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    Kimberly looked around, she saw many police were running away, but some were still shooting at her. She spoke and her voice just thundered and boomed across the city, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT YOU GUYS CAN STOP ME, I CAN EASILY CRUSH YOU ALL LIKE BUGS.  IF YOU WANT I WILL DESTROY THIS ENTIRE CITY."  Kimberly then turned towards a tall office tower that was 12 stories tall. She reached down and grabbed it, on the roof were 30 police.  Kimberly gave the building a good shake and she just tore the building from its foundation and lifted it up into the air.  As she lifted it debris just fell into the streets below and the police were running for cover. As she did this I just laughed and knew that Kimberly was way to powerful to beat.   Kimberly lifted the building up to eye level and saw the police, She turned and carrying the torn building walked down a street.   There was another tall building one that was 10 stories tall, she walked up to it and put the building she had on top of the other one like putting an ice cream scoop onto another. Kimberly then took a few steps, she stopped and looked around.  She was easily seen across the city, and even those outside Calridge saw her since she towered over every building in Calridge.  Kimberly lifted both arms up to her side palm up and she said, "OK, now, who else wants to take me on?  HUH? COME ON NOW, THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME AND SO MANY OF YOU, WELL???"  There was silence in the streets, everyone was watching Kimberly.  I stood up on her shoulder and walked over towards her arm and looked at my city down below.

    Kimberly then let out a shout a roar, that just thundered and boomed across Calridge and beyond to a distance of 15 miles.  At the same time she lifted her right foot and she brought it down with force causing an earthquake in Calridge. This action totally freightened everyone in the city. Kimberly looked around, she took a few steps there was a 11 storey building which came up just a bit past her crotch. She reached down and tore the roof right,  the sound echoed ascross the city.  She the threw it aside like a toy. The people down below were screaming and shouting as they were running through the streets.

Kimberly put her hands on her hips and looked around and down, she then dropped her hands to her side and walked a good 15 blocks and stopped.  The people down below were running from Kimberly like crazy and they were shouting and screaming at the top of their lungs, there was total panic across the entire city of Calridge.  Kimberly spoke softly, "Ahh there it is, the courthouse."  She took a step over several buildings and panic continued in the streets.  Kimberly took a few more steps and she was in front of a large 4 storey court building.  She squatted down and made a fist and brought it down on the roof causing it to cave in.  Using her fingers she tore a good chunk of the roof right off, as she did people inside went running.  Several fell over as debris fell on them.  Kimberly then looked in, and her gigantic face filled the hole that she caused.  Lisa was there looking up through the torn roof and she was getting up.  Lisa was visiting her mother who was the top Judge in the county.  Lisa's mother Karen was getting up, she looked up and through the torn roof she saw Kimberly looking in.  Lisa screamed at the top of her lungs, Kimberly then reached in through the torn roof with her right hand and as her right hand neared Lisa and her mother, Lisa's mother screamed.  Both tried to run, but Kimberly quickly grabbed Judge Karen with her fore finger and thumb and lifted her a good 5 feet off the ground and held her there. As Kimberly held her there the people just watch being unable to do anything.

     Judge Karen screamed and she began to hit Kimberly's thumb which was across her chest and she was kicking her feet like crazy.  Kimberly lifted Judge Karen up anouther 30 feet and held her there.  Judge Karen was 30 feet in the air and she was looking up through  the torn roof at Kimberly's gigantic face.  Kimberly then spoke and her voice just thundered and boomed and resonated down in to the building, "Judge Karen, look at me and listen to me.  I am Kimberly Sherring and I am a giant.  Your power of authority means nothing to me, I could crush you or let you fall.  I don't like the way you people in authority have treated the common people, that is why I am going to take charge. I am in control now, do you understand."

  Kimberly then lowered Judge Karen and let her go, she then stood up and looked around.  I stood up to on her shoulder and looked around too, she then turned and began to walk across the city. She walked a good 15 blocks she then stopped.

  Kimberly then put her hands on her hips and said to me, "So tell me how does it feel to be so safe up here with me, knowing no one can or could even get close to you. Look at them down there so scared."

To which I said.  "Kimberly you are a Giant Goddess and being up here on your shoulder I love it.  I am on top of the world I feel so safe up here.  The people down below are bugs to you and I am betting that your loud booming voice just shakes them to the core.". Kimberly nodded.  She then began to walk through Calridge with her hands on her hips.  As she was walking the city just shook and frightened people were getting out of her way. As she was walking she said very loudly. " BUGS, PUNY PEOPLE NO BIGGER THEN MY LITTLE FINGER.  WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU ALL TO TRY TO HURT MY BOYFRIEND WHO IS HERE ON MY LEFT SHOULDER.  HE IS WITH ME HE IS SAFE WITH ME AND NO ONE WILL EVER HURT HIM AGAIN CAUSE A REAL GIANT IS ON HIS SIDE.  TELL ME WHO THE HELL CAN STAND UP TO ME.  LOOK UP AT ME I AM KIMBERLY SHERRING AND I AM A 200 FOOT TALL WOMAN."    


   Kimberly stood there for a moment looking down at all the tiny people running thorough the streets, she then let out a laugh as she stood there.  I stood there on her left shoulder and I began to walk around there looking down at the city of Calridge all around me.  

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