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    As Katherine Wegner was walking back to Calridge her massive 500 foot form was easily seen for up to 40 miles away.  The people in the area greatly feared Kimberly but Katherine was feared way beyond that, she was alot bigger then Kimberly.  Susan got out of her bed and she ran to the window and she looked out over Calridge and saw Kimberly across the city, at 200 feet she towered over every building, so far the condo she was is was not touched.  Susan thought what if she surrendered to Katherine, maybe Katherine would forgive her.  Susan ran across her condo and she looked out the other window and in the distance she saw that Katherine was returning. She quickly headed down stairs and she got into her car and she headed out.  She was lucky that her condo was on the outskirts of Calridge.  Susan left Calridge and she picked up her speed and headed down the highway towards Katherine.   Susan looking out the windshield of her car saw Katherine, Katherine was not walking along close to the highway but through the prairies.  Susan pulled over and she stopped her car got out and begabn to run through a field to get in front of Katherine.


  Susan running looked to her right and up and she saw Katherine's feet, getting closer and closer, she stopped and now she was in the path of Katherine.  Susan turned and she faced Katherine and she looked up at her and under her feet she could feel the ground trembing with each step Katherine took.   Katherine was still a good 2000 feet away and Susan began to jump up and down and she began to scream and shout.  As she looked up it looked like Katherine was speaking to her boyfriend Martin and she was almost upon Susan.  Katherine did not notice Susan or she was not paying attention, and Katherine's right foot landed right in front of Susan, Katherine's big toe was only 10 feet from Susan when her foot landed and from the impact Susan flew up a good 2 feet as the ground shook.  She screamned as Katherine's foot went over her and landed a good 170 feet away from her.  Katherine stopped and Susan thought that she was heard.  Susan looked up Katherine's backside and she started to run towards her foot, she was about to shout up at the top of her lungs when she heard Katherine's thunderous voice, "Martin did you hear something?"  Susan then saw Katherine slowly turning around and then she heard her thunderous voice, Katherine continued, "Well Martin as I was saying before, when I do find that bitch Susan, I will make her pay for what she did, I should just step on her, she is now just a bug to me."  Susan's heart began to pound and she quickly looked around the grass was tall she she just dived in and tried to cover herself up as best as she could.


  Katherine looked down and around and she took a step and her left foot landed right next to Susan, she again heard Katherine's thunderous voice, "You are right Martin, I am not a killer, I won't crush Susan, but that Susan sure hurt alot of people just like her friends Jennifer and Lisa, no wonder Kimberly is pissed at them.  I thought I heard something down here. Well anyways we are almost at Calridge."  Katherine then took a turn and she headed on towards Calridge and Susan got up and she looked towards Katherine, she then headed to her car as fast as she could.  She got into her car and she started it up and she turned the car around and she headed back to Calridge.   Katherine stopped she was a half mile from the city and Kimberly left Calridge and she headed to Katherine.  Kimberly stopped right in front of Katherine and Susan could see then in the distance.  To her Kimberly was huge but when compaired to Katherine she was small, even with her arms stretched way up Kimberly could just barely reach Katherine's crotch.


  As she was nearing Calridge she was watching Katherine and Kimberly standing in front of each other having a conversation.  She was now only 2 miles from Calridge, and as she was watching she heard Kimberly saying loudly, KATHERINE I HAD NO IDEA."  Susan stopped the car cause what she saw next suprised her.  Katherine reached down and she grabbed Kimberly with her right hand she grabbed Kimberlty under her breasts with her right hand.  Katherine's thumb went right under Kimberly's breasts.  When Katherine grabbed Kimberly, Katherine's thumb went to the middled of her chest just below her breasts and her fingers wrapped around Kimberly's side just past her spine.  Kimberly looked up and she shouted, "KATHERINE NO PLEASE NO KATHERINE."  Kimberly grabbed Katherine's giant thumb and she looked up and around.  Katherine then lifted Kimberly up into the air so that she was airborn and her feet were completely off the ground.  Kimberly began to squirm and kick her feet and she began to shout, "KATHERINE WEGNER, PLEASE NO, PLEASE KATHERINE I HAD NO IDEA, PLEASE FORGIVE ME OH PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME.  KATHERINE WEGNER PLEASE KATHERINE WEGNER PLEASE HAVE MERCY, I THROW MYSELF AT YOUR MERCY Oh  GREAT KATHERINE WEGNER."  Kimberly then began to gasp for air and she was now really squirming.  Katherine held Kimberly there in her right hand as the entirre city of Calridge watched and Kimberly was gasping for air.  Katherine spoke and said, "She better be alright if not you are finished, do you understand."  Kimberly gasping for air nodded, and Katherine just let go of her and Kimberlyt fell to the ground taking deep breaths of air as she sat on the ground in front of Katherine.


  Kimberly stood up and she looked up at Katherine and she said, "Katherine, I am sure your cousin is alright, I didn't crush anyone, or any police officer.  If she got hurt then it was by the mob in the city."  Katherine took a couple of steps towards Calridge and said, "Mandy Collard, if you are alright let me know."  She then turned and took a couple of steps towards Kimberly and said, "Do you have those two girls, if so put them onto my palm."  Katherine lowered her right hand palm up and Kimberly put th two girls, Lisa and Jennifer onto Katherine's palm.  The two girls only 2 cm tall stood there on Katherine's right palm and Katherine lifted her right palm up to her face as she looked at the two big sized girls there.  Jennifer screamed as she looked up into Katherine's gigantic face which to her was over 80 feet tall and Katherine gave them an angry look.  Just then Katherine heard Kimberly, "Hey Katherine there is a car speeding towards you."  Katherine looked over and down and she saw a small red car it stopped right next to her foot, the car was next to her big toe and her big toe was much bigger then the car.  Out of the car a young woman came and Katherine squatted down and she said, "Yes."  Katherine's voice was like thunder to the young woman and she shouted up and said, "KATHERINE WEGNER I HEAR YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MANY COLLARD, I KNOW HER SHE IS A FRIEND OF MINE, AND YOUR COUSIN.  SHE HAS TOLD ME ABOUT YOU.  SHE IS ALRIGHT SHE LEFT CALRIDGE A FEW DAYS AGO SHE DECIDED TO TAKE A ROAD TRIP, SHE WAS NOT HERE WHEN KIMBERLY DEMOLISHED SOME BUILDINGS LOOKING FOR THOSE THREE BITCHES."  Katherine then said, "Good I'm glad she didn't get hurt, she is a Police Officer."  As Katherine spoke the young woman had to clasp her ears cause of Katherine's thunderous voice.  Katherine then said, "The woman Kimberly was after I have them, but only two, there is one more she is hiding here somewhere."  The young woman shouted up and said, "HEY KATHERINE HAVE YOU LOOKED INTO THAT CONDO BUILDING JUST ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF CALRIDGE, I HEARD ONE OF THOSE GIRLS IS LIVING IN THERE.  JUST IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING HOW COME I KNOW SO MUCH, WELL THERE ARE MANY IN CALRIDGE THAT HAVE HAD A RUN IN WITH THOSE THREE GIRLS AND THEIR FAMILIES.  LET THEM HAVE IT."  The young woman ran back to her car and Katherine saw the car back up and turn and speed away, and Katherine stood up and she saw the Condo.  There it stood, it was 15 stories tall, on the outskirts of Calridge.


    Katherine looked over at the condo and she said, "Lisa and Jennifer do tell me which room Susan is in?"  Lisa standing there in Katherine's palm looked up and said, "WE HAVE NO IDEA WE HAVE NEVER VISITED HER CONDO NOW LET US GO, PLEASE!!"  Katherine smileing as she was looking at the two girls there in her palm said, "I will let you go.."  She stopped Martin was shouting something to her and Katherine laughed and said, "Ahh yes, I totally agree with you Martin.  Alright I will let you go once I totally humiliate you on nation tv."  Kimberly looking up at Katherine said, " Martin thinks I should lie on my stomach and that Kimberly should drop them between my massive bum cheeks but to have a news crew televise it nation wide and world wide and social media to show it on their sites.  Show their pictures to everyone so that all will see."  Kimberly laughed and said, "Now that would be humiliating if it would be telivisied world wide."  Katherine then laid down onto her stomach.   As Katherine laid down onto her stomach the ground around her shook and many close to her felt it.


As Katherine laid down onto her stomach the ground around her shook and Kimberly looking up saw two drones arrive, they were part of a News group and a News helicopter arrived and she motioned to them.  The two drones got a good live view of Katherine lying in her stomach there outside of Calridge, they were getting a good shot of her massive thighs and bum cheeks.  The New helicopter came in close and they were getting good shots of Katherine as well.  Live video of Katherine lying on her stomach were being shown on every news channel and all over the internet.  From her condo Susan was watching and she just stood there watching.


  Kimberly got onto Katherine's left thigh  and she stood there on her left thigh.  Kimberly was facing Katherine's bum, she got down on her knees facing Katherine's bum.  Kimberly moved over so she was now in the middle of her thighs and Katherine's legs were together so she was on both her thighs.  To Kimberly Katherine's thighs and bum were wide as a small bed.  Kimberly held out her right hand over Katherine's voluptuous bum, she had both Lisa and Jennifer there in her right hand.  Kimberly was right under Katherine's bum so she reached out her right hand over Katherine's massive bum cleavage.  As Lisa and Jennifer looked down they were looking down at Katherine's massive bum cleavage.  Both Lisa and Jennifer saw Katherine's skin tight jeggings cut into her bum and part her massive bum cheeks.  To Lisa and Jennifer Katherine's bum cleavage was massive, they both screamed.


  Katherine spoke her thunderous voice just thundered and resonated and millions upon millions of people were watching this live news broadcast.  Katherine said, "Kimberly drop them in and then go to that condo building and get Susan.  Susan I know you can here me surrender to Kimberly and let her bring you to me cause I can easily destroy that condo you are in.  There is no place you can hide from me, I just may show you mercy."  As Katherine spoke her thunderous voice shook Susan to the core.  Kimberly lowered both Lisa and Jennifer down and she let them go, they fell several feet and landed on the slope of her right bum cheek, they slid down a bit and held on.  Kimberly said, "Katherine they are on the slope of your right bum cheek."  Katherine gave her right bum cheek a flex and from the flex her right bum cheek jiggled and both Lisa and Jennifer slid down the slope and they slid down between her massive bum cheeks.  Lisa and Jennifer screamed and as they slid down their screams and shouts went silent between Katherine's bum cheeks. Kimberly said, "Katherine they have slid down between your voluptuous bum cheeks."  Katherine then gave her bum cheeks a squeeze and as she did she let a thunderous fart rip. The thunderous fart sounded like a rolling clash of thunder and it just thundered and resonated across the land and sky.  She then unsqueezed her bum cheeks and they jiggled. All this was broadcast live on several news channels and on the internet. Many people found it funny and many were laughing and some were crying and some people were just angry.


  Kimberly stood up and she took a step and anouther and she was off Katherine and she headed towards the condo. She arrived there and said,"Susan you heard Katherine a Goddess speak to you so you better let me take you to her now."  Susan came out onto her balcony and she waved to Kimberly, and Kimberly saw her there.  Kimberly just reached out and she grabbed Susan between her thumb and index finger and she lifted her from the balcony, she turned and headed back to Katherine.  Kimberly gave Susan an angry look and said, "Now you are going to get it."   Kimberly reached Katherine, she stepped up onto her left thigh and she took anouther step, and she knelt down facing Katherine's bum.  Susan from Kimberly's fingers saw the size of Katherine and she let out a shout as she was held over Katherine's bum.  Kimberly said, "Katherine, I have Susan, I'm holding her over your massive bum cleavage."  Katherine turned her head and said, "Susan you tiny bug.  Kimberly I want to have fun with the bug Susan, let her scream as my bum eats her up." Kimberly reached out her right hand and just then she let out a shout, as something sharp hit her index finger and she dropped Susan.


  Susan fell a good 40 feet onto the slope of Katherine's massive left bum cheek and since Katherine's bum cheeks were jiggly and voluptuous the softness saved Susan's life.  When she fell she rolled and she began to slid down and with the sharp object a large dagger she stopped herself from sliding down, she pulled herself up and she ran up onto Katherine's right bum cheek.  Kimberly looking down said, "You bitch."  Kimberly brought her right hand down onto Susan and Susan ran out of the way just in time and Katherine's right hand hit Katherine's bum and when they did Katherine's right bum cheek jiggled, and Susan dived and she slid down the slope sliding down between Katherine's bum cheeks.  Kimberly then said, "Katherine, Susan had some sharp dagger and she managed to poke my finger, I'll get  her, she went between your bum cheeks."  Katherine then said, "Get her and let me know what she is doing and check on the other two."  Kimberly then pulled Katherine's massive bum cheeks apart and looking down between them massive cheeks she saw the three girls deep in there.  Kimberly said, "All three are between your bum cheeks."   Lisa, Susan and Jennifer looked up like as if looking up froma deep vallley and saw Kimberly's gigantic face. Kimberly then let go of Katherine's bum cheeks and as she did they jiggled and then three girls were in darkness.  Susan screamed and she began to climb like crazy up the walls of Katherine's bum cheeks.  Lisa and Jennifer were following they too were screaming.


  Kimberly leaned back as she sat on Katherine's right thigh and just then Susan came out she on all fours ran up the right slope on Katherine's right bum cheek and she screamed and following her was Jennifer and Lisa both on all fours climbing up the slope of her left bum cheek.  Kimberly watched as the three girls were running around on Katherine's massive bum cheeks. Susan ran around there on Katherine's right bum cheek and she looked over towards Katherine's thighs and saw Kimberly sitting there on her right thigh and both Jennifer and Lisa screamed too. The three girls looked like bugs there on Katherine's bum cheeks running around. Kimberly sat there on Katherine's right thigh watching and she said, "Hey Katherine the three girls are running around on your bum and one is running into and out of your bum cleavage, they are screaming and shouting." Katherine spoke and said, "They are bugs to just like everyone else.  I will give then refuge, if they are not between my bum cheeks before I count down then you Kimberly can crush them 5,  4,  3,  2..."  The three girls sprinted towards Katherine's bum cleavage and they began to slide down the slope and slide down between Katherine's bum cheeks disappearing from view.  Up above a news helicopter and two media drones were hovering and showing a live stream broadcast worldwide what was happeing on Katherine's bum.  


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