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The flashing emergency lights and hissing, pressured pipes of the malfunctioning laboratory remind Sarah what is happening.

“Oh god,” she says to herself, gripping the shrunken planets in the palms of her careful hands. “Mom! Where are you?”

Megan puts the planets into her handbag as she heads towards the red, illuminated exit sign. “Megan!” shouts her mother, bursting through the doors. “We need to go, now!”

The two rush out of the lab, fearful of what is to come.

“Mom what the hell is going on?” questions Megan, with an expression on her face so sacred and confused that her mother could not ignore.

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll tell you later.”

Now outside, the blaring sounds of police sirens can be heard approaching only miles away. Surrounding the metallic, cold looking lab is the wilderness full of tall trees and wildlife. This and the pleasant, San Franciscan breeze make Megan forget for a moment that she is quite possibly on the run from the authorities.

In the car, Megan’s mother slams her foot on the gas pedal and jolts their way out of the facility.

“Be careful!” exclaims Sarah after they nearly miss smashing into the edge of the chain fence as they pass through the sketchy, makeshift opening on the opposite side of the lab.

“Why can’t you tell me what’s happening!”

“Shut up! And put your damn seatbelt on,” snaps her mother, focusing on the long stretch of gravel backroad.

Megan complies and slumps into her chair, clinging onto her bag with one hand while gripping onto the door’s armrest with the other as her mother speeds through the bumpy road.

Arriving at driveway of their two story, Victorian style home, Sarah’s mother stops the car and looks Megan dead in the eyes.

“When we get inside, I want you to lock yourself in your room and do not come out. Something big is happening and I need to not have any distractions. I am going to be busy working and if you bother me, a lot of bad things are going to happen, okay?”

Megan nods her head up and down, her stern eyes looking back at her mother’s.

“Now is not the time to be mopping around,” thinks Megan to herself, now upstairs in her room.

“Whatever the fuck she did, it better not have anything to do with me. And if it did, she better fix it.”

The sun setting turns the colors in her room blue and grey. She places her bag on her wooden desk, then jumps onto her bed, plopping onto the soft, fluffy blankets. Lying face down, she is unable to notice the orbs peeping out of the leather handbag.

* * * * *

On the planet of Ouran, all hell had broken loose. People gathered on the streets to demand answers from the capital.

“The end is near!” cried out some of them. “We must take action!” shouted others.

Inside the capital, the officials assembled to work out a plan.

“The people demand to know what is happening,” said an official. “It is time we let the people know,” said another.

“Are you crazy? Chaos will spread if we let anyone know,” piped an older one.

“Then how should we explain why there is a giant teenage watching us from the sky?”

The crowd of leaders murmur between themselves, their panicking rumbling throughout the auditorium.

“Members of the council,” booms a lady on the stage, “please silence yourselves as head scientist of the Aura project, Dr. Clark takes the stage.”

The crowd calms as a slim, handsome, middle-aged man in a lab coat walks to the podium. He adjusts his thick glasses as he prepares to speak.

“Moments ago, a facility on planet Earth underwent an unexpected attack. This facility was being used to study atoms and different dimensions, and how we could utilize this science to transfer the planets of our Aura galaxy to a safer place once our sun inevitably implodes. Scientist eventually designed a way to shrink our planets and store them in this lab. Reports have told us that every planet in the facility, except ours, has been destroyed. Our planet is obviously alive, but its whereabouts are unknown. We are being kept updated as our officials on Earth figure things out. For now, all we can do is contact the girl in the sky and figure out what is going on.”

The crowd erupts with confused mumblings as Dr. Clark walks away.

* * * * *

Back on Earth, Megan wakes up to the rising sun shining on her face. The rest of the room is still grey and gloomy, as it was yesterday since the sun is only shining through a gap in the overcast clouds. Sitting up on her bed, she rubs her eyes, forcing them to open to their normal size.

“Damn, I need some cereal,” she says to herself after hearing her stomach rumble.

Getting up to open the bedroom door, she forgets that an entire planet is resting on the desk right next to her.

The door thuds as she tussles to turn the knob. “What the fuck? Is it locked?”

The door is unlocked on her side, but it still won’t open.

“Fuck,” she mumbles, kicking the door with one last angry attempt to open it.

“Well, I guess I’m stuck her. 18 and I’m still getting locked in my room, how pathetic.” Megan plops back onto her bed, and stares at her ceiling.

“I’m hungry as fuck,” she grumbles.

The room is quiet, but the noise of the rustling leaves and chirping birds enter through her windows. Her stomach rumbles again.

Rolling over she feels something firm press against her stomach. She reaches into her pockets and pulls out an old chocolate bar and a pack of gum.

* * * * *

“What the fuck is this idiot doing?” shouts someone in the large crowd watching Megan eat her chocolate. “Does she not realize that our entire planet’s fate relies on her?”

On Ouran, chaos was on the verge of breaking out. Larger crowds of citizens formed on the streets, growing more and more impatient. They all looked up to the sky, facing their attention to the enormous girl laying on her bed.

“We’re so doomed!”

People shouted on rooftops and did whatever they could to get Megan to notice them.

“There is no use, she can’t hear us,” says some of them. Others were not giving up so easily and continued making noise.

Inside the council, the councilmembers were still in the auditorium, coming up with a plan. “We need to make as much noise as possible to get the girl to hear us!” offers one.

“Great idea dummy, now how do you plan on doing that?” asks one. “The stupid girl is never going to hear us, and even if she does, then what?”

The main council leaders try to calm everyone down.

“Please, everyone, let’s not act hysterical. Our scientists are working hard on coming up with a solution. All we ask from you is your patience.”

The members look at them and question their validity.

“If our scientists were able to shrink our planets and teleport them to a secret lab on Earth, then how the hell are we not able to talk to a girl laying on her bed?” asks an older man.

“Dr. Clark, what do you have to say about this?” asks a female member as Dr. Clark enters the room. Dr. Clark is quiet and disheartened.

“Dr. Clark, say something!” Dr. Clark takes a seat.

“There is nothing to say,” he mumbles. “The technology is just not ready.” “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that we are all doomed!”

The members lose their minds and go into a fury of panic. Some leave the council and others begin pacing around.

“The world is over! The council has lost hope in us!” cry the citizens as they watch their leaders storm out of the council. They were their only hope, and now it seems as if there is nothing left for them to do.

Inside the council room, the members that stayed inside approach Dr. Clark who is hunched over as he weeps.

“Dr. Clark, it’s okay, you did all that you could,” says one of them, attempting to comfort him. Dr. Clark sits up and dries his eyes.

“We cannot give up so easily,” he says after clearing his throat. “Follow me.”

The group of council members follow Dr. Clark as he leads them to the rooftop of the council building. There they find engineers and scientists working on what looks to be a large, heavy satellite.

“Dr. Clark what is all this?” asks a member. “I thought you said there was nothing we could do.”

“That was a lie, to get rid of the weak hearted. This satellite is not guaranteed to work, so we need as little distractions as possible.”

The members crowd around the satellite, watching as the satellite prepares its signal.

* * * * *

Megan was not sure how much longer she could stay in her room. She was on her last piece of bubble gum and it was already losing its flavor.

“Remember when you wore that really cute outfit to Jenni’s frat party?” she asks herself. “Even the professors thought I looked cute.”

Megan lifts her head up to untie her hair and lets it drop.

“Oh, what about that cute boy that kept staring at you while everyone was dancing? God he was so fine!”

She lifts her head to adjust her hair, which was bunched up under hair. Resting her hands on her stomach, she continues daydreaming about her past excitements.

“I can’t believe he really tried to dance with me without even asking, like, as if I was going to dance with someone who just looked at me. Thank god he was hot and not some weirdo!”

Megan laughs aloud to the thought of what that boy may have done to her if she let him.

“He probably would have kissed me for sure. His rough lips on mine would have felt so good.” Her hands slowly move up to her chest, going through the opening in her zipper jacket.

“Damn that would have been so good.”

* * * * *

The people back on Ouran watch in horror as the girl begins groping herself, increasingly more aggressive.

“Dear god what has the universe come to?”

The crowds watch, stunned with their mouths dropped.

Megan takes off her rain jacket and throughs it across the room. Her hands grope all over her body, one focusing on her chest, while the other focuses on her midsection.

The scientists and engineers stop their work as they stand and watch. The congress members are appalled.

“How could she be doing that at a time like this?” asks one of them.

Megan takes off her tight, striped shirt and carelessly throws it like her jacket. The shirt flies over the planets on the desk, nearly hitting them. Instead, it crushes the already ruined planet of Fungii. Whatever may have survived from the thrashings of being shoved to the bottom of the bag, were no longer around to see the destruction of their planet. Buildings crumbled, and cities burned. There was no hope left for the planet or it’s centuries of history. All was lost due to irresistible passion of this young woman.

The shirt crushing Fungii and the other planets around it, made the entire flimsy desk shake, rumbling the planet of Ouran.

“Jesus Christ,” shouts one of the congress persons as they all duck to regain stability on the shaking building.

The crowds of citizens screech with fear.

Megan, continuing to pleasure herself, pushes her pants down to her knees. Her fingers rub what’s between her thighs.

The quiet room makes it easy for the noises she creates to be heard on the tiny planets. The squishing and soft moans boom throughout the worlds.

“We need that satellite working!” bursts Dr. Clark at the fearful engineers.

The citizens on the streets scurry around like lost chickens. Some resort to taking matters into their own hands.

Cars and buildings are lit on fire. Guns and fireworks are shot into the sky. This all does nothing, as the sounds are not strong enough to reach Megan.

“Oh yes,” groans Megan, “don’t stop!”

As her pussy becomes increasingly wetter, the slushing noises become louder and louder. Her entire body flushes with pleasure. It had been weeks since the last time she had masturbated. She was overdue for this moment. With her eyes closed, she bites her lips as she repeatedly moves her fingers up and down. Her pretty, young face is something that nobody can deny as being attractive. She lets go of her lips to release cute little moans.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Her body stretches and twists as she gets closer to her climax. She thinks about all the time she could have been fucked; all the times she could have been kissed.

Her panties become soaked to the point where they we unwearable.

“Deeper,” she whispers to herself, sliding her dripping panties down her legs. Her slime glides down her smooth legs.

Megan treats her panties the same way she treated her other clothing. Thoughtlessly, she slingshots her panties to wherever they may go.

The people of Ouran slowly stop the commotion they were making and watch in awe as the baby blue panties soar towards them.

Dr. Clark and everyone on the council building’s roof realize that they did everything they could and accept their fate.

“We were allowed our time in this universe, and used it to our best efforts,” says Dr. Clark as his final words.

The panties reach a direct hit on the planets, smothering the people with Megan’s fluids.

* * * * *

“I need more!” Megan moans at the top of her lungs, unaware of the millions of lives that were dying right next to her.

Her fingers reach deep into her pussy, digging at all the right spots.

Megan continues moaning and crying with pleasure, unconcerned with whether her mother would hear her or not.

Downstairs, there came a knock on the door.

Sarah, working in the basement, was too busy to hear it the first time.

The knocking comes again, but with more force this time, getting Sarah’s attention. As she walks up the basement stairs, the noises of Megan become increasingly audible.

Megan is on the verge of orgasming and has lost all modesty, but before Sarah could get an idea of what the noises where, the door crashes open.

The noise of the men in all black tactical suits, masks the noise of Megan’s loud, ecstatic orgasm. “Oh my god yes!” she screams cupping her midsection.

Megan’s eyes roll as her body twitches and shivers with pleasure. Her toes curls and her legs open and close. This was the most sensational orgasm she had felt in a while.

It was mind-blowing that she completely ignored the shouts and bangs of the men arresting her mother downstairs. They were here for the planet draped in Megan’s drying panties. The chances of any life being left of the planet were slim, but possible.

Nude on her bed, with nothing but a loose bra on, Megan naps, recuperating from all the energy exerted. The authorities are coming for her next, but she will enjoy her post-orgasm bliss while she can.

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