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Kimberly stood there for a minute looking down at the city, she then headed across the city again.  When she neared the edge of the city of Calridge, she picked up her walking pace and headed away from Calridge.


Kimberly continued her walk along the side of the highway, and I just sat there on her shoulder watching. She then took a detour and started to walk across the open fields, she was on her way towards a small town. From Kimberly's shoulders I was able to see the town in the distance. It was a small town of a population of 700, it was more of a small village, and Kimberly was heading right towards it. The people in the village saw her approaching and they all got into a panic. Most saw on the news about what had happened in Calridge about how the entire police force across 4 counties took her on and were unable to stop her. They also saw the destruction that was caused by her, and she was heading towards their village.

   Kimberly continued to walk towards the small village and from her shoulders I was able to make out some of the buildings. Throughout the village the people were coming out of their homes and they could easily see Kimberly as she was heading towards their village. Kimberly was still 2 miles away and she was easily seen. As Kimberly got close like 1/2 a mile shouts and screams rang throughout the village. "She is here, she is here Kimberly has arrived Kimberly is here."  As Kimberly got close to the village she slowed down her walk and walked up to it and stood right outside it. The tallest building was the post office being only 2 storeys tall. The village was small and as Kimberly stood outside it she looked down and was able to see the entire village. From her shoulders I was able to look down and see easily to the end of the village. Now from her shoulders I watched as the people did something totally different, instead of running away and shouting, they were running towards Kimberly. Kimberly watched as the people in the village were running towards her. She put her hands on her hands on her hips and watched as the villagers were running towards her.

   Kimberly was looking down and she was a bit shocked, being 200 feet tall her great size alone would bring fear and send people running. Kimberly just watched as the tiny villagers gathered around in front of Kimberlys feet, she watched as they formed rows, the first row of villagers were a good 40 feet away. There was a good 250 to 500 all standing there before Kimberly all looking up at her. Then to Kimberly's surprise they all shouted in unison very loudly. "GIANTESS GODDESS KIMBERLY SHERRINGTON, PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON US, PLEASE DON'T CRUSH US OR DESTROY OUR VILLAGE." Then they all fell face forwards on the ground before Kimberly. Kimberly spoke her voice boomed. " Ok now you guys what are you doing? Hey now come on and get up all of you."

   Immediately everyone began to get up and Kimberly squatted down getting closer to the villagers. She then said, "Now tell me why you are all bowing and calling me a Goddess?" To which one of the villagers a middle aged man shouted up and said. "Kimberly, you are a Goddess, just look at you. You are 200 feet tall, you are the largest being on the planet, and no one can stand in your way no one. You can destroy and city or town and all its inhabitants would be at your MERCY. You are a Giant Goddess."

   As soon as the man finished speaking everyone fell to their knees and shouted, " When Kimberly speaks her voice is like thunder." Kimberly then stood up and watched the tiny villagers for a minute. She then spoke and said, "I'm glad you all think of me like that, but now tell me what do you people know of these 3 girls, Jennifer, Susan and Lisa?" Everyone stopped and stood up, Kimberly squatted down and one lady spoke up and said, "Yes we know about them, their parents are quite powerful, Susan's dad and mom are the top lawyers in the state, and Jennifers parents both are top Judges in the court, so they can do whatever they seem to want." Kimberly nodded and just then a man spoke up and shouted, "I know of several people who have gone to jail being falsely accused and have had their homes taken away and have lost their jobs, hey Kimberly since you are a giant, why don't you stop them, bring order." As I sat on Kimberly's shoulder I just listened to what was being said and for a good 10 minutes several of the villagers complained. As they were complaining a siren was heard, it was a police truck coming towards the village very fast, it was being driven as if the driver had no respect for the law.

  The truck stopped a good 50 feet from Kimberly off to her left, even though she was squatting from her shoulders I was looking down at the truck. Out of the truck came two police officers, one reached into the back and pulled out a rifle and the other one took his gun from the holster and grabbed a mega phone. He spoke into the mega phone, and Kimberly turned a bit so she was facing them, but she was still squatting. The police officer said, "All right now Kimberly, why don't you just run along. Ok now you villagers, which of you have been complaining to this giant bitch, I am here to inform you that by speaking against any of the three girls is a crime and carries a jail sentence of 3 years or a fine of $2000." Kimberly spoke interupting him, "You can't do that, they have their right to speak." The police officer shouted into the mega phone, "Shut up you stupid bitch or we will shut you up." Kimberly got mad, she quickly reached down with her right hand, and grabbed him with her thumb and fore finger, her thumb was across his chest and her fore finger was on his back. She lifted him up and as she did he dropped his mega phone, and Kimberly lifted him up to her face. She held him below eye level. The other police officer aimed the rifle and began to shoot at Kimberly, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Shot gun sounds sounded off. Kimberly reached down and she using just her fore finger flicked the rifle from his hands with such force that the rifle came apart as it flew a good 300 feet into the air. She grabbed the other police officer and picked him up she lifted him up too and she stood up.

  Both were a bit smaller then her little finger, she moved the second one to her right hand and put him with the first officer. Both police officer were punching and hitting Kimberly's giant fingers but to no effect. She was now holding both of them just between her right thumb and right fore finger, both were side buy side. Kimberly's right thumb was across their chests and her right fore finger across their backs. She held them in front of her mouth and looked down at them. Both officers began to shout and curse. Their shouts were silenced by Kimberly's loud thundering booming voice,  "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, HUH? NOTHING, TO ME YOU ARE ALL BUGS AND YOU ARE ENTIRELY AT MY MERCY. I CAN EASILY END YOUR LIFE, I CAN EASILY CRUSH YOU BOTH LIKE BUGS. I THINK I WILL CRUSH YOU BOTH LIKE BUGS AND ALL I WILL USE IS JUST TWO FINGERS AND MY GIGANTIC FACE IS THE LAST THING YOU BOTH WILL SEE." Both police officers had a shocked and worried look on their face.

  Kimberly then just smiled and she increased her presure on them. Both officers began to gasp for air and both looked up into Kimberly's giant face, they were entirely at Kimberly's mercy and both in a futile manner began to hit punch and kick with all their might. They were gasping for air and Kimberly just smiled at them and then Kimberly began to laugh softly which made them both boiling mad. Being crushed by a giant girl and there was nothing they could do about it. Both were turning pale in the face, then Kimberly squatted down and she lowered her hand and let both fall to the ground a good 7 feet. The two police officers began to take in deep breaths and they slowly got up, one began to curse and cuss.




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