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I ran at full speed out of the small elevator. I heard a loud moaning and some unknown sound. My head looked to find the source of the sound. I found it quickly. Two of the giant girls in the house fucking each other with some unknown object. I shook off the image and ran to a small hole in the wall. If I can hide in the wall then I'll be able to move around the house without being seen. I thought. The wind flew past my head as I it the cold, dark space of the hole. I ran deep enough that if the girls went looking for me they wouldn't see me, but not so deep that I couldn't get out if I were in trouble. I sat down and caught my breath. My mind still racing over what the people in the elevator had said. Not to mention the two giantess, whose cries of pleasure I could hear in the hole. Maybe I really did shrink. Maybe my life really is in danger. I shuddered at the possibility. I knew that if I didn't get deeper I would be caught. I need some kind of light. I looked around with nothing useable. I decided to venture out into the house and see what I could find. As I left the hole I saw that the two still fucking. I looked away and headed for a different room. I stood in a huge kitchen. A woman was cutting something. I was in awe at her size. She had to be at least 50 feet tall. Her tits stuffed into a small bra. Probably to make them look bigger. In the distance I could hear a TV blaring. I could also hear the moans from the two fucking. This had to be there mom, so why wasn't she stopping them? I saw a box of matches that were half my size. They were sitting next to a big bowl at the top of the counter. I needed to get to the top of the counter without being seen. There was no easy way up. I saw a broom leaning on the counter. I wanted to climb it, but my gut told me not to. I looked around for another way up. I found it, a few open drawers made a step ladder like way up. I could take cover quickly if anyone came near. I knew that I only had one chance to get up, so I had to find the safest way up. The only other way up was if I climbed the woman herself. With that in mind I ran to the open drawers. Each draw was a little higher than me. Then I landed in it only to be an inch or two higher than the ground. I looked in the new space to find a large cheese grater. I brought it over to the opening and started climbing. The next drawer had nothing in it. I climbed back down and looked around. I need an object that is light but could be easily climbed. A wooden spoon was the only thing that came close to filling the bill. I looked over to see if the mom was still chopping. Thankfully she was still there. I threw the spoon on the next drawer, and climbed up. I did this for a while until I got to the top of the counter. I saw the matches, but they had been moved by the woman. She had now started mixing the vegs and other things in the big bowl. I took cover by objects on the counter.

"Hey mom." A female voice said. I was behind the blender, and I looked out to see one of the girls I saw earlier walking in naked and covered in sweat.

"Hey Rachel." The mom replied. The two kissed each other. "How was that bitch of a maid?"

"Mom. You know no one can beat you. In fact if you want you could reteach me." She had a fairly large set of tits, and short, blond hair.

"Why wait? Oh and the guess will arrive soon." The mother said in a seductive voice. The two walked upstairs. I saw my chance and took it. I ran full speed toward the matches. Just as I was about to grab them when the two came back. One of them had a doll in there hand, but this doll was screaming. I looked closer and saw that it wasn't a doll. It was a person. I sat down in shock next to the matches and watched as the two entwined their bodies. Confusion and disgust filled my entire being. They shoved the man into the kid's ass hole. Then forced him to eat some pieces of shit. I was surprised by how long he lasted before he barfed. Shaking off the images, I grabbed the box and walked back to the drawers. The climb down was just as hard as the climb up. By the time I hit the ground the two had left the kitchen, although I had no idea witch way they had gone. I walked carefully across the floor. Once I got to the door that led to the room with the hole in it I found mother and daughter. They were making love right in front of the hole. I ran over to the table that was near them. I sat and waited until I saw a space between the two. There screams of pleasure were ripping through my ear drums. The mom finally pealed the other girl off the ground and took her to the couch. I didn't miss a beat. I tore to the hole, matches in tow. I lit a torch like match, and started walking down the hole leaving the weird family behind.

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