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Kimberly headed away from the town and she took a slight turn and headed towards the city, she then increased her walking pace. Kimberly decided to walk along the side of the highway for a bit and as she did I was able to see some  trucks. I was so high up that the cars and trucks looked so small.   Kimberly Sherring was walking through the country side on her way to my home city of Calridge.   As she was walking the ground just trembled under her feet and the trembling was felt for up to 1 mile.   I was totally enjoying the view at 170 feet up on her left shoulder. Kimberly was so big at 200 feet in height that she was easily seen for miles around.

  I just  sat there on Kimberly's left shoulder as she made her way towards my home city of Calridge,  and just thought about what will go through their minds of all those who have bullied and have hurt me and have pushed me around.  Just what will they do when they see my girlfriend.  When they see me sitting way up on her shoulder and that my girlfriend Kimberly Sherrington is a giant, a 200 foot tall giant, a real GIANT A GIANT!  I was so excited.  I looked over at her and asked, "Hey Kimberly, what are you going to do to those who have hurt me and wronged me in any way?"  To which she replied, "I will deal with them severely I will make sure no one ever hurts you again. "  I got so excited that I shouted for joy, I shouted as loud as I could and Kimberly smiled.  

    News about Kimberly had reached my home city of Calridge, and it put a lot of people into a panic especially those who had hurt and wronged me. The news about a giant woman heading towards their city put a lot of people into a panic.  From Kimberly's shoulder I looked and saw Calridge in the distance and excitement filled me up.  I sat there watching as we got closer and closer to Calridge, and now I was able to make out some of the buildings.  Kimberly neared the main highway that went into Calridge, it was a 4 lane highway with a divider, and Kimberly took a slight turn and was walking along the right side of it.

   As Kimberly walked the ground just shook and trembled with each step she took.    From Kimberly's shoulder I saw small cars and trucks speeding on the highway, and saw Calridge come into view.  As Kimberly neared the outskirts of the city she slowed down her walk as she entered the city.

   Now from her shoulder I saw my home city from a totally new perspective, form a giantess point of view.   Kimberly walked and entered Calridge and as she did the ground just trembled with every step she took, and the trembling was felt for up to at least 25 blocks, those closest felt it the worst.  Kimberly slowly continued her walk into  Calridge, and from her shoulders I was able to see the entire city.  Kimberly towered over every building in the city, she towered over everything in sight.


  The tallest building came half way up to her stomach.  As I looked down I saw small buildings,  most of these buildings were 2 to 4 to 5 stories tall, some were 6 to 8 stories tall and I was looking down at them way down.  Now way down below in the streets I saw tiny people running for their lives, from Kimberly's shoulders they looked so small so tiny and they were running away from Kimberly.  They were running as fast as they could, but from her shoulders it didn't look like they were running fast at all.  As the people down below were running they were shouting and screaming at the top of their lungs and to me way up there their screams  sounded faint. 

   Kimberly stopped, she put her hands on her hips and looked around at the small city all around her, she  watched  the tiny people down below  running away from her as fast as they could.  Kimberly spoke quietly  to me, "Look at them, just look at them run, they are so scared.  They are entirely at my mercy, if I wanted to I could easily crush any of them.  I think just my presence alone has brought great fear to you city."  To which I said, "No one can stand in your way."

      Great fear and panic spread across the entire city of Calridge, especially among those who have hurt me.  Yes, I had returned home with a girl, not just any girl but with a giant girl.  This girl was my girlfriend and she was 200 feet tall.  Kimberly Sherring is my girlfriend and she is now a giant, she is 200 feet tall, and there I was sitting way up on her left shoulder looking down at everyone in my city. She was huge, gigantic, enormous.   Now my home city is entirely at the mercy of my girlfriend Kimberly, no one can stand in her way, no one.

   As Kimberly made her way to the center of the city, I just sat and watched the show.  Kimberly then stopped and asked me, "Is this the center of this city?"  I looked around and said, "Yes it is."  Kimberly then put her hands on her hips and looked around and down and watched for a minute the tiny people down below in the streets running around.  To Kimberly their screams and shouts sounded like faint high pitched squeaks.  Kimberly stood there with her hands on her hips watching the tiny people down below.  To the people in the streets, she was huge, massive, and she was easily seen across the city since she towered over everything in sight. 

   As Kimberly was looking down and watching the people, she whispered to me, "Just look at them run, look how frightened they are, now listen to me deliver a message to them"  Kimberly looked around and took a couple of steps and a turn and looked all around her, she them spoke out loud and as she did her voice just thundered and boomed across the city. 

  Kimberly spoke,  "Alright everyone down below, listen listen to me.  I am Kimberly Sherring and sitting up here on my left shoulder is my boyfriend.  Now most of you know him and lots of you have said that he would never have a girlfriend.  Well I am  here to tell you that you are all wrong, he does have one he has me. I am his girlfriend, and he is with me and under my protection.  He is safe up here on my left shoulder.  Now those of you who have hurt him I will give you a chance to apologize and ask for forgivness if not I will deal with you all.  Now he has something to  say so I say listen to him."

    Kimberly extended her right hand palm up and nodded, I stood up on her shoulder and shouted as loud as I could, "This is My girlfriend Kimberly Sherring  and she is a real giant, no one will ever hurt and wrong me in any way."   Kimberly looked around and there was silence in the streets,  she then spoke and her voice just thundered, "Jennifer Holt, Susan Summers, and Lisa Fritz, you three are the first, I am coming!"  Kimberly then headed towards the south land residential area to where these 3 girls lived.

     Screams rose up from the city as Kimberly made her way towards the South land residential area, Jennifer and Susan ran out of the house.  Jennifer and Susan were renting and were roommates and Lisa lived just across the street.  The girls felt the ground shaking, Susan shouted, "LISA, we gotta get out of here now!"  Lisa ran out of her house, and Jennifer shouted, "She's here, she's here."  Kimberly arrived at the South land residential area, she stopped and looked down and around.  Down below the people were running into and out of their homes, and Kimberly looked down and around.  I looked too and when i saw them i shouted their location to her.  Kimberly saw them, and the 3 girls quickly got into Jennifer's suv.  The suv took off and just as it did Kimberly's foot landed right behind it, and as it did the suv jumped.  Kimberly watched as it drove down the street and she quickly followed.  Kimberly stepped over the suv and brought her left foot down right in front of it, causing Jennifer to make a sharp turn.  The suv skidded sideways into Kimberly's left foot.  Jennifer put the peddle to the floor but it was too late, Kimberly had reached down and she grabbed the suv with her right hand and lifted it up to her face.  Kimberly held it up to her face and looked at it, she looked in through the front windshield and saw 3 tiny girls inside.  She examined the suv in her hand and as she did she was moving it and turning it, inside the 3 girls were screaming.   Kimberly then held the suv in front of her face about a good 30 feet,  the front of the suv was faceing her.  The 3 girls looked out the front wind shield and saw Kimberly's gigantic face looking at them.  They screamed at the top of their lungs and Kimberly just smiled. 

    Kimberly then squeased on the suv causing the sides to start caving in and Jennifer shouted,  "She's going to crush us."  Kimberly then started to shake the suv and as she did she giggled and the 3 girls were being bounced around.  Kimberly then reached over and tore the roof off with her left hand and dropped the roof to the ground.  She then brought the roofless suv up close to her face and looked in at the 3 girls and said, "Now want to try to hurt my boyfriend, hmm com on try."  Jennifer shouted up, "Leave us alone."  Kimberly turned the suv over and let the 3 girls fall into her left palm.  She the in a sideways throw threw the suv into the air and sent it flying across the city and beyond.  The suv flew out of the city and it came crashing down into a field outside the city, as it hit the ground it just rolled and bounced.   The 3 girls got up in Kimberly's palm and looked up at her.  From her shoulder I saw them, they were small in her palm, at least another 2 people could of fit there with room to walk around.  The 3 girls looked up and saw me sitting there, Susan was pointing up at me.    Kimberly looked at them and she spoke, her voice just thundered and boomed.  "JENNIFER,  SUSAN AND LISA!!  You three have bullied my boyfriend and have acussed him of doing stuff he did not do.  You three have caused him to loose two jobs because of you lies,  now you will pay.  Look you see him sitting up here on my left shoulder.  He is my boyfriend and he is safe with me. You three are in a high place in the community, well he is much higher then you all he has me a real giant on his side."

   Kimberly looked to her right and saw a police helicopter  approaching.  The police helicopter came in close and a mans voice was heard on the megaphone,   "Ma'am, gently put down the hostages and let them go, and we will escort you out of the city where you will surrender to the authorities."    Kimberly quickly reached out and grabbed the police helicopter and brought it in front of her face and said one word "NO!"   She then threw the police helicopter aside sending it through the air across the city.



  Kimberly then turned her attention to the 3 tiny women in her hand and looked at them.  I moved over on her shoulder and looked down and saw several police cars, trucks and vans heading our way.  They were coming from several directions.  Kimberly heard the sirens as they were approaching and she turned, the 3 girls on her palm got up and went to the edge and looked down, they too were seeing their city from a giantess point of view.  Jennifer looked up and shouted, "Now you and your boyfriend are going to get it, I hope and your boyfriend get what coming to you two."  Kimberly ignored Jennifer.  The police cars stopped a good 2 blocks away and looking down they began to take positions at different locations.  All of them were armed with rifles and riot gear, from Kimberly's shoulders the looked like bugs running around.  Many of the police were taking positions along the streets, several others were taking positions on the roofs of some tall buildings, and others were taking positions around and behind the police cars, trucks and vans.  Within a few minutes they had all taken their positions.

  The 3 girls watched and Susan turned and looked up at Kimberly and shouted, "See look all around you there are at least 300 police all of them are armed not even you can survive that many guns ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, now dumb girl, you are going to fall and your boyfriend will sure get it now."  Kimberly looked at her, she then reached out and grabbed Susan with her thumb and forefinger and lifted her off her palm up to her face.  Susan screamed and Kimberly held her in front of her face below eye level and gave Susan a squeeze with her thumb and forefinger and Susan began to gasp for air.   She began to kick and she began to punch and hit Kimberly's thumb which was across her chest, and as she did she looked up into Kimberly's huge gigantic face.   Susan was unable to breath, then Kimberly spoke her thundering voice just shook Susan to the core.   "Who do you and your friends think you are, to me you are all bugs and how dare you threaten my boyfriend huh? Tell me.  Who in this city and across the country can stop me, I could crush you like a bug or let you fall, I can turn my hand over and let your friends fall.  YOU BUG I CAN STOP YOU FROM BREATHING USING ONLY 2 FINGERS AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME." 

  Kimberly then loosened her grip and Susan began to take in deep breaths, Kimberly brought her to her mouth.  Kimberly took a breath and began to blow on Susan and as she did Susan's hair was blown straight back and her arms and legs began to flap.  Susan looked like she was in a strong hurricane wind, she tried to scream but Kimberly's breath was too powerful.  Jennifer and Lisa began to scream and call Kimberly names, Jennifer got down and began to punch Kimberly's hand with all her might.  Kimberly blew on Susan a few times she then put Susan back onto her palm. Kimberly reached over and lowered her hand above a tall building and brought it down, she turned her hand over and let the 3 girls roll off onto the roof, they fell a good 6 feet.


  Jennifer, Susan and Lisa got up and the watched as Kimberly took a few steps, they also felt it cause the building roof they were on swayed a bit.  Susan was so mad she got down on her knees and she began to pound the roof with her fists and she began to cry.  Jennifer knelt beside her and she began to comfort her and said, "Susan, it will be alright.  Lets hope that the police can take her down."  Susan crying said, "Oh Jennifer I doubt that I reall do.  Just look at the size of Kimberly, she is 200 feet tall, she is massive.  I am so scared that I am going to leave this city for good."  Lisa spoke up and said, "I sure hope the police can take her out, lets hope that Kimberly will fall."   The three girls began to cheer for the police.

    Kimberly  turned her attention towards the police.  The police officer in charge came forwards with a mega phone and spoke into it,  "All right there Kimberly, we can't have you bullying and tormenting the good kind people in this city.  If your boyfriend was wronged and bullied and treated badly, well maybe he deserved it.  He was probably treated badly cause he did not show respect and kindness to his abusers.  You should be on your knees along with your boyfriend thanking them and their leaders Honorable Susan, Jennifer and Lisa, that they didn't kill or mame him and others who show them no respect.  Now surrender your boyfriend so he may go to jail, crime, for pushing Jennifer cause she was yelling at him, and blocked his way so to leave he pushed her and here it is a crime."  

   Kimberly could not believe what she was hearing.  She asked me, "Oh my gosh are the people this messed up here?"  To which I replied,  "Oh yes, many others are treated like crap, the 3 girls and their families control the city of Calridge and most of the towns in a 30 to 40 mile radius."  Kimberly shook her head, she looked down at the police officer in charge and said, "I will never surrender my boyfriend I will protect him."  Kimberly took a step towards the police she made a fist and brought it down and hit the ground right in front of the police officer in charge.   When she hit the ground the concrete just cracked and it made a dent in the street. The impact threw the officer into the air a few feet and he dropped his mega phone. When he landed Kimberly the with her fore finger hit him in the chest with a flick and sent him flying through the air over the police cars.  He flew backwards a good 20 feet and when he landed he just rolled and bounced down the street.  Kimberly the brought her fist down onto 2 police cars BOOM!  BOOM!  crushing them.  The police were running back.

   The police officer in charge was slowing getting up, he shouted, "Quickly aim for her boyfriend on her shoulder and shoot, we're supposed to take him out."   Kimberly heard him yell, she was squatting down, she watched as at least 25 police officers took position and all aimed their rifles.  Just right before they shot,  Kimberly moved her right hand in front of them palm facing them.   Her hand blocked the bullets as they fired, Kimberly stood up and looked around. She told me to move close to her neck which i did.

    From the height I was at I was completely safe considering the tallest building the police were on was only 10 stories tall which came up to Kimberly's crotch.   Kimberly took a couple of steps and looked down at a few of the tall buildings the police were on.  She looked and watched them move and take positions, and the ones on the ground moved and took positions.   There were at least 85 armed police scattered across the roofs of 7 tall buildings, and at least 250 in the streets.   They all aimed and waited, the order was given and all of them fired their guns at Kimberly. 

   Gun shots rang across Calridge and hundreds of bullets flew through the air at Kimberly, and Kimberly didn't even flinch.  Kimberly just stood there for a minute just watching and I was safe way up on her left shoulder. Kimberly looked down and around, she had enough.  She got mad, she swung her arm a bit and hit the side of one of the tall buildings the police were on with her hand.  When she hit the building it just shook and the sides just cracked sending debris into the streets below.  She turned and brought her hand down onto the other one grabbing several police officers at least 8  at once she tightened her grip and turned her hand over and gave a good shaking.  She then threw the police back like dice and sent them rolling.  She made a fist and brought it down onto the roof of the other building they were on, the police quickly dived out of the way.  When Kimberly's fist hit the roof it just caved in and the entire building just shook.  Most of the windows on the 11 story building just blew out and Kimberly's fist went in a good 2 floors.  The police began to slide into the building cause the roof was caved in. The building was being evacuated.




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