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A young man named Arrc is faced with hard times as he goes on to fight back against an evil presence responsible for the death and destruction that now faces the lands of Travinipol. He soon finds that the battle might be far more dangerous than he suspected since the enemies now practice a dark magic capable of changing a person's size.

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Published: July 29 2014 Updated: July 30 2014

1. One. by Nomi [Reviews - 1] (925 words)



(No action as of yet. This is going to be really story-driven so please bare with me. I'm not just writing giantess scenes for the sake of pleasure, but rather creating a well told tale that happens to contain ALOT of giantess content in it.)

2. Two. by Nomi [Reviews - 0] starstarstar (1774 words)

A hunting trip is interrupted by a malevolent force deep in the woods. Arrc finds that terror is on the offensive and it is capable of cruelty beyond his comprehension.