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  Kimberly looked up Sheelin's side and she let out a loud shout, and I held onto Kimberly. Sheelin continued to walk across the country side and Lisa, Jennifer and Susan took in the view there on Sheelin's left shoulder. Kimberly let out a loud shout, "KATHERINE WEGNER OH KATHERINE WEGNER PLEASE HELP, PLEASE HELP."  I then got a text from Katherine's boyfriend Martin and read the text and getting excited I told Kimberly that I got a text from Martin and told Kimberly that Katherine was on her way.  Sheelin lifted Kimberly up to her face and as she did I felt G-Force and held on for dear life.  Sheelin held Kimberly in front of her face, Kimberly's face was level to Sheelin's mouth and Sheelin exhaled and Kimberly's hair was blown back and I held on as Sheelin's breath was like a hurricane.  Sheelin looking down at Kimberly made an angry face and she then said, "Kimberly, you need to keep quiet.  Your shouts are starting to annoy me, so shhhhh."  Kimberly had to clasp her ears as Sheelin's voice was like thunder and it resonated and her voice actually hurt Kimberly's ears.  Kimberly looked past Sheelin's face and saw Lisa, Jennifer and Susan there on Sheelin's left shoulder and she was angry but did not say anything.  Sheelin again lowered Kimberly down to her side and headed towards a city named Dalebridge.


   Sheelin was nearing the city of Dalebridge and she was a good 20 miles away but easily seen cause of her massive height.  As Sheelin got within a 10 mile radius the ground across the city of Dalebridge began to tremble and people went into a panic.  Car alarms and other alarms went off and people began to shout and scream, and as Sheelin got within 2 miles she slowed down her walk and she came to a stop. People across the city of Dalebrige stopped running in the streets and they looked up at the massive 2100 foot tall young girl.  The nearby towns within a 15 mile area of Dalebridge the people in the towns saw Sheelin as she stood there outside the city of Dalebridge.  Sheelin looked down at the city there before her, the city of Dalebridge was a good size city with a population of 120 000.  There were 5 tall buildings in the city and Sheelin just towered over them all infact she just towered over everything in sight.  As Sheelin looked down at the city, its inhabitants in the streets looked up at her massive form.  They looked up her legs, up her massive thighs and up to her stomach and up to her chest and then up to her face.  They could see her holding Kimberly there in her right hand, Kimberly 200 feet tall was so high up that she now looked so small there in Sheelin's right hand.  As Sheelin surveyed the city of Dalebridge she saw tiny people like tiny ants moving around down below, she took a several deep breaths.  As Sheelin was looking down she felt something, she felt sorry for all the tiny people down below.  Sheelin knew that the city of Dalebridge was entirely at her mercy and if she wanted to she could wipe the city from the face of the earth and she knew nothing would be able to stand in her way.  


  Sheelin then looked up and around she looked beyond the city of Dalebridge and as she did she heard a voice a voice of anouther girl, except this voice was like thunder.  She heard it and so did everyone across the city of Dalebridge and the voice was easily heard for a radius of 20 miles and the voice just rattled all windows and some window just cracked.  It was Katherine Wegner, she was walking towards Dalebridge and she was approaching Sheelin from her left side and Katherine was a good 15 miles away. Katherine said, "Sheelin Smith, what do you think you are doing."  Sheelin turned and as she did her step sent tremors across Dalebridge and now Sheelin was facing Katherine.  As Katherine neared the city of Dalebridge the ground across the city began to tremble and shake with each step Katherine took.  People across the city of Dalebridge went into a panic, and Sheelin headed towards Katherine and the ground around Sheelin just shook and trembled.  Katherine stopped a good mile from Sheelin and Sheelin stopped and both giant girls looked at each other.  Katherine saw Sheelin holding Kimberly and she said, "Sheelin Smith, you need to let Kimberly go."  Sheelin lifted Kimberly up a bit and she looked at her, she then looked at Katherine and said, "Well its Katherine Wegner."  Katherine replied, "You seem to know who I am so no introductions are needed."  Sheelin replied, "The three girls from Calridge, Lisa, Jennifer and Susan told me about you."  Katherine shook her head and said, "You need to stop listening to those girls, now let Kimberly go, she was only defending her boyfriend."  Sheelin gave a smile and said, "I was told that she was killing and hurting people in Calridge to make her boyfriend happy, so she needs to be delt with.  Now Katherine are you here to stop me."  Katherine replied, "Yes I am Sheelin, I will stop you, now did you have contact with Lisa, Susan and Jennifer."  Sheelin replied, "Yes I did, they are here with me under my protection."  As Katheine and Sheelin were speaking windows across Dalebridge just cracked from their thunderous voice.  Sheelin looked at Kimberly there in her right hand and she lowered Kimberly down and she let her go and Kimberly fell a good 300 feet to the ground.  


  Kimberly sat up and she rolled over and she got up and headed away from Sheelin. Sheelin then said, "So Katherine are you here to protect Kimberly?"  Katherine replied, "Yes and to stop you from doing something stupid, I was almost deceived by those 3 girls, they know how to manipulate.  I'm telling you whatever they told you is a lie." Sheelin began to laugh and she shook her head and said, "Oh Katherine, I have known one of these girls for almost a year and she has alway been so kind and honest with me, she is like a saint, impossible for her to lie.  I belive her and she has told me.  She told me Kimberly has killed people just to make her sadist boyfriend happy."   Katherine replied, "Sheelin they are lies."  Sheelin looked down and around and she saw that Kimberly had gone into the city of Dalebridge and she said, "Kimberly you behave yourself now."  Lisa shouted into the megaphone and said, "SHEELIN YOU NEED TO DEAL WITH KATHERINE, SHE TOO HAS HURT PEOPLE JUST LIKE KIMBERLY, REMEMBER THAT RECORDING WE PLAYED FOR YOU." Sheelin nodded her head and said, "Katherine these girls told me that you also have hurt people, so I'm telling you this that the people of this country and planet are under my protection from the likes of you."  Then 21 fighter jets, F-18's came and several of them let loose missiles at both Katherine and Sheelin.  Both Katherine and Sheelin were hit with several missiles.  They were hit in the thighs and side and as several fighter jets flew past Sheelin she reached out and tried to grab some.  To her they were small as bugs, and she looked down and saw several of them flying around her, she looked back at Katherine ignoring them.  Katherine had several fighter jets flying around her too, she to ignored them.  More fighter jets arrived and they began to fire missiles at both Katherine and Sheelin, and the three girls on Sheelin's left shoulder shouted with excitement. 


  The missiles were having no effect on either Katherine and Sheelin and a couple of fighter jets flew between Katherine's massive thighs and as they did they fired with no effect.  Then one flew straight up Katherine's stomach and it fired two missiles that went up Katherine's stomach and they impacted into her right breast with no effect to her.  She watched as the tiny fighter jets flew away, which she could of crushed easily but she did not.  As Katherine stood there with the fighter jets swarming around her looked like bugs flying around a girl, some were flying around her waist and others around her legs and some were flying between her legs all firing with no effect.  Same thing was happeing to Sheein, Sheelin looking down and seeing the fighter jets flying around her watched as some flew between her legs and back and up and down her front and aorund her. Sheelin could see then firing and the sounds of the fighter jets to her and to Katherine sounded high pitched.  Sheelin took a step, and she took a deep breath and she leaned forwards a bit and she blew onto the fighter jets and as she did her breath like a hurricane sent several flying through the air.  Katherine saw what Sheelin had done and she too did the same thing and she too sent several flying through the air.  Sheelin blew again and her breath like a hurricane sent several flying again out of control, she the straightened up.


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