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In the case of a few moments Tucker's world had been turned upside down. The woman he loved had just been arrested for the murder of a man that neither of them had ever met. He was pretty sure that neither he nor Jessica had met this man named Reginald Trounce. He did think that there was a possibility that it might have been someone that they had met for a moment such as the thieves in Logan but to his knowledge Jessica hadn't killed any of them. If it had been through some kind of accident during a fight he was certain that the knights would have arrested him too since he was involved. Instead they had left him alone and this was the most confusing out of all of them.

Tucker was still amazed with the fact that Jessica actually willing went along with the knights. If the roles had been reversed he would have done everything that he could to make sure that he didn't get arrested. This just showed how different she was to him since she believed that because she was innocent the gods would prove this. He knew that she was innocent but had no way of proving it at this moment in time.

He didn't even know where to look for evidence to prove Jessica's innocence. He had no idea where this supposed crime took place, when it happened and even if it happened. He wanted to help her more than he could admit but at this moment in time he felt like there was truly nothing he could do to help her. This was the most depressing thing for him, many times she had helped him and now it was his time to help her.

Not far away Jessica was taken to a dungeon where she was placed in a chair in a small room. There were several knights based there and each of them were tasked with taking her down if she showed any resistance. Each of them knew about her gigantism and if she began to grow they would have to kill her before she grew too big to be stopped. Many of them thought that this could be their last day but they still kept their composure, they were knights above anything else.

In this room was a small table that Jessica had to sit by. It seemed small to her, almost like that which would belong to a child. The room was surrounded by knights who would execute her if they felt that she was becoming a threat. They were not taking any chances with her and the slightest provocation was all that they needed.

There were two other people in the room who were not knights. These were known as inquisitors whose job it was to get a confession out of the accused. They were the ones who would decide whether they had enough evidence to go to trial or if the accused was innocent. One was a tall man named John Baxter who originally came from the coastal town of Calf Heath and the second gentleman was a man named Rupert Spencer who came from the city of Blanc. They were the two most qualified and respected inquisitors in the city and only the King could tell them which cases to inquire or not.

They were not intimidated by Jessica at all even though she was still extremely tall and could make herself even bigger. They had come across some of the worst people in Angleland and most of them had been executed thereafter. They thought that this was going to be another easy case since they had one defining piece of evidence that proved that she was the murderer.

"So you are Jessica Snape," said John as he took a good look at Jessica. She was still very calm on the outside but inside she was panicking. This was the first time she had gotten herself into real trouble and she just wanted it all to end. "I've been hearing a lot about you, you're a very interesting person so I've heard. You've been to many places recently and every time you're there we hear reports of a woman who can be as tall as a mountain. You are definitely something that cannot be explained with proper reason. Some would even put you on the level of the gods."

"Please can I leave?" replied Jessica. She was hoping that these two men would be able to see reason. "I've done nothing wrong."

"I see that lying is one of your talents as well. It seems that you're not very good at that one though." He smirked a bit and he showed that he wasn't intimidated by Jessica whatsoever, in truth he was a brave man.

"We know it was you who murdered Reginald Trounce no more than a fortnight ago," said Rupert who slammed his hands down on the table. This did startle Jessica a little but she still kept her cool.

"I don't even know a Reginald Trounce, I assure you you've got the wrong person. I wouldn't kill anyone."

"That is not true, we've seen reports of your visit to July. Many of the witnesses there claimed that you were close to crushing Lord Nostory. I admit that he is not the most pleasant of human beings but it still shows us that you are capable of murder if you're pushed too far. Can't say I really blame you though, a girl with your power facing someone you could crush like a bug. You've gotta admit, it is very tempting." He could see that Jessica was getting nervous and he wanted to get a confession out of her.

"No I wouldn't. I just wanted to scare him and besides you don't know what that monster did to me." There was some distress in her voice as she had to remember what happened when she was in July. It was something that would haunt her for the rest of her days. "That man brainwashed me and almost made me kill my best friend. Besides this doesn't prove that I killed this Reginald you keep talking about. I never met the man and I don't even know where this supposed murder took place."

"Trying to play dumb are we?" replied John. He didn't believe a single word that Jessica was saying. If he believed every person who claimed that they were innocent the dungeons of the city would be completely empty. "Since you want to play it like that I'll entertain you. You met Reginald in a bar in Logan and don't try to deny that you were there. Even Lord Logan himself confirms that you were in the city. You defeated Reginald Trounce in an arm wrestling contest in a local tavern before leaving with him. The next morning he was found crushed to death in what remains of his shack. From the spread of the debris something burst out of the shack rather than it just crumbling down."

"That still doesn't prove that I was the one who murdered him. I'm not the only tall girl in Angleland."

"That is true but there is one thing however you neglect. The witnesses at the tavern all claimed that the woman involved could change her size at will. Now if you ask me that kind of limits our list of subjects. We know that you're the only person in Angleland who can perform such a feat."

"And for that reason you're being charged with the murder of Reginald Trounce," added Rupert who could see Jessica's face dropping.

"No this is a mistake," replied Jessica. Her eyes were beginning to well up as it dawned on her that she wasn't going to get out of this. "I swear I didn't kill anyone."

"The King will judge that for himself." He looked towards a couple of the knights who were standing not far from her. "Take her to the dungeon and if you see her increasing her size at all slice her head off."

Jessica felt the two knights grabbing her arms and forcing her up to her feet. She still didn't resist as she was forced up to her feet, she did most of the work herself since she knew that she would be too heavy for the knights to move. She did consider growing to escape but she knew that they would easily be able to stab her before she grew to a decent height. Like it or not she knew that she was on her own.

On the outside Tucker was having a drink in the inn. He was feeling down and because he didn't know where to even start looking for the evidence he saw that he had no choice but to wallow in pity. He felt that he was powerless to do anything to help his future wife and drinking was the only thing that he thought would make the pity go away. If anything the drinking only made his sadness that much worse.

At this point Tucker felt like he was less than a man, he had always prided himself on being a brave man who was destined to become a knight. If he couldn't even protect the woman he loved he felt that he couldn't call himself a knight. He still considered trying to break her out

of the dungeon but this was more the alcohol talking rather than using his basic common sense.

A full day passed and Tucker did try some attempts of gained evidence to prove Jessica's innocence but his efforts had been for naught. He had attempted to gain more information about the charges brought against her but as he expected no officials were willing to speak with him. He wasn't even allowed to see Jessica who had been placed in a cell that had a ceiling which was too low for her to stand up straight in. He could only imagine what she was going through, it had not been that long ago since he was locked up in a deep dark dungeon and blamed for a crime that he was innocent of.

Tucker knew that Jessica would have the option of trial by combat and that she could defeat any champion that the prosecution would call up. Then again he knew that she wouldn't kill the champion and that would be a problem since the victor was the one who killed their opponent. He still wanted to get the evidence to truly clear her of the crime so that it wouldn't have to come down to that.

Eventually Tucker found himself in his room at the inn which he still had for another couple of days. He sat on the bed trying to think of exactly what he could do. Unfortunately nothing seemed to be plausible. He thought that there was truly nothing that he could do so all he did was sit on the bed and wrestle with his thoughts. If there was a low point in his life this was certainly it.

"You're looking a little down there," said a female voice. Tucker had been looking down at the ground but when he looked up he could see Gwen sitting on the chair on the far side of the room. He was completely surprised to see her there. He had not seen her since the day after they first met.

"G-Gwen what are you doing here?" replied Tucker with a lot of surprise in his voice. He didn't know whether to be happy to see her or be afraid. He knew that her size manipulation abilities had no limits and that some of her motivations were questionable. "How did you get in here?"

"I have my ways," replied Gwen with a smile on her face. She didn't really answer Tucker's question and she felt that she didn't have to. "I just saw that you were upset and I wanted to see why that was."

"Jessica's been arrested for killing some bloke named Reginald. We don't even know anyone called Reginald and somehow Jessica's being blamed for his death. I'm trying to find evidence to try and help her but right now I'm literally coming up with nothing. If I don't clear her name I truly don't know what'll happen."

"Oh that was his name." It looked like she had barely listened to what he was telling her and it seemed like she was thinking.

"What are you talking about?" He had only just caught what she had said since he had been explaining what had happened.

"Reginald, I thought it was Rickie or Richard but Reginald that's right." She smiled a little as she began to think of that night. "It's been a long time since a mortal made me feel like that."

"Wait you know this Reginald?" This came as a surprise to him but it took him a couple of moments to put two and two together. He realised that it was Gwen who had actually killed him and that Jessica was now taking the blame for it. "It was you wasn't it? You were the one that killed Reginald."

"Yeah I did." There was no reluctance in her voice or remorse. She just continued to think about when she had sex with Reginald and the wealth of pleasure she felt there. "And I guess you wouldn't believe me that it was an accident." She did smile over at him but Tucker just looked at her in horror. "I guess I got a little carried and unfortunately for him Reginald decided to be underneath. I really should have warned him what could have happened but still, can't change the past."

"This is great." Tucker's horror turned into delight when he realised that to prove Jessica's innocence Gwen could just go in and admit that she was the one responsible and they would let Jessica go. "You can just go to the king and tell him that you were the one that killed Reginald and Jessica will be free."

"And why would I do that?" There was a slight hint of annoyance in her voice. This was mainly because she saw his statement as him telling her what to do. In her mind he had no right to tell her to do anything.

"Because if you don't Jessica could get killed. And besides if you confess what can they do to you? You're a demi-goddess, they can't hold you and I'm pretty sure that the laws of men don't apply to you."

"You're right there but it still doesn't bother me in the slightest. I have nothing to gain from confessing." She did know that there was a good chance that Jessica could die if she was found guilty but she still didn't care what happened to her. On more than one occasion she could have saved Jessica and Tucker like when they were struggling during the second test. She could have easily stepped in and helped them immeasurably since her size manipulation abilities were not hindered by the no magic zone. To her all humans were lowly creatures and the only difference between Jessica and the rest of the humans was that she could make herself bigger than them.

"Please I beg you." He took a few steps towards Gwen who was still sitting down and got down to his knee. He bowed his head to her to show that he was at her mercy and Gwen couldn't help but feel happy about this. "Jessica means more to me than life itself and the thought of losing her is more than I can handle."

"You really love her don't you?" She had seen how they were together and seen all of their intimate moments.

"Yes I do. I love her like I have never loved another person before. She's my soulmate, my everything." He felt some confidence since he thought that Gwen was about to agree to confessing the crimes in order to spare Jessica and clear her name. He felt that he was just about to achieve a great feat.

"And would you do anything for this woman." Her eyebrow raised as she saw an opportunity to turn the situation to her advantage.

"Yes I would do anything for her. I would cut down a hundred men if it meant saving her. I would allow demons to strip my body and take me down to the world below if that was what it took." Gwen could sense that there was truth in his voice and that he would truly go to those lengths to save Jessica.

"Ok you've convinced me I'll go and tell this so called king that I was the one responsible for Reg's death and free your precious little girlfriend." She said this with a smile on her face that would be unnerving for most but Tucker didn't notice this. He was just overwhelmed to hear that Gwen would actually confess in order to save Jessica.

"Bless you Gwen. You will have done me a great favour in doing so." He bowed to her as a sign of respect and she raised her hand up before him.

"Wow there little man, there is a condition for my confession." Tucker still didn't mind this since he was willing to do practically anything to make sure that Jessica was cleared of the crimes that she was accused of.

"And what would that be?"

"When I had sex with Reginald I felt something that I had been missing for a few centuries. I want to feel that again so if you have sex with me right now on that bed I'll march to the king and tell him the truth."

Tucker quickly got up and took a few steps away from Gwen. He couldn't believe what she was asking of him. She was basically asking him to cheat on Jessica in order to free her. He would do anything to protect her but he felt that this was something that he couldn't do. If he did this he didn't think that he would be able to look Jessica in the face again after doing something like that.

"I-I can't," said Tucker with much hesitation in his voice. "I can't do that to her, she means too much to me."

"Then I guess that you don't care about her at all then." A somewhat angry look appeared on Gwen's face. "I was told that love was the most powerful thing in the world but that must be something that you don't have for your friend if you're not willing to do this for her. I guess I judged you wrong."

"Please there has to be another way." There was much sorrow in his voice as he began to see that the only way he could rescue Jessica was to give into Gwen's demands no matter the cost.

"No there isn't." Her words were quick and firm. "If you're not interested in the offer then I will be on my way."

"No wait." A thousand thoughts went through Tucker's head. Most of them would be how Jessica would react if she found out that he cheated on her. He loved her so much that he would never consider doing anything like this if the circumstances were different. He felt that this was his only chance and he gave a deep sigh before looking over at Gwen once again. "Ok I'll do it." His words were relatively quiet and filled with much remorse. It was like someone was taking the dagger into his soul.

"Great." Gwen's smile changed to one of excitement as she stood up to her full height quickly. She was a couple of inches taller than and she walked over to him and practically wrapped her arms around him. "This is something that neither of us will regret and because I'm in such a giving mood I'll even let you decide what size I'll be." She shrank herself until she was looking up into Tucker's eyes. "Maybe you want me to be of a size that you consider to be normal." She gave him another smile but she did unwrap her arms from around him. She then shrank herself even more until she was at eye level with Tucker's crotch level. He found it amazing to see a shrinking woman. He had been used to seeing Jessica growing and shrinking between eight feet and one hundred and twenty five feet but he had never seen anyone else go below normal height. "Maybe you want me to be the ideal height to suck your cock." She gave Tucker's crotch area a small pat and she was still excited with what was going to happen in the near future. She then began to grow in height and she went up until she was taller than Tucker. Eventually her head began to press against the ceiling and he had to look up at her just like he did with Jessica. She was different however, she had not made herself bigger but instead had just made herself taller. Her body looked like it had been stretched and she had very long limbs. It was very strange for Tucker to see someone like this since he was used to seeing his tall women proportioned rather than stretched. "Or maybe you'd like me tall, I could understand if you did." She then bent down to him and her mouth was right next to his left ear. "Or maybe we can find ourselves a nice open space and I can grow big enough until you can slip into my clit." She giggled a little at this thought, she had done it a couple of times and she wouldn't mind doing it again. To humour Tucker she was going to give him the choice.

"No I want to stay in here." He somewhat couldn't believe what he was saying. He almost sounded like he was looking forward to what was going to happen. In a way he was, he didn't like to admit to people but he was still a virgin. He had been saving himself for the right woman and he knew that was Jessica but it didn't mean that he wasn't tempted from time to time. He would be lying if he said that Gwen wasn't a beautiful woman and he knew that if he did what she said that she would clear Jessica's name.

"Your choice lover boy." She gave him a smile as she stood up to her full height. Her neck seemed longer than was the norm but since she went for the more natural tall look rather than the proportioned enlarged look it was to be expected. "How about this I'll give you a few moments to get yourself ready and then we can begin."

Tucker didn't say no to this opportunity as he went into a small room which was joined to the room. It was only small and allowed a person to get changed in privacy. There was also a mirror inside so that a man could see what he was doing while he shaved. It was hard for Tucker to move around in there and it is why Jessica never went in. She was much too big and she didn't like being in small spaces all that much.

He began to take off his clothing and he looked at himself in the mirror. He was both excited and terrified with what was going to happen next. One thought that was going through his mind was that if he did this he would be betraying Jessica. He knew that many married men would have sex with prostitutes but he wasn't like that. Jessica was the only woman for him but he knew that if he didn't do this Jessica would remain incarcerated and if she did escape she would be a wanted woman. He only wished that she was there to give him some guidance but he had to make the decision for himself.

After a few moments Tucker finished taking his clothing off until he was left with just his underwear. He walked back into the room and found Gwen naked under the covers of the bed. She no longer had her stretched appearance so it seemed like she had shrunk to a more average size. He couldn't tell exactly how tall she was but she looked at him with a smile. She was impressed with his body, it wasn't as muscular as Reginald's but it was still handsome and athletic in its own right. She was eager to have sex with him but Tucker was still having doubts. He knew that this wasn't right but he didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

"What's wrong?" asked Gwen but it was not really out of concern but more for anticipation. "Aren't I the most stunning thing you've ever seen?"

"Of course," replied Tucker. He was lying at this moment since he thought that if he told her otherwise she might back out of their deal. "It's just that I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do. I love Jessica and if I do this I'm betraying her."

"You're not betraying anyone." She raised her arm towards him and she began to extend it until she was able to reach Tucker. Slowly she began to pull him towards her but it was more like she was leading rather than pulling. "If anything if you don't do this that'll be betraying her."

"Is there no other way of you just confessing?" He was hoping that there was another way and he was so fixated on Gwen he didn't notice the length of her arm. When she was leading him towards her, her arm was beginning to retract.

"Of course not, as a demi-goddess I'm bound by my word. I can't change it now and if you back out of our deal bad things will happen to you." Her voice was quite cheery and almost masked the fact that she had just threatened him.

"B-But." He was trying to think of what to say next but the truth was there was nothing that could be said. He was between a rock and a hard place and from one prospective there was only one way he could help Jessica.

By then Gwen had led Tucker to the bed. He didn't climb into it just yet but her arm had retracted back to its original length. Her smile was glowing and as she moved the covers he could see her bare breasts which were the ideal size for her size. They didn't look to be too small and on the flip side they weren't too big either. If she wanted to she could easily change the size of her breasts just like she could for any part of her body. Such mastery of size manipulation was something that no human could ever hope to achieve. It just showed how much she was above the rest of humanity.

One thing that Tucker couldn't help was his man reaction to the site of her perfect breasts. Gwen could see his erection in his underpants and she could only giggle, she knew that Tucker was somewhat looking forward to this but not as much as she was. She had been hiding out of sight for a week or so by now and she did admit that it was getting boring. This moment at being a more normal size was not one that she would squander before either going back into hiding or returning to her plain of existence.

"Is that a club in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" asked Gwen with a giggle. Almost immediately Tucker lowered his hands to his private area to try and cover up his erection but it seemed to be futile. "There's no need to hide little guy. You're going to be doing a lot of work in a minute."

With some reluctance Tucker decided what he needed to do as he climbed into the bed right next to Gwen. Almost instantly she began to wrap her arms around him and it almost felt he was with Jessica but this time it felt different. When he was in Jessica's arms he felt a sense of warmth and safety. He knew that she would never hurt him but when he was in Gwen's arms he could sense fear. Although she had a warm body there was something cold about her. Something that seemed to be different, he didn't know whether it was because she was a demi-goddess or his own doubts.

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