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  Katherine Wegner turned her head a bit and she spoke, "Kimberly Sherring what is happening tell me."  Kimberly there on Katherine's thighs leaned back a bit and she said, "All three girls are between your bum cheeks crawling around, one tried to escape but I pushed her back in."  There before Kimberly Katherine gave her bum cheeks a squeeze and as she did the news helicopters and the news drone caught it on live stream and millions upon millions of people saw it on their Tv, tablets, phone and other devices.  Katherine then let a thunderous fart rip it sounded like a rolling clash of thunder and it thundered and resonated across the land and sky.  Many people thought it was funny so they just laughed.  Katherine then unsqueezed her bum cheeks and as she did they jiggled.  The live image of Katherine with Kimberly there on her thighs under her bum was broadcast world wide and it was an awesome sight to see.    Kimberly fell on her face right onto Katherine's bum Kimberly's head and shoulders hit Katherine's bum.  Kimberly then pushed her face and head right between Katherine's bum cheeks and as she did I held onto Kimberly not knowing what she would do next. 


  Katherine could feel what Kimberly was doing and she said, "What are you doing Kimberly?"  Kimberly took a deep breath and at the same time she spread her arms and hugged Katherine's bum and she gave a squeeze.  Kimberly then with her face and more then half of her head between Katherine's bum cheeks she shouted at the top of her lungs, "KATHERINE WEGNER,  KATHERINE WEGNER THE ONE TRUE GODDESS LIVING ON EARTH OH GODDESS KATHERINE WEGNER."  Kimberly pulled her face and head out and she sat up and she said, "Oh my gosh Katherine you are truly a Goddess, I am your servant Katherine."  Katherine laughed and she said,  "That is good Kimberly, now I would like you to remove them three girls from between my bum cheeks and let them go, yes let them go and they will now live with shame and ridicule.  My image was broadcast world wide and millions of people saw and heard what i did to them."  Kimberly removed the three girls and stepping off Katherine's thighs she took a few steps and she put the three girls down onto the ground.


   I looked back from Kimberly's left shoulder and saw that Katherine lowered her head and she seemed to pass out, then I saw a strange light greenish glow faint but visible around Katherine and I shouted to Kimberly.  Kimberly turned and she too saw the glow and there before us Katherine began to grow, bigger and bigger except her boyfriend he remained normal size. Katherine grew, her clothes and everything her with her just got bigger and bigger and Kimberly turned and headed away from Katherine.  The three girls woke up and they too saw what was happening and they too got up and started to run away.  Katherine growing was being shot world wide live stream and on every news broadcast.  She then stopped growing and she just lay there on her stomach now bigger then before.  People across Calridge began to evacute and mass panich went about. Katherine opened her eye and she let out a moan as she lifted her head and her moan like thunder shatted windows and her moan was heard for up to 8 miles.  She lifted her head and she looked around, she then said, "Alright Kimberly."  Her voice shatted windows across the city of Calridge and Kimberly ran towards her right in front of her.


  When Katherine saw Kimberly there before her she had a shocked look on her face cause Kimberly was now small as she stood there before her, and Katherine lifting her head said, "Whats going on Kimberly?"  Kimberly taking a few steps towards her said, "Katherine please, you grew and as you did you must of past out.  There was a greenish glow about you.  But listen try to speak softly when you spoke your voice shatted windows across the city.  Also I can see your boyfriend there on your left shoulder."  Katherine then sat up and as she did she towered over everything in sight and Kimberly looked up at her.  Katherine then stood up and when she did Kimberly ran back a bit and Kimberly felt the ground under her feet move.  Kimberly shouted up, "Hey Katherine, let my boyfriend do some calculations he can find out how big you are."  Katherine looking down nodded and i did  few quick calculations and told Kimberly.  Kimberly looking up said, "Hey Katherine, you are at least 1800 feet in height, oh my gosh."


    People across Calridge were looking up at the young massive giant young woman standing there outside their city, and screams of fear rose up from Calridge and from the nearby towns.   Katherine then said, "Wow 1800 feet tall, my gosh at that size I am unstopable.  This planet has become my playground."  Katherine then turned and she headed away and as she did the ground around her for several miles shook.  Kimberly ran after Katherine and she shouted up, "KATHERINE WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO AND WHERE ARE YOU GOING."  Katherine turned and looking down she saw Kimberly, she squatted down and she reached out and grabbed Kimberly with her right hand wrapping her fingers around her body and she lifted Kimberly up into the air and held her there.  Kimberly's body from the knees all the way up to her chest was hidden in Katherine's hand,  only Kimberly's legs below the knees and from her chest up was showing as Katherine held her.  Katherine spoke and said, "I'm going to head across this country maybe even go up into Canada an then south to Mexico and South America.  I'm going to explore this planet with my new size."  Katherine then lowered Kimberly and put her down she straightened up and headed away



Katherine 3.jpg  Katherine Wegner------1800 feet tall

  Age----------------------- 23

  Weight--------------------2 673 674 tons


   Kimberly just stood there and was looking up at Katherine's massive backside as she was walking away.  Kimberly knew that with Katherine's size she would be able to do whatever she wanted to.  Katherine then headed out east and she walked for a few minuets and she then sat down on the ground and took a little rest. Katherine sitting there on the ground saw the tiny truck driving away from her, she then stood up and as she did the ground just shook all around her. Katherine stood up and when she did her massive 1800- foot tall form was seen for many miles. Katherine then slowly began to walk across the country. As Katherine was walking she came upon a large freeway, with several cars. As she neared the freeway, the tiny cars began to head away from her she found it quite amusing that they would do that. Several people looked up at the massive towering young giant woman as she neared the large freeway. Katherine knew that everyone respected her cause of her massive size. Some people screamed as they began to speed away in fear of getting stepped on. She slowed down her walk and she just stepped over the large 16 lane, 4 story high freeway like stepping over a log and she continued her walk east across the country. Katherine was an awesome sight to behold, she had on her white t shirt and her tight blue jeans. As Katherine was walking her thighs and booty jiggled with each step she took.   


    Katherine Wegner continued her walk across the country side on her way to New York. She has been there several times when she was normal size but now as a massive giant she wants to see it from a new perspective. As Katherine was walking her massive 1800 foot form was seen as far away as 50 miles across the landscape. Many people were out watching the young giant woman making her way across the country side. With her massive weight of 2 673 674 tons just shook the ground around her for up to 4 miles. Katherine was very careful not to step on anyone or anything she she was walking a bit slower and she would step over small farm houses and just go around small cities or towns. Katherine continued her walk across the country side and up ahead of her was a small town about 15 miles up ahead, the town has a population of 1500. The towns people could see her coming and those who saw her ran out into the streets shouting Katherine's arrival. Within minuets Katherine was upon the small town as as she got closer the ground across the town began to shake with each step she was taking. Katherine saw the small town up ahead, she took a slight turn and walked past the town, she then stopped, the town was just behind her to her left as bit. The towns people stopped running and they looked up the backside and part of the left side of Katherine, they looked up her massive legs up her thighs up to her bum then up to her back all the way to her head, They saw her long curly blonde hair hang down her back. A man shouted as he looked up, "OH MY GOSH WE ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF KATHERINE WEGNER A REAL GODDESSS." The towns people continued to look up. 


     Katherine the put her hands on her hips, she turned her head to the left and she looked back past her left shoulder and down a bit. Katherine then said, "Alright all you teeny men, I will put on a show foir you all, so enjoy." Katherine then flexed her right bum cheek, then her left bum cheek, and then she flexed both bum cheeks for a good 30 seconds. As Katherine was flexing her bum cheeks, they just jiggled in the skin tight jeggings she had on. The towns people looked up and saw Katherine flexing her voluptuous jiggly bum cheeks, to them her bum was 391 feet wide. Katherine then stopped flexing and she stood there, for a few seconds. Katherine then began to flex each bum cheek individually for a good 30 seconds and as she did many guys down below in the tiny town were getting turned on. Then Katherine began to flex both bum cheeks at the same time and as she was her bum cheeks just jiggled with each flex.


  Katherine Wegner in her skin tight jeggings.

  A guy looking up shouted at the top of his lungs, "LOOK UP AT OUR GODDESS. KATHERINE WEGNER.  SHE IS  A REAL GODDESS. SHE  IS FLEXING HER BUM CHEEKS OH GODDESS KATHERINE." Katherine stood there for a good minuet flexing, she then stopped and said, "Well all you tiny me, sure hope you all enjoyed that. Must be exciting to see a giant girl flexing her voluptuous jiggly bum cheeks.."   Katherine then slapped her right bum cheek with her right palm and when she did the slap just thundered and echoed across the land and sky. She then dropped her hands to her side and she continued her walk across the country side.


  As Katherine neared the city of New York and area, she was seen already miles away and everyone in the area went into a panic.  Many began to vacate the area and others made ways to get out of her way.  Katherine was approaching Newark and as she got closer the ground across the city began to tremble with each step she took.  She stopped at Newark and she looked down and surveyed the small city there before her.  Katherine towered over everything in sight, she put her hand on her hips and she looked down at the city of Newark.  People were running through the streets screaming and shouting, many were running away from Katherine.


      She slowly began to walk past Newark and as she did the ground across the city of Newark just shook with each step she took. People across they city of Newark just shouted and screamed as Katherine walked past their city, car alarms were going off across Newark as the ground just shook with each step Katherine took. Katherine was now approaching Jersey City and across Jersey city people went into a panic and also across New York city and area people went into a panic as Katherine arrived. Katherine then began to walk around Jersey City and her massive 1800 foot form towered over every building in the city. The ground across Jersey City just shook with each step Katherine took and many people began top shout at the top of their lungs, "KATHERINE WEGNER,  KATHERINE WEGNER HAVE MERCDY ON US.  KATHERINE WEGNER HAVE MERCY ON US." Katherine slowly walked past Jersey City and she taking a few more steps arrived at New York city. The ground across the city of New York began to tremble and millions of people began to shout and scream, and millions were running through the streets. Katherine stopped and she stood there right in front of the upper New York Bay. Katherine put her hands on her hips as she looked out and across the city of New York, she was taller then the tallest building in New York city. The tallest building was the One World Trade Center and the top barely past her chin all other skyscrapers were smaller then her.


    Katherine stood there with her hands on her hips and as she looked across the city of New York from her point of view she was able to see then entire city of New York. As millions of people were screaming and shouting along with many car alarms that had gone off cause of the shaking of the ground, Katherine was hearing it. To her the screams and shouts of the millions of people sounded faint and high pitched along with the car alarms and police sirens. From her left shoulder Anthony too heard the screams and shouts of millions of people, to him where he was the screams and shouts, the car alarms and police sirens sounded faint and far away. Millions of people say Katherine standing there with her hands on her hips looking across the city of New York, many people were in the tall buildings watching Katherine. Katherine then spoke, "People of New York, listen to me.  I am not going to hurt anyone so calm down." Katherine's thunderous voice just thundered and resonated above all the shouts and screams of the city and within a minute there was silence across the city, and car alarms went silent as they were being shut down. 

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