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Lord Nostory was in complete fear as he saw that the now full size Jessica was looking down at him with absolute hatred in her eyes. He tried in vain to mutter the spell again to try and re-establish his hold on her but he saw her rip the necklace off of her neck with her free hand as if it were made out of wet clay. She threw it to the ground and almost instantly it shrank back down to its normal size.

"YOU!" shouted Jessica as she pointed down at Lord Nostory. He was practically shaking and already guards were coming to his side to try and protect him despite the fact that there was little protection against an angry giantess. "YOU ROBBED ME OF MY MIND, FORCE ME TO BE NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR SLAVE AND YOU TRIED TO HAVE MY BEST FRIEND KILLED!" Her anger was beginning to get the better of her and she turned her head slightly to see that there were still a large amount of people still standing where they had been when the trial by combat had been taken place. Her vendetta wasn't against them and she didn't want to see them harmed. "EVERYONE GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!"

Her loud booming voice was enough to scare the crowd witless. Many were running for what they thought was their lives. Previously many had been in awe of her size but now they simply wanted to get away as quickly as possible. She was angry and they were not sure exactly what they were going to do. Lord Nostory even tried to make a move away with guards surrounding him but this was picked up by Jessica immediately. By that time they had gotten off the stage and was trying to make their way towards the castle but a giant foot came down right in front of them. This made them jolt back and Jessica continued to scowl at them, Tucker was still safe in her hand but even he was starting to become nervous. He had never seen her this angry.


Lord Nostory was absolutely terrified and he thought that his life was about to come to an end. He had never thought that his plans would blow up in his face in this manner and all he wanted to do was to get away as quickly as he could. Unfortunately the giant foot in front of him was preventing him from going anywhere.

He then ordered his guards to go forth and attack Jessica but rather than dying in a battle that they knew that they couldn't win the guards instead turned and fled as fast as their legs could carry them. Jessica let them go since her anger was squared solely on Lord Nostory. In her mind he wouldn't get off easy.

"If it is gold that you want I can give you all the gold I have," said Lord Nostory as he begged for his life.

"I don't want your gold," replied Jessica in a quieter voice but was still very sharp and angry. "I want you to release all the serving women that you're holding captive and I want all of my friend's personal possessions returned to him. If you don't do what I command I will pull down your castle brick by brick." The castle itself was directly behind her and when Lord Nostory didn't speak she slammed her fist into a top part of the castle. The section of the castle began to crumble and Lord Nostory jumped back a little as he saw a part of his precious castle crumble away. Now there was a large hole in the top of the castle and there was no one inside that part of the castle so there were no injuries. "I'M NOT FUCKING ABOUT HERE!"

Lord Nostory realised that unless he did what Jessica told him Jessica would rip down his mighty castle brick by brick. He saw the anger in her eyes and he knew that she was not bluffing. The damage that the castle had sustained was relatively minor but it would not take much for her to completely demolish the castle entirely. He loved having all those tall women at his beck and call but he preferred to keep the castle that he had worked so hard to attain. His options were very limited.

Tucker was also feeling scared along with Lord Nostory. He had never seen Jessica this angry before and he couldn't believe that she had intentionally damaged the castle in the manner that she had. He knew that she wouldn't harm him but even so he was very intimidated with the way that she was talking and her actions. He was only glad that she was not angry at him.

There was one of Lord Nostory's servants standing not too far away. He had been too frozen in fear to move away from the angry giantess and Lord Nostory signalled over to him to get all of Tucker's possessions. At first the servant was still too afraid to move but after a few seconds he ran into castle.

Several minutes later the same servant came back out carrying Tucker's possessions that he had confiscated from him. He had already had Juggernaut and his armour returned to him but now he was having all of his gold and other possessions returned to him. Above all he also received the map to Three Man's Treasure so at least the pair could carry on with their quest. The quest was the last thing on Jessica's mind, all she wanted to do was to free the women who were being held by Lord Nostory and then leave July. She hoped to never return and in truth she didn't know whether she would be the same after all of this. Her trust had been broken in a way that she could never had expected and she had become nothing more than a slave for the whim of a demented man.

That was the first part of Jessica's demands fulfilled and now it was time for the serving women to be released. This was a demand that Lord Nostory was more reluctant to uphold but he could see that Jessica wasn't going anywhere until they were released and she would continue to destroy his castle.

Word was given into the castle and one by one each of the serving women stepped out of the castle. For some of them it was a welcome relief that they were being released and actually be able to go back home. For a few of them they didn't know exactly what they were going to do, they had been in the service of Lord Nostory for a number of years and they didn't know what to do with their lives afterwards.

It took some time for all the serving women to be found and released by Lord Nostory's guards and Jessica sat there watching them leave. She couldn't help but feel happy about the fact that she had actually released people who were basically slaves. She had known what it was to be the slave of another and she would never wish it on her worse enemy. By now she had also placed Tucker on her shoulder after he had been reunited with his possessions and she had wrapped some of her long brown hair around him so that if he fell at least he had a safety line. She watched as the severing women and she felt some happiness knowing that she had released these poor women. This happiness didn't compensate for the raw anger that she was feeling.

Jessica looked down at Lord Nostory and he was still absolutely terrified. He didn't know if he was going to die at any moment or if Jessica would spare him. With how he had enslaved her he thought that she would kill him. If the roles were reversed he would do the same to him, all his armies could do nothing to help him right now and his guards were too afraid to come to his aid. They preferred to live on the rest of their lives rather than trying to kill a very angry giantess.

"Is that all of them?" asked Jessica as she looked down at Lord Nostory. He didn't speak and this only made her even more annoyed. "I SAID IS THAT ALL OF THEM?" Her voice was loud and very intimidating again.

"Y-yes that's all of them," replied Lord Nostory. He had to say these words quickly since he feared that if he stuttered any further Jessica would make the decision to kill him. He had already quietly started praying to the gods.


"Y-yes." He realised that he would be living to see another day and he could sense that she wasn't bluffing.

"Good." She stood up to her full height and seemed to be a looming colossus over a city of dolls. "Goodbye Lord Nostory, I hope to never see you or this damn city ever again." She went to walk away from the castle and each of her footsteps caused a small tremor. After only a few steps she quickly turned her head towards Lord Nostory who had been wanted watching her leave. "Remember that wasn't a threat, that was a promise."

With that Jessica continued to walk through the city of July. The citizens immediately moved out of her way as she walked through and many of them were absolutely terrified of her. Her loud booming voice had been heard all across the city and at her height she was also seen for miles. Many of them knew just how angry she was and that she had demolished a small part of the castle.

Tucker tried to talk to his giant best friend but she was not speaking to him at that moment in time. He had never seen her like this and he himself was intimidated by her. It was scary to see someone of her size be so aggressive and angry. He knew that despite everything Lord Nostory had gotten off lightly.

Eventually Jessica did reach the wall that surrounded the city but rather than breaking through it she climbed over it. There were numerous guards at the wall but none of them stopped her. It would be a futile effort trying to stop her leaving and none of them wanted to feel her wrath.

After several minutes of walking Jessica had still been silent and Tucker had tried to talk to her numerous times but for now she was being silent. At her size she could walk miles in a relatively short amount of time and soon July could only be seen over the horizon. She had been following a road out of July and the two eventually came across a small family run inn. It was nowhere near as grand as the inns in July but it was enough to keep a traveller well fed and bed.

Jessica unwrapped Tucker from her hair and placed him on the ground. She had done all this without telling him anything at all. Tucker was in much confusion over what was happening as he had never known her act in this manner. He understood that she had just been through a traumatic experience but he didn't know why she had hardly spoke to him. He felt as if he had done something to somehow anger or upset her.

"Jessica w-what are you doing?" asked Tucker with much concern in his voice. He was truly worried about her state of mind.

"I'm sorry Tucker I need some time alone," replied Jessica in a somewhat sombre voice. She had a new reason to hate and be distrustful of people and at that moment in time she wanted to vent her anger on something. "I'll be back at some point to pick you up but right now I need to think."

"Please Jessica I can help you in whatever way I can. We can talk and hopefully we can get through what happened." His best friend was squatting down and her hand was quite close to the ground. He was able to hold onto her hand to show that he was there for her and this did make her see that there was still good in people but she still knew that she had to go away for a little while.

"Thank you Tucker, I'm lucky to have a friend like you." She took a quick sigh before she spoke again. "But there are a few things in my head that I need to iron out. I promise you that I'll be back tomorrow morning at the latest but for now I need you to stay here so that you don't get hurt."

"Don't get hurt? Just what are you going to do?" He was completely surprised about her last statement and was afraid that she was going to do something terrible that she would later regret.

"You have more than enough money to stay here for the night and have a good round of meals. Don't try to follow me and remember I will return." She completely ignored his question and then stood up to her full height. She turned around and began to walk away and she could hear Tucker calling her name. There were some tears in her eyes that were a combination of sorrow and anger.

Tucker wanted to run to Jessica and try and stop her but there was nothing that he could do. Not only was she faster than him when she walked at her full size but even if he was somehow able to catch up with her he wouldn't be able to stop her. All he could do was accept that his best friend needed some time to herself so that she could come to terms with what had happened to her. She had basically been a living puppet for a dangerous man and it had crushed her heart as she knew that the entire time that Tucker had suffered along with her and there was nothing that she could to stop it.

With little choice Tucker stepped into the inn which was the more traditional type that he was more used to seeing. Since it was still morning the inn was practically empty save for the innkeeper who was in some fear. He was a relatively short podgy man with no hair on top of his head. He had seen Jessica drop Tucker off and he thought that she was some kind of monster. After what Jessica had done in July she felt that she was a monster when her ager had gotten the better of her.

With Jessica gone the innkeeper felt his confidence growing and he was actually able to show his face. He could see Tucker standing within his inn and he saw him as a paying customer. The rest of the inn was empty since all of those who had stayed had already moved on.

Tucker knew that he was going to be here for some time so decided that it was best for him to have some food. The events of the day had made him hungry and he needed something to try and make him feel a little better. He couldn't imagine what was going through the mind of Jessica at that moment in time and he feared that she would never be the same woman that she was before.

As the hours went by the inn began to fill up with other travellers and people who simply wanted to have a drink and some food. Tucker made sure that he sat at a table that was right by a window so that he could look out for return of Jessica. To pass the time he did play a few different card games with the other travellers and gambled a small percentage of the gold coins that he had in his possession. Normally he would have gambled it all but since he didn't know exactly how long she was going to be there for.

Tucker didn't know what Jessica was doing several miles away. She had reached a small part of the Summer Lands which was nothing more than a wasteland. The terrain made it difficult if not impossible to build anything and the lack of rainwater in this area had turned it into nothing more than a mini desert. It was surrounded in mystery over the fact that this place had very little rainwater while the ground around this desert was fertile and more tropical. There were even rumours that magic was involved, it was the only way that the common folk could explain this phenomenon

Normally there would be nothing living in this small desert, most of the animals stayed away from it and there were cliffs all around the desert making it seem like a walled city. There were a few paths that could take a person in and out of the desert but if someone didn't know where these paths were they could die of thirst before they found what they were looking for.

This seemed like the perfect place for Jessica to go to have some time to herself. She sat on one of the cliffs that surrounded the desert and even she was amazed with how high they were. It still didn't make her feel too good knowing what had happened to her and every time she thought of Lord Nostory she felt rage overcome her body. She needed to be away from everything so that she could think straight but with all this anger within her she knew that she had to vent it somehow.

Jessica climbed down from the cliff and entered the desert but rather than walking straight into it she punched the cliff as hard as she could and it caused it to begin to crack. There were several large rocks around her and many of them she picked up and threw them as far as she could or simply crumbled them with her strength.

Each time she did anything like this she would give a cry out of frustration as she tried to vent her anger. She didn't want to do it in a place that was likely to have people but in this desert there were no living souls besides herself. This meant that she could let loose and not have to worry about accidentally harming anyone.

Jessica punched the cliff several more times until it finally crumbled down. It was like a large avalanche and there was a spray of dust that went up into the air as the tons of rock and soil came crumbling down.

She herself was surprised by her strength as she had never really let herself go in this manner but there was one thing she noticed when she looked at her hands. Her knuckles had been bleeding after repeatedly she had repeatedly punched the cliff. This was one of the few times that she had remembered herself bleeding from an injury and it was also a reminder that despite her incredible size and strength that she wasn't invincible.

One thing that Jessica took some comfort in was the fact that Tucker was not here to see how she was acting. She thought that anyone who saw her now would believe that she was some kind of monster that needed to be destroyed. In a way she felt that way after her actions at July as well. She had spent the last two decades trying to convince everyone that she wasn't a monster and she felt that in twenty seconds she had completely thrown all that away. She had no doubts that word of a giantess that destroyed part of a castle would spread like wildfire throughout Angleland.

As the hours went by Jessica sat in the desert and was completely alone with her thoughts. The heat didn't seem to bother her in the least, all her thoughts were on the events of the last few days and she was somewhat disgusted with herself. She thought that this desert would be an ideal place for a monster to roam without fear of running into another living soul. She considered staying and living the remainder of her life there.

The one positive thing on her mind was Tucker. He had been her friend through many ups and downs in her life and he was living proof that not all people were bad or would even view her as a monster. He had done almost everything that he could to try and rescue her from the clutches of Lord Nostory and he had paid for that with his freedom and almost his life. This was something that she wasn't sure that she would have been able to do if the roles were reversed.

At the inn Tucker continued to eat and mingle with the various travellers that were staying. They were telling him stories about their travels and the different things that they had seen, some would be considered to be abnormal in the least. Tucker would tell them a little about his travels but he kept out the details about Three Man's Treasure, Jessica or what happened at July.

The hours seemed to pass by and almost every moment he expected Jessica to return to pick him up and they could continue on with their quest but she was still nowhere in sight. He knew that she was dealing with a lot of different issues at the moment and that she needed the time to herself. He did feel somewhat guilty that he wasn't there to support her but in a way there wasn't much that he could do and he just needed to wait for her return before they could carry on.

He even began to wonder if Lord Nostory would do anything to try and get back at them for what had happened. He thought that it was unlikely that Lord Nostory could truly do anything that could harm Jessica more than he already had. If he was Lord Nostory he would cut his losses and just carry on with his life without trying to get even with Jessica but in truth he didn't know how the Lord would actually react. From what he had seen in July Lord Nostory had seemed to be in complete terror in the presence of an extremely angry giantess. Under normal circumstances he would think Lord Nostory was no longer a threat but he had discovered that Lord Nostory didn't give up things that he wanted very easily and he had a sinking feeling that they would meet again.

As time went by Tucker could feel his senses seem to leave him as he drunk more ale and its effects were beginning to take a hold of him. If he had to fight for his life he would be physically unable to and there was not even that much of a chance that he could walk straight either.

If Tucker was the only drunk person in the inn he would probably have been thrown out but in truth most of the people inside the inn were also drunk. They were all having fun and singing old folk songs from when they were children. All in all the entire place was in good spirits and there didn't seem to be any threat of a fight breaking out but when people and ale mixed there was always a good chance of a fight.

Eventually night did come and a fair few people had either left the inn or retired to their rooms. Tucker was still at his table and he was disappointed that Jessica hadn't returned yet. He knew that she wouldn't leave him there and that eventually she would come back for him, it was just the waiting that was unnerving.

Tucker tried as much as he could to drown away the sorrow with pint after pint of rich ale but yet he couldn't get rid of the sinking feeling that he could feel in his stomach. He should have felt happy about gaining his freedom and also winning a few extra gold coins through his card game and yet he still felt the same.

Almost out of nowhere a man wearing a black hood sat down at Tucker's table. He looked to be a tall man but the clothing that he wore helped to hide his build. The hood he wore helped to hide the upper half of his face, all Tucker could see was from the bottom of the nose down. Than man had a short black beard and he also had a metal hand. This hand didn't move however and was simply there for show and was also to cover up the stump where his hand used to be. The man's clothing was completely black and also seemed to be immaculately clean. He seemed to sit himself down with no introductions or even an invitation from Tucker.

"Do I have the pleasure of being in the presence of Tucker Martel?" asked the man in a deep voice. This took Tucker completely by surprise, no one in the inn had known his name and yet this man seemed to know it within an instant.

"Yes but how?" replied Tucker.

"There will be time for questions shortly but for now I need you to listen to me." There was not that much emotion in his voice and it unnerved Tucker. "I have come a great distance to find you. Our meeting here is of paramount importance, what you seek is something that should never be found. There is a reason why so many people have tried to find Three Man's Treasure and why those same would be treasure hunters have come up with nothing. Many of them don't even return with their lives. I am here to give your one and only warning, abandon your quest and go back home to Morgan. There you will live out the rest of your life in peace and tranquillity. If you carry on with your quest it will only lead to your doom and for the one that you love dearest." He stood up from the seat and looked down slightly at Tucker. "You have been warned and now I must take my leave."

The man then stepped away from the table and walked away from Tucker and towards the exit. Tucker stood up and called out to him and he just ignored him. He had many questions that he wanted to ask and he didn't even get the man's name. One thing that Tucker did spot was the Innkeeper still standing behind the bar. Quickly he went over to him but he was staggering a little from the excess ale within his system.

"Innkeeper who was that man?" asked Tucker as he finally reached the bar. He needed to keep his hands on it so that his head could stop spinning.

"Man what man?" replied the Innkeeper with some surprise in his voice. He had been wiping up a glass at the time and he placed it to one side.

"You know that bloke, all in black with the hood up. He came by and sat by my and spoke to me. He only just left the inn, he practically walked straight passed you and you're telling me that you didn't see him?"

"There wasn't anyone there. You were talking to yourself and then you stood up, shouted something and then came over to me. I don't know exactly what you were saying but I was about to come over and see if you were alright. I think you've had a little too much to drink my friend. I think it is best that you go to bed and try and get some rest."

"Y-yeah you're probably right." He couldn't believe that what had just happened had seemed to happen only in his mind. The man had seemed so real and yet the innkeeper and practically everyone else in the inn had not seen him at all.

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