. He was naked but right now it wasn't important. "I'm a demi-goddess and you're a mortal, how could you possibly expect me to keep my word?"

"Because it's the right thing to do." These were the only words he could think of in response to what she was saying.

"Oh Tim you silly little man." She crossed her arms and looked down at him. "To me there is no right and wrong, that is something that you mortals created to keep yourselves in line. It has no meaning to me. Now why don't you be a good little mortal and wait around for when I come back. If you're lucky it might even be within your lifetime." She went to turn around but she heard a sword be unsheathed. This made her turn around and she saw Tucker holding onto Juggernaut. He had taken the briefest of moments to put some underwear on but he held his sword firm and directly towards Gwen. She had a small cheeky smile on her face as she thought that this was some kind of joke.

"You gave your word and I intend for you to keep it." There was a small amount of anger in his voice but over he was absolutely terrified. He was acting more with his heart rather than his brain.

"Are you telling me what to do?" The smile instantly faded from her face and now she looked incredibly annoyed. She glared at him and if looks could kill Tucker wouldn't stand a chance.

"Yes I am. My best friend is in grave danger because of you and as long as I live I'm gonna make sure that you admit what you did!" He was still terrified but he stood his ground nonetheless. Jessica was too important to him and although he knew how dangerous Gwen could be he still stood his ground.

The next thing Tucker felt was Gwen's hand grab his neck and he was lifted off the ground effortlessly. She had also begun to grow and since the ceiling was too low for her to get really big she grew until she had to kneel down. She had a very angry look on her face and she lifted Tucker up and pinned him against the ceiling. She was holding his neck so tightly that he could hardly breathe. A slight flick of her wrist and she could break his neck as if it were a twig. By now Tucker was beginning to regret his actions and he thought that he wasn't going to survive this.

"You don't tell me what to do!" shouted Gwen so loud that it was almost deafening for him. He could see the absolute anger in her eyes and he truly believed that he was going to die. "You are nothing to me and yet you feel that you can command me? I have lived longer than this piece of shit that you call a kingdom and if I wanted to I could destroy it just as easily as I snap your neck." Tucker was gasping for air but the giantess before him wouldn't let him have a decent breath. "No mortal has ever told me what I can and cannot do and I ain't going to let it start now. Your friend's fate is of no concern to me, like you she is nothing to me. Know now that you will not leave this room alive but I'm not completely without mercy. I will allow you to make your last words before I send you to your ancestors."

"There is one thing," replied Tucker. He could barely get his breath back but she had slightly reduced her grip around his neck. He was still terrified and he found it an odd feeling being pinned to the ceiling. "Do you really want someone else to take credit for your deeds?" He had come up with an idea and although it was a longshot right now he didn't have much of a choice.

"What are you talking about?" Her facial expression changed from one of anger to that of curiosity. Her voice had even changed, now it didn't seem to be so angry, just a little confused.

"Jessica is going to be credited for what you did." He was able to get more breaths that allowed him to feel a little more comfortable. "If I was someone like you I would make sure that everyone knew what I had done and not let people believe that some lowly insect did it." He knew that he was referring to Jessica as an insect but right now his idea seemed to be working.

"Hmm you do have a point there." It looked like Gwen was in deep thought and she even let go of Tucker. This made him drop to the ground and he landed with a great thud. He even saw her begin to shrink until she could stand up comfortably in the room. "I'm not in the mood for anyone taking credit for what I did. I want everyone on this plain to know my deeds."

"So are you going to tell the authorities that you killed Reginald?" He was picking himself up from the ground. He had been able to get his breath back and thankfully the fall hadn't seriously hurt him.

"Yeah sure, it's not like they can do anything about it. Besides a mortal has not right to take credit for the work of a god."

Tucker gave a huge sigh of relief as he realised that he had finally convinced Gwen to do the right thing. He was a little sceptical though since Gwen's word couldn't be entirely trusted as he had just seen. He could only hope that this time Gwen did keep her word and if she didn't he knew that there would be nothing that he could do. Gwen was so far out of his league that it was like a single ant trying to battle a person.

Some distance away Jessica was being hurried along by a hoard of guards. She didn't resist at any point although she was tempted to break out of her cuffs and try and escape but she still knew that it wouldn't do her much good. Her life would be ruined and she would be breaking her own morals.

Eventually Jessica came to a large hall that was none other than Royal City's top court. Over the years many infamous figures had been tried there such as Sir Winston Marley who had planned to assassinate the King some centuries ago. His fate was obvious for those convicted of treason.

The ceiling in this hall was very high and up and down the walls were carvings and paintings of great beauty. If the situation hadn't been so serious Jessica would have taken the time to look over the beauty. In front of her was an elevated seat where the judge would sit, it was highly decorated and looked to be made of gold. It didn't take a lot of guess work to figure that is where the King would sit to judge each case.

The court was lightly brit up with sunlight radiating in almost every corner of the court. Towards the back of the court was a seating area where the commoners could sit and watch what was taking place. Since this trial would feature the King it was filled with people who wanted to see their King pass judgement. None of them had even heard of what the trial even was, they just wanted to see the King.

Jessica did hear a few gasps from the commoners in attendance as they saw just how tall she was. Many of them thought that she made the knights who were guarding her look like children even though these men weren't small by any stretch of the imagination. She was led to a table where the defendants were forced to sit but as she looked down at it there was only a small stool for her to sit on. Without giving it too much thought she knew that the stool wouldn't be able to support her weight so with a small amount of reluctance she decided to sit on the ground so that she didn't have the embarrassment of breaking the stool. It was times like this that she did want to be normal.

On the table to her left was where the prosecution would be seated. The prosecution was a smart looking man who wore an outfit that looked to be worth more than what a peasant's entire property was worth. He was an aging man who had once had a full head of blonde hair but now it was beginning to recede. He had a short beard and a small scar on his right hand. His name was William Taylor who was the second son of Lord Thomas Taylor of Port Phillip. His sharp mind had brought him to Royal City and quickly he became one of the Crown's chief prosecutors. He had wasted no time reading up the evidence and he too was very confident that he would get a conviction. Like everyone else he didn't think that there were any other individuals in Angleland who could change size like Jessica and he felt that it was going to be an easy conviction.

There was a lot of chatter taking place inside the courtroom and Jessica couldn't help but feel anxious. Over the next few hours she would know whether she walked away as a free woman or be convicted and likely sentenced to death. She did look around to see if she could see Tucker but unfortunately he wasn't present. She didn't know whether this was a good sign or not.

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