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Jessica's world had just become a little brighter. Finally she was more than just best friends with Tucker. It was a day that she had been dreaming of for so long and she couldn't believe that it was finally taking place. If she could freeze time at this moment she would do and she would treasure it for all eternity.

Jessica had to snap back to reality when she felt the cool breeze on her back. She did become to shiver a little and the fact that the water itself was not very warm. Her nipples had become stiff and she wanted to get out as soon as she could. She looked down at Tucker and did give him a little smile.

"I hope you don't mind but I think we should get out now," said Jessica. Tucker was still covered with saliva but other than that he was fine. "I'll catch a cold and believe me the last thing you want me to do is continually sneeze.

"I guess so," replied Tucker. He wiped a bit more of the saliva off of his body but there was still plenty more. "Although now I think it's me that needs a bath."

This got a small chuckle out of Jessica who stood up in the water and made the couple of steps back to the bank. She allowed the sun to dry her off and as soon as she felt that she was dry enough she put her dress and other clothing back on. Before she shrank down to a more reasonable size she began to wipe Tucker with her dress to get the saliva off. She used the bottom portion of her dress to do this and while she was cleaning him off he was fidgeting a little. Once or twice she did have to tell him to stay still, the last thing she wanted to do was accidentally hurt him.

It took Jessica a couple of minutes to clean Tucker enough before she considered her work done. She did quickly rinse the saliva on her dress with some of the river water and despite the fact that Jessica had washed herself they still collected some of the river water so that they had some more water to drink on their travels.

For the next several hours Jessica walked towards the location of the third trial. Even at her extreme size it would take them sometime to get there but for both of them there didn't seem to be any rush. They were more than happy to take their time and they even considered staying in one of the towns for a short while. It would be their way of making their relationship official.

For now Jessica just kept walking and eventually she was even close to the city of July but for obvious reasons they stayed well clear of it. The memories of what happened still haunted them both, Jessica had never remembered being so angry in her entire life, she was just glad that it was all over with and that she had happiness in her life. Tucker was the only man that she needed and she thought that she would be happy forever.

Eventually the pair reached a spot where they thought it would be wise to camp for the night. Jessica was tempted to sleep at her full size and allow Tucker to sleep between her breasts. However she knew the dangers of that, she feared that she might roll over in the night and accidentally crush him. For this reason she decided to sleep at her minimum size but she would hug Tucker all the way through the night.

After having a decent dinner the pair lay on the ground as both of them prepared to go to sleep. An idea did pop into Jessica's head and she looked into the face of Tucker who was laying right beside her. A smile appeared on her face as she looked at him, he had no idea what she was thinking but he knew that he would find out very soon.

"So how many?" asked Jessica. Her smile had not faded and it was unlikely that it ever would again,

"How many what?" replied Tucker with some confusion. He had no idea what she was talking about.

"Children are we going to have when we've finished this quest. "I'm thinking about having at least a dozen."

"A dozen?" This caught Tucker by surprise. He didn't think that anyone would want that many children. "But why?"

"You probably wouldn't understand, remember I was an only child and more than once I wished to have a brother or sister. Unfortunately due to my parents' situation I was all they could have." She gave him another smile. "Think about it, you could have sons that you can train into knights and I will have daughters that I can teach to do lady like things." Her smile only grew as she finished speaking.

"Lady like things? Like what?"

"You know, lady things." She wasn't even entirely sure herself but she could imagine herself surrounded by her daughters in her farmhouse. She was teaching them how to do things like cooking and sewing. Although she wasn't all that good at those activities herself she would try and teach her children. "I don't care if I'm pregnant every year until I hit menopause, as long as we have a large family I don't mind."

"Yeah we'll have a large family." He meant large in a different way. He knew that if he were to have any children with Jessica they would most likely inherit her extreme size so there would be a family of giants in Angleland. "But we're not going to start until we've finished our quest."

"Well there's that and the fact that we need to get married. My daddy always told me that I should be married before I have any children." She gave him a somewhat evil smile. "And believe me if you want real access to my lady parts you have to put a ring on my finger." She held her right hand towards him and spread her fingers indicating her point. Tucker couldn't help but admire his friend, despite the fact that she was in love with him she wouldn't let him have sex with her until they were married. He also knew that when she had her mind made up it was close to impossible to change it.

"Ok, when we're finished with the quest we'll get married. We'll even use some of our well-earned treasure to pay for the most extravagant that Angleland has ever seen. You have my word."

"But when we get married I do have one condition."

"Name it." He was curious to know what this condition was. He didn't know whether he would entirely like it or not.

"When we get married I'm going to be my real size." This did take him by surprise but he was still curious.

"Why would you want to get married as a giant?"

"Because when I marry you before the gods I want people to see me as my real self, not this shrunken version of me. I know that many people would be afraid but I don't care, it will still be the happiest day of my life and you'll make me the happiest woman. Besides I can't really marry in this dress."

"Err." He took a quick look at her dress and although it was still in good shape considering she practically wore it every single day. It was still a dress that didn't look particularly nice to get married in. He knew that she would most likely want some kind of white dress as was tradition. "I see your point."

"Hey are you saying my dress is ugly?" For a moment she had a stern look on her face and Tucker had to quickly try and backtrack his words.

"No, of course not. I would never say such a thing." He began to laugh to try and pass it as nothing but Jessica still gave him the stern look.

"I was thinking of giving you some sugar tonight but now you can just forget about it." She could see the disappointed look on Tucker's face and this made her laugh. "Relax I'm only kidding."

"Oh thank the gods." He breathed a huge sigh of relief but before he could say anything else he felt himself be pulled right towards her and their lips came together for another kiss. At least this time he didn't have to worry about her almost swallowing him.

As they kissed Tucker felt the warmth and safety of being in the arms of an amazon. She wasn't crushing him and he could feel the softness of her lips pressing against his. For Jessica this was something that she had always wanted. For once she felt that things were beginning to go well in her life. She had gotten herself the man that she wanted and it was the first step to what she thought would be a happy life.

The next morning it was Tucker who was the first to wake up. Rather than disturbing Jessica he allowed her to sleep for a little longer. In that time he began to train once again, like before he used a tree as a dummy as he practiced his swings and stabs. He would have preferred a sparring partner but since there were none around this was the best that he could do.

Even though it was early morning it was still somewhat warm and there was there was a misty feeling in the air. Already he could hear the songs of the birds in the nearby branches. He was somewhat lost in his own world when he felt a large hand touch his shoulder. At first he didn't really have any fear since he assumed that it was Jessica's. But when he took a quick glance at his shoulder he saw that it was a man's hand and it was gloved. It was not the long and slender hand of Jessica.

Quickly Tucker turned with Juggernaut in his hand and he expected to see someone standing behind him. Instead he saw nothing and quickly he looked around to try and see if he could see anyone. The only person he could see was Jessica who was still asleep on the ground, there was no one else around him at all. He even looked at his shoulder and unsurprisingly the gloved hand was gone. Quietly he sheathed Juggernaut and began to think about what had just happened.

It was around that time that Jessica woke up and as she stretched herself she saw Tucker standing by himself. This struck her as being odd and rather than getting up immediately she decided to raise her voice so that he was able to hear her.

"Hey Tucker are you alright there?" asked Jessica as she saw Tucker looking towards her. He did seem a little confused and this did make her worry a little. Anything that could harm him she immediately disliked.

"Y-yeah I'm fine," replied Tucker. He was beginning to think that he had just imagined the entire event. What he didn't realise was that it was the same shoulder that Gwen was currently located on. She was still keeping herself hidden and was happy with everything that was taking place. "I've just got a few cobwebs."

"You sure that you're alright? You seem a little spaced out to me."

"No I'm sure. Anyway, we better get some breakfast. I don't know about you but I'm starving."

"So am I but I'm only hungry for one thing." She gave him a cheeky grin before she stood up to her full height. For Tucker it was always a wonder to see such a tall girl standing up. In a way he felt that it was the natural order. "I'm in the mood for something cooked today. You wouldn't mind gathering a bit of fire wood?"

Tucker dreaded the idea of eating Jessica's cooking. More than once in the past she had cooked for him and he never genuinely enjoyed a single meal. He loved her dearly but he certainly didn't love his cooking. For Jessica she knew that she wasn't very good but she felt that if she was going to be a wife and have a dozen kids she would have to improve her cooking skills. She thought that Tucker would help cook when they had their family but if he was working then she would have to cook.

Jessica even thought that if they found Three Man's Treasure they could simply hire people to cook for them but she still felt that it was best for her to learn. They couldn't depend on the treasure for everything.

Over the next several minutes Tucker did as he was asked and collected some firewood. Thankfully the wood that he found was dry due to the fact that it had not rained for several days. He quickly brought it to where Jessica was getting some of their food out from the satchel. She wanted to make a healthy breakfast since she thought that they would need their strength for the trip at hand.

Thanks to Tucker's experience as a blacksmith he was more than capable of starting the fire and as soon as it started Jessica began to roast some meat and toast some bread. She was trying to be as careful as she could so that she didn't burn anything and ruin the breakfast entirely.

It didn't take her long too long to finish the breakfast and as soon as she felt that it was done she shouted to Tucker that it was ready. The man himself did walk to her with some reluctance as he didn't know whether he was going to like what he ate or be throwing it up within a few minutes. She had put a lot of effort into cooking his breakfast and he didn't want to upset his bride to be. Especially given the fact that she could turn herself into a towering giantess within a moment.

Tucker began to eat his breakfast and he was actually surprised to find that it tasted half decent. He admitted that there were still a few things that were left to be desired but it was definitely much better than what he had tasted earlier from her cooking. He could see Jessica eating her own breakfast and as was expected her portion was much larger than his. It was easy to forget that due to her size she ate a lot more than an average person, sometimes she would even get a little embarrassed with the amount of food she ate. She didn't see it as being very lady like but he body demanded calories and she was simply a slave to its whims. She take some comfort in the knowledge that she didn't eat as much as she used to, if she did she would have eaten her parents out of house and home.

"So what do you think?" asked Jessica just after she had eaten her last shred of food. There was a few moments of silence because Tucker was still finishing off his last mouthful but Jessica thought that it was because he didn't like her cooking. "You didn't like it did you?" She thought that this was going to happen and despite everything it still did upset her more than she would like to admit.

"No its fine," replied Tucker just as he swallowed his last mouthful. "It is some of your better cooking certainly."

"What you like it?" Her face seemed to light up and Tucker could see how much this little comment had made her happy.

"Certainly, if you keep improving like this then you'll be a master chef before you know it. Heck you could even open your own restaurant and call yourself the tallest chef in Angleland."

"Thanks Tucker that means a lot." She gave him a smile and a small kiss on his cheek. They had only been an official couple for a day and already he was complimenting her cooking. She knew that it was the start of something special.

With the breakfast over the pair decided that it was best to keep moving. Jessica once again grew to her maximum height and carried Tucker. Along the way they saw a couple of travellers who just stood and stared as they went passed. Jessica smiled down at them and just waved at them. She could see that they were somewhat afraid of her but their reactions were nowhere near as bad as she had in the past.

It took them a further three days to traverse through the Summer Lands until they reached the banks of the River White which was the longest river in Angleland. It started from the Wetlands all the way in the north and ended in Delta Town which was one of the most southern towns in Angleland. The mighty river practically split the land in two and without the aid of a bridge or a boat a traveller would have to travel thousands of miles to get around the river otherwise.

It was on this very river that stood the greatest city in all of Angleland. Royal City was founded on the River White and it had been the home of the Kings and Queens of Angleland for countless years. It was this city that Jessica was heading to since it was a place that she had always wanted to visit. Although Tucker did want to find Three Man's Treasure as soon as possible he had already accepted that they would be having an extended visit to the city. It would also give them chance to replenish their resources and Jessica would have time to visit the sights.

Already they had decided that they were going to stay there for at least a week but Jessica would have loved to have pushed that further to a fortnight. Even then she didn't think that she would be able to see everything she wanted in Royal City.

There were other places that Tucker wanted to visit as well. Some of the best smiths in the land traded from Royal City. He wanted to see how they made their weaponry and armour so much better than anywhere else in Angleland. He wanted to also pick up a few tricks from some of the knights who were located in the city. Many of them were under the direct command of the King and Queen and he even thought that it might lead to himself and Jessica actually visiting the royal family. It would bring much joy to Jessica who had wanted to be a princess when she was younger.

When Jessica and Tucker began to approach the city they could see it from some distance. It was the largest city in Angleland so it was more than easy to spot. To reach the city they would have to cross a bridge directly into the city since it was located on the opposite side of the river from where they were.

As usual when the pair were a few miles away from the city Jessica shrank to her smallest size and they would carry on from there. At one point Tucker commented that Jessica didn't need to carry him and now it would be his turn to try and carry her. He remembered carrying her during the second trial but she had obviously gained a lot of weight since then. Still he thought that he was more than up to the task.

With Jessica's permission Tucker attempted to pick up Jessica. He attempted to carry her and he was just able to get the Amazonian woman off of her feet. Unfortunately that was all he could do as he could feel her sheer weight pushing against him and he lost his footing. He found himself tumbling down to the ground and unfortunately for him Jessica came down right on top of him. The sudden impact winded him as he felt his chest being crushed by her weight. Almost instantly she got herself up and tried to help Tucker back up to his feet. She had a very concerned look on her face as she feared that she might have seriously injured her lover.

"Tucker are you alright?" asked Jessica with a lot of concern in her voice. Her fear looked to be realised as Tucker was having a difficult time answering her question. If she knew that he would get hurt she wouldn't have agreed to this.

"Y-yeah I'm fine," replied Tucker as he was still gasping for air. "I just need a moment to catch my breath."

"Oh thank the gods but you should have been more careful. You knew that you couldn't carry me and yet you still tried." She gave a small sigh. "In hindsight I should never have let you try."

"Don't worry about it, in fact I did better than I expected." He tried to smile to show that he was fine but he could see that Jessica was a little annoyed. He knew that he would have to do something to make her happy again. "How about this, when we go into Royal City I'll take you to the fanciest place there and buy you whatever you want to eat. Think of it as our first real meal as a couple."

"A couple?" This made her face light up as she could see that Tucker was trying to be romantic. In that instant she had more or less forgotten what she was annoyed about and could only think about them at a table eating some food together. In her dream she was wearing a very fancy dress but she already knew that she would be wearing the dress that she already wore.

"Of course, it can be our way of making it official. Now shall we keep going or would you like to admire from a distance."

"Lead the way my knight in shining armour." She could see him hold out his arm and she hooked it up with hers and they walked towards Royal City. She did have to slower her normal pace since she took longer strides than him. Tucker did have to quicken his pace slightly so that they could meet in the middle.

There was another reason for their haste, it was because there were dark clouds above them and they knew that it would rain very soon. They wanted to go inside and find an inn as soon as they could. It hadn't rained for some time since entering the Summer Lands and it looked like it would come down with a vengeance. Already they could hear some of the rumble of thunder above them.

It did take them a little while for them to reach the bridge that would allow them to cross the river and enter Royal City itself. As was expected the bridge was very busy with people going in and out of the city. They could see a range of people from peasant farmers all the way up to Lords and Ladies. Each of them had to go through a checkpoint where their comings and goings were documented. There were numerous people who were wanted by the crown and would more or less be executed if they were caught.
Tucker and Jessica had to join a line of people who wanted to go into the city.

Unfortunately they were stuck behind a horse and carriage which was used to transport dead bodies out from the city. Thankfully the carriage was empty but they could still smell where there had once been a pile of dead bodies. Unfortunately it was a practice that wouldn't be going away anytime soon.

A couple of people did stare at Jessica as they walked passed since even at her smallest height she still stood easily a foot and a half taller than the tallest person on the bridge. By now she was so used to it that she didn't really notice them. Instead she held onto Tucker's hand and although it was smaller than she would have liked to her it was perfect in every single way.

Eventually after almost an hour of waiting Jessica and Tucker reached the checkpoint on the bridge. There were two checkpoints right by one another but where one was for people going in the other was for people going out. There were strict rules about how the process was done and if anyone was foolish enough to try and cut corners they would find themselves in a prison cell faster than they could relieve their bowels.

The man at the checkpoint was a relatively small man who didn't look like he could do well in a fight. He looked a little like a weasel, just because he looked weak didn't mean that he was a pushover. Right next to him stood a couple of guards who all wore shiny armour which was imprinted with a rose. This was the symbol of the royal family and indicated that they were knights under the order of the king himself. Tucker couldn't believe it but they were most likely knighted as well meaning that he would have to call them sir. The checkpoint man was most likely not a knight but also most likely someone who you didn't want to anger. He could deny a person entry into the city and they would be thrown out although he doubted that the knights could throw out Jessica. On the other hand he didn't think that she would hurt them either.

"Names," said the checkpoint man. He had a large piece of paper in front of him and a quill in his hand. There were a couple of cuts on his fingers and the wind blew his short black hair. He had been doing this for so long that he just wanted to get each person done with so that he could finish a little earlier.

"Oh I'm Tucker Martel," replied Tucker as he had to come up with the answers quickly and this is my partner Jessica Snape." Jessica gave the man a small smile and a wave but he seemed to completely blank her. He did write down the information that he was given on the large piece of paper.


"I'm a knight." There was some amount of pride in his voice and he was hoping that it would impress the man and the knights standing right next to him. Unfortunately this was not meant to be,

"If you are a knight then why are you not named Sir Tucker Martel?" He did have a lazy eye which Tucker did find a little uncomfortable.

"Well I haven't actually been knighted yet." He did begin to sound a little nervous as he feared what would happen next.

"If you haven't been knighted you're not a knight. I have at least a dozen people a day claim to be knights but they're actually not. So don't waste my time with this fantasy crap and tell me your real occupation before I refuse you entry."

"Alright." He gave a small sigh as he had to admit defeat. "I'm a fully qualified blacksmith and practicing knight."

"That's better." He continued to write down the information. "And your partner? Is she just a housewife or does she have an occupation as well."

"I-I'm a farmer," replied Jessica. She did stutter her words a little but she was able to keep her cool. She was somewhat angry with how he had talked to Tucker and she found him to be very rude.

"Very tall for a farmer. Very tall for anything really." He finished off what he was writing. "And how long are you planning on staying in Royal City?"

"A week," replied Tucker just as Jessica stated a fortnight. The man just looked at them both and wrote it down.

"I will count that as a week." Finally he finished off what he was writing. "You both may enter the city and remember to be on your best behaviour. You might find yourself at the mercy of the king."

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