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Jessica and Tucker stood there for a few moments as they looked at the woman who was applauding them. They had never seen this woman before and she continued to applaud them quietly. She had a grin on her face and the pair couldn't help but feel that they were being threatened in some way. Tucker kept his hand on Juggernaut and Jessica was contemplating increasing her size. For now the pair didn't want to make the next move since there was only this woman there. She didn't look any older than they were and after a few moments she stopped her applaud.

"Bravo now that was fun," said the woman. She got herself off the rock and began to walk over to where they were standing. "I was wondering just how long it was going to take you to realise that I was there." As she walked closer to them they could see that she under five feet tall. When she realised that they both towered above her she had a disappointed look upon her face. "Oh you're taller than I expected." In an instant her height shot up by a couple of feet. This startled both Jessica and Tucker who took a step back from the woman who in the space of a couple of seconds had gone from being just under five feet tall to around seven. She was roughly a foot taller than Tucker but a foot shorter than Jessica. "There that's better. Humans seemed to have grown a lot since I last visited and correct me if I'm wrong but it now seems like the females are the taller of the two sexes and by quite a bit if I do say so myself."

"W-who are you?" asked Tucker. He was on the verge of drawing out Juggernaut but if this woman had the same powers as Jessica he knew that he had to handle the situation very carefully. "What are you?"

"Oh how silly of me. I'm what you people might call a demi-goddess. Not entirely a goddess like those brown nose bastards who like to be worshiped by you mortals. You could say I'm on the level below that."

"Wow wait the gods are real?" replied Jessica. She had known that there were people who doubted that the gods even existed. She too had her doubts after everything that she had been through in her life but the fact that she was looking at someone who was calling herself a demi-goddess was making her see that not everything she thought was true. There was an overwhelming sense of dread within her.

"Well of course? Who do you think created everything that you see? Believe me it wasn't the result of some explosion." She gave a small laugh. "It's been so long since I last came I can see much about humanity has changed. First of all the females of your species seem to grow taller than the males."

"Oh wait that's not the norm, that's just me." Jessica tried to correct her but she didn't know whether that was the best idea since this woman was seemingly a demi-goddess. "Are you really demi-goddess or are you just trying to make us look like idiots?" She instantly regretted what she said as she felt that she was moments away from eating her words and she felt like she wasn't going to like the taste.

"You want a demonstration? Then that's fine." Another grin appeared on her face. "You might not know this but like gods demi-gods have particular talents and abilities and in my case I'm the Mistress of Size. I can be so small that I'm invisible to the naked eye." Suddenly she began to shrink right in front of Jessica and Tucker and within moments she couldn't be seen anymore. Tucker quickly went down on the ground and tried to move the grass away so that he could try and find her. Much to her surprise she seemed to be nowhere in sight. Even Jessica bent down so that she could try and see her but the woman had shrunk so small that she could no longer be seen.

"Where is she?" asked Jessica with some desperation in her voice. She had never seen anyone else size change and the fact that the woman disappeared had made her think that she had ceased to exist. "I can't see her."

"She isn't here," replied Tucker as he continued to push the grass away. "She just shrank so small that I can't see her."

Moments later the pair saw the woman again but this time she was growing and extremely fast. Tucker needed to move back as she grew several feet in the space of a few seconds and within moments she was up to what was considered a normal size but she continued to grow beyond that. Both Jessica and Tucker continued to move back as they saw the woman continuing to grow at what seemed to be an impossible rate. In the space of a few seconds she had gone from being a minute speck to a towering giantess and she was still growing before their eyes.

Moments later she grew until she was the same as Jessica's maximum size but she still kept going beyond that, taller and taller she grew at a rate that almost defied comprehension. It only took her seconds to be so large that if Jessica had been her full size she would barely have reached her ankle. Jessica and Tucker were in some fear at this almighty colossus before them and they could only watch as the woman bent down and picked them up with extremely little effort. Jessica did consider growing to her full size but it would do no good in this situation and she felt like she was an ant in the hand of this giantess. Even the clouds were only a few hundred feet above them and they felt that this woman could easily grow tall enough to reach them.

"Or grow so big that even the clouds aren't beyond my reach," said the woman and her voice was so loud that it was almost deafening for the pair. They were in fear and Tucker could feel Jessica holding onto him tightly. Not just because she was scared but she was also trying to protect him although in this situation there was not a whole lot she could have done to keep him safe. This was noticed by the woman who seemed to be in some confusion. "What is wrong with you two? Why are you so afraid?" A few moments past as the mountain of a woman began to think and she soon realised what the problem was. "Oh yeah how silly of me, big things scare mortals."

The woman began to shrink really fast and as she did she placed Jessica and Tucker on the ground and she continued to shrink until she was a little shorter than Tucker. The whole process had taken only a few seconds and it had taken place so fast that Jessica and Tucker were still trying to comprehend exactly what was happening. They were still in some fear of this woman but now she was at a reasonable size they felt that they were a little safer. She was still smiling at them.

"I think that was a decent demonstration of my power," said the Woman as she continued to smile. "As you can see I can be whatever size I want, you thought I was big or small then well let's just say they are nowhere near my limits." She began to chuckle a little. "In fact I don't think I've have limits. I've been so small that I've seen splodgy little monsters and even beyond that I've seen compacted spheres with countless number in an incredibly small surface area. I've even been so big that I pulled the land masses apart." It had told in legend that all the land in the world had at one point been one big continent and that an unknown event had ripped them apart into the land masses that were known today. This confession seemed to catch Jessica and Tucker completely by surprise as they still couldn't believe that they were standing before a demi-goddess. "I think you can agree that I've earned the title of 'Mistress Of Size.'"

"W-what just happened?" asked Tucker who was in complete disbelief. He almost felt like running as fast as his legs could carry him and he doubted that anyone would call him a coward for doing so.

"You wanted to see my power and I showed you. I forgot how you mortals are so taken aback by something like that." The smile appeared once again on her face. "You don't have to be afraid of me, I won't hurt you. That is unless you give me good reason to do so. I know that mortals are quick to take arms when they're confused."

"No we won't do anything like that," replied Jessica as she didn't want to escalate the situation any further. She knew that the woman before her was extremely powerful and provoking her might be disastrous. She was curious to know why this woman was even here and above all why they were the ones interacting with her rather than royalty or a high lord. "Why are you here?"

"I knew that question would pop up at some point." She took a step towards Jessica and even wrapped her arm around her. "Let me ask you one thing, do you know what it's like to be on a higher plain of existence?"

"I-I." She had to choose her next words careful in case this was some kind of trick question. The last thing she wanted to do was to say the wrong thing and be crushed by an insect. It was something that she wondered if other people felt when they were around her. "I couldn't possibly tell you."

"Well I can, it's boring as hell. It's the same thing day in and day out and all you have are gods and other demi-gods who think that they're all so high and fucking mighty. Believe me after a few millennia of that I wanted to dash my head against a wall." A moment later she moved along to Tucker and wrapped her arm around him. "And then I catch wind of two adventures in Angleland who are trying to find a treasure of great wealth and riches. It wasn't the most exciting of prospects but it was a lot better than staying in the higher plain. So I decided to come down and see it for myself despite what everyone else said. I needed some excitement in my life."

"Wait you came down here just to join our quest?" asked Tucker in some amazement. He never thought in a million years that a demi-goddess would have any interest in their quest. He thought that it would be beneath them.

"Join not really? If I to join then I could get us from one end to the other before you can even bat an eyelid. I merely wish to observe you as you go through your trials and all the other crap that happens on a quest."

"I think that we'll be alright." He didn't want her to watch what they were going to be doing and he preferred to continue on with the quest with Jessica only. The next thing he knew the woman had grown to nine feet tall and looked down at him with a somewhat annoyed look on her face.

"Oh you misunderstand me mortal. That wasn't a request." She could see Tucker somewhat becoming afraid and Jessica got in the way of the pair. She wanted to diffuse the situation before she lost her best friend.

"Ok we get the point," said Jessica. She tried to put on an apologetic smile as she looked up to the woman who was now a foot taller than her. "But if you want to observe us we need to know what your name is. The Mistress Of Size is a bit of a mouthful."

"Very well." Her demeanour seemed to change and she seemed to be calm again. "I've been known by many names over the countless years but maybe I should let you give me a name. But be sure that it's a good one."

"Err let's see." Both Jessica and Tucker began to think really hard. They needed to come up with a decent name fast and they really thought that if they took too long the woman would get angry. One name did pop into Tucker's head and he spat it out and hoped that it would be good enough for her.

"Gwendolyn," said Tucker after a few moments and almost instantly he thought that he would be regretting it.

"What was that?" replied the woman. Her arms were crossed as she contemplated what he was saying.

"Or maybe Gwen for short." He hoped that this would be good enough for her and now he just had to wait and see what she said. The last thing he wanted was for her to be insulted and crush them both for it.

"Hmm Gwen, not too long and rolls right off the tongue." There was a slight pause. "Ok Gwen it is then. I must say that it is a much better name than what other mortals have called me. Hell once a mortal wanted to name me after his dead daughter. She probably died from having a stupid name."

Both Jessica and Tucker gave a huge sigh of relief although Jessica would have liked Tucker to tell her what name he was going to give Gwen before he had muttered it. Thankfully it seemed to have worked out for the best for now. Gwen continued to stand there and they weren't too sure what they were going to do next.

"I guess we better keep going then," said Tucker with some nervousness in his voice. "We won't be finding any treasure if we're just standing around."

With that Jessica began to grow which did catch Gwen by surprise she took a step back as she saw the tall girl turn into a towering giantess and this was something that she didn't expect. At first she thought that she was going to be attacked but rather than reacting Gwen decided to wait a moment and see what happened next. She continued to look up at Jessica as she reached her maximum size.

"Wait you're a size changer too?" asked Gwen who was in some small amount of disbelief. She had seen many things over her long life that could startle any man but this was only something of interest.

"I'm sorry I forgot to mention," replied Jessica who thought that she might have done something that she would soon regret. All she did with her size was bend down and place her palm on the ground for Tucker to step onto. Gwen just continued to look up at her with some interest. "I'm actually a giant and this dress I'm wearing allows me to shrink down to a minimum of eight feet."

"And let me guess, that's as big as you can get?" She continued to stand there with her arms crossed.

"Well yes, I am still growing but for now I can't get any taller than this. Now would you like me to give you a lift?"

"No I'm fine." Suddenly she began to grow again and Jessica quickly picked up Tucker as she watched Gwen grow until she was the same height as her. It still felt a little off for her that she was at her maximum size and she was staring face to face with another woman. Jessica had always wondered what it would be like to meet someone who was as large as her. Now it had happened she couldn't help but feel a sense of dread. "I can follow you myself without even breaking a sweat." There was a smile on Gwen's face that did make Jessica feel a little easier but there was still that sense of dread.

"Yeah sure." There was some nervousness in Jessica's voice. Being around someone like Gwen was very unnerving for her and it was the first time in her life where she was actually afraid of someone who was actually bigger than her. She only hoped that Gwen would get bored and go back to wherever she came from soon.

As the hours went by Jessica continued to walk and she could still hear Gwen following behind her. Tucker was on her shoulder and every now and again he would turn his head to see if Gwen was still behind them. Each time he checked he could still see the blond haired, giant demi-goddess still following them. In his mind he had felt somewhat insignificant with one woman who could grow bigger and stronger than he was and now he had two of them. It made him feel a little useless since almost any threat that came their way could most likely be dealt with by either Jessica or Gwen. He knew that Gwen had claimed that she would only watch and not take part he didn't know if he could trust her word. She was after all a demi-goddess and they were mere mortals to her.

"Hey Jessica do you think this is the best idea?" asked Tucker as he whispered into the gigantic ear that he was sitting right next to. He did not have to speak loud and he hoped that Gwen wouldn't be able to hear him. "More than once I've been telling myself that this is the great trove of bad ideas."

"But what else can we do? She can literally crush us like bugs."

"The only thing we can do is just continue with our quest and hopefully she'll get bored and go back to wherever she came from."

"Are you mortals talking about something?" asked Gwen who could somewhat hear them from where she was walking.

"Oh no nothing," said Jessica as she turned her head to look at Gwen. It happened so fast that she almost pulled Tucker right off of her shoulder. He was able to keep a hold of her hair so that he didn't fall off completely. She realised what she had done and made sure that he was safe again.

"Hey don't be so jumpy." A smile appeared on Gwen's face as she was having a little bit of fun with all of this. "Just pretend I'm not even here." That was incredibly difficult since she could literally make herself the size of a mountain. Even at her current size it was close to impossible to ignore her.

"Yeah sure but I have to warn you that things could get very dangerous." This was only a minor attempt to get rid of Gwen and almost instantly she knew that it wasn't going to work at all.

"I'll be fine." The smile on her face grew. "I'm more than capable of looking after myself." She punched her fist into the palm of her hand and they could hear a loud thud. It would be unwise to be on the receiving end of that punch.

The party only walked for another hour before darkness finally fell and after a day of travelling both Jessica and Tucker were very tired. Gwen on the other hand was still very awake because unlike them she didn't require sleep or even rest. They decided to make camp inside a small wood where they built an open fire. Before they had left the inn earlier that day Tucker had bought some supplies which included some good meat that was being cooked as he decided to sharpen Juggernaut. Jessica was the one in charge of dinner since she could cook a lot better than Tucker and she wanted to make sure that it was cooked properly so that they didn't come down with serious food poisoning. The last thing they wanted was to be sick and unable to continue. Her skills at cooking was not the greatest but she could still do a better job than her best friend.

"So how is it that you're a giant?" asked Gwen as she sat down on a tree stump. She had shrunk herself until she was considered to be quite small. She liked to have fun being different sizes and usually didn't stay one size for too long.

"Well..." replied Jessica. She was still feeling nervous about being around Gwen and in the corner of her eye she could see Tucker sharpening his sword. She had not told many people about how she gained her size but she felt that it was best not to leave too much out since Gwen would probably know. "When I was born I was a very sickly baby and I would have died many years ago. After all else failed my parents risked everything by giving me a potion that they had no idea could cure or kill me." She was still a little hesitate to talk and Tucker took notice of the conversation. "To their relief I was cured but not too long after that I began to grow at an alarming rate and it has continued on ever since. I'm still growing and I feel that I won't stop growing until the day I die. This dress is the only thing allowing to stay at a more suitable size. I admit that I'm still probably the tallest woman in Angleland but at least it allows me to fit into buildings."

"Hmm interesting." Gwen sat further forward as she took a lot of interest in what she was saying. "I've definitely never seen a size changing mortal in my long life. I expect that you were the one in charge of your home village."

"Actually no I was an outcast." It was still painful for her to remember everything that she had been through as a child. "Tucker was the only person besides my parents who was friendly to me and we've been best friends for as long as I can remember. It was his idea to go on this quest and for him I would follow him to the ends of the Earth."

"It is rare to see loyalty like yours but one thing I don't get is why you didn't punish those who upset you. If anyone were to hurt me emotionally soon regretted it soon after, I'm guessing you've killed at least one person."

"No I haven't because if I did harm those who upset me then I would become the monster that they claimed I am. Believe me on more than one occasion I have seriously considered crushing someone but I have been able to stop myself from doing anything that I would really regret."

"Regret?" This seemed to puzzle Gwen as she had not come across this word before. "What is this word, regret? Is it some kind of word that has only recently been invented?" She was completely puzzled.

"You know, it means to do something but then regret doing it later. Like if Tucker had a piece of cake that he wanted to eat, but then I ate the cake and it saddened him. I would feel bad for eating said cake and wish that I hadn't done it. She paused for a moment. "You probably have done something like that."

"No I can't say that I have." Gwen's answer had come so quickly that it had taken Jessica and Tucker by surprise.

"Wait you've gotta have done something that you later felt bad about?" She couldn't believe that Gwen was admitting that she had never regretted doing anything in her life. Everyone regretted doing something in their life.

"Ok I'll use the word that you've just taught me. No I have never done anything to earn this regret. I am above that in so many ways that if I were to show you, your mortal minds would be blown up in the process. Unlike you mortals I am a demi-goddess and everything I do is with purpose no matter how small it may seem. I have performed great acts of what you would call kindness and evil. I do them because I can and feeling bad about it later won't change what has happened."

Jessica and Tucker fell quiet for a moment as they contemplated everything that Gwen had just told them. It made them feel that they should be even more cautious around her than they were before. They still weren't sure if Gwen was good or if she was evil but from the sounds of her she was somewhere in the middle. They didn't want to find out the hard way and for now they decided that upsetting her would not be in their best interests. The silence seemed to last for longer than it should but it was Gwen who was the first to speak so that the silence could be broken.

"I've gotta say that what I've seen so far of your quest has been nothing short of boring," said Gwen. "I thought that you'd be fighting bandits or some kind of monster. But instead all you've done is walk. If I was just going to watch you walk I would have stayed where I came from."

"In a quest there's not action all the time," replied Tucker who felt that it was time that he spoke up. "Most of it is just walking from one place to another. I learned that the hard way as I expected to be involved in action right from the get go but ninety-nine percent of the quest has just been walking. I know that it sounds boring but believe me you're thankful for the boring moments when they come." He still remembered the events of July and how he would prefer to forget them.

"In that I might just make myself scarce if you're just going to walk around most of the time." This was what Jessica and Tucker wanted to hear but then a smile appeared on Gwen's face. "But maybe I might stick around because the exciting moments may be well worth it. It has to be more exciting than being on the higher plain." She had her arms crossed and she showed a somewhat annoyed face. "The other demi-gods have their heads so far up their own asses that their air that they can actually lick their own backsides." It was evident that Gwen didn't think much of her fellow demi-gods. She was possibly one of the most powerful demi-god due to her ability to literally be any size imaginable but there was a chance that there were demi-gods who could beat her with ease. The full-fledged gods were on a level above Gwen and even she knew that she had no defence against one of them.

A short time later the food was ready to eat and although Gwen was offered some food she turned it down. Unlike Jessica and Tucker she didn't need to eat or sleep so Gwen was going to have to sit around and wait as her mortal comrades slept. The meat that was for dinner did actually taste pretty good but Jessica still was not the best cook. It did taste a little bland but it was still edible.

After a short amount of persuasion Gwen did take a bite of the meat and she was taken aback by what she had tasted. It was the first time that she had ever eaten food and she was also experiencing something that many people took for granted. It was the sense of taste and despite the fact that the meat wasn't all that tasty in her eyes it was the best grade meat in all of Angleland. When she was told that mortals needed to eat to stay alive she couldn't believe it. She thought that people ate for enjoyment and she was beginning to see why this was. The fact that they needed to eat to live was a concept that she couldn't fathom. She was beginning to see what she had been missing.

When Gwen asked for another small piece Tucker gave him a very tiny slice piece from his slab. When she received this small piece of meat she shrank herself until she was smaller than the piece of meat itself. At this tiny size she could eat as much as she wanted and when she only had a small amount left she would shrink herself further so that the process could repeat itself.

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