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I could feel the darkness that was clouding my feelings start to lift. My eyes shot open only to be welcomed by a faintly lit room of metal. My head pounded, my body ached, and my brain was not wanting to work. Sweat started to bead and gather on my back and brow. Suddenly I got full control of my body back. I shot up only to fall right back down. With fear ruling my body I crawled into the corner of the room. I was in a small metal elevator. The only light was coming from a small light bulb that hung by a strand from the roof. I heard a buzz then the whole room shook violently. The elevator was ascending to an unknown location. It was then that I noticed that I was in torn clothes that were drenched in sweat. The smell was so strong that I was surprised I hadn't noticed it till just then. The light bulb swung because of the elevator's ascension causing creepy shadows to dance on the walls. After what felt like an eternity the elevator stopped. I sat there in a still silence waiting for something to happen. Then a panel opened were the button would have normally gone. A small TV, with a built in web cam, came out of the new opening. A black woman with long black hair appeared on the screen. "Drew?" She said. "Andrew. Come over here. I won't bite, I promise." I didn't move a muscle. "I know you're scared. You wake up unable to move and with some weird clothes on. Then some strange lady is talkin to ya through a TV, but you have to trust me. Your very life depends on it." I twitched a little bit. My insides were turned into knots. My emotions battled for control, and trust was winning.

"Prove it." I said in a weak voice.

"What?" She said.

"Prove to me that my life is in danger. If you can then I'll do flips." I said now aware that at some point I had stood up and balled my fists.

"Look at the floor." She instructed. I slowly lowered my head. "In a few seconds the floor will fall down the shaft."

Yeah right. I thought. I kept looking at the ground until I heard a creaking sound. Suddenly a huge crack opened up down the center of the elevator's floor. I fell to the floor. I crawled over to the crack to see an endless darkness.

"Do you believe me now?" Came her gentle voice. "My boss will drop the elevator if she needs to. Please don't make her drop it." Fear once again ruled my shaking body.

"What do you need?" I ask standing up as the crack closed up.

"I need you." Her voice changed from kind and gentle to business. "To stand in front of the screen." I walked over to the screen. "OK stay there. I'm gonna patch in the others." The screen turned to static before I could ask what she meant.

Other? I thought. What other? Patch in, are they in elevators to? Soon a white woman with short red hair flashed on the screen.

"Hello everyone, and welcome to the Life of a Giantess. Ya'll have been selected to take part in a game show of sorts. I'll leave the rest up to your handlers. Have fun and don't die." The other woman flashed back on the screen. Her tone was very down to business.

"I'm going to explain the game, so please hold all questions to the end. You are going to be lifted into the house of one or more giantesses. Your goal is to stay alive long enough to escape. For one month you will have to stay inside the house unless taken out by a giantess. After one month puzzle pieces and clues will appear at random points in the house. Once you know the Safe Haven is located you can leave and see if you are correct. If you reach the Safe Haven then you will continue to the next stage, however if you guess incorrectly or get killed at any time during the show then you have lost. Any questions about the rules only?" She looked up at me for the first time. I had so many questions that I picked a random one and asked.

"Can they enslave me?"

"Yes." She responded "If you are caught for any reason then what happens to you is depend on the giantess's judgment. Any other questions?" I fell to the floor in disbelief of what I was hearing. "Ok, you've been assigned the...." She paused for a little while. I looked at the screen to see that a long face had replaced the business face that had been plastered on earlier. She looked at me then back to the sheet of paper that she held in her hand, then back to me. "You've been assigned...um....the....Robinsons. The Robinsons have four members of the family and a maid. They range in age from 10 to 36 years of age. They are a completely female family. This is there 30th year in the show, so be careful." I looked left and then right then came close to the screen. "Technically I can't tell you this, but the Robinsons will fuck anything that is around your height of six inches. When I say anything I mean anything. Last season they used shoes, books, and knifes as dildos. Be very careful, the mom and one other member of the family aren't mentally sane. They will kill you and not think twice about it." She leaned back and said. "Now get ready the door will open. Good luck and don't die."

The screen flicker off. I stood up and looked at the door. My new life would start in a few seconds. A screen came out of the ceiling above the door and it started counting down. My pules picking up each time a new number showed. I could feel sweat start to bead up and slid down my head and neck. The clock struck zero and the door flew.

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