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 Kimberly stood up and as she did many of the villagers ran back a bit, and the two cops at her feet were just getting up.  One took out a gun and took several shots at her with no effect.  Kimberly squatted down and she just flicked the cop with her index finger and she sent him flying through the air a hundred feet, and she moved her hand towards the other cop.   The Police officer fell to his knees and shouted for mercy, Kimberly held her hand in front of him ready to flick him, she then straightened up and said, "I will protect my boyfriend and will stand by him.  Now you take your police friend and return to Calridge and tell those who have anything against my boyfriend will be dealing with me.  Yes look up at me I'm a 200 foot tall Giant Woman."  The Police Officer got up and he ran to his friend and as his friend was getting up he helped him and they both headed towards the police truck.  The villagers watched as the two cops made it to the police truck they got in and headed back to Calridge.


  Kimberly turned a bit and she faced the village and looking down there were several villagers close to her they were all looking up at her.  A villager shouted up and said, "KIMBERLY YOU HAVE THE POWER TO PUT A STOP TO ALL THIS ABUSE.  WE ARE UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF CALRIDGE AND OUR TAXES ARE VERY HIGH.  YOUR BOYFRIEND IS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS BEEN ABUSED SO HAVE MANY OF US.  YOU CAN PUT A STOP TO IT."  Anouther villager shouted up, "THE THREE GIRLS LISA, SUSAN AND JENNIFER, THEIR FAMILIES ARE QUITE POWERFUL AND RICH, THEY CONTROL THE CITY OF CALRIDGE AND BEYOND AND OWN SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF ACRES OF LAND AND REAL ESTATE.  PLEASE HELP US." Kimberly replied, "I don't care how much land or money they have, that is nothing to me, they can easily end up under my foot."  As Kimberly was looking down she saw some of the villagers pointing behind her, they screamed and began to run away.  On her shoulder I turned and looked back and saw a sight that made my heart leap and I shouted, "KIMBERLY OH MY GOSH, YOU NEED TO TURN AROUND."  Kimberly turned around and when she did she let out a shout, "OH MY GOSH!!!"  Kimberly took a couple of steps back.


     Coming towards the village towards Kimberly was anouther Giant girl, she was at least a couple of miles away and easily seen, and she was coming right towards us.  Kimberly said, "Oh my gosh, its anouther Giant, looks like I am not the only one who is huge.  Hey this giant seems to be bigger then me."  As the Giant Girl got closer she was getting bigger, I then recognized her, it couldn't be but it was really her.  The Giant Girl was Katherine Wegner!!  I said, "Kimberly I know who she is that giant girl is Katherine Wegner, its her oh my gosh."  Kimberly said, "You know her you sound very suprised."  I replied, "Yes I am, it happened about a year ago at my work place, when Susan was there, and so was Katherine.  Susan did something to totally humiliate Katherine in front of everyone else to the point she left.  As she was leaving Jennifer and Lisa both threw a few rotten eggs at her and laughed as she left, she did not return to work.  I'm seeing her now for the first time after that." Katherine arrived, she stopped a good 300 feet from Kimberly and Kimberly looked up at her.  Katherine had on her red t shirt and she had on her skin tight jeggings and she looked down at Kimberly.  The top of Kimberly's head was well below Katherine's crotch.  I just stood there on Kimberly's left shoulder looking up at the massive Katherine Wegner.


   The tiny villagers were running back and several just stood there looking up at the huge massive young blonde Giant Girl.  Kimberly spoke up and said, "Katherine Wegner hey."  Katherine took a step topwards Kimberly and she squatted down and said, "How did you know my name and who are you?  It seems you are the only other Giant I have met so far."  Kimberly replied, "I am Kimberly Sherring and my boyfriend, he is here on my left shoulder says he knows you say he has worked with you and told me about that insident that happened at work with Susan and her two friends them morons."  Katherine leaned in a bit and she looked at me and i waved back to her, she then pulled back a bit and said, "Yes I recognize him had to look hard considering everyone and everything is so small.  Well Kimberly, your boyfriend was good to me, he treated me real nice."  Kimberly was standing in front of Katherine who was squatting down and Kimberly asked, "Katherine I am wondering, just how big are you?"  Katherine replied, "I am 500 feet tall. Now Kimberly do tell me whats your issue with the three girls, Susan, Jenifer and Lisa, you refered to them as morons."  Kimberly then told Katherine everything that had happened about what had happened to her boyfriend and what she did.  The two giant girls for a good 10 minutes had a good conversation.  


   Katherine stood up and Kimberly looking up said, "So Katherine what are you going to do now?"  Katherine looked down and smiled and said, "I'm going to go to Calridge and deal with Susan, Jennifer and Lisa.  My boyfriend Martin who is at work suggested that I crush them with my jiggly bum cheeks."  Kimberly let out a laugh and said, "Now that would be funny Katherine."  Katherine replied, "Yeah Martin suggested that I lie on my stomach and that they should end up between my bum cheeks and that I should crush them."  Kimberly looking up said, "Now "Katherine, now that is something I and my boyfriend would like to see.  My boyfriend is wondering just how many people could fit in there?"  Katherine replied, "Take a guess."  Katherine turned and as she did her booty was facing Kimberly and I shouted when I saw Katherine's bum.  Kimberly said, "Oh my gosh!!"  We looked up at Katherine's round jiggly voluptuous bum in them skin tight jeggings she had on.  Katherine looking back said, "Well what do you think?"  Katherine then gave her bum cheeks a flex and as she did her voluptuous bum cheeks in the skin tight jeggings jiggled.  Kimberly said loudly, "Katherine Wegner, you have the bum of a Goddess." Katherine turned and she gave a thanks and said, "I want to head to Calridge and deal with them three girls, you should come with me."  Kimberly replied, "Oh I'm going to, I think you should do as Martin suggested, that would sure be fun to see."  Katherine then headed out towards the city of Calridge and Kimberly was walking fast beside her.  


   The ground just shook and trembled as Katherine Wegner and Kimberly Sherring walked, the trembling of the ground around them was felt as far away as 3 miles as they walked.  Katherine was walking a bit slow to let Kimberly keep up. They were a sight to behold, Katherine at 500 feet was easily visiable 30 miles away across the prairies and the top of Kimberly's head was below Katherine's crotch.  As they were walking Kimberly fell back a bit and she got behind Katherine and both she and I got a look at her voluptuous bum in them skin tight jeggings as she was walking.  As Katherine was walking her thighs and bum cheeks just jiggled with each step she took and she had booty bounce. Kimberly quietly said to herself, "Oh my Gosh she is a Goddess."  Kimberly then ran up beside Katherine and continued her walk with Katherine towards Calridge.


     Kimberly looking up at Katherine said, "Hey Katherine, once i get the three girls, if you want, you can lie on your stomach and I will be more then happy to drop them between them massive bum cheeks of yours."  Katherine replied, "I think I'm going to go with Martin's suggestion and yes Kimberly you can do that.  I'm just going to give the people of Calridge a big scare once I am there.  Also in a couple of hours I'm going to pick up Martin from work."  Katherine and Kimberly continued their walk across the country side and now the city of Calridge was in view.  As Katherine and Kimberly were walking across the country side many in the farming communities and small towns got a look at them and word spread to Calridge.  


  Susan in her condo ran to her window, she was on the 15th floor and as she looked out she was able to see across the city, and her condo was close to the outskirts of the city.  It was the only tall building that was not effected by Kimberly.  Looking out she saw Katherine approaching the city and Susan recognized her and then she saw Kimberly returning too and Susan saw just how big Katherine was compaired to Kimberly and her heart leaped and she began to shake and she let out a scream.  She quickly called Lisa and Susan.  Both Katherine and Kimberly were a good 2 miles from the outskirts of Calridge, when Katherine spoke, "People of Calridge.  I am Katherine Wegner, and I have returned.  Susan, Jennifer and Lisa, come out from your hiding places."  When Katherine spoke her voice just thundred and resonated across the land and sky and across the city of Calridge and everyone heard it.  Susan fell over shaking when she heard Katherine's thunderous voice. Lisa and Jennifer both jumped up when they heard her thunderous voice and Jennifer was at Lisa's house and they both ran outside.  Jennifer shouted as they were running outside, "OH MY GOSH THAT SOUNDED LIKE KATHERINE WEGNER!!"  Lisa had her phone turned down looked at it and said, "Its Susan she has been trying to call."  Lisa answered, and Susan was screaming on the other end, "LISA, LISA ITS HER ITS KATHERINE WEGNER SHE IS BACK. THEY JUST ARRIVED AT CALRIDGE AND YOU THINK KIMBERLY IS HUGE WELL KATHERINE WEGNER IS AT LEAST TWICE KIMBERLY'S SIZE.  I MEAN THEN TOP OF KIMBERLY'S HEAD DOESN'T EVEN REACH KATHERINE'S CROTCH."  As Katherine and Kimberly reached the city limits they slowed down their walk and they came to a stop.  


   Standing outside the city of Calridge, Katherine put her hands on her hips and she looked down at the city there before her, the tallest building was way below her crotch level.  Across the city of Calridge people were shouting and screaming and they were running through the streets.  They had one encounter with Kimberly and lost and now Kimberly was back but she was back with anouther Giant one much bigger.  Everyone across Calridge knew and recognized Katherine.  As Katherine was standing there beside Kimberly she could heard the cries of the people across Calridge, to her the cries and shouts of the people sounded very high pitched and faint.  As Katherine looked down she could see tiny people running through the streets, to her they were tiny just barely over 2 cm in height.   Katherine then spoke, "Wow just listen to all you tiny people shouting anc screaming, to me you all sound like mosquitoes making noise.  You all must be excited to see me, well tiny people do shout and scream all you want."  Kimberly looked up and said, "Katherine, I'm going to get them.  My boyfriend has an idea about their hide outs."  Kimberly then headed into the city and Katherine stayed outside the city, she was too large to enter without causing damage.


    As Kimberly went walking through Calridge the people in the streets were running away from her and they were shouting.  They were scared of Kimberly but terrified of Katherine. People all across the city of Calridge saw Katherine standing there outside the city, she towered over everything in sight.  Sasan was on her balcony on the 15th floor looking out at Katherine, her condo was close to the outskirts of the city.  Her condo was only a half mile from where Katherine stood and Susan was looking up at her. Katherine was looking down and around at the tiny city there before her with her hands on her hips.  Susan looking up at katherine said loudly to herself, "Oh my Gosh just look at her, she must be al least 400 to 600 feet tall.  We were unable to defeat Kimberly, the entire police force of Calridge was unable to even beat or bring Kimberly down and Katherine is twice her size. Oh my gosh Katherine will be unstopable."   Just then Susan's cell rang, she answered it, it was Jennifer she was frantic on the other end, she shouted, "Susan its Kimberly she found us.  I totally forgot her boyfriend knew of this house, she is here and is tearing the roof off, OH MY GOSH SHE JUST GRABBED LISA BETWEEN HER FINGERS AND LISA IS SCREAMING RUN SUSAN HIDE RUN!!!"  Susan could hear screaming on the other end just the she heard some loud crashing sounds and Jennifer screamed and her screams went faint.  Susan quickly ran across her condo to the other side and looked out the other window and looking across Calridge towards Lisa's other house she saw Kimberly standing up, she was a good mile away, but with her size of 200 feet she towered over all the buildings except for the condo she was in.


   Kimberly headed across the city towards Katherine she had Lisa in one hand and Jennifer in the other and Kimberly said, "Hey Katherine, I have Lisa and Jennifer.  We were unable to find Susan, hers is the only place my boyfriend does not know where it it."  Katherine replied, "Bring those two to me, they will suffer my wrath, Susan will be found she won't be able to hide from me for long."  Kimberly arrived at Katherine and she held up both arms and she said, "Here they are Katherine."  Katherine looked down and said, "Those two bugs will suffer for what they did to me and I will make them suffer for what they did to your boyfriend.  Come Kimberly you and your boyfriend get to watch as I have some fun before they suffer my wrath."  Katherine's thunderous resonating voice just shook everyone to the core and Susan just trembled at each word.  Katherine took a step and she turned and took a few steps and she stopped, and she got down on her knees and she laid down onto her stomach.  Katherine then said, "Kimberly, you can be on my thighs, you and your boyfriend can watch."  Kimberly got up onto Katherine's thighs she was able to just sit one one of her thighs so Kimberly sat on Katherine's right thigh she was facing Katherine's bum.  Kimberly reached forwards and she held Lisa over Katherine's massive bum cleavage and Lisa screamed as she looked down at Katherine's massive bum and bum cleavage.  Lisa saw how Katherine's skin tight jeggings cut into her bum and just how it parted both her cheeks.  Katherine's bum cleavage to Lisa looked like a deep dark valley and Kimberly let her go and Lisa fell onto the slope of Katherine's right bum cheek, she tried to hold on but she was unable to and she began to slide down between Katherine's bum cheeks.  Kimberly held out Jennifer and she dropped Jennifer and Jennifer fell onto the left slope of Katherine's bum cheek and she took slide down just like Lisa did.  As Jennifer and Lisa slid down between Katherine's bum cheeks they screamed and as they disappeared between Katherine's bum cheeks their screams went silent. 



    Katherine Wegner in her skin tight jeggings.


   Katherine turned her head and said, "Kimberly make sure they are deep between my bum cheeks look if you must."  Kimberly moved forwards a bit and she leaned forwards a bit and she reached out and she grabbed both of Katherine's bum cheeks and she pulled them apart a bit and she looked down between Katherine's bum cheeks and saw on of the girls, she the saw the other one she was trying to eacape.  Kimberly let got of Katherine's bum cheeks and she said, "Katherine one girl is deep between your bum cheeks and one is trying to escape."  It was Jennifer she ran out from between Katherine's bum cheeks close to her tail bone and Kimberly saw it, she leaned forwards and she put her right hand onto Katherine's right bum cheek and as she did Katherine's right bum cheek went down a bit where Kimberly's hand was.  Jennifer ran out form between Katherine's bum cheeks close to where her tail bone was and Kimberly grabbed her and she leaned back and she again dropped Jennifer between Katherine's bum cheeks.  Kimberly said, "Katherine, she is back between your massive bum cheeks. I'll say this the people compaired to you are so small, these two girls are so tiny on your bum."  Katherine replied, "They will feel my wrath, they will scream and shout and no one will hear them, you and your boyfriend will get to watch."  Kimberly leaned back and she just sat there on Katherine's right thigh.


   Katherine then gave her bum cheeks a squeeze and when she did she let a thunderous fart rip.  The fart sounded like a rolling clash of thunder and it thundered and resonated across the land and sky to a range of 10 miles.  The fart lasted a good 2 seconds and many windows across Calridge just rattled and some even cracked.  Katherine then unsqueezed her bum cheeks and as she did they jiggled.  Kimberly and I were shocked to me it was like thunder and had to clasp my ears.  Kimberly just sat there she was shocked as she was looking at Katherine's bum.  Kimberly began to laugh and so did I and Katherine looked back a bit and she too laughed.  Kimberly sitting there said loudly, "KATHERINE WEGNER YOU ARE TRULY A GODDESS A REAL GODDESS AND A GIANT.  KATHERINE WEGNER IS THE ONE TRUE GODDESS HERE ON EARTH. YOU KATHERINE HAVE THE BUM OF A GODDESS AND THOSE TWO GIRLS SHOULD BE HONORED WHERE THEY ARE."  Kimberly then fell forwards face first onto Katherine's right bum cheek, as she did I went off her shoulders and rolled onto Katherine's massive right bum cheek. Katherine's right bum cheek was much wider then Kimberly was and as Kimberly lay there on Katherine's right thigh Katherine's right bum cheek was large compaired to Kimberly.


   Kimberly spread her arms a bit and and hugged Katherine's right bum cheek and as she did her hands past her wrists went down between Katherine's massive bum cheeks and Kimberly gave a good strong squeeze as she burried her face right into Katherine's right bum cheek.  Kimberly gave Katherine's right bum cheek a shake with her whole body and Katherine's right bum cheek jiggled and I felt it and from the jiggle I fell over.  Kimberly then lifted her head and she shouted loudly and I was still laying down and I clasped my ears. Kimberly shouted, "KATHERINE WEGNER IS A GIANT!!  KATHERINE WEGNER IS A GIANT!  KATHERINE WEGNER IS A GIANT.  SHE IS A GODDESS AND A GIANT KATHERINE WEGNER,  KATHERINE WEGNER."  She again burried her face and she shook all over and Katherine let out a laugh and as she did the ground shook.  Katherine then said, "You sure sound excited Kimberly."  Kimberly replied, "I am totally excited, I'm on a real Goddess.  Katherine you are truly a Goddess and a Giant."  Katherine then said, "That is so nice, but Kimberly can you check on Lisa and Jennifer for me and let me know.  I have to pick up Martin soon from work, but I will return."  Kimberly sat up and she pulled Katherine's bum cheeks apart and she looked in and saw the two girls there deep between her bum cheeks.  Kimberly said, "Katherine, they are past out there between your bum cheeks."  Katherine then said, "Please remove them, I'm going to pick up my boyfriend Martin and come right back, maybe until then you can find Susan."  Kimberly reached down between Katherine's bum cheeks and she pulled out the two girls and she laid them on her left palm, she looked at then closely they were unconscious.  Kimberly then picked me up and she put me onto her left shoulder and I asked Kimberly to ask where her boyfriend works.  So Kimberly did, and as she did she got off Katherine and Katherine turned onto her side.


   Katherine said, "Martin works for a small media company, early this morning her went to a confrence and is returning on a Q400 aircraft, I'm picking him up at SanQuon Air field, its a small Airport about 45 miles from here."  Katherine then sat up and I was checking out the news on my cell and I told Kimberly, about what was on the news.  She said, "Katherine my boyfriend has something important to say."  Katherine leaned in and I looked up at her and shouted, "HEY KATHERINE ITS ON THE NEWS SOME SMALL AIRCRAFT IS HAVING SOME PROBLEM WITH ONE OF ITS ENGINES AND ITS IN THIS AREA, THEY ARE NOT SAYING WHAT AIRCRAFT AND AIRLINE IT IS."  Katheine replied, "It could be Martin's plane or not but I can save those people, which I will do, any word on where the plane is."  I clasped my ears as she spoke and shouted back, "ITS NORTHEAST OF HERE ABOUT 50 MILES."  Katherine stood up and said, "Thats the direction of SanQuon Airfield, I'm off."  Katherine took a step away from Kimberly and she headed away.


  Katherine Wegner then picked up her speed and she began to run, now being 500 feet tall Katherine's running speed was 882 mph and she was covering 14.5 miles a minute.  As Katherine was running her weight of 56 676 tons just shook the ground around her for a radius of 5 miles with an earthquake. As Katherine was running her thighs and bum cheeks just jiggled along with her breasts. A News helicopter and a News drone picked up Katherine running across the country side and it was being broadcast live and Susan had her TV turned on and she watched on her 50 inch screen a live video of Katherine running across the country side to save that plane. 


  Katherine looked up a bit to her right and saw the plane coming down and she turned and ran towards it up ahead of her was a farm, the farm had several barns and buildings and she did not want to waste time running around it so when she got there Katherine just jumped over the farm buildings.  However when she landed her massive weight just shook the ground and an earthquake happened and it just spread out shaking the country side for up to 20 miles, and Katherine caught up to the plane, it was Martin's plane and it was comeing down fast.  Katherine caught up to it and she had to slow down her running speed was faster then the Q400.  Katherine out and she just grabbed then plane and when she did several people on board went flying forwards and she came to a stop.  Katherine was a good 5 miles from the Airfield and she holding the plane like a toy said, "Everyone you are all alright and safe, I'll take you all to the Airfield then rest of the way."  Katherine reaching the Airfield put the plane down and rescue crews arrived and she took a few steps back and said, "Come help these people, I won't hurt you."  After hearing her the rescue crews arrived and as everyone evacuated the plane they were just looking up at her.


  Martin got out and he ran right towards Katherine and he stopped and he looked up at her and Katherine squatted down and she lowered her right palm down and Martin stepped onto her nail on her index finger and she lifted her finger so he could climb on and he did and Martin ran down her index finger into her right palm.  She the straightened up and she brought her right palm up to her face and looked at her tiny boyfriend there in her palm.  Martin looked up at his girlfriend's gigantic face and Katherine spoke softly, "Hey Martin, I am sure glad you are alright.  I'm just going to head back to Calridge, I'll tell you all about what happened."  She then moved her hand to her left shoulder and Martin ran off her palm onto her left shoulder.  Katherine then headed back to Calridge, she walked slowly and told Martin about what had happened.


  Back at the Condo Susan was watching her TV the news was still about Katherine now instead of Kimberly.  They were still showing footage of Katherine running and saving the plane with comments from several news people.  Susan turned on her ipad and clicked on the news and watched some footage there and as they were showing Katherine she took some screen shots of Katherine especially face shots.  She was trembling all over.  Susan then turned on her Macbook and her pictures transfered and she printed off a few pictures of Katherine.  Two pictures of her head shot and two of her running, and she put up a picture on her wall and the other one in her living room, and Susan did this she was trembling all over.  She then picked up her Ipad and brought Katherine's picture up and she looked at it. She ran to her balcony and looked out, Kimberly was walking through Calridge looking for her, Susan went back inside.  


  Susan looking at the picture of Katherine on her Ipad began to say loudly, "KATHERINE WEGNER IS TRULY A GODDESS SHE IS THE ONE TRUE GODDESS, GIANT GODDESS KATHERINE WEGNER."  She then ran into her room and jumped onto her bed and hugged her pillow with her Ipad next to her and looking at the picture of Katherine she began to shout, "KATHERINE WEGNER IS A GIANT!!  KATHERINE WEGNER IS A GIANT.  KATHERINE WEGNER IS A GIANT, SHE IS A GIANT OH KATHERINE WEGNER!!"  Susan was shouting this over and over she was feeling something and she was just trembling all over.



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