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Author's Chapter Notes:

Dawn returns and finds out whether her trip to the past succeeded in changing anything.


Dawn stood outside the door to her apartment, her hand gripping the doorknob. She hadn’t noticed anything different after returning from the past, everything was the way it was when she left, only a mix of memories both old and new. She found it hard to keep track of all of them, too many in her head and she was confused. The only difference so far was her white hair, something she noticed after glancing at a nearby building, the glass exterior reflecting her own image. Fortunately she had shrank back to two hundred feet in height, she didn’t want to live the rest of her life as a six hundred foot giantess.


 “ I’ll just have to live with it,”  was what she said to herself after seeing her reflection.


 Now she was in front of her own house. Just as she was about to turn the doorknob, Dawn felt something squirming in her chest.


 “ Oh Lucky!” Dawn suddenly remembered. She partially unzipped her jumpsuit and pulled Lucky from between her breasts. Dawn was relieved to find him as young and energetic as he was before her trip to the past.


 She set him down and with more confidence opened the door, ducking slightly as her forehead was above the doorframe. Lucky ran inside and when Dawn stepped in, expecting to be in the same bent over posture she had been forced to do.To her surprise the ceiling was high enough for her to stand up although her head was still close to the ceiling. She didn’t mind, she could at least stand up straight.


 Thanks Mom, Dawn thought to herself.


 Dawn had not expected to find anyone inside since Jessica was supposed to be on a mission but her eyes lit up when she saw a normal sized man sitting at the big coffee table on a chair and table scaled down for him, reading the newspaper.


 He looked older, a slight gut bulging out from his plain white shirt, the beginnings of a bald spot on his head and a few wrinkles on his face but he still looked every bit the man Jessica fell in love with. Dawn knew without a doubt she was looking at her father, the very father she had never grown up with. Yet some of her new memories said she had and although she remembered him being there with her all the way, it felt much shorter.


 “ Daddy!” Dawn squealed.


 Tucker barely had time to react when Dawn snatched him up and pressed him against her cheek, giving him a hug.


 “ Dawn! Don’t do that, you’ll give me a heart attack!” Tucker exclaimed as tried to free himself from his daughter’s grip, trying to pull himself out but to no avail, Dawn was too strong for him. After a couple of seconds, Dawn pulled him away and set him back on the table.


  “ I’m sorry Daddy but I really missed you,” Dawn gave Tucker a doe eyed look. Tucker looked into his daughter’s eyes and sighed, he couldn’t stay mad at her forever, especially not for missing him.


 “ It’s only been half an hour since you left,” Tucker was really confused.


 Dawn scratched the back of her head as she tried to explain it but she didn’t want to tell him what she did, he probably knew already.


 “ Oh but its erm...it felt like forever. I really love you Daddy.” She realised how stupid it was, Tucker would have only known a life with his daughter. She was the only one who knew otherwise.


 “ Oh wow, I don’t really know what’s going on but...I love you too.” He pressed him against her hand, giving the best hug he could.


 Dawn looked down and felt herself tearing up, she could remember what he had done to keep her out of trouble in school.


 “ Dad, I’m sorry for the all terrible things I did. I made you go down to school so many times.” A giant tear drop fell from her eye, hitting the ground.


 “ More like when you got Graham out of trouble. That boy is lucky to have a friend like you, someone who would stick her neck out for him. Besides, I don’t mind. Everytime the teachers tell me what you did with those bullies I don’t see her being mean; I see her as a proper human being, someone with a proper moral compass. Although I think hanging them from the flagpole is a little too much.”


 Dawn giggled, “They deserve it and I did put them back where I found them after Mrs. Meeks told me to let those boys down.”


 Tucker smiled and shook his head at his daughter’s actions, “ I did have to scold you in front of them but you know I never meant to hurt you. You’ve never given me a lot to worry about.”


 His giant daughter placed him back down on the table and wiped her eyes, “ We did always get ice cream after that.”


Tucker laughed, “ Oh yes we did.” The door opened and in came Jessica, wearing her yellow and blue jumpsuit, looking on curiously at the sight of Tucker and Dawn bonding. What really caught her eye was that Dawn was wearing one of Jessica’s old jumpsuits.


 “ That suit looks good on you sweetheart but maybe you should wait until you’re an agent before you start trying my suits on.” She chuckled as Dawn to see her mother. Despite being so much taller than Jessica even after the latter’s growth spurt sent her to 150 feet, Dawn did not want to anger her in anyway, Jessica was terrifying when she was mad.


  “ Oh I’ll put it away Mom, I am so sorry.” Dawn looked down in shame as Jessica put her hands on her hips, assuming a commanding pose.


 “ You should,” Jessica’s voice softened, “ because you need to get ready for the dance. Graham’s coming to pick you up. Not literally but he’s just following protocol.”


Dawn breathed a sigh of relief seeing as Jessica wasn’t mad at her but she remembered the middle portion of what her mother said.


 “ Oh shoot! I need to bathe, I can’t smell bad for it, you’ve no idea how being this big makes it easy for other people to smell you!”


 She ran into her bedroom door, slamming it shut as she went to get ready for the dance.


 Jessica sat down at the table and looked down at Tucker, “ So...what was Dawn talking to you about?


  “ How much she loves her father,” Tucker grinned up at her, proud of what she told him.


 Jessica chuckled, “ Oh really? Can’t be as much as his wife loving him?” She shot back, leaning over Tucker and planting a huge kiss on him, her breasts pressed up against the table. When she was done, Tucker had red blotch of lipstick all over him.


 “ Hmm? Call it a draw,” replied Tucker, so glad to have such amazing women in his life.


 - - - - - - - - - - - -


   Dawn dried herself off, wiping her platinum coloured hair whilst wrapping her large white towel around her body, having spent the last fifteen minutes in the shower trying to get herself clean. She was trying to remember everything she had experienced, the aftermath of her trip back in time was that she had two sets of memories in her head.


    One was of the timeline she grew up in, the one where Tucker died and she never knew him; the other was the one she created, a timeline where Tucker lived and got to be with Jessica and her.


  “ Funny how Mom and Dad never mentioned this,” she tugged at a strand of her hair


  “ Probably best if I don’t bring it up. I don’t think either of them remember a thing, telling them what I did would just confuse them.” She  told herself as she walked over to her cupboard. Peeling the towel off her, Dawn looked down and sighed as even her pubic hair had turned white.


 “ Guess I’ll have to live with that,” she quietly said to herself.


 Dawn put on a set of panties and a strapless bra, not wishing for the strap to be visible.


 She moved to her bed and picked him up the strapless blue dress which had been made for a normal person. Using her powers, Dawn enlarged it to her scale before putting it on. She hoped Graham would like how she looked, she felt a little like Cinderella going to the bed, sans fairy godmother and evil stepfamily.


- - - - - - - - -


 Graham stood outside the huge door, brushing his short curly hair with his left hand as a result of his nervousness. He held a bouquet of roses in his right. He had put on a grey tuxedo for the event, a white undershirt with a slight bulge revealing his gut.


 “ Shouldn’t have gotten her the flowers, she won’t like it,” he muttered to himself, the bouquet of roses seemed like a bad ida. Graham’s mother had insisted he bring Dawn flowers even though he said those were for couples and he was only friends with Dawn.


 “ You need to read between the lines my son,” was her reply. His mother really liked Dawn, appreciating the fact that she was both his best friend and personal bodyguard. Graham had a history of being bullied before he went to the same school as Dawn.


 Finally gathering enough courage, he rang the doorbell, the thunderous ringing echoed inside, loud enough for Graham to hear despite several feet of concrete separating him from the interior.


 He felt the ground shake and the massive building sized door opened to reveal Jessica, still in her jumpsuit and peering over bosom to look at him, Tucker in her hand.


 “ Hello Graham! You’re a little early but come on in! Are those for Dawn?” She asked him about the flowers he held in his hand.


 “ Y-yes they are Mrs. Martel!” Graham replied nervously.


 “ That’s so sweet of you! She’ll love them, she always like roses. Now come on inside while I get Dawn to come out, you know how girls are when we need to dress up. We can take forever.” With a little smile she placed Tucker on the ground before walking off to get Dawn.


   Tucker placed a hand on Graham’s shoulder, the top of the latter’s head only coming up to Tucker’s nose.


  “ So let me just lay down the ground rules for dating my daughter,” Tucker said sternly.Graham gulped, he had never seen Tucker this serious before except when he had to see Mr. Wickham, the school principal whenever Dawn got into trouble.


 “ One, you bring her home by midnight. Two, you don’t try to take advantage of her. No hanky panky, not even if she wants you to. You be a gentleman and leave her the way you found her. Lastly,” Tucker could see Graham was afraid and starting to regret his decision to go to the dance.


 Before Graham could say anything, Tucker began to crack up, laughing at Graham. “ I am just kidding Graham! You two just enjoy yourselves!”


 Graham breathed a huge sigh of relief, unable to believe how Tucker had tricked him.


 “ You scared me Mr. Martel, I thought you were serious!” Tucker was unable to respond, still laughing but he managed to get a few words out to Graham.


 “ Okay, I’m done with the laughing. Lets take a seat, have a drink, non-alcoholic since you’re too young for a beer and wait for your date and my darling girl to be ready.” He put an arm around Graham and brought him to the table.


 - - - - - - - -


 Dawn had just finished putting on her dress and adjusted the top of it to conceal her bra and also to give her cleavage adequate coverage.


  “ Dawn sweetie, Graham’s here.” Dawn spun around quickly to see Jessica ,walking in; her hand on her hip.


  “ Mom not yet! I’m not ready,” she tried to cover her body with her arms despite being fully dressed.


 Jessica smiled and pulled Dawn’s arms away, “ Yes you are,Dawn. You look fantastic and if Graham will definitely appreciate it. Did you know he brought flowers?”


 Dawn began to blush, “ Oh he shouldn’t have. Such a gentleman! I shouldn’t keep him waiting should I?”


  Jessica shook her head and lifted up a handful of Dawn’s  hair, no easy feat when Jessica only came up to just below Dawn’s chest, her daughter towering over her own mother.


Dawn looked down, “ What is it?”


Jessica put her finger to her lips, “ You’ll see, trust me. I know a few things about beauty. Just sit down, your hair isn’t easy to reach when you’re standing.”


 Dawn sat down, confident Jessica could make her look better.


  - - - -  - - - - - - -


  The building sized slab of wood that made up Dawn’s door opened and out stepped Jessica and Dawn, the latter’s long white hair in a braid, wearing the sky blue dress she enlarged and matching flats.


 Graham was stunned, his hand releasing the bouquet from his grip, causing it to drop to the ground as he stared at Dawn. He never agreed with Dawn when she insisted that she was unattractive but this caught him by surprise, she looked like a fairy tale princess.


 Tucker noticed that Graham was staring with his mouth agape, bouquet on the floor and smiled to himself as he picked up the flowers and gently brushed it against Graham, causing him to lose focus on Dawn and take the flowers from him.


  Tucker leaned in and whispered, “ Remember, do what we said. She’ll love it.” Graham silently nodded and presented the flowers to Dawn who picked them up.


 “ Thanks Gray, its wonderful!” Dawn used her nickname for Graham, she often called him that when she didn’t want to use two syllables.


 Holding the fingernail size bouquet to her noses, Dawn gently sniffed them and allowed the aroma to flow into her lungs. She used just the right amount of force as she didn’t want to accidentally inhale them and then sneeze it out. Dawn had accidentally sneezed on people in the past, the resultant blast of wind sending the victim flying and covered in saliva.


 “ I love them, I’ll be sure to put it in water!”


Graham then got down on his knees and raised his arms to the sky, “ Oh my Khaleesi, you are the moon to my sun and stars! Let us go forth and conquer everything our eyes can see!”


 Dawn scrunched up her face, annoyed by what she had heard, looking straight at Tucker.


 “ Dad! Please don’t use your Game of Throne references, its so old and uncool!” She said to him. She wasn’t furious at him, just mildly annoyed and amused by it.


 Tucker laughed hard, “ Oh come on, you know you look like Daenarys and its amazing. Your mother and I managed to pick up the entire series on one of our trips back to Earth. Worth it too.”


  Jessica beamed down at Tucker, “ It was more than just that. We went to visit your grandparents before you were born and also pick up the first ten seasons of Game of Thrones. So many things happened on that trip but like Tucker said, it was worth it.” She gave Tucker a knowing nod, he did the same. It was a story for another time.


    “ Graham, that was kind of sweet but next time, try something like Star Wars or something, its much better.”


 Tucker rolled his eyes in jest, “ And you call my favourite tv show old. Yours is at least fifty years old.”


 Dawn chuckled, “ Its timeless but I guess your little gesture is sweet,” she then picked up Graham and hugged him against her chest, his body resting on the fine blue fabric of her dress.


 “ You better get going if you don’t want to be late,”  Jessica chimed in.


 Dawn looked at Graham who was sitting in her hand, “ Lets go. Bye Mom! Bye Dad! See you later!” Graham said the same and the left the apartment.


“ Enjoy yourselves!” Tucker hollered at the two.


 “ We will!” Dawn replied but just before she closed the door, she spotted Lucky scampering towards Dawn, expecting to be brought along.


 Dawn bent down and gently nudged the little green dinosaur back in, the latter purring with disapproval.


 “ Now now Lucky, I can’t bring you everywhere. Just stay home and behave yourself.” When Lucky was inside, she closed the door. Lucky looked up at the large door and slowly turned around, a little disappointed his “mother” had left him behind.



On the other side,  Graham looked up at Dawn, practically radiating happiness.


 “ You look so happy and your parents are the coolest.”


 Dawn giggled and looked down at Graham who was being held in her cupped hands. “ They’re definitely the coolest, no matter what. I am just happy we’re all together, not everyone gets that.”


- - - - - - - - - -


 Jessica placed her hand on the table, allowing Tucker to climb on.


 “ Now that our little girl is gone for the evening, lets do something together. Something both of us like.” Jessica winked, slowly unzipping her jumpsuit and letting the slightest hint of cleavage peek out from it.

 Tucker grinned, “ What are we waiting for ? Lets go woman!” His reply got a laugh out of her, she walked towards the bedroom and began to open the door, relishing the little private moment the two finally had to themselves.



Chapter End Notes:

So thats the end of BFG: Limbo and I really enjoyed writing this. BFG was one of the first stories I came to like during my early days in the community and the remake has been a huge improvement on the original.

 I may come back and do more short stories in this world The Doctor has made, its too fun to leave after one story but I have prior commitments. Aftermath will receive more regular updates now and I have to start drafting the outline for a new story which will be part of a series vgiv and I are working on. 

  Hope you guys like this chapter as much as I do! 

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