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Everyone in the tavern stood in utter awe at what they had just seen. Over the course of what was only a few seconds they had seen a woman who had barely been five feet tall with a skinny frame into a near seven foot amazon with very large muscles. Her body size was identical to the man that had given the arm wrestling challenge. He too was in utter shock and he felt a very sinking feeling. He didn't even know if what he had just seen was real or a hallucination for drinking too much cheap ale.

The woman who had changed was of course Gwen who was the self-titled Mistress Of Size and with her superhuman abilities it was hard to dispute this. She still looked at the large man for a few moments in some confusion. Just moments ago he had claimed that she was too small to be a challenge so she had increased her size to match his. She also briefly looked down at the people around her, moments ago most had been taller than her but now she towered above each of them.

"H-how did you do that?" asked the man. He was still in disbelief and he was tempted to turn tail and run but his pride prevented him from doing this.

"Is this better because if I need to be bigger I can be," replied Gwen. She more or less ignored his question and she just wanted to make sure that she was the right size for the contest.

"N-no you're fine." He had not even contemplated the fact that Gwen could make herself even bigger if she wished.

"Oh good." She then moved to the empty seat that was opposite the man's and she quickly sat down on it. The chair creaked a little under her weight of pure flesh and muscle. She rarely used her abilities to increase the size of her muscles in this manner. "I'm ready when you are."

Almost without saying a word the man sat down in the chair opposite her and placed his elbow on the table and moments later he grasped her hand so that they could begin the contest. The people watching couldn't believe that he was actually going through with it and although most wanted to flee after what they had seen their curiosity kept them from leaving. They wanted to see how probably the mightiest arm wrestler in Logan faired against Gwen. At this point they had no idea that she was a demi-goddess, if they had they would have known who was the stronger.

Almost immediately the man felt Gwen's strong grip as the contest began. He used a small portion of his strength to try and win as he hoped that Gwen's appearance was mainly for show and that she was still actually as weak as she seemed before. Not surprisingly Gwen's arm didn't move as her strength was equal to his. He decided to apply more pressure and Gwen had to use some of her strength to prevent herself from losing the contest. She had not expected him to be this strong.

"I must admit that for a mortal you're pretty strong," said Gwen as she stared into his eyes. He was concentrating more on his arm and not really looking at her. It took him a moment to look up at her.

"And you're strong for a maiden," replied the man as he tried to win the contest but Gwen was not allowing this to happen.

"Oh I am no maiden." With that she increased her muscles even further and almost instantly her strength doubled. She had more than enough strength swing the man's arm onto the table and thus winning the contest. The crowd were in utter silence after what they had just seen while for Gwen it was like nothing in particular had happened. "It has been a while since I have witnessed this game but I believe that I won."

"H-How did you do that?" He was in utter amazement not only about the fact that he lost his undefeated streak to a woman but the fact that she had been able to manipulate her size in the manner that she had. Already people around them began to move away due to the fact that the match was finished but also out of sheer fear. He was somewhat afraid at what Gwen had just done but he was more curious than anything else.

"Oh I'm a demi-goddess." She threw this as if it was not that big of a deal and by now the crowd had completely dispersed. "Right now I'm using the name Gwen, although I've been called many different things over the millennia. Some call me the great liberator while others have called me a destroyer."

"And which is it?" He still couldn't believe that he had been beaten but the fact that he had been competing against a demi-goddess gave him some comfort. Normally he would not believe that she was some kind of deity but after what he had seen he could hardly dispute the fact.

"Right now I'm neither. I'm just bored and I needed a little excitement that only you mortals can satisfy. I've even learned a few things since I came here, just like how delicious your foods." She could see that he was intimidated by her. "I'm sorry I didn't catch your name." In the past she would not much have cared but right now her own curiosity made her ask this question.

"Reginald." He almost gasped after he had said his name. He could feel his heartbeat rise of some fear. He did admit to himself that she was very beautiful but the fear he felt prevented him from feeling much attraction.

"I see now that I am scaring but you need not fear me." She began to make herself smaller, not only did she shrink in height but she also began to lose the huge muscles that she had gained for the contest. Within moments she looked more like a normal woman but she kept making herself smaller until only her head was above the table as she sat down. She genuinely didn't want to scare him and found him to be more curious than anything else. Rarely had she seen a man as big and muscular as him before she had to return to Tucker and Jessica she wanted to have some fun with him. "I've learned that mortals are scared of things that are big but now that I am much smaller than you it should make you a little easier around me."

"Y-yes that's a little better." His heart had almost skipped a beat when he seen her shrinking. Right now she was probably the smallest person that he had ever seen. The sight of seeing someone change size like that was breath taking and there was no one else around to see what was happening. The tavern had soon cleared out and even the tavern owner had made himself scare. "I'm sorry but you're so tiny."

"Yes I've learned that making myself small doesn't make me seem as intimidating to you mortals. "I admit that I enjoy being big but being small does have its benefits as well, just like how I'm travelling with two people who are trying to find this treasure." She had more or less forgotten the name of the treasure that Jessica and Tucker were trying to find. She had not really cared for the name since to her treasure had no real worth to her. "They don't even know that I'm still around." She chuckled at the fact that the pair had thought that she had gone back to where she had come from. They had not even thought about the fact that she had been travelling on Tucker's shoulder. "Also I've seen things that no mortal has ever seen before."

"Like what?" Reginald's curiosity was spiking and he couldn't help but look down at the tiny Gwen who was still sitting in her chair.

"When I shrink to a certain size I see creatures that are so small that no mortal can hope to see them. They can make your most terrifying creatures look nothing more than a child's play thing. Beyond that I've seen spheres that many of them are compacted together. They seem to make up everything around us." She lifted her hand up and knocked a little on the table. "This table is made out of countless of these spheres. More than any mere mortal can fathom and in the past I've shrunk so much that these spheres have seemed to be mountains in comparison to me." She seemed to be proud of what she had done. She was of course referring to atoms and if a human had shrunk to her size they would suffocate due to the fact that oxygen atoms would be too large for them to breathe. Since Gwen didn't need oxygen this was not a problem that she needed to worry about.

"Why would you do something like that?" He was almost blown away by what Gwen was saying. Normally he would say that she was lying but he couldn't help but believe what she was saying, especially after seeing how she changed her size.

"Because I could. Just like how I grew large enough to separate all the landmasses of the world." There was a small smile on her face after she made this admission. She saw that Reginald had a confused look on his face and she took a sigh as she knew that she was going to have to explain. "Countless generations ago all the landmasses of the world was just one big landmass. I found this boring so I decided to separate them. I still can't believe that your people have only really colonized two of them." He still looked at her with some confusion, he could figure that her height would have to have been thousands upon thousands of miles tall to be able to complete an act like that. "And before you ask why I would do something like that it was because I could and you have to admit that things are much better with them all separated, don't you think?"

"I err..." He was somewhat at a loss for words. "Well I would say that it is better but the thing is that no one who's alive today has known any different. It is hard to really give you an answer since we've never experienced the landmasses being together. Some may prefer them being separated while others would much prefer them to be all together again." For once it seemed to be Gwen who was the one surprised and the smile on her face only grew with each passing moment.

"I never thought of that." She seemed to be genuinely impressed with him and she got off her chair and began to walk over to him. As she did she increased her size until she was considered to be a normal size. "There aren't many mortals who can surprise me." She stood behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Her lips were only a couple of inches away from his ear. "You know I could take you to places that you've never even contemplated. Make you feel things that have only been reserved for the gods themselves." He felt her tongue come into contact with his ear. He didn't realise that her mouth was too far away from his ear to normally touch it with her tongue. She was using her powers to extend her tongue so that she could reach it.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh I think you know what I mean. If there's one thing I've learned about mortals there's only one thing they really think of."

It was at this point that Reginald realised that Gwen was talking about sex. He couldn't believe that she was actually coming onto him. He didn't know whether to be honoured or terrified. A woman who admitted to being a demi-goddess and with the ability to be any size that she pleased. Although she mainly had her eye on Tucker she didn't mind taking something on the side until she got her prize. Reginald was a man who she found very fascinating and to her it was enough to allow him to have intercourse with her. She was already looking forward to the experience.

"I-I don't think I should," said Reginald as he realised what Gwen was talking about. The next thing he felt was Gwen's hand grasping his shoulder fairly tight. He wasn't sure but her hand also looked a little bigger than it did a few moments before but he thought that he was just imagining it.

"Do you really want to defy me?" replied Gwen with a hint of anger in her voice. She was used to getting whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. She wasn't going to let anyone get in the way of what she wanted, especially a mortal.

"N-No I don't." He was quickly backtracking his words as he knew that it would likely make her angry and he doubted that he would like her when she was like that. "I'm sorry you misunderstood."

"Good, now is there anywhere where we can have a bit of alone time?" She gave his ear another little lick with her elongated tongue and it sent a shiver down his spine but he still kept it to himself.

Minutes later Gwen had been led to what seemed to be a small shack. It was where he would keep many of his tools and it was far enough out of the way that not many people would be able to hear them. When they arrived Gwen took no time in pushing him to the ground. It had happened so suddenly that Reginald was caught by surprise. He fell down quickly and Gwen made sure that the door was closed behind her, she wanted him all to herself.

The shack itself was quite small and scattered around was numerous tools that Reginald used in his lumberjack trade. It was not the cleanest of places but it did its job well and that's all a lumberjack really needed.

The next thing that Gwen did was to take off her clothing and throw it down to the ground. Reginald for the first time saw her naked body and she truly had the body of a goddess. He could feel his manhood beginning to grow and although he didn't particularly want it to happen but from what he could see he couldn't help himself. Her breasts seemed to be the perfect size as they were not too big or too small, he could see some tones of her muscles and a small amount of pubic hair around her crotch region. There seemed to be no imperfection on her body at all and it seemed that she had been chiselled out of granite. She smiled down at him that seemed to be angelic but he couldn't help but feel that there was a small amount of terror behind her smile.

"Well I'm naked now," said Gwen as she knelt down to him. "I think you need to be the same." She then grabbed onto his trousers and with one mighty pull she was able to rip them off him with strength that seemed to be beyond her current body's limitations. She could see his erection in his pants and she couldn't help but giggle as she too ripped them off. She could see his large erect penis for the first time in all of its glory and she did look in amazement for a few moments. "Wow for a mortal you have a very big manhood. You're such a big man."

All of Reginald's fears seemed to melt away as all he could think about was making love to Gwen. She was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen and just the thought of being with her right now was overwhelming for him. He actually smiled as she walked over to his crotch. She began to sit down but as she did she began to slide his large penis into her vagina and she groaned in pleasure as she could feel it going inside of her. It was pleasure that she never felt when she was on the higher plain and it made her trip down to Angle land that much more exciting for her. Reginald himself could only feel pleasure as he felt his penis entering Gwen. It was a feeling that was almost too much for him to comprehend and he was basically just going through the emotions.

The next thing he felt was unusual. He wasn't exactly sure at first but he felt the space around his penis begin to tighten. He looked over to Gwen and saw that she was slowly growing smaller. It seemed that she wanted to make his penis seem as large as possible so she was shrinking herself. The feeling was a little constricting for Reginald but they were too lost in the moment to really care.

"Y-you're amazing!" stated Reginald as he enjoyed every moment of what was taking place. He was feeling something that no human alive today had ever felt but for Gwen this was not the first mortal that she had sex with.

"Why are you telling me something I already know?" replied Gwen as she too was giving into her pleasure. She had shrunk herself to the point where it was impossible for her to get his penis out of her. She was still able to move up and down on him and she gave out cries of pleasure. "Keep it coming."

Gwen shrunk herself even more and the constricted space around Reginald's penis was causing him some discomfort. He was too stuck in the moment to really care about this as he was experiencing the greatest joy that he had ever known. He felt himself ejaculate and he was somewhat surprised that the now quite small Gwen didn't rocket off of his penis and into the air.

If anything Gwen was lost in the moment more than Reginald and she didn't notice that she was actually making herself bigger. She was still crying out in absolute joy and she felt that she was about to orgasm. She was too busy having sex with Reginald to notice that she was growing. Reginald himself had noticed that she was getting bigger and before long she was up to an acceptable size but he saw that she was still growing. He began to chuckle a little as he thought that this was trying to pleasure him.

"Hey Gwen you're getting a little big," said Reginald as he could feel her weight beginning to increase. Gwen didn't listen to him as she could feel the orgasm coming faster and already she was bigger than him and still growing. "Gwen stop growing, you're crushing me." His pleas still fell upon deaf ears.

Gwen continued to scream in pleasure and her body continued to grow. When the orgasm finally came she gave an earth crumbling scream of joy and her body rocketed up as she burst out of the small hut and pieces of it went flying in all directions. It was only then that she stopped growing and seemed to relax. She was still sitting down but even sitting down she was still easily twenty feet tall. She gave a huge smile as she stretched her back for the moment and for now her sexual urge had been satisfied.

"I haven't had an orgasm like that for a long time," said Gwen as she didn't even notice that she had completely destroyed the hut. It was either that or she didn't care. "You should be proud Richie, not many mortals have made me orgasm like that." She was expecting some kind of answer from Reginald but there was none. "Richie?" She looked down to her crotch and saw Reginald there. His eyes were still open and yet there was no life in them. Some blood was dripping from his mouth and his head was slanting to one side. In Gwen's pleasure she had crushed him underneath her growing body. She quickly stood up to her full height and began to shrink herself. "Seems I forgot how fragile mortals can be." There was no one around to see her as she continued to shrink. "It's a shame we can't do this again but at least you've served your purpose." When she felt that she was the right size she put her clothing back on and went to walk away. She turned her head to look at him for the moment before walking away as if nothing had happened.

As Gwen continued to walk in the streets there was still no one around and since Reginald's hut had just been outside of Logan there was no one really around to see what had happened. It would not be long before someone found his body but this was the last thing that Gwen was thinking about. It was close to dawn and she was somewhat worried that Tucker and Jessica would leave before she returned.

The reason why Gwen had decided to keep her presence a secret from them is because she figured their actions would be affected by her presence. By being completely out of sight in that manner it would reinstate the belief that she was no longer around so Tucker and Jessica wouldn't act any differently. She didn't want to go back to the higher plains before she saw the conclusion of the quest.

For once Gwen didn't want to draw any attention to herself since she knew that it would only slow her down so she stayed at a normal size as she walked through the town. She began to see a couple of people going about their business. These were generally the kind of people that their work needed to be started before the masses began to wake up. They didn't seem to notice her as she seemed to be like any normal woman. Her clothing was a little different to that which was the common fashion but nothing to really take that much notice of. If they had known what she was and even what she had just done things would have been a lot different in an instant.

One person that she did walk past was a man who ran a fruit and vegetable store. For an instant the store owner turned around to pick up some items and Gwen took an apple off as she walked past and began to eat it. She had not done this because the man had been distracted. She had done it simply so that she could eat and it had been dumb luck that the owner had not spotted her. Even if he had of done it was extremely unlikely that he could have done anything to stop her.

It took a few more minutes of walking before Gwen reached the inn where Tucker and Jessica were staying. Quickly she moved inside the building and made her way up to their room. She quietly opened the door and was relieved to see Tucker and Jessica were still fast asleep. Gwen did smile a little as she began to walk over to Tucker who was still asleep on the floor. As she walked she began to shrink herself and but the time she actually reached him she was only a few inches in height.

Gwen climbed onto Tucker's body and continued to walk and once again she made herself smaller and smaller. By the time she had reached his shoulder she could no longer and she was back to being incognito.

It was around an hour and a half later before Tucker began to wake up. He didn't feel very refreshed since his sleep had been extremely uncomfortable. He sat up from where he was lying and began to stretch himself so that he could try and eliminate some of his aches. He looked over to Jessica and saw that she was still asleep. Her feet still touched the floor at the end of the bed, she was completely in her own little dream world and Tucker himself didn't have the heart to wake her up.

Eventually he thought that they had to move on before they lost too much daylight so he went to wake Jessica up. He knew from experience that when Jessica was asleep that she was like a log and he did try to push her to try and wake her up. Rather than waking up Jessica subconsciously stretched her arms and grabbed him. She pulled him down so hard that he was completely taken by surprise and he found his face in her chest. He tried to struggle but even asleep she still had more than enough strength to hold him. He couldn't see the large smile on her face as she continued to sleep and hug him.

Eventually Tucker's constant movement did eventually wake her up and as she yawned at first she didn't realise what she was doing. As her vision began to return she could see that her arms were wrapped around Tucker and that his face was square in her chest. He had just enough space for him to breathe and although he did think that her breasts were very soft he still wanted his freedom.

"Hey Tucker," said Jessica with a smile upon her face. "What are you doing down there?" She had yet to release him and a small part of her was actually enjoying what was happening Tucker tried to respond but his words were being muffled and she couldn't hear what he was saying. "What was that?"

At that moment she released her hold on him and quickly he stood up and began to pant. Although he had been getting oxygen it was not enough for him and he had to breathe quickly to make up for what he had missed. His face was red after being in her breasts for what seemed to be an eternity and although he wanted to be angry he could not bring himself to it. He could see her smiling up at him and he knew that she didn't mean any harm. He was the last person that she would ever harm.

"W-what was that about?" asked Tucker as the redness in his face began to subside and it slowly returned to normal.

"I don't know," replied Jessica with a small amount of mischief in her voice. "I was dreaming that I was giving the cutest little puppy the world's biggest hug. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and it was actually you." She did giggle a little at what had just happened and in truth she much preferred what happened in reality in comparison to her dream.

"Anyway we're losing daylight and if you don't mind I want to get away from this place. I don't want that gang's friends catching wind of where we are."

"Don't worry about it." She turned herself and planted her feet off the side of the bed. She was already in a seated position and she continued to look up and smile at him. "I can protect the both of us from anyone who wants to hurt us." She began to stand up to her full height but in the excitement of everything that had just happened she forgot just how low the ceiling was and quickly Tucker heard a loud thud and a small amount of dust fall from the ceiling. Jessica herself gave out a small cry of pain and it was just another reminder that the world around her was not made for her size. The smile on her face faded away instantly and she had to bend down a little and rub her head.

Tucker himself couldn't help but laugh a little at what had just happened but Jessica glared down at him and he quickly stopped giggling. The fact that he had even laughed at this hurt her more than the impact but like Tucker before she knew that he didn't mean to hurt her in any way.

After a quick breakfast the pair decided to make their way to the location of the second trial. As soon as they were a safe enough distance away from Logan, Jessica grew herself to her maximum size and she carried Tucker like before. One thing they did see as they were leaving Logan was the destroyed shack that had belonged to Reginald. His body had already been moved so they didn't have to worry about finding the body. They had not taken too much notice of the hut itself and if they had known that Gwen was responsible they would have done everything they could to find her. They didn't know that the demi-goddess was right on Tucker's shoulder. She could see and hear everything that was happening and it seemed that she could remain like this for as long as she wanted.

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