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  Sheelin Smith looked down and around, the small trees around her barely past her big toe nail and she took a step and her foot crushed several aceres of land.  She slowly began to walk.  Calridge was a good 50 miles away.  The three girls on Sheelin's left shoulder were able to see for miles and miles.  Sheelin stopped and she stood there in the prairies and she looked around and saw hundreds of farms all around her small houses, barns and some cattle.  Even though the farm buildings were miles apart some several miles apart from her height it was easy to see them.  Not only that but many people saw Sheelin cause of her height she was easily seen for up to 15 miles away.  Sheelin then headed across the country side towards the city of Calridge. Sheelin was walking nice and slow and as she was walking the ground around her for a radius of 10 miles just shook with each step she took.  Her massive weight of 4 342 320 tons just shook the ground.   People in the nearby towns felt the trembling of the ground and many across the farms felt it and many came out of their homes to see a massive 2100 foot tall young girl walking across their country side.


    Down below ahead of her just off to her right was a farm and several small farm buidings. The ground began to shake and a little girl ran out into the yard and she saw Sheelin coming and she screamed and ran back inside and screamed, "MOMMY MOMMY THE GIANT GIRL IS COMEING."  Her mom along with her dad ran outside and Sheelinwas close. Sheelin took a slight turn to her it was only two steps, she stopped and she looked down.  She giggled there in front of her right foot were several farm buildings.  When Sheelin's foot landed the little girl and her mom and dad were pushed back several feet and the entire house, infact the entire farm just shook. The dad and mom got up along with the little girl and they saw Sheelin's foot the width of her foot was larger then the entire yard.  The dad stood there and he had to lift his head just to see the nail on Sheelin's big toe.  Sheelin looking down saw the tiny house, it was right in front of her big toe, her big toe was bigger then the house, she saw three tiny specks, 5mm tall people small as tiny ants standing there.  The family looked up Sheelin's massive form they had to crank their heads as they looked up her massive form. The dad ran back inside and he came out and ran towards Sheelin's big toe, he had his gun with him, he aimed and shot several rounds at Sheelin's big toe with no effect.  Sheelin then just stepped over the farm and as she did some debris that was stuck to her foot fell onto the farm and buildings like small meteors and the family ran for cover screaming.


   Susan on Sheelin's left shoulder laid down and she screamed and said, "OH MY GOSH, SHEELIN SMITH IS THE ONE TRUE GODDESS, SHE IS SO HOT OH MY GOSH."  Lisa replied, "You seem to have a crush on her, nice.  I want her to deal with Kimberly."  The three girls were able to see Caldridge in the distance.  At the same time Katherine Wegner was also walking across the country side she was returning to Calridge. Jennifer jumped up and down as she shouted with excitement and said, "I can't wait to see the look on Kimberly's face when she sees Sheelin Smith and that she is on our side.  Oh wow its going to be so swesome."  Lisa replied, "It sure will be we have the largest giant on our side."  A few seconds past and Susan shouted, "SHEELIN SMITH."  Susan then ran towards Sheelin's neck up close to her neck and she sat down.


  Kimberly grabbed me and she lifted me and she put me onto her him and there i stood on her hip as she was lying there on the ground on her side. As I stood there I felt Kimberly move but it was not a movement more like a tremble and I felt it again.  I looked up Kimberly's side and said, "Hey Kimberly, do you feel that, its like as if the ground is trembling." Kimberly touching the ground with her right hand said, "Yeah I feel it too, thats weird."  Lisa from Sheelin's shoulder saw Kimiberly up ahead and she was lying there and she shouted, and Sheelin replied, "Yes I see her."  I turned around on Kimberly's hip and saw her coming a huge giant and I shouted to Kimberlty.  She grabbed me and she sat up putting me onto her left shoulder and she stood up and she turned around and saw Sheelin Smith.  Sheelin was heading towards Kimberly and she said, "Kimberly Sherring.  I want to talk to you."  Kimberly felt the ground under her feet trembling each time Sheelin took a step.  Sheelin stopped a good 1000 feet from Kimberly.  Kimberly looked up Sheelin's massive form, and I said, "Oh my gosh Kimberly she is huge."  Lisa, Susan and Jennifer from Sheelin's left shoulder looked down and saw Kimberly standing way down below.  Yes Kimberly was a 200 foot tall giant but to Sheelin she was so small.  Kimberly shouted up, "YOU SEEM TOP KNOW MY NAME AND WANT TO TALK SO WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT."  Sheelin replied, "My name is Sheelin Smith and I want to talk to you about Lisa, Susan and Jennifer.  They tell me that you want to hurt them and their families and the people of Calridge.  Now I'm here to tell you that I won't allow you to hurt anyone."  Kimberly was shocked and I held onto her shirt and said, "Kimberly, I sent a text to Martin asking him if Katherine could return, I suggest you run."  Kimberly took a couple of steps and she turned and she began to run.


  Sheelin took a few steps too she got down on her right knee and she reached out her right hand and she grabbed Kimberly wrapping her fingers around her body and she lifted Kimberly off the ground.  Sheelin then stood up and as she did she lifted Kimberly up into the air up to her face.   Sheelin  held Kimberly in front of her face a good 350 feet away.  Kimberly's body from the knees all the way to her breasts was covered by Sheelin's hand, and Sheelin's gigantic thumb was across her chest and Kimberly with both hands grabbed Sheelin's gigantic thumb and she pushed on it with no effect.  Kimberly's head was level to Sheelin's mouth and Kimberly looked up into Sheelin's face.  Sheelin's face was bigger then Kimberly.  Kimberly looked around and then she saw them then three girls standing there on Sheelin's left shoulder.  Lisa and her friends saw Kimberly a 200 foot tall giant now being held by a huge 2100 foot tall young girl.  Sheelin brought Kimberly closer to her face and Kimberly was able to see every detail on Sheelin's face.  Sheelin opened her mouth and exhaled and as she did her breath hit Kimberly like a powerful gale force wind and it blew her hair back and i held on for dear life.  Kimberly smelt and felt Sheelin's breath.  Sheelin opened her mouth and she spoke, "So Kimberly lets talk about you, about you wanting to hurt people."  When Sheelin spoke her thunderous voice hit Kimberly and it shook her to the core and I had to clasp my ears as it just shook me to the core. 


  Lisa standing there on Sheelin's shoulder shouted at the top of her lungs, "YOU SEE KIMBERLY, YOU MAY BE A GIANT BUT WE HAVE A GIANT ON OUR SIDE.  THIS IS SHEEN SMITH A GIANT AND A GODDESS AND SHE IS ON OUR SIDE SHE WILL PROTECT US FROM YOU AND YOUR SADDISTIC BOYFRIEND.  SHE WON'T LET YOU HURT US ANYMORE."  Kimberly heard Lisa, and she said, "You lieing bitch, you told Sheelin..."  Before Kimberly could finish speaking Sheelin spoke and her thunderous voice silenced Kimberly, "Watch your mouth Kimberly, they are my friends under my protection."  Sheelin then squeezed her fingers around Kimberly and Kimberly was unable to breath and she began to gasp for air.  Sheelin spoke, "I can end you and there is no one that can stop me no one on this planet.  Now you will watch your tongue Kimberly cause you are entirely at my mercy."  As Sheelin was speaking her thunderous voice shook both Kimberly and me to the core and Kimberly was still gasping for air.  Sheelin loosened her grip on her and Kimberly began to take in deep breaths.  Sheelin then said, "Now Kimberly you behave yourself."  Kimberly looked up and said, "Sheelin what did they tell you to make you believe them, please think for a minute."  Sheelin lifted Kimberly up a bit and giving her an angry look said, "The girl Susan, I Know her she used to come to my till when I worked at Target and she was always so nice and she told me you are terrorizing her and her friends.  She told me that you are getting vengence cause your boyfriend got hurt well its time to move on.  I'm going to take you far from here so you and your boyfriend can move on so lets go."  Sheelin then lowered Kimberly to her side, and as she did I fell onto her neck and held on.


 Sheelin then  headed towards Calridge she was only 8 miles but with her size she would be there quite fast and as she neared Calridge she was easily seen before she got there and the ground across the city shook with each step.  Sheelin stopped a good 1/4 mile from Calridge and she looked down and around at the city.  Down below people were screaming and shouting as they looked up at Sheelin.  She saw tiny small ant sized people running through the streets away from her to her it did not look like they were moving fast. She could hear their screams along with the car alarms that went off across the city.  To Sheelin the screams and car alarms and police sirens sounded very high pitched and faint.  Many people recognized her and several people across Calridge began to shout at the top of their lungs as they were running through the streets, "SHEELIN SMITH IS A GIANT!! SHEELIN SMITH IS A GIANT!!"  Sheelin then cleared her throat and it was like thunder, she lifted Kimberly up and said, "People of Calridge, I have Kimberly here.  I will take her far away from here so she will no longer come to this city and you won't have to put up with her.  Then i will return the three girls who are up here with me."  Sheelin then lowered Kimberly to her side and again I fell onto her neck and held on tight.


  Sheelin then turned and headed away from Calridge she was walking beside the city and as she the the ground across Calridge just shook from Sheelin's massive weight.  People across the city shouted at the top of their lungs, "SHEELIN SMITH HAVE MERCY ON US, SHEELIN SMITH HAVE MERCY ON US." As Sheelin put distance between herself and Calridge the trembling of the ground ceased and she headed across the country side.  Sheelin was holding Kimberly down beside her with her right hand.  As Kimberly turned her head to her left she was looking up Sheelin's right side and when she turned her head to her right she was looking down Sheelin's right thigh to the ground.

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